November 19th, 2008

Well, my Hetwah campaign is finally over... One year and eight months later... It was a lot of fun, and it saw a lot of people come and go, but it was all worth it. I totally had fun, and the comic added a great element to the campaign as well! Would I do it again? Unlikely. To be honest, juggling half-interested players, crappy rules, and strange story lines was a bit too much work for me. Of course, most of the players were a great support, and made the whole gaming time worth while... It was the time inbetween each session that was the killer... All the work and the schedule juggling... But anyway, I don't regret a moment, but I am relieved that it is over :) But, without anymore tom-foolery, the comic is done! Done! DONE! For all the new comics, check out the comics section!.

September 15th, 2008

Finally, after at least a month and a half, or three, I am up to date with the comic! On the verge of the return of one of the original characters to the campaign (Sam) I figured I should get it up to date now, or it would never be! Anyway, check it out in the comics section!.

September 3rd, 2008

Finally, after a long hiatus from doing the comic, I have posted an update! Seventeen new strips! Lots of fun, and I am *almost* caught up to where the actual campaign is! Hopefully in the next couple of days it should be all caught up!

June 26st, 2008

It has been some time since my last update! Well, not really, I have been keeping the comic up to date for the duration, but have just failed to update the blog... Other than the comic though there has been little to update to be honest... The campaign ticks on, slowly but surely...

September 21st, 2007

Egads! The Web comic is up to date, and still with 6 days to go before the next session! On top of that, crappy Adobe Illustrator vomited all over my files and what could be salvaged had to be rebuilt! I almost gave up on the comic to be honest... So much work... Anyway, it is all up to date now, so read it and enjoy!

September 12th, 2007

The Web comic is finally up to date as of today! It ends exactly where the last session ended! I had to cut some corners on details and jokes, but at least everything is (more or less) there. Enjoy! Here is a link in case you don't want to follow the link in the menu above: Comics... Of course, the next session is this Thursday, so it will be short lived ;)

August 28th, 2007

Finally got back to this strip... I am only two and a half sessions behind! Woo! Anyway, maybe I will catch up before the next session! Then again, I just spent an hour and a half on three strips... Sheesh, this is a lot more work than I thought it would be :( Anyway, read the Comics and enjoy!

April 18th, 2007

The comic is now up to date with the entire previous session. Read it and enjoy! Hopefully I won't have to look at the comics again until... Well until the next session I guess :D Anyway, read the Comics and enjoy!

April 16th, 2007

I have added more than a few strips to the Web comic this past week. I am starting to get the hang of making the images and it is going pretty well... I am already up to strip ten though and I am only about half way through the first adventure! Actually, not the first adventure even, just the first session! Anyway, check out the new strips in the Comics section.

I have also been preparing some new material. I have the next part of the campaign/adventure all mapped out. It should be *relatively* easy to move this from concept to design because all of the creative work is done! Well, almost. Until next time, enjoy!

April 10th, 2007

Well, after spending some time doing nothing, I decided to do a Web comic instead of developing new material for the campaign. Yes, it is easier to do easy stuff than to be creative... Oh well, check out my lame comic, which is a lame copy of the Order of the Stick. It will not be updated regularly, and may never be updated again! But will certainly not be updated unless there is a game session as it is there strictly to catalogue the action that takes place in the game... So yeah, check out the Comics section and enjoy!

April 4th, 2007

I have added new gods to the History section of the site. I also reworked that section so that it could handle a bit more than just the basic history of the world. I will be adding background info there as the campaign continues and as I have time. Until the next update, enjoy!

March 12th, 2007

New skills, feats, and spells have been added! Please have a look at them and feel free to rework your characters a bit. Please don't start from scratch, but feel free to reassign all of your skills, feats, and spells if you like. Over the next couple of days I plan to add more background as well. Stay tuned.

March 9th, 2007

Today this site has been updated and made into a real site... The only problem now is that it needs content... Unfortunately I spent time redesigning the site that could have been used to upload content, blame Sam and his elfish-theiving ways!

Anyway, stay tuned to the news section because I will update it as things progress. The History link actually has all the old background info, so check that out if you like. I will hopefully add the other details shortly. Until then, enjoy!