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L-HAC Mech from Khurasan Miniatures painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

L-HAC Mech  -  Posted: March 8, 2010  -  Manufacturer: Khurasan Miniatures
This is the latest from the Terran Corporate Marine Corp out of Khurasan Miniatures. This is a giant mech type deal and is for their 15mm sci-fi range. It's quite the piece, excellently put together and designed and it was a pleasure to build. Not only that, but it's pretty scale-independant, and could easily server as a 28mm walker type mech as well. I tried to paint it up as 'Tommy' from the Khurasan miniatures blog post about this mech, and I'm pretty happy with it! Notice the Timberwolf badge on the mech's right arm, and the various lettering that is all tied to the character; I tried to do all the details in 15mm, and I am happy with how it worked out!