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The Empire troops muster for war again!  
September 21st, 2023

After two years I'm back to painting (or finishing painting) the Empire troops that I have and plan to use for both Battle Masters and Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Kings of War. Perfectionism really help up the completion of the general figure, but once that was done, the other figures came together pretty quickly, and there's more on the block now! Check out the general, the last five halberdiers, and the first five archers in the Empire Image Gallery.

Along with the Empire figs, I've also updated the Battle Masters Image Gallery with the Halberdiers and the Archers on their Battle Masters unit bases. I'm excited to play a game of Battle Masters with two entirely painted armies... maybe that will happen within the next few years, lol.

Bretonnian men-at-arms revisited  
September 21st, 2023

Just over a year after the last update I'm back at painting the Bretonnians! I rebased my old Kings of War ment-at-arms regiment onto single-based 25mm bases, and also painted up a few new figures to round the unit out to 18 men (and women). Why you ask? Well, because of the impending release of Warhammer the Old World. It's exciting to see new figures and life into Warhammer Fantasy, and so I'm totally on that train again. It's odd because I used to absolutely hate the bloated, confusing, and unsatisfying rules of Warhammer Fantasy, and I loved Kings of War in comparison for it's simplicity and gracefulness... But I always liked the Warhammer figs and world more I guess, especially since it was Warhammer Fantasy that first got me into miniature gaming all those years ago. In any case, check out the new Bretonnian unit all formed up and ready to go with their new banner bearer in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Mantic's Armada, a beginning and end...  
September 19th, 2023

I saw about a year and a half ago that Mantic was having a sale on a starter set for their Armada game, and I thought I'd give it a try. I always wanted a fun ship game, and none of the other ones really grabbed me, and so I jumped in. I painted up the two ships included in the set, and then picked up two more and painted them up. It was fun, and also it was a lot of circling, which I didn't really enjoy all that much. On top of that, I had no fun painting the Basilean ships because I decided to use contrast paints, and it was a disaster... In any case, I finished painting them back in autumn 2022, and it took me this long to post pictures! Check out the images in the new Armada Image Gallery.

The Monster Hockey Team is Complete!  
March 12th, 2022

I have finally completed and taken pictures of the Ulfenkarn Monsters Bloodbowl Ice Hockey team. It was a lot of work, and also a lot of fun. It turned out pretty well, and I also cut some corners here and there. I haven't completed the second team quite yet. It will be quite a bit of work to get those done because I'm going to start with some figures that I already have and I don't have any more Bloodbowl or Dreadball figs already in sporting poses. It should be interesting. In any case, check out the images in the Ulfenkarn Monsters Image Gallery.

What's next? I have a half-finished unit of space marines, some half finishes Necrons, some half-finished Empire general for my Battle Masters armies, a pumpkin knight, a few Bretonnian halberdiers on bases, a Battle Masters ogre, Khagra's Chaos Warriors from Direchasm primed, a multimelta-weilding Sister of Battle from when they were good, and a single Bretonnian knight primed and ready to go. Things are moving slowly though, so until next time, take care.

Another monstrous hockey player!  
September 4th, 2021

It's been tough to dig out time to paint these days with everything that's happening. Still, I managed to get paint on three of the hockey figures and managed to get the first one in a few half-decent pictures. Check out the monster hockey player images in the Ulfenkarn Monsters Hockey Team Image Gallery. There's also a group shot with the three figures done. I'll have more pictures of that third skater, and also I just finished a fourth skater, so expect those pictures soon!

I also got my hands on the Warhammer Quest game, including all the figures. Not sure if that was a good idea... I probably will never play and never paint all of those figures :)

Fantasy Ice Hockey has arrived!  
July 11th, 2021

The first team to make the scene are the Ulfenkarn Monsters, a team straight out of the bustling metropolis of Ulfenkarn. Sure, they don't play clean all the time, but they sure keep the fans on the edge of their seats! Check out the very first member of the team in the Ulfenkarn Monsters Image Gallery.

I have the rest of the team already converted, and I just have to put putty on a couple of them before I start painting. I imagine they will be the next few figs that I work on here... Yeah, I totally got distracted by this idea and almost bought new figs for it, but then I remembered that I had a Blood Bowl team that I knew I would never use and blammo, here we are. I **might** buy new figs for the next team though because I really want a team of rats... but we'll see. I also have some Corvus Cabal that I likely won't do anything with so perhaps I'll convert my next team using those figs! Untill then...

Sir Roland 'The Gray' Tristement of Bretonnia  
June 13th, 2021

I really wanted some foot knights in the style of the Old Games Workshop foot knights for Bretonnia. That classical Bretonnian style, but on foot. Well, it's a tough job to find those on eBay for a reasonable price, so I looked around at other options and found these Reaper Heraldic Knights sculpted by Werner Klocke. They are definitely inspired by those old Bretonnian figs, and they look pretty fantastic to me, so I picked up the set... well, almost the whole set. I skipped the helmetless one. After finishing those Battle Masters figs I was bored of painting groups of the same figs, so I decided to paint one up in bright colors! Check out Lord Roland 'The Gray' Tristement of Bretonnia Check out the images in the in the Bretonnia Image Gallery.

Next up, I've been fiddling around with converting some of those Bloodbowl miniatures into hockey players... I have one half-converted and one half-painted so far! Until then...

Battle Masters Empire Crossbow Regiment  
May 29th, 2021

After many months on the table, I finally finished painting, basing, and battle-masters basing the Empire Crossbow unit! Three months it took for these figures to wrap up! I was working on some other stuff here and there (those poor Necrons...). But yeah, I had a hard time painting them because I'm kinda not so much the assembly-line, big-army painter that I used to be. I will likely do some little projects here and there over the next while I think... In any case, check out the Empire Crossbow unit in the Empire Image Gallery.

Next up? I have a half-painted Reaper Bretonnian knight on foot currently, and Empire plastic general mounted, an old metal Sisters of Battle multi-,elta wielding figure, Khagra built and primed, and also one zombie Blood Bowl figure that I started a special project with.... yes precious, I bought some Blood Bowl figs even after selling all of my Dreadball stuff... that is a good, fast-paced game, but I was never a basketball guy and I don't like football or baseball... but there is one sport that I played a lot of in the Great White North... stay tuned for that!

First Sisters squad complete!  
January 24th, 2021

After six months, my first vampire-themed Sisters of Battle squad is complete! My plan is to re-use my old metal figs for the squads, and so that's where I started. Also, this squad was the test squad, and I'm pretty happy with it. I might change a few things, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. Check out the images of the assembled squad and the individual shots in the Adeptas Sororitas Image Gallery.

I'm still working through those Space Marines, some more Necrons, and also now some Battle Masters Empire Crossbowmen. Also a second Battle Masters ogre, a Bretonnian knight, and an Empire General... Who knows which one or when that will actually come together! Until then though...

The Necrons Awaken  
January 2nd, 2021

I never intended to start collecting or playing a Necron army, despite how obviously undead-like it is. Terminator was a paradigm that was too mainstream for me :) But with the whole COVID-19 lockdown world spinning around me and the release of a new edition of Warhammer 40k, it was tough to resist. Honestly, I didn't really intend to collect Space Marines (again) either... but that's another story. In any case, I chose a favourite colour and a very simple paint scheme that would be very quick to do and went with it. All of these figs came together pretty quick, so it might be possible that I paint all of those Necrons eventually... lol, as if! Who am I kidding? Anyway, check out the images in the Necron Image Gallery.

Another thing, I've decided to start making terrain specifically for pictures. I mean, I haven't actually played a miniature game for over five years (other than Battlemasters), but I still take pictures. So I think I'll start telling stories with pictures using manageable terrain... I could do it all with fancy 28mm terrain, but it's too much space and time. If I have tiny, forced-perspective terrain then I can store a lot more of it and tell more stories... The Necrons above are the first foray into that idea...

I have three more Sisters of battle that I'm almost done, some half-finished Assault Intercessor Space Marines, some Skorpek Destroyers half done, and five Empire crossbows from Battle Masters blocked out... what will be next? Honestly, maybe one of those, maybe none!

Sisters of Battle Vampires, old and new  
November 21st, 2020

So I have been working on the Sisters of Battle Vampire project, and it's been okay. I am rusty for sure... The paints just don't look as good as I want them to these days! Still, I have my second sister and also an Imagifier! It's a new plastic one, and I also have an old-old flag-pole carrying one that I'll also paint with a creepy vampire-inspired banner :) Check out the images in the Sisters of Battle Image Gallery.

Also, this was a hilarious time for me. I was thinking I should take some pictures of the sisters, but I wanted some fancy terrain in the background first... so I started on a big project, which ultimately failed and got scrapped. Then I found the MacRagge tarrain and thought I'd paint that! After finishing that in a week or two I went to update the site and thought that I better redesign the site first to be adaptive and look better on phones. So, I did. Yes, yes, I know, nobody uses websites anymore, they are so 2005... everyone is on instagram... Well, I got rid of the old content and replaced it with a link to my instagram. Still, more content here, and also more pictures!

More sisters are being painted currently, and also some of those stupid new giant space marines... Primaris or whatever they are called. Why did I buy that starter box?!? I don't even want to collect Necrons or Space Marines!!! Also, I have more Bretonnians, more Battle Masters, etc. Who knows really.

Chaos Ogre marches to battle  
August 17th, 2020

It's probably the best unit in Battle Master to be honest, the Chaos Ogre. It stomps, it smashes, and it often deals with about one quarter of my measely Empire army every time it hits the table. How does the cannon do against it? The cannon is terrible to be honest. It so rarely hits before it's destroyed, or before it destroys itself. I enjoyed painting this beast, and I have another one I'm looking forward to painting! Check out the images in the Chaos Image Gallery.

I'm working on a couple more Sisters of Battle test models. I figure I'll do a full five-woman squad of Sisters using the old metals before I start on the new plastics... They take a lot of time to get just right in the test-model phase, so we'll see how it goes. I may or may not complete anything in the next week :D

Empire Men-At-Arms from Battlemasters  
August 10th, 2020

Back to the Battle Masters project again. It's been fun getting that together and it's a lot of what I originally got in to wargames for. The figures are pretty nice, but quite different from moden figs... I kinda feel like so much effort goes in to create extremely complex plastic figures that doesn't really give you any more options in that there's only one way to build them (I'm looking at you GW and Sisters of Battle). And the figures don't really have to be all that complex for me anyway. But I get it, the extra complexity is worth it for some. In any case, check out these fantastic mono-pose Empire figs from Battle Masters in the Empire Army Image Gallery.

Next up is the finally completed ogre from Battle Masters.

Sisters of Battle - back at it again...  
August 4th, 2020

I almost got back in to 40k late in 2019 when the plastic Sisters of Battle were released. I had a 2000 point sisters of battle army back in the 3rd edition timeframe, and I really liked it then, and with plastics now it could be an awesome army to get back in to 40k with... But it wasn't until Indomitus and 9th edition that I finally got sucked in again. Yes, I bought some figs, they are so so much more expensive than those Oathmark and old BattleMasters plastics I've been collecting, and they still don't go together all that well... But design wise they are much nicer these days. Really, they don't just have to do two-dimensional poses anymore thanks to all the computer tech involved...

That being said, I still have a nostalgia thing for those old figs, and what better way to test a paint scheme than to paint an older figure? I'm going for the Female Space Vampire look on these new sisters. Check out the images in the Sisters of Battle Image Gallery. I haven't really painted any Adeptas Sororitas since 2005 I think, before the website was even created, and they are a lot easier to paint and nicer than I remember :) Next week will actually be more Empire figs from Battlemasters!

Battle Masters Warhammer Goblin Wolf Riders  
July 31st, 2020

It took me months and months to motivate myself to paint these monsters... Here they finally are though, the Goblin Wolf Riders from the Battle Masters game. I will of course use them in any Warhammer or Kings or War or maybe Oathmark if I ever play that game. Check out the first three wolf riders in the new Check out the images in the Warhammer Goblin Image Gallery. I also threw them in to the Battle Masters Image Gallery for completeness.

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever play a Kings of War or Warhammer goblins type army, even though it was the first army I ever played in Warhammer... I remember it was the 4th edition of Warhammer that I started with and I chose the goblins while my buddy chose the elves. Shortly after that we picked up the Battle Masters game, and I took the goblins and the Chaos stuff from that... and switched to Chaos. Shortly after that I gave up on those and just switched to undead, which was what I always wanted to do, and ultimately I still have all of those old figures :D In any case, next week will be more Empire figures from Battle Masters.

Battle Masters Chaos Knights for the Vampire Army  
April 14th, 2020

I painted four of the Battlemasters Chaos Champions, which are Chaos Knights. I decided to use them as Vampire Cavalry in my undead army, and also to play some games of Battlemasters, which is actually a lot of fun! I painted these ones in the same scheme as I painted the mounted Vampire General for my undead army from years ago. I guess I could also put together a similarly themed Chaos Warriors army with them for some OldHammer action, but I have so many army projects on the go already and at my current glacial pace, I'm sure Warhammer will be entirely different by the time I finish it... Anyway, check out the images in the Warhammer Chaos Image Gallery. There are also a few additional images of the figures on their Battlemasters multi base in the Battlemasters Gallery.

Next up, I'm not really sure to be honest. I started a D&D campaign during this corona-quarentine situation and we're having fun, so I may pick up some miniatures for that. True, I already have most of the miniatures I need, but characters love to pick their custom figures, so there may be a female Tiefling Sorcerer in my near future :D

Battle Masters Chaos Warriors  
October 28th, 2019

Happy Halloween! The first five figures for the Battle Masters Chaos warriors are done. My plan is to field these figures as Vampire infantry for my Kings of War Undead army, so they maintained the whole Halloween orange-and-purple jack-o-lantern theme! I really like the figures, and I think they'll go pretty well one the table along side the undead. Check out the images in the Battle Masters Image Gallery. You can also see each figure in detail in the Warhammer Chaos Image Gallery.

Next up likely some Chaos Knights from Battle Masters, but it will not be next week thanks to all the Halloween action coming up. See you in a few weeks!

The Battle Masters project begins in earnest.  
October 21st, 2019

I recently picked up a used but complete(ish) copy of Battle Masters to play with the kiddo after seeing someone's painted Empire figs from the set... I saw the figs, looked into the game again after all of these years, thought about how awesome those card-based turns were, and checked out ebay. The figs are cheap if you're patient, and the games I've had were a lot of fun. The ogre is amazing, the cannon is hot garbage, so naturally I pushed around the Empire troops, constantly getting wiped out by the Chaos army. It was so much fun that naturally I decided to paint my Empire men-at-arms as fodder to so many Chaos warriors and orcs, and then I started painting Chaos warriors, and buying extra figures, and here were are. I have the first unit done which you can see in the Battle Masters Image Gallery.

I've also posted a different picture of the same figures in the Warhammer Empire Gallery because I will also use them for that game as well... if I ever play that game again anyway :) Next up are the Chaos warriors. I've decided that the fantastic Chaos warriors and knights from the Battle Masters game will do double duty as vampire warrior units in my Kings of War undead army. I've been looking for suitable vampire figures for that since I started that project, and was never happy with any of the options: warhammer figs our simply too wild for me these days, reaper figs are kinda cheesy, and I don't really like the Mantic figs. The Chaos knights and warriors though, they are fantastic, and so I'll paint them up in the style of my undead and they should do well! Until then.

Lord Ravenwand's muster for Bretonnia  
October 14th, 2019

I wanted to focus on Andalusians, but with the recent Bretonnian bases that I put together and my discovery of the Oathmark Humans, which are an absolutely perfect set of figures for Bretonnian men at arms, I had to go back to Bretonnia. The Oathmark humans are perfect except for the shields, which were pretty easy to manufacture with some sheet styrene aka plasticard, a knife and a hole punch. That done, I found a new Lord that I wanted to base these figures on as well: Lord Ravenwand, cousing to Lord Stroud (the last Bretonnian Lord that I based a unit around). I will be doing these as a unit base for my Kings of War Brotherhood army, but check out the first five figures in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Lately I've been playing some Battlemasters again. Yes, I hadn't played since 1994 I think, but now that the kids are older I decided to buy it - again - and set it all up and play. The card-based turns are just hilarously fun. Now though I find myself wanting to paint up all the figures... Should I?!?

First Andalusian spear unit finally done!  
October 10th, 2019

After almost exactly four years in the making, the first Andalusian 28mm spear unit is ready for battle! It was a pleasure to paint, but it took a lot of detailed work and deliberation. Honestly, it's the deliberation that makes the work take so long... It takes me forever to decide on the fabric patterns and shield designs. In any case, check out the images in the Andalusian Image Gallery.

I painted up a handful of figures for the Lead Painters League, but in the end didn't get three entries done and so I couldn't enter. Of course, instead of saving images of those for the next LPL, I'm going to gleefully show them off here soon! Pictures may take some effort, but I should be posting then in the next week or so.

Andalusian first full spear unit painted...  
August 22nd, 2019

Completely painted but not quite based. I finished the last two figures and put together the first draft of the multi-based unit for my fifteen-years in the making al-Andalus army in 28mm. Check out the images in the Andalusian Image Gallery. I'm pretty happy with these, but there is almost too much detail on all of the figs. A lot of them will get lost in the crowd... With my Vikings I had some that were plainly dressed mixed in to save time and also save some fancy figs from getting lost in the crowd. Not the case with these exactly. So, I'm considering saving some of these for a second unit and painting up more simple figs... but let's face it, that will take me another five years to finish :)

On the topic of five-year projects... I picked up a full(ish) copy of Battle Masters to play with the kid. I had fond memories of pushing those little units around as a young adult, and thought it would be a fun way to get the kids to play miniature games. After it arrived and we set it all up, played a few amazingly fun games, I imagined how nice the figs would look all painted up... Should I paint that game? How should I base the figs? We'll see how it comes together, but you might see some painted Battle Masters figs on this site in the future.

Andalusian spear ready for muster  
August 3rd, 2019

I'm still painting up a few more figures for the Andalusian unit, this time three spear-wielding city guard, a banner bearer, and a musician. These ones aren't based up yet, but I figured I'd post pics anyway. I just found out about the minimum figure requirement for Kings of War and I only need eleven figures, yet I'm at fourteen currently. I think I still want sixteen though, so that's two more and then I'll mount them up onto a unit base. Check out the images in the 28mm Andalusian Image Gallery.

Bretonnian knights mustered for battle  
July 21st, 2019

I put together a troop of knights for the Bretonnian Kings of War project that I've had cooking and re-energized recently. This one is a troop with only three figs on it! But I had a legitimate reason: to make it looks like the old 5th edtition Warhammer wedge formation... it only kinda worked out. Check out the images in the Bretonnia Image Gallery.

Multi-based Bretonnian Men at Arms  
July 17th, 2019

After a couple years I finally got around to taking some pictures of the multi-based Bretonian Men-At-Arms unit that I put together for Kings of War. I have been working on this Bretonnian Kings of War army since probably 2009, ten years ago, and also the year that Kings of War was initially released! I did see that Mantic Games is releasing a new edition of Kings of War, which is kinda sad because I haven't played with the current edition yet, but also kinda cool because it gave me a little incentive to get going with this project. With this unit, I'm one more step closer... actually, I'm pretty much done for now. Check out the images in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Shadows over Camelot finally complete - and on eBay  
May 16th, 2018

I have been working on painting this game since March 2008. I gave up on them on March 24th, 2008 and said that hopefully I'd return to them later. About ten years later!!! I can't believe I've had that game for ten years... In any case, I finally painted the last four figures, and it really was just because I decided to finally sell it and I didn't want to sell it with four unpainted - but base coated - figures. So here they are finally in the Shadows over Camelot Image Gallery.

Shadows over Camelot is a great game and a good co-op game, but it's really a co-op secret spy type game that ends up being all vs. one, which isn't my favourite format, so I'm selling it off. Check out the eBay auction here: Shadows Over Camelot Board Game with Pro Painted Figures.

Some D&D figs from Legend of Drizzt  
May 14th, 2018

I had this slime monster figure from the Legend of Drizzt Dungeons and Dragons board game on my painting desk for years, and so when I decided to sell the game - I played it only twice just this past week - I thought I'd finish it first! It's a tough one to paint because of all the blending, but it was fun. I also posted a single figure impage of the Drow Wizard from the same game. I used the Drow Wizard as The Black Spider in my Dungeons and Dragons game, as well as part of the spider entry in the lead Painter's League last year, but I didn't have a single picture with the figure alone. Check out the images starting here in the D&D Image Gallery. Additionally included in the game is the green dragon that I also painted for Dungeons and Dragons. Check out the eBay listing here: Dungeons and Dragons Legend of Drizzt Game (used) with some pro-painted miniatures.

It's been nice clearing out my closet of old games that I've never played. The excitement of a new game gives way to hope that I'll eventually play it, which gives way to a kinda stressful 'I should play that game...' mind set, which isn't really healthy. So passing these games on to someone who might actually enjoy them feels great! I'm also passing on the Ghost Stories games as well.

Dreadball back on the block  
May 1st, 2018

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of the Dreadball RefBot and the Dreadballs that I painted a few years ago... It took so long but they are finally here! Check out the images in the Dreadball Image Gallery. Why you might ask? Am I finally starting to play some Dreadball after five plus years since I've looked at the figures?!?

The truth is I've been thinking about selling them for a while, and now's the time. Spring cleaning has me finally with some extra closet space! Keep your eyes peeled for an eBay auction Dreadball lot in the net days or so.

Last Mice & Mystics figure photographed!  
April 23rd, 2018

I had this painted for as long as I had the other ones painted, but I never got around to taking and posting pictures. After long last, here it is, the Mice & Mystics board game millipede! Check out the images in the Mice and Mystics Image Gallery. Why am I taking a picture now, after all this time? Well, I'm currently selling my copy of Mice & Mystics, along with the painted figures and I thought I'd snap a picture of the figure while I had the chance!

I have four Shadows over Camelot figures on the painting desk at the moment. The plan is to finish those off so that the whole set is done, and then put that one on eBay as well. I have to make space in the closet and I haven't played either Shadows Over Camelot or Mice and Mystics in years. With Gloomhaven and the other co-op boardgames I have, those two just don't make the cut. Until next time!

Lead Adventure League Season 11 finished!  
July 8th, 2017

The Lead Painter's League finally finished and I managed to squeek out a third-place spot! It was a great time and I might even take part again next year, but we'll see... It is a lot of work, and ten weeks is a lot of weeks! Check out the images in the Lead Painter's League Season 11 Image Gallery.

Lead Painter's League gallery  
March 20th, 2017

So now that I'm officially entering my second Lead Painter's League - season 11 - I thought that I'd create an actual gallery for each season that I enter. The first and only previous season I entered was Season 8 way back in 2014! So, I threw together all of my entries in order and put them in the Lead Painter's League Season 8 gallery.

What is the Lead Painter's League you ask? Well, it's a contest put on annually where all interested painters submit 10 rounds worth of figure images. It runs over 10 weeks and it's really a lot of fun just to see the entries posted every week. It's also pretty fun to take part as well. They are still taking entries too, so if you can take pictures of some nice new figs, you should get in on it. Check out the details on the Lead Adventure Forum here.

There are rules around when things can be posted, so I'll create a new gallery for season 11 and start posting my pictures there one week after they are posted in the League Forum.

More survivors for the grinder!  
March 17th, 2017

I was going through some old stuff the other day and found a bunch of pictures of miniatures that I had put together but had never published... I was a little surprised at my past self for doing all that work and not publishing, however after a few moments of thought I realized that the images weren't all that great. It's likely that I intended to take some more images of higher quality and come back to it, but I never did! Additionally, I may have been considering saving those figures for the Lead Adventure forum Lead Painter's League. The deal there is that you can't have published images of the pictures on the internet prior to entering the in League competition if you want to maximize your value. But whatever my past self was thinking, check out the images in the Zombicide Survivors Image Gallery.

Speaking of the Lead Painter's League, I will be entering again this year for the second time. I have some figures that I haven't taken pictures of that I've painted recently, so here we go! Head over to check it out on the Lead Adventure Forum. Until then, I do have some more zombies... yes, more zombies. How many zombies does on need?!? Among other things that I should be posting soon.

Dire boar  
February 6th, 2017

More monsters for my Dungeons & Dragons campaing! This one is a dire boar for the druid in my play group. The thing about this is that it's unlikely that it will ever get played; the brown bear - and now polar bear - is just much more powerful. There's really no reason not to use the most powerful animal... In any case check out the image in the D&D Image Gallery.

I'm working on some terrain now, again for the D&D action. I am also working on some Bretonnians. I've picked up some more knights and dug out some men-at-arms as well. I'm trying to round out that Bretonnian Kings of War army. Despite the latest work I imagine that I'll be adding my Empire figs in with the Bretonnians for the time being... Stay tuned for those!

Lonely Saber Tooth  
December 31st, 2016

I have been painting, but it's been tough to get the site updated these days. I haven't really had a personal computer for the last few years... I've been using my work computer, my communal family computer, a tablet or two, a phone... None of which are ideal for anything involved, which website updating can be. I have to get the pictures, get them all formatted and spiffed up, upload the pictures, update the content, etc, etc. This year I gave myself a holiday present and now I have my very own computer again! So, it's possible I will be updating a bit more often.

So yeah, a saber-tooth tiger! This is a great figure for Dungeons and Dragons especially when you have a druid in the group. Also, who knows, there may be one hidden in a cart somewhere also! Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.

Severic the Wisened Cleric  
October 3rd, 2016

Back after some time... Finished up this conversion/painting of a Cleric player character for the latest D&D action! Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I still haven't quite got the hang of taking pictures in the new office space... To be honest, it's likely due to lack of effort :) Still, I'm quite happy with the figure overall. The pole arm was a fun conversion, even if the pose is a bit stiff. Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.

The (first) spawn of Strahd...  
July 7th, 2016

Whew, finally getting around to posting some images of my latest work on the old blog! This time it's a picture of a vampire spawn that I recently painted for my Curse of Strahd campaign. I am enjoying the creepiness of the campaign quite a bit. It's a fresh change from the openly fantastic feel of Faerun. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Forgotten Realms! But I also like the dark gothic horror setting of Ravenloft and Barovia. Check out the images in the D&D Image Gallery.

What's next? Well, I have to admit that I've fallen into the Magic the Gathering collecting and playing trap! I remember playing back in the mid 90s and just hating the fact that I needed $$ to play a decent game... This time around though I'm really enjoying the deck building. It's pretty fun! As a consequence though, I've started painting some of the cards, known as 'altered art' cards. I will likely post some of them up here eventually as well!

For miniatures though I have some more D&D related stuff soon! Spiders, zombies, and more fun coming! Until then...

KoWHAC for Second Edition Kings of War is here!  
February 23rd, 2016

All right, it's six months late, and I apologize. I know a lot of people have been asking about it, and helping out with ideas, and giving encouragement. I really, really appreciate it. Why is it so late? Well, it wasn't the quick rules update that I thought it would be. The rules themselves didn't change all that much I guess, but the army lists changed quite a bit. Things like banners and musicians were taken away, and the entire point-cost stacked was completely reworked. This left me with a choice: keep the old army list points stack, or rework it completely to fit in with the new paradigm....

Naturally I decided to rework it completely. I wanted to take advantage of inspiration from some of the new lists to inform elephants and whatnot! So, after a lot of work, and - shamefully - too much procrastination, I've complete the 2nd edition update to KoWHAC! All of the four main supplements have been completely updated: Hoplon, Pike, and Arrow, Rome's Rise and Fall, The Viking Age, and Medieval Mayhem are all ready to go for Kings of War 2nd edition. Check them all out in the Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat section.

Hmmm, so what's next? I have been painting here and there, but not a lot admittedly. I also have some terrain projects on the go, but nothing quite ready yet to update. So yeah, stay tuned, there will be something sooner or later!

PS. I fixed the RSS feed today as well... Does anyone even use RSS any more?!? :)

Eyes in the dark...  
November 24th, 2015

I have enjoyed pulling out my old figs and painting them up in the past. A huge part of my undead army is made up of old figures. But I never painted up the bat swarms again, until this week! The old bat swarms were made up of huge bats, metal figs with somewhat over-exaggerated faces. Some of them were plain goofy, some pretty cool, but all of them 20+ years old... So I went to check what the bat swarms look like these days and it turns out they are still using the same figs! They must not be a real unit in the army anymore? Insanity.

In any case, I remember buying one pack, which came with two bat swarms, and then proceeding to put two bats on each 40mm base in order to make my dollars work more for me. That gave me five bat swarms! I tried to add tombstones and trees to the bases, but my friends still made fun of me :) Oh well, good times. This time around I painted them up for D&D, which should be fun! I also painted up a spectator! They are basically lower-level versions of the beholder, which I am excited to throw at my players. They should enjoy the spectacle if not the death-dealing rays! Pun very much intended :) Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.

Here be Dragons!  
October 27th, 2015

With Dungeons and Dragons I so rarely get to actually have dragons running around... they're just too powerful! But the Lost Mines of Phandelver start-set adventure did something awesome: they put in a dragon for low-level characters anyway! Now, my characters learned the hard way to be careful *before* they decided to go engage the dragon... Thankfully. Otherwise they would have been reduced to a sloppy, acid-melted mess of gross on some old tower floor thanks to the powerful young green dragon. But alas, they haven't even gone to fight the dragon yet, and they're leveling and learning quickly, so there's hope for them still! I also had the chance to paint some more bugbears: one King and a few archers. This should just about give me enough bugbears to carry me indefinitely, so I'll stop for now. Check out the green dragon and bugbear images in the Dungeons and Dragons Figure Gallery.

I've been painting some vampire bats to play the role of vampire bats and also stirges. What are stirges anyway? Giant blood-sucking hairy mosquito bugs? I plan to not even introduce the concept of a stirge, and just characterize them as blood-sucking bats! That's a lot more sensible and relatable I think. Also a little less goofy? So expect to see those along with some other random dungeon-crawling monsters in the near future! Until next time...

Back to Andalus!  
October 13th, 2015

It really doesn't feel like it's been almost two years since I last painted some Andalusians in 28mm. It was all the way back in February 2014 that I last painted some Andalusians I guess... those HaT light horse figs. They were fun, but I was ecstatic when I heard that Gripping Beast was doing Arab plastics! Of course, they would need some conversion, but they would be much easier to convert than the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors I was originally planning to use! So, I picked up a few boxes... and then held on to them for about a year and a half, and now I'm finally getting to them! Check out the images in the Al-Andalus Image Gallery.

So my D&D group kinda fell apart, which means that I don't *really* need to work on D&D figs at the moment. That being said, I still am working on them! So I'll likely be posting some of those. But I've also been thinking about dusting off some Kings of War dwarves since I recently received my brand-new rulebook! I need a couple more units to give that dwarf army some teeth and then I can enlist the (now old enough) kids to defend the dwarven realms against my undead horde! So, we'll see... until next time!

The pumpkin twig blights painted!  
October 4th, 2015

I got the pumpkin twig blights painted up! I'm quite happy with these, and I think I might actually do some more. I'm pretty happy with these. Check out the images in the Undead Image Gallery.

I have a few more Dungeons and Dragons figures that are in progress on the desk, and I'll try to finish those up before I go back to the Kings of War armies that I was working on. I have so many half-finished figures on the desk now actually: zombicide characters, D&D monsters, pulp sailors, Arab plastics, Mice & Mystics rats, Kings of War panther-riding females, and even Hobbit miniatures... I may have to simply put those away for how. :) Next up though? I don't know. Until next time!

More for the D&D action!  
September 25th, 2015

So, as mentioned before, it's all about the D&D figures now. I have to paint new characters, new monsters, and build tiles/terrain for playing. This week I have a handfull of both monsters and a character! My dex-based fighter, and then a whole slew of monsters! Check out the images in the Image Gallery.

Up next are the pumpkin critters, blights, or whatever they are. I'm painting them up and should have them done soon!

Is that a badger?  
September 25th, 2015

Mantic has made some great stuff, and their badger-riding dwarves are pretty awesome. It's been some time since I've received mine, and I've only painted one. They're cool, and they'll be fun to paint when I finally get around to them! Check out the images in the Image Gallery.

Next up, more D&D figures!

More pumpkin monsters!  
September 4th, 2015

As always happens when I start playing D&D, all of my miniature army plans go out the door and it's all about one-off Dungeons & Dragons monsters! In this case it turns out that I needed some interesting plant-type monsters for D&D, and wasn't sure how to repsent them... then I remembered the pumpkin constructs I made and decided to create a few more. Check out four more of those in the Check out the images in the Greens Gallery.

One the topic of D&D, I've been playing a lot of fifth edition lately, and I'm really liking it. I like the simplifications, the rules feel more reasonable in general, and overall it's awesome. One little thing though, challenge rating. When I found out that challenge rating was basically gone, and that everything was calculated on experience points I was soooo happy, certainly it has to be much simpler than it was?!? And indeed it is much simpler... But I feel it could be simpler... But really, I'v really liking fifth edition! So yeah, more D&D monsters on the way!

Return to Persia  
August 20th, 2015

I originally started painting these guys back in May 2014 for the Lead Adventure League competition... Turns out, I didn't actually finish them until over a year later! :) Oh well, sometimes that's how it goes. I tried to out do my previous 28mm Persians with these guys, and I think it worked out. A little more attention to detail, and better shield designs, and they are looking pretty good! Check out the images in the Ancient Persian Image Gallery.

Next up, likely some Zombicide survivors... or some more figs that I've been painting for Dungeons and Dragons. Or another Norman that I painted up... Or some new terrain that I've been working on... I guess we'll have to just wait and see if I manage to get any of the many projects done between now and next time! Until then, have fun!

Dungeons & Dragons figures!  
August 12th, 2015

It's been just about two years since I last added a figure to the D&D gallery. Really, it's tough to work on D&D figs when I'm not playing D&D... which is why I managed to finish a few now! I started playing again a few weeks ago, and I'm enjoying it! In all honesty, I really like fifth-edition D&D. It's my favourite edition so far! Check out the images of a new wizard character and a few bugbears in the Dungeons and Dragons Gallery. Until next time....

Medieval town in forced perspective  
August 1st, 2015

It all started with the Lead Adventure League and the rule that images couldn't be used as backgrounds... The League is an annual painting competition over on the Lead Adventure Forum that requires competitors to paint groups of figures and present them in a single picture at a single angle. Terrain-strewn backdrops are encouraged and images are actually not allowed. Many people set up elaborate shots with their terrain, and typically the better the entire composition and presentation are, the more successful the images are.

After trying to set up some amazing scenes and mostly failing, I got the idea of setting up a forced-perspective terrain piece to make it *look* like an elaborate terrain set up. Also, I mostly just take pictures of miniatures. I rarely ever play. So, I came up with many ideas for forced perspective terrain, and the first one I actually sat down to try was a medieval village. The idea was to create a shallow set up that looked deep and complex, but is small, easy to store, and that's fun to make! For my first attempt, check out the Medieval Town in Forced Perspective article here. Here's a teaser:

The Vikings are raiding the village! Or are they?!?

I plan to make elements that can be added to it to keep it fresh, and also build many more.... My goal will be to make shallower and shallower sets! Next up are some more figures... I have a few waiting to be photographed. Stay tuned!

Back to that haunted medieval town...  
July 6th, 2015

It's been a long time since I started the medieval town project, about two and a half years in fact! I can't believe that time moves that quickly these days. But I've decided to continue it, looking for ways to make the images I take more interesting, and to do something fairly different from what I'm used to doing, I've changed it up a bit... But the details on that will have to wait. As proof of what I'm working on, here is an image of some bits recently cut:

It's good to be cutting foam core again!

Are you wondering what I'm talking about with regards to this project? Well, back in November 2012 I started a haunted medieval town project, I built one builting so far, and I wrote this article: Building a Medieval Town Part 1. Here are the associated blog posts for background: Nov 27, 2012 and Nov 16, 2012. Stay tuned for more posts in the near future!

More zombie fodder...  
June 23rd, 2015

I know now that I'll never get through painting all of the zombies from Zombicide's many, many games... The thing is, when you let yourself play with unpainted figures, you never end up painting them! In any case, I am now done the first half of the first box of zombies from season one, the first Zombicide game... Now there are only seven times that many more to do! :) Check out the latest ones in the Zombicide Zombies Image Gallery.

I am currently working on a few different things actually... Thinking of trying to make it through the insane number of figs on the workbench that I currently have... Most of which are from projects that I never completed for the 2014 Lead Painter's League :) Some of those include Gripping Beast Arabs, Lead Adventure miniatures sailors, Mantic's human women, which I realize are not actually that great to paint (sorry Mantic, I tried!), some Wargames Factory Persians, some Hobbit figs, and the last of the rats from the Mice & Mystics boardgame... I'm not all that impressed with that boardgame either... So who knows when or if I'll ever get to those! In any case, I have some half completed, so stay tuned!

KoWHAC Updates!  
June 16th, 2015

I've had a few emails over the past few years regarding the "Follow On" rules in my Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat supplements, and i finally decided to do something about it. Essentially what happened was that Mantic changed their rules and removed that one back in 2012... So, check out all of the Kings of War HIstorical Ancient Combat supplements for the rules updates and some army unit profile updates as well: I fixed the skirmisher rules a bit too, making them a bit less effective than they were, bringing them inline with the historical reality :) I should mention actually that I haven't updated the English Civil War supplement because it didn't seem to suffer the same issues.

What's next? I have some more zombies, zombie survivors, and I'm working on some plastic historical figs as well... The new Kigns of War that's coming has me thinking about that again, so we'll see! Until next time...

More zombies for the cannons...  
March 12th, 2015

I'm back with yet more zombies... I could literally paint these zombies for years... With the four boxed games that I have there has to be at least 200 Zombicide zombies, and that doesn't include the zombie dogs, or the extra zombies that I purchased... They look nice though at least, but I am getting tired of them a little... I enjoy the game a lot though, then again, it's pretty much the only game I've played over the past year, so it might be time for something new... Check out the latest figs starting here in the Zombicide Zombies gallery.

Up next, more zombies. I have some more survivors in the works, but I'm not as in practice as I once was, so they aren't looking as good as I'd like... Still, I'll post pictures eventually. Until next time, play on!

Back from the dead!  
February 16th, 2015

So it's been a while... Too long, but I'm hack from the dead! If I were like other bloggers that I've seen around the webz, this is where I do two things: lament all the other work that's kept me busy over the last seven months and promise that this marks the beginning of regular updates! Then I promptly fail to post EVER AGAIN :) Just kidding of course. I won't be making any promises, but I do have some miniatures painted up as well as some in the works. Finding time to get the updates on to the site has been a bit tough.

On the topic of being back from the dead, I have a handful more zombies from Zombicide. These figures are really top notch and a lot of fun to paint! Check them out in the Zombicide Zombies gallery. Next up, likely more zombies, but we'll see. I have been working on some survivors as well...

World War I Ottomans  
August 6th, 2014

You can't have Lawrence and the Arab revolt without having some Ottomans to square them off against. These ones were also part of the Lead Painter's League. Check them out in the Ottoman Turk Gallery.

Up next is probably zombies... I have zombies coming out of my ears!!!

Lawrence and the Arab Revolt  
August 1st, 2014

Another group of figures that I originally painted for the Lead Advenure league and finally got around to posting pictures of! I honestly thought that I'd be the only person to do the Arab Revolt in the final round, but boy was I wrong. I think that most people did the Arab Revolt, or something in the same region... Pretty funny really! Check them out in the new Arab Revolt Gallery.

I have a collection of Ottoman Turks from the period too that I'll be posting up shortly. After that, likely I'll get around to taking some pictures of the tens of zombies that I've been painting lately for Zombicide... A sea of dead gray corpses!

More Vikings to join the ranks  
July 7th, 2014

It's literally been two-and-a-half years since I've painted some Vikings. I know, it's shameful for sure... I painted these guys for the second round of the Lead Painter's League over on the Lead Adventure Forum. They lost miserably, but it was still fun and a great excuse to paint some more Vikings! I have a whole box of these Gripping Beast dark-age warriors. They're good, but they're not quite Vikings unfortunately... But they can be fixed up to fit the bill, they're very well sculpted, and they're plastic! Check them out in the Swedish Viking Gallery.

Next up, perhaps some more Lead Adventure figs that I'm catching up on, or some more of those modern Zombicide zombies. I have a number of them in the pipes, but these days I never know when I'll be able to finish them! until next time...

Painting Red Hair  
June 30th, 2014

It's been a while since I've done an article, but today I've got one that was requested by a few people after seeing the red hair that I'd recently done on one of my Zombicide survivors. Check out the Painting Bright Red (Orange) Hair Article in the articles section of the site!

I still have a few miniatures left to take photos of, and a few others to post pictures of so expect those in the next few weeks... Until then, enjoy!

On come the zeds  
June 26th, 2014

The Zombies have arrived! These zombies are some of the best zombie figures I've seen to date to be honest, great sculpts, lots of detail, but perhaps not enough variation? I've painted the same set of legs so far three times and I haven't repeated a singe figure! That is, three different zombies have the same legs! Oh well, they're nice enough though. Check the first two out in the Zombicide Zombies Gallery.

Four more survivors...  
June 25th, 2014

Four more Zombicide survivors! So now I have completed all of the survivors for the first game as well as for the toxic-city mall expansion. These figs aren't all that easy to paint given their extra detail, many different colours, and classy character, so they're actually coming along pretty quickly considering! This time we have Amy, Doug, Elsa, and Neema, and I am pretty happy with all of them. Check them out in the Zombicide Survivors Gallery! I'm kinda burnt out on these survivor figures at this point though...

That being said, I'm just finishing off some zombies as well, so stay tuned for that! I've also finally gotten around to taking proper pictures of my Lead Painter's League figures, so keep your eyes peeled for those in the coming weeks! Until next time...

Two more Zombicide survivors...  
June 15th, 2014

Okay, so more zombicide figs this time around! Josh and Ned make it to the fray. After these two, only two more survivors before I'm done with the survivors for the original Zombicide game! Now, there are only two more games to go after that, and then two more games coming up after that; apparently there's another zombicide kickstarting looming on the horizon! I have to admit that the addition of a competitive angle doesn't really make it more desireable for me, but apparently it allows the difficulty to scale with the number of players, which is quite valuable in a cooperative mode. In any case, check out the two new survivors in the Zombicide Survivors Gallery. Until next time!

June 7th, 2014

I know that Zombicide is now terribly old. Like, years old, and that everyone and their dog has painted the figures. The thing is, I've finally gotten around to playing this game somewhat regularly. It's a great game, and a lot of fun to play. I honestly thought that I wouldn't get back to it, but I'm happy that I have! First up is Phil. I picked Phil because he's easy to paint, straight forward colour scheme, and still a cool figurine with a lot of character. Check him out in the Zombicide Survivors Gallery.

Up next are likely the figures associated with entries in my Lead Painter's League entries. Over the past ten weeks I've been submitting new or older images of figs to compete against the top-notch gentlemen and women who also took part. It was fun, but I wasn't allowed to post images of the figs anywhere else. So, be prepared for that!

Mice and Mystics - The Heroes!  
April 10th, 2014

Finally got some pictures together of the heroes from the Mice and Mystics game. These figures are pretty cool, and now that I'm done, this is officially the first game that I've painted all of the figures for! Yes, I failed to paint all of the figures for Shadows Over Camelot... and I've heard recently that that game has had a resurgence in popularity. In any case, check out the heroes from Mice and Mystics in the Mice and Mystics Gallery.

Things are still moving along in the Lead Adventure Painter's League, so don't forget to check out the great entries. They are updated every week! As for what's next? Well, I have one picture left to post from Mice and Mystics, and that's the centipede. Not sure when I'll get to it though because it seems that I've forgotted to take pictures of it and it's already chipped! That will teach me to let the kids play with the figures ;) Instead, I'll likely be posting some more vikings. Until then...

Mice and Mystics arrive  
April 2nd, 2014

Ah, it's been a while, but I finally have more figures to show off! Actually I've had a few sets of figs painted for a while, but I'd been saving them up! What am I saving them up for you may ask? Well, to be honest it's the Lead Painter's League over on the Lead Adventure Forum. It's an annual painting competition round robin sorta deal that I've always meant to enter but never gotten around to. In any case, they're on round two so I suggest you get over there and check it out! There are a number of fantastic figs on show so it's worth the time.

In any case, my first set of figures was the heroes from Mice and Mystics. I have them painted, but not quite photographed. So, to start, I have the enemies of the mice ready. Check them out in the Mice & Mystics gallery. I'll post again next week with the heroes... and maybe even that centipede... Until then!

An Andalusian welcome to 2014  
February 14th, 2014

There's no denying that 2013 was a slow miniature gaming and painting year for me. It appears that 2014 hasn't gotten off to a great start either :) I'm still painting though, just much slower than I have in the past. My updates have been even slower in coming. But rest assured that I will update this site as things come togather!

I finished these Andalusian light horse back in November but couldn't make the time to get pictures of them together. Over all, I'm pretty happy with the HaT Andalusian light horse. I'd buy more. It sucks that the rest of the HaT Andalusian line is no good though... In any case, I'm done with Andalusians for a while I think... maybe I'll be back to this project again in another five years like last time!

Up next is a race between some Mantic Dwarves and the figures in the Mice & Mystics board game. I've been finding that board games are much more likely to get played here these days. They are less work to set up and much faster for people to learn, and so I've been leaning toward them. And to be honest the figures in the Mice and Mystics game are really very nice. So, stay tuned, hopefully I'll have something to update later in February or early March! Until then, keep your paints wet and your brushes clean!

Back to Al-Andalus  
October 19th, 2013

So, after four years I'm finally back to my 28mm Andalusians. I believe I started painting those figures back in 2005 or 2006, and I had meant to build a 28mm Andalusian army ever since. I did end up building a 15mm Andalusian army or two (if you consider Granada in there), but never really a 28mm one. I have since given away those Gripping Beast 28mm figs that I had painted; they were not Andalusian enough for me :) Those pointy helmets were too Hollywood for me! Doesn't Gripping Beast know that Andalusians wore round helmets?!? But I digress, I've painted up some HaT plastic 28mm Andalusians. I've had these figs for a while as well, but most of the range are too small. The Light Horse though are actually pretty good... HaT, why weren't you consistent with your Andalusian figure scale?!? So, I won't be using HaT for the entire army, but the light horse are more than adequate. Check them out in the Al-Andalus Gallery.

So what's next? I'm painting more Andalusians yet since I have eight total and I've only finished the first six. Once I get those done I'll put them on a multi base and post some pictures. After that I'm not sure. I still haven't found good figures to represent Andalusian foot and medium cavalry yet. Perhaps more dreadball or Kings of War? I have a terrain project idea as well, but I'm not sure how to realize it yet... Stay tuned!

Three more dwarves join the fray!  
September 28th, 2013

I managed to whip through these three - not one, but three - guys in the past few weeks... er... I guess that's not actually all that fast. Ori, Oin, and Bombur take to the field against the threat of what lies in the depths of Erebor! Fun to paint, but I am getting character fatigue. So much so that I took a break from painting dwarves to paint some Andalusians for the past little while, as previously mentioned... but I digress. Check out the latest dwarves starting here in the Heroes of Middle-earth Gallery.

So despite the relatively less painting I've been doing I have listened to some great audiobooks though while painting, including Dianna Wyne Jones' Sophie series... I think most people refer to it as Howl's series, but to me it's clearly about Sophie; Howl is totally just a supporting character! I highly recommend it for kids, young and old. Andalusians in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

More undead to tear the flesh of the living...  
August 27th, 2013

Two miniatures that have been around for a long time finally come off of the 'primed but unpainted' shelf! Good times for sure... I was inspired to finally paint these simply because they were staring at me for so long... and because I was tired of painting Hobbit dwarves, and because I was listening the Timothy Zahn's first Star Wars Trilogy of novels, Heir to the Empire or whatever. All of those things culminated into the two latest figs in the Latest Undead starting here in the gallery.

Next up probably another dwarf from the Hobbit. But after that it's back to historical figures! After looking endlessly around for Andalusian figures I decided that the light horse box set from HaT figures might actually work... but only the light horse set, the other sets are too small... until then.

The wizard of the skies  
August 16th, 2013

This one has been on my painting table for years. In fact, you can see it in pewter on this August 2010 picture of my painting desk. Finally I managed to motivate myself to get it done! I decided to go with all black, but use the comic-book method of highlighting black with blue... I remember after reading The NAM comic books, for years I thought the Viet Cong wore blue outfits... In any case, check out the figure in the D&D Gallery Here.

I've been working on more figures that have been languishing on my painting desk as well... stay tuned for more of those to come!

Three more dwarves join the party!  
August 4th, 2013

I managed to get through a few more of the Hobbit dwarves over the past couple of weeks. Adding Nori, Dwarlin, and Balin I now have six out of thirteen of the dwarves that journeyed to the Lonely Mountain. I can't believe there are still even more to go! Check them out in the Heroes of Middle-earth Gallery.

I have been trying to work on some of the unpainted figs that have littered my desk for the past while... so expect some odd, one-off type figs over the next week or two!

A lonely dark-age warrior  
July 22nd, 2013

Painted up a fig that's been laying around for ages in the unpainted pile. It was one that I moved last year when I packed up everything... took it down from the unpainted shelf and packed it, then when I unpacked it, I put it back on that shelf... and now it's done! Check out a couple of pictures of it in the Dungeons & Dragons Gallery.

I'm currently working on a few more dwarves from Middle-earth. So many dwarves... but they would come together, but after those dwarves I might take a break and work on something else entirely... There are a lot of Warmachine players in my area, so who knows...

More dwarves for the journey!  
July 15th, 2013

Finished off Bifur and Bofur now! With three dwarves down, there's only 10 left to go... wow, ten dwarves. Crazy really. But hey, check them out in the Heroes of Middle-earth Gallery.

I have some more dwarves on the go, but I think I already need a break from dwarves... maybe something else in the mean time... until then!

Gimli and Gloin  
July 1st, 2013

First up for the Hobbit dwarves is Gloin, who I paid special attention to when I checked out the Hobbit movie given that he's the father of Gimli. I also figured that I should paint up the Gimli from the Mines of Moria box set for comparison... Check them both out in the Heroes of Middle-earth Gallery.

Up next are likely some more dwarves, and I've nearly finished a few other ad-hoc figures as I mentioned last week, but when the final touches come together I'll post them as well. Until then...

Mithrandir, again and again...  
June 24th, 2013

I have been almost too afraid to work on the Fellowship figures. Not sure why, but I felt I didn't want to paint them unless I painted them absolutely perfectly. But Gandalf is actually quite simple to paint, he has a very limited colour palette. So, when I picked up the Hobbit box set and it had another plastic Gandalf, I figured I would do them both together. Check them out in the Heroes of Middle-earth Gallery, which was formerly the Fellowship Gallery.

Up next are likely some dwarves, and perhaps a few ad-hoc figures that have been sitting on my painting shelves waiting for paint for who knows how long. Until then!

The Goblin King has come!  
May 21th, 2013

After a few weeks of painting the Goblin King and his little entourage are complete! I've painted seven goblins plus the king himself and I'm pretty happy with them all. The figures are pretty good, a lot of fun to paint. That being said... I can't imagine painting 31 more of these little figures! Check them out in the Goblins of the Misty Mountain Gallery

What's next? More goblins? Back to Dreadball? Not sure really at this point... stay tuned!

Goblinses precioussss...  
May 5th, 2013

Indeed, I was sucked into the world of Middle-earth once again. I couldn't keep myself indeed from purchasing the box set once it came out... the same thing that happened to me after the Lord of the Rings movies... In any case, check out the first two figures from the box set in the Misty Mountains army gallery.

I've been painting up the goblin king himself in all his unhealthy glory recently. I'm trying to do it justice, so it's taking me some extra time, but stay tuned!

The Klaxus Redbombers have entered the building!  
April 2nd, 2013

The Klaxus Redbombers are ready for action! The remainder of the team has arrived and are ready to take on their arch nemesis, the Nidavellir Flames! Check the Redbombers out in the Klaxus Redbombers Gallery.

Next up, some goblinses from the Misty Mountainses we thinks, yes precioussss....

More from the Klaxus Redbombers!  
March 19th, 2013

Got some more of the Klaxus Redbombers done! Another jack and guard... not that there is anything else on the golbin/orx team anyway! The poses are similar but different, so that's nice. I had a change to play a game with my oldest kiddo and I realized that the level of complexity in the game compared to the amount of action in the game is really high. That is, there's lots of complexity, but not all that much action... at least, not compared to a wargames. After three action tokens, one player moved and picked up the ball, the other slammed and opponent, that's it! It doesn't look like it's going to be a hit with the kids unfortunately, but it's still pretty cool none-the-less! I'll paint up the rest of the miniatures for it anyway ;) Without further ado, check them out in the Klaxus Redbombers Gallery. Until next time...

And now, the Klaxus Redbombers!  
February 7th, 2013

On to the second Dreadball team. The first of the Klaxus Redbombers, which are my take on the Ork and Goblin Dreadball team. I basically stuck with the Mantic colour scheme for the Greenmoon Smackers because teeny tiny (aka Kiddo the Second) really liked that scheme and adobpted the 'giant green guys' as the team of choice. So yeah, red and black and green. Check out the first couple of figures in the Klaxus Redbombers Dreadball gallery.

I'm going to try to finish painting the Redbombers before I throw in the towel on Dreadball for now. It's cool, but I feel I need a change in projects... not sure what's next although I have a million unpainted figs to choose from :)

Neldoreth's Basic Basing Guide  
January 28th, 2013

Basing is fun, so I finally got around to doing a basing article of my own. It's not super advanced or anything at all, but just adds to the completeness of my site. The article currently starts with the very basics, and I plan to add on to it as I complete more aspects and styles of basing... In the mean time, check it out in the articles section unders Basic Basing.

Next up, some more Dreadball action! Perhaps even a couple of goblins from the Hobbit boxed set...

The Nidavellir Flames Ready for action!  
January 21st, 2013

Finally finished, the Nidavellir Flames are ready for the Dreadball Pitch! It was pretty fun to paint, but I'm not sure why Mantic bothered to send ten figures, when a Dreadball team only needs eight... I painted them all up in any case though.. although I might night paint up the extras for the other teams... One team down, three more to go! The orcs and goblins are next, not sure which team I will paint after that. Might take a break from Dreadball, but we'll have to wait and see! Until then, check out the Nidavellir Flames in all of their glory!

Dreadball: The Nidavellir Flames have entered the building!  
January 13th, 2013

I got my Dreadball kickstarter package just about the time everyone did, before the December festivities. Of course, it took a while to actually get them ready, but here they are... at least here's the first of them anyway.

I have to admit that I'm not at all into sports, and at first I thought 'why would I potentially promote a violent sports game when I don't support it in reality?' Then I realized that I play wargames, and I certainly don't support war either... so yeah, I let myself off the hook and bought into the kickstarter.

The game play looks pretty interesting, and the figures are pretty nice. I think that overall the Forgefather team has too much detail per fig though... which is sad because I really wanted to get into the forgefathers for Warpath... but I digress. Check out the Nidavellir Flames in the Dreadball: Nidavellir Flames Gallery.

Next up, more Dreadball! I'm not sure if I'll paint up all of the Dreadball teams consecutively, but at least for now it's all that's on my painting table...

The Corsairs make berth  
January 7th, 2013

After years of languishing in my cupboards I finally managed to paint some of these figures! The Corsairs of Umbar were actually quite a joy to paint to be honest... the plastics in any case. The two metal character figs weren't quite as good, but hey. Check them out in the Corsairs of Umbar Gallery.

Next up, Dreadball!

My fantasy Roman General!  
December 10th, 2012

I bought this figure simply because its awesome, and it sat on my desk unpainted for so long because I was worried about doing the sculpt justice in painting. But now that it's done, I am pretty happy with the result, and I will definitely be fielding it with my Romans when they play the part of humans in Mantica - that's Mantic Games Kings of War fantasy world. Check out the figure in the D&D Gallery.

Still working on those Corsairs as well... and another medieval house is in the works too!

Sculpting Horses!  
December 3rd, 2012

This one was started back in 2009, and finally finished a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun project to look back on, but it makes me realize that I wasn't really all that great :) But these horses did the job in 15mm for sure, and it was interesting to be part of the process of creating an army from scratch, sculpting, watch it get cast, painting and assembling. So yeah, check out the Sculpting Horses in the articles section and see for yourself.

Next up some Corsairs of Umbar from the Lord of the Rings action... and after that, not sure :) Until then...

The first medieval building is complete!  
November 27th, 2012

Probably only ten more to go! But I'm really happy with the finished building. I'm not sure I'd call it haunted exactly, but it's got a certain creappy vibe, and that's good enough for now. I've finished off the Building a Medieval Town article, and I've also put together a detailed gallery of the finished building! Check out those pictures in the Medieval Buildings terrain gallery.

Next up are some Corsairs of Umbar, and perhaps another 15mm sculpting article. While I was converting my table-layout site into a CSS-layout site I found an almost-complete article on how to sculpt 15mm horses... I recall deciding not to publish it because - in all honesty - I wasn't all that happy with my 15mm sculpting quality :) But I might publish it anyway :) Until then...

CSS party time!  
November 26th, 2012

I spent the past five days spending countless hours updating the table-based layout of this site to CSS-based layout! What does that mean? Nothing really. It just means that I spent a lot of time doing something that makes pretty much no difference to anyone :) No, I'm not cynical, but honestly, I don't see what's wrong with table based layouts... If you're reading this and you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's good. Just ignore me. I just felt I should mention it considering the effort that went in to the update :)

Part I - Building a medieval house  
November 16th, 2012

I finally got around to writing that medieval house construction article. Man, writing articles takes a lot of effort :) You can find the article in the Articles section under Building & Fortress Construction titled Medieval House. It's only the first part of the article. I'll try to finish it off next week or the week after. Once it's done, I'll take a million pictures and upload them into the terrain gallery section. Until next time, enjoy!

Some good listening...  
November 5th, 2012

I can't believe that I hadn't done an audio book review since January 2010... that's just insane, it feels like I wrote that just a year or so ago! But alas, it's almost been three years! So, I decided to add a new review: The Bartimeus Trilogy. The book trilogy is a lot of fun, very well written and exceedingly well planned, and believable. In any case, check out the review.

I plan to get an article together for the first stages in the medieval house terrain building process, but it's a lot of extra time composing the article... So it may not come together this week... then again, it may! Until next time.

Happy Halloween!  
October 31st, 2012

The final zombie werewolf on Halloween! It must be a sign... in any case, check out the last of the zombie werewolves in the Undead Gallery. That's it for undead for a while, but not for haunted, spooky things I don't think...

I'm currently planning some terrain in the medieval genre, and I plan to add some haunted aspects to it. Perhaps an entire town of haunted houses... an abandoned town, perhaps the inhabitants were recruited into the armies of the undead... and the odd one remains, mimicking its former life... until then...

The last of the living werewolves...  
October 23rd, 2012

Well, it's the last of my living werewolves. I really like these bones figures from Reaper, but I realize that these figs are oldish, and just don't have the sex appeal of the newer ones :) Perhaps a bit stiff, but a pleasure to paint. Check out the latest werewolf in the Horror Gallery.

One more undead werewolf after this for Halloween next week, and then its on to different worlds... The terrain project is in the planning phase still, but it's still coming. I'm also setting up some Corsairs of Umbar to paint as well, so stay tuned for those!

Zombie Werewolves Attack!  
October 17th, 2012

On I continue with the zombie werewolves. This one is based on a completely different sculpt than the previous ones, and it's nice. In total, that's three zombie werewolves and one living werewolf done. One living werewolf and one zombie werewolf left to go and that will be two units of werewolves for my Kings of War army. Check out the latest zombie werewolf, and the first complete unit image in the Undead Army Gallery.

More werewolves yet to come, but after that my plan is to get back to terrain. It's been a couple of years since I've done any terrain - craploads of DBA terrain back in October 2010 - and about two and a half years since I've done 28mm terrain - The Medieval Tower back in May 2010 - so I feel the need to get back to it. My plan is to extend the town around the Prancing Pony; not just to make it into the city from Lord of the Rings, but a city/town that could be in Middle-earth, Medieval western Europe, or any similarly advanced society in any fantasy world... More on my plans later...

Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.  
October 9th, 2012

I'm not sure if I'd laugh or cry after being kicked out of a pub in northern England on a full moon! So, for those of you that got the American Werewolf in London reference, yes, this update is about more werewolves, but this time a living one. I needed some werewolves - as I'm sure you know if you've seen my previous posts - and I wanted to paint some of Reapers' Bones line. The rubbery plastic figures are great, I really like them! In any case, check out the werewolf in the Horror Gallery.

Up next... you guessed it, more werewolves, both the living and the dead! Until then... Beware the moon lads, beware the moon!

They came from out of the dark...  
October 1st, 2012

... carrying skeletons! This one sorta cracks me up, which is why I decided to paint it up. I imagine a disgruntled or humourous sculptor stretching the first sculpt into a second by by adding a skeleton in an interesting way... but what am I blathering on about? Check out my latest zombie werewolf in the Undead Gallery.

The next few figures are also going to be some flavour of werewolf... Reaper has one more zombie werewolf sculpt, which I am working on. I also bought a couple of normal werewolves and an extra zombie werewolf... so yeah, more werewolves on the horizon!

Zombie werewolves!  
September 24th, 2012

It's on to a different track for a while I think. I'm looking forward to painting some fantasy stuff, not that I wasn't happy with the Persians, but hey... Check out the first of the zombie werewolves in the Undead Gallery. I figure that although werewolves might hate vampires, zombie werewolves don't care either way :) I realize that werewolves might be related to vampires in some stories, but there are a lot of stories that pit them against each other as enemies...

In any case, more werewolves coming soon... I have a couple more zombies, and then a fresh one :) Until then.

Xerxes' first unit is ready for war!  
September 17th, 2012

It was a long haul, but it finally came together. I had, in all honesty, been working on these Persians since June I think... Assembly, painting, basing, rinse, repeat... I enjoyed it though and don't really feel burnt out, I just wish I had more time to paint... Or rather, didn't have to sleep and could paint all night ;) But anyway, the first unit is done, check it out in the Ancient Persian Gallery. The project is really going to take a long time to complete though. Firstly, there are hundreds of figures to be painted. Secondly, I don't currently have a gaming buddy to play with, so I have little motivation to actually finish an army. But I'm sure I'll get back to them soon.

Up next however are some werewolves. I have wanted to add werewolves to my undead army for a while; Mantic's Kings of War Undead army list includes an option for werewolves. I know, in some fantasy worlds werewolves hate the undead, but in others it's simply the opposite. For me I had to figure out a way to make people from all those worlds happy and paint some werewolves that would be found with armies lead by vampires and other undead... what excetly do I mean? Well, you'll have to wait and see, until next week!

Two more archers for Xerxes... only three left!  
September 10th, 2012

Only three left and the unit is finished! But then, I have to base it all up properly and paint the base... etc. Still, I'm way over the halfway point! The latest figs are pretty good I think, and painting all of them makes them seem less daunting; even after I painted my 15mm Persians I was still daunted by the amount of work that went into them, but now I'm not so much. In any case, check them out in the Ancient Persians Gallery.

Stay tuned later this week for the remaining figs, and then after that - probably next week - I'll posted pictures of the whole unit all together once I get it done! Until then.

Two more archers for Xerxes  
September 7th, 2012

Two more archers down, only six more to go! Check out the latest two archers in the Ancient Persian Gallery. Over all I am enjoying this process, although it's taking me an uncharacteristically long time to do, which I'll just have to get used to I guess. Still, I'm thinking the unit will look pretty spiffy once it's all together... but then I guess I'll have to paint another... and then another... until next time!

Another archer for Xerxes  
September 5th, 2012

Another archer for Xerxes' Ancient Persians! This unit is really coming together now... another few months and it might be done! Until next time...

KoWHAC - Medieval Mayhem released!  
September 3rd, 2012

The KoWHAC Medieval Mayhem supplement is finally ready! I've been working on this one for about 11 months, and I'm glad it's finished. It was by far the largest one I've done, with the most army lists to be researched. Download it in the KoWHAC supplement article. I also took this time to update ALL of my KoWHAC supplements, so feel free to download them all anew and dust off those old armies! I've added a couple of special rules, updated some army lists, and in general just spiffed everything up! So check all of those out:

So now with Medieval Mayhem done, what's next you ask? Well, I'm only missing a few pre-gunpowder periods: Ancient Egypt, the period of Arab expansion and Merovingian/Carolingian expansion, as well as the east. Perhaps my next supplement should be for medieval Asia, including Japan - pre-Samurai & Samurai - China, the various nomadic tribes, etc. Or perhaps I should extend the Viking Age supplement to include the Arab and Frankish expansions, which would be pretty easy and would fill the gap. If you have a preference either way, feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact Form and let me know!

The ranks assemble!  
August 30th, 2012

Another shield bearer for the Ancient Persian Gallery. I modelled this one after one of the 15mm figures that I painted a few years ago. Pretty happy with it, and with the unit all together as it is coming together. I have all the shield bearers painted now, and the archers are well under way! Until next time.

Another shield bearer...  
August 27th, 2012

Another shield bearer is ready to join the ranks of the Persian unit that I'm building. I am starting to get ready to put these guys on bases... the first batch of eight is almost done, and once that's done I can start on the second batch :) Unfortunately it's not going to be done as soon as I'd hoped... uless I get some extra time to paint though, I won't be done for another few weeks yet I'm guessing... Anyway, check out the latest shield bearer in the Ancient Persian army gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Time for the shield bearers  
August 25th, 2012

For the first batch of Persians I decided to go with three archers (which I posted previously) and five shield bearers. Typically the first group of figures is a test batch, so I don't usually do the shield-bearers first, since they really represent the unit. Especially in this case since the shields form the front rank. That being said, it's my most favourite part of the unit, so it is easy and fun to paint. I won't post a picture of the front of the shield yet though, since I want to wait until the unit is absolutely complete until I show it, but in the mean time, here's an image of the shield bearer without the shield in the Ancient Persian Gallery

I figure these shield bearers will come together quickly, then the rest of the arthers and then I'll have pictures of the whole unit in the next couple weeks. I just received a shipment from Reaper miniatures for six werewolves that I plan to paint up nice and bloody for my Undead Kings of War army and I want to get on to those sooner rather than later :) A couple of them are from the bones line of Reaper figs, which are a bizarre rubbery plastic that has amazing detail and surprisingly takes paint very well! Until then...

One more archer.  
August 20th, 2012

After this latest archer, which you can check out in the Persian Gallery, I'm going to switch it up to shield bearers that will form the thin front ranks of the Persian pavise units. I've decided to cap the unit size at 16, so three down, 13 to go!

The Persian archers begin to amass...   
August 15th, 2012

Actually, amass might be too strong, since at this point we only have two! But still, it's the beginning of a real unit. Painting these figs is a lot of fun, but a lot of time. The problem is that they have so many colours per figure, which makes things a lot more time consuming. On top of that, there's an irregularly large number of fiddly details. Still, it will be a nice unit when it's all together. Check out the latest figure in the Ancient Persian Gallery.

Persians are the focus for the foreseeable future here... but I do have a desire to get back to some Mantic dwarves with the release of the beautiful new Kings of War rulebook. I might even do a detailed review of the book in the next while if I get the chance!

One Persian Warrior  
August 13th, 2012

Small update this week: a new 28mm Persian gallery! I managed to put up a single figure this week, but I might have another ready later this week, so stay tuned! In the mean time, check out the new Ancient Persian Gallery! Next up, more Persians! I'm painting a whole unit of these, so stay tuned for a lot more!

The last knights ride to war...  
Auguest 6th, 2012

Finally done! All of my Bretonnian knights with this latest update to my Bretonnian Gallery. My last two Bretonnian knights are painted and it's nice... funny though that I only painted 12 in the end, but hey... that's 1.5 units of human knights for Kings of War, and that's enough for me at this point!

Up next are likely some Persians.... I'm doing another unit base, so it may be a while as I get the 20 or so figures painted for it. But in the mean time I may showcase each figure as it is finished! Until then...

More archers for the war!  
July 17th, 2012

I enjoyed painting the last of my Bretonnian archers from the early-edition box set. Finally they're all painted, but these ones are specifically based on medieval British archers from the Hundred Years War period. I am happy with how they turned out and am looking forward to painting some more Bretonnians, in the way of historical-specific knights again! After that, I'll have virtually no unpainted Bretonnians! Check them out in the Bretonnian Gallery.

Next up some Bretonnian knights are likely to make the cut, but I'm also assembling some ancient Persians from Wargames Factory, so we'll see which ones get done first. Aside from that I have a lot of unpainted one-off figs taunting me from my painting desk...

For England! er... I mean Bretonnia!  
July 3rd, 2012

Over a year later and finally some of the last knights or Bretonnia are ready for battle! When I say last, I mean the last of the unpainted figures that I have in the backlog that is! After these two I have only two more left! They were a lot easier to paint this time around. It's just not as daunting to paint the barding anymore :) Check out the latest knights in the Bretonnian Gallery.

The incentive for me to do the Bretonnians at tis point is the Medieval Kings of War Historical supplement that I have on the go. You'll notice that the knights I painted are closely based on historical colour schemes and heraldry, and it's no coincidence :) I plan to use either archers or knights, or both from the old Bretonnian range on the cover of that supplement. As such, more archers are up next! After that, probably more knights... Until then.

Durin's Bane complete!  
June 18th, 2012

This thing took me a couple of months to finish, but it's finally here! I'm pretty happy with it now that it's done, but I won't be purchasing another one ;) Check out the Balrog of Morgoth - aka Durin's Bane - in the Moria army gallery.

Now that that's out of the way I imagine I'll have more updates more often! Not only did it take a lot of work to finish the balrog, but I didn't always have a lot of motivation to do it at times... so it was extra slow. But I'm already well on my way to finishing some Bretonnian knights; I decided I wanted something colourful for a change!

On top of that, I've been putting some serious effort into the medieval KoW supplement as well. It's a big one - similar in size to the Rome's Rise and Fall supplement - so it will be a while yet... Also, I have to decide whether I'll simply use my Bretonnians for the cover since they're basically 100 years war British, or get some truly medieval figs instead! In any case, until next time.

Updated Kings of War Historical Supplements!  
June 13th, 2012

It's been so long that I almost forget how to update this bloody site! That'll teach me to build my own proprietary Website I guess :) Anyway, a quick update here letting you all know that I've overhauled the Kings of War Historical Ancient Battles supplements! Well, all of the ones I actually wrote; the English Civil War supplement remains as it was. I basically brought them more in line with Mantic's latest rule set, including their human army list. Also, someone pointed out that there wasn't a profile for Pikemen in the Hoplon, Pike, and Arrow supplement! What an oversight! I didn't change everything, but there are a few tweaks that I think are for the best, including simple things like the layout of the unit profiles. Grab all of the documents in the Kings of War Historical section/article.

I know what you're thinking though... the new version of KoW is just around the corner, so will these lists be updated when the revisions come out? The answer is that I completely intend to! Stay tuned for that. I am actually quite excited about the new Kings of War book and their whole kickstarter project... unfortunately, I have craploads of unpainted miniatures already that I need to get to... anyway, I ordered the new book at least!

As far as painting, it looks like the balrog will finally be done this coming week! Stay tuned for images of that when it's ready! Until next time...

The Balrog... almost...  
May 10th, 2012

I started work on the Balrog last week, and it's going slowly. I figured I would throw up some WIP pics just to tell the complete story. The naked Balrog can be seen here in all its gappy glory! Well, actually, all te putty is in place already, so you can't actually see the gaps. But seriously, I can't believe how big the gaps are in this thing.

Next week should see this thing painted... After that I have some colourful Bretonnian knoght ready to go!

Another desk shot!  
May 10th, 2012

I figured it was time for another desk shot, so here it is. It's been moved almost 1500km, and after being disassembled, packed, unpacked, and re-assembled, it's ready again!

Back in black!  
April 29th, 2012

The title is terribly lame, but what can you do? It's been a long few months for me, but I'm finally back! After years of taking updating the site once a week at least, it's been a couple of months. I put paint to metal again for the first time in months this past week, and managed to finish a single figure! I had started this one ring wraith - as well as a few more - before I had packed up my painting desk, but could only bring myself to finish this one; the black and brown monochrome was just too drab for me to get enthusiastic about. In any case, check out in the Mordor Army Gallery.

My painting skills are rusty to say the least, and the habit of sitting down to paint is all but gone. That being said, I've been pining to get back to painting for the entire past few months. Not sure what I'll paint up next, but I'm sure it will be bright! When will the next update be? It might not be next week; I have a lot of other things to get done aside from painting in the evenings these days... but I will update regularly! Until next time.

Year end   
February 19th, 2012

It's that time of year again! Actually, it was that time of year about a month and a half ago, but I've just been too busy to get this done! Anyway, it's finally done... I've updated my painted and unpainted sections finally for the end of the year. It's been a pretty up and down year. My painting numbers were up early in the year, and down later in the year. Same goes for my unpainted miniatures. Over all, I'm pretty happy with the outcome though!

This year I have no real resolutions. I generally want to reduce my unpainted pile, whether by painting or selling/donating my unpainted figs. I might very well buy more in the future as well, since I have some more projects that I want to expand. Also, I'm in a new area so I might have to paint/play games that the locals are already into as well... I imagine that means Warhammer for 28s - not a great prospect - and DBA for 15s, which is cool. We'll see.

In the near future I hope to finish some Kings of War Historical battle reports and some details on my packing and moving! There's still no painting to be done or displayed at this point... perhaps a couple more months! Stay tuned.

To the east...  
January 28th, 2012

It's been a long week... I meant to get this update out Monday, but I just haven't had the time. But for this week, it's back to the east! And back to Lord of the Rings figs. I'm not sure why I've pulled these figs out, but I have a feeling it was a mix of the cave troll and the new Hobbit Movie trailer... that one should be good... but let's get back to the moment. I pulled out a handful of plastic Easterlings and painted them up, check them out in the Rhun Gallery.

Honestly, I haven't painted in over a week... that is pretty crazy for me. I have some figs on the go, but I'm not sure how long they'll take. Also, I have a problem with my paints and figures... I've been packing up and moving, and that's opened up a lot of insanity with moving figures and paints. Packing figs is pretty easy for the most part, but packing multi-base units like my Kings of War figs is a real challenge... My plan is to chronicle the process a bit just in case anyone else might find the process insightful! Also, if anyone has any suggestions, don't hestitate to contact me and let me know ;) Until next time...

Russian Civil War Anarchists!  
January 10th, 2012

I've been sitting on these for just over two years now. I had planned to use them along with The Teenage Visigoth for some Russian Civil War action... his reds vs. my anarchists. But we never got around to it... Anyway, I finally got around to painting them, and they were fun to paint and a lot easier than I expected. Check them out in their new Russian Civil War Anarchists Gallery.

I'm currently painting up some Lord of the Rings Easterlings. I'm also going to try to get my medieval Kings of War Historical supplement done, a battle report, and finally, a year end report! I haven't updated my painted/unpainted sections for a while... until next time...

The undead walk... again...  
January 4th, 2012

It's back to the undead again. I took the time to paint up more of those Mantic zombies that I started back in November. This month has flown by for me, and I haven't had a lot of time to update this site... appologies for that. However, the zombies are looking good I think, check them out in the Undead Army Gallery.

In regards to erratic updates, in all honesty it looks like things will get even more spotty in the next few months... Expect erratic updates for probably the next three or four months while things get settled again... Sometimes other things just make it hard to constantly update, what can you do eh?

Also, painting more undead reminds me of the time when I said I was done back in Feb 2011. I got and email from Tim in Saskatoon asking if I was truly done, or if I'd be back to it sooner than later? Of course it will never really be done... But it's still fun to 'complete' a project sometimes... even if it's only and interrim completion! Next up, some Russian Civil War anarchists!

Finally done with that crazy cave troll...  
December 19th, 2011

This bloody cave troll has been sitting on my painting desk since at least 2009... Don't believe me? Play a quick game of "Where's Waldo Cavetroll" in this picture of my painting desk. Hint: it's all black! Anyway, I finally decided to get it done! Check it out in the Moria goblin gallery.

It's been a slow time for me lately... a lot of life stuff keeping me busy. I know, I know, you've heard that excuse before! But honestly, going forward it looks like things won't really be changing... I have some stuff on the go though, so I should at least update with pictures of painted figs. I have a battle report in the works, as well as my medieval supplement for Kings of War, so stay tuned for those as well!

Is that a rifle in your hand...?  
December 5th, 2011

Some more of those Mantic dwarves that have been filling up my painting desk for the past year. Well, technically they're in the drawer, but it's certainly full of Mantic plastic figures. So, I finished off a troop unit of Mantic dwarf Ironwatch. I armed them all with rifles (or whatever they are), because why waste time training up crossbowmen when you can have black powder weapons? I only wish they could shoot a bit better... Still, they should add punch to my melee forces! Check them out in the Mountain Dwarf Gallery.

Next up are likely some zombies, although I'm sorely tempted to get into that high elf project... The idea is to use Lord of the Rings elves to make a Kings of War army, but finding Lord of the Rings High-elf spearmen is a challenge at the moment... so far I have a whopping six... Anyone have a batch that they'd be willing to sell or trade for? Until next time.

The last of the Vikings?  
November 15th, 2011

A few Viking Berzerkers just rolled out to fill out the berzerker option for the Kings of War Historical Viking list. These guys basically play like dwarf throwing mastifs, which works perfectly in my book. They were made using Wargames Factory and Gripping beast figs similar to my previous set of berzerks. Check them out in the Swedish Viking Gallery. This is the last of the vikings for now... Of course, I have plans to double the army, so I'm sure I'll be back to them soon.

I was planning on doing some dwarfs next, but I have a handful of Andalusians sitting around that I might do first. Build them out into a real unit perhaps... Who knows though, the dwarfs are built, I have elves on the painting table too, so tune in next time for whatever happens to come together!

The last of the Viking freemen...  
November 8th, 2011

Well, not exactly the last. I have a few archers to paint up still to be honest. But it's the last of the proper fighting units. My Viking army so far (as you can see if you view this entire gallery) is made up mostly of the heavily-armoured warriors, but the last couple units are free levies; that is, they aren't slaves. Don't kid yourself though, they certainly aren't exactly volunteers! Check out the last troop unit (for now) in the Swedish Viking Gallery. This army is likely headed west to the isles of the Saxons... or perhaps south to Andalusian Spain... That is until I get around to painting up a Slav or Russian army ;)

More Vikings next week I think. Some berserker to add to the units of armoured Vikings. Stay tuned!

The undead return...  
November 3rd, 2011

I've had three Mantic zombies on my painting desk for just about eight months, and I finally got around to them last week. The unfortunate reality is that I used all of my GW zombies for my undead army unit bases, so I don't have the skirmishing zombies that I often need for role-playing games and other skirmish stuff... So I figured I'd paint some up. I've finally started with three mantic zombies - there are three on each spru - and I'm sure it won't end until I've painted them all! Of course, that could take forever. Anyway, check them out in the Undead Army Gallery. Until next time.

Viking peasants ready!  
October 26th, 2011

It's been a crazy few weeks, and the Vikings I'd been working on took a bit longer than I thought they would. Despite that, I've finally finished them! It's another unit base, this one is the size of a Kings of War troop unit at 100mm by 40mm. Back to Wargames Factory again, since nobody else is doing plastic viking peasants (bondi). Check them out in the Swedish Viking Gallery.

I want to finish off my Vikings, and I only have another unit or so to do, with a few extra characters here and there. But next up will be a few zombies from Mantic. I haven't painted any Mantic zombies yet, so I figured I'd whip some together just for the fun of it! Stay tuned for them next week.

More Scythian light horse  
October 11th, 2011

I figured I should try to finish that Parthian/Scythian morph army before the big event... But it turns out that it's this weekend, and with only half of the elements done, it's just not going to happen. However, check out the next three elements of Scythian/Parthian light horse in the 15mm Scythian/Parthian gallery.

It's interesting really, because this is the first project that I committed to that I didn't come through on... I guess it's a sign that my priorities have changed. I've moved away from 15mm stuff for the most part, and away from the DBA rule set. Why? Well, 28s were always my favourite. And DBA is currently in the throes of a version 'update' from 2.2 to 3.0, and nobody knows how that will shake out, but it's stratified the community already. Also, I really like the Kings of War rules... But yeah. It looks like I won't be painting the Parthian/Scythian morph again for a bit - in fact, I'll wait until Tim in Saskatoon gets around to starting his before I get back to them ;) No rush Tim, I've got lots of Vikings to paint yet!

Up next are some more 28mm vikings. I've been wanting to work on these guys for a while, and now that the Greek 15mm commission is done and the Parthian/Scythian morph is on hold, it's back to the Viking Age! First up is a troop of peasant levy! Technically they're norse, but they'd work as any of the more beardy fold in northern Europe.

An elf ranger...  
October 3rd, 2011

As a sign of my aimless painting this last week, I've finished a character figure that's been taunting me from my painting rack for the past year. It was another example of me feeling like the figure looked terrible until it was done, and then only after the last bit of paint went on, I was happy with it... Or rather, I wasn't totally unhappy with it The face was quite challenging on this one, and I'm not entirely sure it worked out all that well. Anyway, check it out in the Dungeons and Dragons gallery.

I still want to get back to some terrain, but I still have to get rid of some first... I'm currently well into some Skythian/Parthian light cavalry in 15mm, so those are likely next up.

Kings of War HIstorical Supplement Updates  
September 30th, 2011

With the release of the new rules for Kings of War I've update all of the Kings of War historical supplements. Basically, I changed the nerve values for all of the units so that they fit with the new paradigm. I like that change, so it's pretty good. I've also added some special rules to let you continue to use skirmishers as skirmishers in spite of the new Follow-On rules, which I don't like. The Follow-On rules are really a fundamental change to Kings of War, and I'm not sure I like it. It certainly makes fast cavalry and skirmishers impossible to implement... that's why I added some special rules that let skirmishers and light cavalry ignore follow on rules. In any case, get the latest versions of the supplements in the KoWHAC Article Section.

Also, grab the latest version of the Kings of War 2011 rules over on the Mantic Gaming Site. Until next time!

The last of the Greek cavalry  
September 28th, 2011

The final update (for the foreseeable future) to the 15mm Ancient Greek gallery is here this week! I've painted the last six figures - two DBA elements worth - of cavalry. That's it! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out as well, so that's cool. Check them out as well as a few group shots in the 15mm Ancient Greek Gallery.

As for next week, I've managed to get back to work on a D&D character figure that's been loitering on my desk for the past year. Also, I've assembled six Skythian cavalry and nine Vikings levy peasants. This means that unfortunately I will have trouble focusing on one project, and likely won't get anything done for next week at all! Oh well, until then...

The 15mm Greeks are finally done!  
September 28th, 2011

The Greek project that I started back in mid June is finally done! A mere three months and I've painted 1.5 armies worth of DBA elements. Of course, there were other projects in-between, but in any case, it's finally done. Check out my latest insights into painting huge (actually, it's relatively small...) army projects in the Greek Project Article. That's likely the end for 15mm Greeks for me.... unless you count Skythians...

Greek cavalry in 15mm...  
September 20th, 2011

Along with the Greek project update today, I've updated the 15mm Greek Gallery as well. It contains detailed pictures of all the latest Greek DBA elements that I recently completed for the project. Over all, the figures turned out well. I still can't get over the fact that, to me, the figures look terrible almost up until they are completely finished... It's hard to finish them sometimes, and not simply start over...

So, after the Greek project is done, I have a few projects that need polishing. There's the 15mm Skythian project, the 28mm Vikings, the 28mm dwarves from Mantic, and a new fantasy army that I've been planning to paint... Also there are always more Romans... but I'm not sure where I should go from here... To one of those or something completely different... I don't want to get that obligatory-painting feeling that I've had all summer (thanks in part to the Greek project), so who knows...

The Greek Project updated!  
September 20th, 2011

It's been a couple of months since I've touched that Greek project article, but it's finally been updated! I've finished off a fair amount of cavalry in the last little while, and I'm heading into the final week of what turned out to be a six week project! Six weeks seems like a lot to me... A whole six weeks of painting figures that aren't even mine! But the commission money is nice, so I can't complain. I likely won't do another commission for a few years at least I think... Anyway, check out the latest entries in the Greek Project Article starting here.

KoWHAC - Hoplon, Pike and Arrow expansion!  
September 14th, 2011

The age of the Hoplon, Pike,
and Arrow

After long hours of development, the historical age of ancient Greece, Achaemenid Persia and Alexander's Macedonia can be played using the Kings of War rules! The latest supplement for the Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat (KoWHAC) rules is a 20 page book with lists for all of the armies that fought with and against protagonists, as well as army unit profiles similar to the other supplements for KoWHAC. If you've been waiting to field your Macedonians or Greeks or Persians using a fantastic rule set that costs nothing to get into (other than the figures of course), then wait no longer! Check out the supplement in the KoWHAC - Hoplon, Pike, and Arrow section of the KoWHAC page. This supplement covers the period from about 550BCE to the rise of Rome in Greece.

With the release of this latest supplement along with the Rome's Rise and Fall supplement armies from Europe and the near east from 500BCE all the way to 500CE are now playable using the Kings of War rules. Furthermore, with the Viking supplement lists from the early medieval times of 700-1100CE are playable and the English Civil War supplement written by Thaddeus Urban covers the mid 15th to mid 17th century historical lists, with a focus on the English Civil War. The two gaps left include the period of Islamic and Frankish expansion between 500 and 700 CE and the high medieval period from 1100 to 1500. The next supplement underway is the high medieval supplement, so keep an eye out for that in the next few months!

Trays for the troops  
September 13th, 2011

Sometimes you just have to take the time and make the necessities. I have been pushing around my Romans using old movement trays, or borrowing my buddy's trays for some time now. So I figured it was time to get around to making some for may Roman army. I have made many of these before, since I started gaming in fact. But this time around I really embraced the idea that movement trays are sepcific to an army, or even a specific unit within the army, and so I needed to take the time to match and highlight the basing. Check out some pictures of the movement trays in my Battlefield gallery in the Terrain section of the site.

After posting that to a terrain gallery I was reminded that it's been ages since I'd done any terrain- related stuff. I know I've talked about this before recently, but I figured I'd mention it again! The deal is that there was a time when this blog was all about terrain. In 2006 and 2007 (was there even an Internet that long ago?) that's really all I had to offer! Things have changed a bit... all I ever do is paint now... But my next terrain project is a game matt. Something that is easy to store and transport, but looks better than the plain green fabric matts that I currently use... When will I get to it? Eventually...

More hoplites, but this time in 28mm  
September 6th, 2011

This is really a side-track sorta project... I have a long-term plan to paint a Persian army with some Greek hoplites in 28mm at some point, but it's not soon. I just decided to jump into it to do the cover of my soon-to-be-released Greek/Persia/Macedonia supplement for the Kings of War historicals supplement. Now that the figures are done, keep an eye out for that. But before I get too ahead of myself, check out the new Ancient Greek Gallery for the latest figures. I have another 24 of these figs waiting for paint, but I won't get to them soon I don't think.

I have found that for the past year or two I've been too focused specifically on painting miniatures. I am going to try to do some terrain as well. Not necessarily the big terrain projects that I typically do (the last one was spring 2010!), but little things like movement trays, game matts, the odd building here and there, etc. So yeah, at this point I'm working on movement trays, so stay tuned for some of those later. After that I have a game matt idea that I want to try, so we'll see how that goes...

Back to the steppe...  
August 29th, 2011

Perhaps it's bacause of my extensive experience with the prairies, which are steppe it turns out, I'm always drawn back to it and its armies. I've been sitting on unpainted Scythians in 15mm for a few years now, and it wasn't until a Parthian event was announced that I decided to paint it as a Scythian-Parthian morph. It was always too intimidating to start because of all the fancy- schmancy clothes. But I figured I'd dive in since I'm painting so many 15mm figures again, and now I've added the 15mm Scythia/Parthia Gallery with six new figures. I hope the Scythians will help get Tim in Saskatoon motivated to paint his! Unfortunately, I'm not sure how soon I'll get around to doing more Scythians since I have some other stuff I want to do in the mean time...

I'm painting some plastic 28mm hoplites at the moment. These will be used to illustrate the cover of the Greek-era supplement I'm doing for Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat. After that it's likely back to that pesky 15mm Greek project that I'd been working on earlier this summer... And in between I hope to work on some terrain again... It's been over a year since I've really done anything so we'll see...

On that note... My Umbar City Walls and Pier and some other stuff are starting to be too much of a space hogg, so I'm thinking about getting rid of it and other stuff... Anyone interested should send me a note via the Contact page in the link to the left.

An old-school sci-fi battle report  
August 23rd, 2011

I took a little painting break last week... Actually August was a painting break month for me really, so I whipped together a battle report from some pictures of an old battle that I had ages ago. The thing was that the terrain in this game was just spectacular, so I've always been looking for motivation to write it up. The problem was that the pictures wouldn't allow for a detailed report... In any case, the fantastic terrain won over, and you can check out the report in the battles section in the Battle for Cumberland Street battle report! The rules we used were Star Grunt. It was an interesting system, but I didn't really get swept away by it and so didn't really play again.

Along with the Star Grunt battle report, I plan to put together a report for the Warpath game I recently had. It should be fun as well. For painting, I'm on to some 15mm Scythians. They are for a DBA tournament in October that I'm not sure I will be going to yet... But they've been sitting around for ages waiting for paint. After that, on to some more Greeks in both 15mm and 28mm! The 28mm ones for the Classical Greek Kings of War Historical supplement that I'm working on...

The last of the Roman Cavalry  
August 15th, 2011

I just finished up the last of the Roman cavalry for my Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat Marian Roman army. I don't have any more figs for cavalry, so that is really it I think; I won't be painting more until I finish up another four or five units of legionaries! Check out the cavalry figs in the Marian Roman Gallery.

I'm not sure what's next at this point... I have some 15mm Scythian (Skythian?) cavalry on stick and primed and ready for paint, but I might not dive into those right away. I need to paint some hoplites for my soon-to-be-released Ancient Greece/Persia/Macedonia KoWHAC supplement that I want to release in the next couple of weeks. I also got some more Greek cavalry in 15mm that needs to be done as well... We'll see!

More Numidians for Rome's Wars.  
August 8th, 2011

This Roman army turned from a quick DBA army project thanks to a sale at Wargames Factory into a huge army that doesn't seem to want to stop expanding... At this point I am really just trying to finish off the extras: the Celtic cavalry, Numidian cavalry, and Numidian skirmishers. With this update, the Numidians are done. The Celtic cavalry are next in line (although, I may not paint them next), and then after that it's back to Legionaries... Check out the two Numidian riders and two skirmishers that I finished this week in the Marian Roman Gallery.

After a short break last week, it's nice to be back to painting. That being said, despite all of my efforts, I am not really liking the early horse figures from Wargames Factory. They don't have enough detail to make them easy to paint. In a way, that's a good thing, because it's like painting on a flat canvas... So, I might not paint up the Celtic cavalry next, but we'll see. After that though, I will likely paint some more 15mm figs. But who knows... I have a couple of projects that I want to continue with, and some that I want to start, so we'll see...

Finally, I played some Warpath recently. That's Mantic Games' new rule set to challenge GW's 40k. I will likely post a battle report and first impressions when I get the chance as well! Until then...

Summer of space ships...  
July 25th, 2011

I'm sorta aimless at the moment... With no big project and me being overcome with various summer activities, I will be all over the place and maybe a little slow for the next while. This week are some more space ships! These ships are coming together a lot quicker now that I have the scheme down. Three frigates this time around, and they were really tough to actually get my hands on since they are part of a long-discontinued 'collection' of Star Blazer ships. Check them out in the Space Ships Gallery.

Next up, perhaps finishing off some figs for that 28mm Roman army still... will the Roman project ever end? Apparently not...

More Greeks! But that's it for a while...  
July 18th, 2011

I've finished every last figure I have for the Greek project so far, but that leaves part of it yet unfinished... And it's likely that I won't be able to get back to it until late August the way things seem to be going. That's cool though, I'm ready to take a break I think. Check out the next three elements of cavalry in the Ancient Greek gallery.

At this point I'm a little aimless... I'm not quite ready to jump in to another big project... Thus I'll be adding to other projects, or finishing off and rounding them out. That means perhaps some space ships, maybe polishing off the Celtic cavalry and Numidians for my 28mm Romans, perhaps a dwarven war machine... Or maybe some more hoplites, this time in 28mm plastic! I'm not really sure, but stay tuned!

On another topic... I'm working on the ancient/classical Greek supplement for Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat at the moment. I have some Immortal Miniatures' hoplites to paint for the cover... After that will be the Medieval supplement. So here's the question: how much trouble will I get in if I use my Bretonnian archers or knights for the cover of that one? I'm thinking these, this, or these. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know if you think it's a good idea! I have more of those figures (both the knights and the archers), so I could paint more of them up as a bit more historically accurate I guess...

Greek Project Update: Peltasts done, on to cavalry!  
July 13th, 2011

I've updated the Greek Project Article with the finish of the peltasts and the start on those pesky light horse! The project is going well so far! But it looks like I will be taking a break while I wait for the rest of the cavalry figs to come in... That is of course after I finish the light horse first. I'm not sure what I will do to fill the gap... Finish my 15mm Skythians? More space ships? Dwarves? Stay tuned...

Peltasts for the Greek armies...  
July 11th, 2011

Will the Greeks ever end? With this next set of three elements I have completed 10 elements total in the past few weeks. All in all I think I need 18, so I'm over half way done! Also, all the foot that I have on hand are done, and I just have a few more cavalry figures before I have to wait for the next shipment of figures to finish the project... So look forward to some other figures in the near future. In the mean time, check out the 15mm Greek Hoplite Gallery for the latest set of Greeks.

Since I'm almost done with the Greeks for now (I'm waiting to get my hands on some more cavalry figs as well as a handful of foot before I can continue) I will likely get back to my 28mm projects. Either finishing off the Romans - some more Gaullic cav, Numidian types - or back to the Mantic Dwarves... Or something else entirely. We'll see.

The Greek Project article is updated!  
July 6th, 2011

I posted pictures of the finished hoplites earlier this week, but now the project article is up-to-date and ready to go! There's a picture of the WIP peltasts in there as well, just in case you think there's nothing new to see :) The Greek project is going much better and faster than I thought it would, so I'm happy about it. Check it out in Week Two of the Greek Commission to end all commissions!

Along with the Greek figures, I've been working on a classical-period historical supplement for Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat. Since I don't have any 28mm figures from the period, it's possible I'll use the 15mm hoplites for the cover as well :) On top of that, I've decided to put together a Kings of War scenario pack as well to expand out of the Kill and Pillage scenarios currently available for the game. Until later...

More 15mm Greek hoplites...  
July 4th, 2011

Three more DBA elements worth of Greek hoplites roll off the press this week. They took me a lot longer than I thought they would, but I had been distracted by other stuff. With these three and the previous three, I'm done hoplites! In total, that's 10 hoplite elements, and 40 figs. Check them out in the 15mm Ancient Greek gallery.

Stay tuned for a project update later today as well, or later this week at the latest. I started on the peltasts for the Greeks, and put some light horse on popsicle sticks as well, so this project rolls on! However, I'm looking to do something different, so I might find my way back to 28mm Romans and finish off the Gaul and Numidian cavalry as well as some skirmishers soon. Either that or more dwarves!

The Greek project article is here!  
June 28th, 2011

As promised, I have started a Greek Hoplites in 15mm Project article. Keep your eyes peeled on that for weekly updates on the progress of the beast-of-a-project! Note though that I might digress from that project and do other stuff inbetween, since I still want to push forward my other stuff, such as the 28mm dwarves and historicals... Perhaps I need more Romans... Or Vikings!

Back to Greece in 15mm  
June 28th, 2011

After just over two years, I'm back to Greece in 15mm. After selling those Aitolians, I agreed to paint up a few more elements to allow the army to morph into other DBA Greek armies... What I thought would be a handful of elements turned in to 1.5 DBA army's worth! I am not sure I'll get through it all, but check out the start of it in my 15mm Hoplite Greek (formerly 15mm Aitolia) Gallery. I was dreading it, but it turned out to be fun!

Since it's such a big project, and a commission, which I often have trouble getting through, I figured I would do a project article on it. The beginnings of that article are underway, so stay tuned for that. As for painting... more 15mm Greeks. Not sure how long I will be on 15mm Greeks, but likely a couple of weeks at least.

I support the postal workers in Canada  
June 21st, 2011

Given that I am waiting for a few packages of miniatures - not like I need anymore or anything - I feel I should express myself on the postal issue. I support the postal workers. For those who don't know what's going on here, why the postal workers are not delivering at all now, etc. I'll give a quick breakdown below.

Ms. DePape - one of the coolest protest-movement types over the past few weeks in Canada
holding a sign in support of the postal workers.

So, the rundown on what happened is pretty straight forward:

  1. The union went to negotiations with the crown corporation.
  2. The crown corporation put forward an offer they new the union wouldn't accept.
  3. The crown corporation refused to budge, knowing that Harper's conservative government would act to break the union.
  4. The postal union started rotating strikes, which didn't hurt people all that much, but sent a message.
  5. The crown corporation locked out their employees, ending all postal service knowing Harper's gov't would step in.
  6. Harper's government stepped up and tabled a bill to send the workers back to work at less than what the corp offered.
  7. Harper's conservatives doesn't care for the rights of workers, women, minorities or the LGBT communities.
  8. This is only the beginning. STOP HARPER!

End rant! Thanks for your patience with this one; I'm not a postal worker myself, but I realize that if the postal workers get legislated back to work with an unfair agreement, that will affect the rights of all workers under the current conservative government, white collar, blue collar, teachers, etc. etc. Of course, that doesn't include top oil execs... but I digress!

Time for a painted and unpainted update...  
June 20th, 2011

It's that time of year again! I decided to actually get around to updating the Painted and Unpainted sections of the site. So far this year has been a bumper painting year for me. Last year at this time I have painted 98 fewer figures than this year! Despite that however, I've really not reduced my unpaitned totaly as all since the beginning of this year... I started with 855 unpainted figs, now I am at 851 I do believe. Will the unpainted pile ever shrink? One thing I can say about myself is that I haven't let it grow. That was my resolution back in 2009, and I've been able to stick to it over the long run... But maybe I'll have to resolve to shrink it...

Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone...  
June 20th, 2011

The first full regiment of dwarves is now mustered! I am pretty happy with the scheme and the design, and it turns out that Mantic dwarves are so packed in on their 20mm bases that there's really no way to squish them together further to make unit-bases with all that many figures... I managed to squish only 15 figures onto the unit base, which is down from my usual 16. Along with the 15 dwarves on the regiment base, I also put together a quick hero as well. Check out the new dwarves in the Mountain Dwarf Gallery. I have a number of dwarves yet to paint, including one or two cannons and crew and a couple of troops of hand gunners. Along with that I need to paint up some throwing mastiffs...

However, up next are some 15mm Greeks. I agreed to paint some as a commission, and I was dreading it, but when I got down to it, I found that it's actually a lot of fun! Greeks are actually kinda easy to paint, if you don't mind painting skin and intricate shield designs; their clothes are remarkably simple! Not like their Persian neighbors to the east... Anyway, stay tuned for those.

The Land Ravager - Free Viking Flag  
June 13th, 2011

Since I haven't uploaded a free flag or banner image since Novermber 2010, I figured I'd take the time to PDF-ify the Viking banner I recently painted for my 28mm Sweidsh Viking project. I painted a few flags for that project, but this one is the Land Ravager, the army standard of the black raven; no army lost while this banner flew! Check it out in the Viking Flags section of the Decals & Flags part of the site. Stay tuned for more!

The Mountain King  
June 13th, 2011

As the days get (slightly) warmer and start lasting longer, I'm having trouble keeping myself in the basement in that dark little miniature painting room that I have. As a consequence, I have been slow to get things done lately. I managed to get about 11 dwarves painted this week though, however, most of them are destined for a regiment base like my undead and Viking bases, so they're not ready to be photographed yet! So today I have the mountain King and his Army Standard Bearer ready for show. Check them out in the Mountain Dwarf Gallery.

Stay tuned for more dwarves in the near future as I paint my way through the Mantic Dwarves that came in the Mhorgoth's Revenge box set. I should be finishing off a regiment this week or next. After that, it's tough to say. Thanks to all the space ship painting, my raw numbers are down for this month, so I might try to catch up, or maybe not... I still have a few ships I want to paint. I might paint up some 15mm figures, since I have a couple projects that I want to start/finish, as well as a crapload of figures that I pledged to paint for someone... We'll see :)

The fleet assembled...  
June 6th, 2011

The fleet as far as it is now is ready for battle! It's not all that close to being completely done, but hitting the point where it's ready to be put on the table is a milestone at least. I'm happy with the quality of the models, and the scheme, and all I have to do is get them into battle to verify the composition of the force! Using Full Thrust, it should be fun. Check out the new ships in all their tiny glory in the Space Ship Gallery.

I'm painting some dwarves at the moment, but after that I'm pretty aimless, so who knows! Stay tuned.

No painted figures this week...  
May 30th, 2011

I've been distraced by Viking reenactment projects this week, so no miniatures stuff. I will be posting some reviews of audio books though, so stay tuned for that! Until then, I've posted some pictures of my Viking projects in the Other Gallery just for posterity so that I can look back and say 'that's the week when I didn't paint miniatures so I could...' and so on. I am enjoying the other projects to be honest, a nice break from all the painting ;) I made a couple of belts, which hardly means anything since all I do is cut, punch, glue; I bought the fittings. I also made (finally) the frame for my Viking A-frame tent. Finally I put my scabbard together for my sword. What a pain in the butt that was... but it will be nice not to have to heft the sword around and let people borrow it because it's lying around; last time I leant it out it got banged up pretty badly. But check out some pics in the gallery.

I'm in the process putting together a few more ships for the space ship action! A battleship, a couple of fighter-shaped smaller ships that will be either cruisers or destroyers, and a few more bases of those tiny little fighters. That should give me a little fleet to get on with the battling!

The final frontier...  
May 24th, 2011

No, it's not star trek. But it is nice to get out into space once again! I've been doing so much fantasy and historical over the past few years that it's great to get back to the deep cold darkness of space! Actually, I'd been wanting to play some Full Thrust! for a long time... Anyway, I found some ships that I really liked, that were not all that expensive, and that would make great miniatures for space-ship gaming: Star Blazers! They are big, and apparently scale well with Spartan Games' ships. I decided just to use the ships though. and not the actual Yamato universe, as I didn't like what I've seen all that much... aside from the ships I mean. Anyway, check them out in the Space Ships Gallery

Next up are some more space ships. After next week I should have enough to play a good sized game, so after that I'll likely get back to some fantasy stuff, or historicals, but until then, it's all about the space ship action for me!

Vampire Lord Rimoena invades RIM!  
May 17th, 2011

This battle report pits the undead against the humans using Mantic's Kings of War rules! I enjoy Kings of War very much, and writing up the battle report is a pleasure, but a considerable amount of work. Honestly, it's all about the graphics! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though, and I think it gives a pretty clear picture of the battle, without being overly wordy! Check it out in the Battle on the Rimenese Borders battle report in the Battles section of the site.

As far as battle reports go, I've played a game of KoWHAC using the Viking Age supplement, but I failed to get enough pictures to actually write up a full report... or even a poor report... Perhaps I'll create a gallery of battle images though, for all the battles that I never got around to writing up, or didn't have enough images to do a write up at all... Or perhaps not ;) We'll see.

More for the Romans...  
May 16th, 2011

With the effectiveness of the light cavalry in the Battle at Dyrrhachium a full-fledged cavalry arms race has begun... Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration! But certainly, cavalry units are being painted, so I figured I should keep up and decided to paint a troop of Celtic Cavalry for my Marian Roman army. Check them out in the Marian Rome Gallery. I have four more of these guys to paint, and a few more Numidians to fill out the skirmisher and cavalry parts of my Marian Roman army, but that's it. Of course, I still have 40 legionaries on top of that... so expect to see more of them some time in the next few years as well ;)

For now though I'm off on a space adventure! Having played a few games of Full Thrust using some GW ships with a buddy I was hooked. Naturally I decided to buy some ships, of course I couldn't go with the standard stuff, and so I decided on Star Blazers (Space Ship Yamato) model kits from Bandai. I'm currently working on a few ships and some fighters... So stay tuned for that!

Zombie whats?  
May 10th, 2011

These figures came about from a need for 10 zombie ogres for a minor and avoidable encounter in my latest D&D campaign... I think I have one painted ogre at the moment, but that's it... And, I'm not sure when I would ever need to use 10 zombie ogres ever again... That, along with a required quick turn-around time, prompted me to use some old half-naked orcs that I used as ghouls back in the 90s... Anyway, I will likely use them as zombie orcs, zombie ogres, or ghouls in the future as the need arises. I also painted a couple of actual ghouls from Reaper that I had kicking around. Check them all out in the Undead Gallery.

Up next... some Celtic cavalry for my Roman army... After that, I haven't committed yet... Maybe some space ships, or Mantic dwarfs, or some fantasy characters... There's also a battle report in the pipes; graphics take so much work on those. Also, I have a number of audio book reviews that I am itching to write... Stay tuned.

More Dungeons and Dragons...  
May 9th, 2011

I really enjoy painting figures for role playing; it gives me the opportunity to paint a few one-off figs of various kinds. It's a refreshing change from painting armies anyway. This time I have a handful of wolves. I needed only one, but figured I would just paint them all at once. Along with that I painted up a minotaur NPC... Ah, the minotaurs... Check them out in the D&D Figure Gallery.

Next up, more characters for D&D, but that could easily fit in my undead army somewhere... After that, I'm not sure. I have some character-type figures cluttering up my desk that I might just finish off, as well as some Celtic cavalry for my Roman army... Not sure if I will actually paint them though, or instead paint up some space ships! Stay tuned...

The final Viking regiment arrives...  
May 2nd, 2011

It's been a lot of fun to paint all of these vikings. Being able to actually make the viking army that I actually want has been nice; with my first viking army I had to settle on affordable figures and mediocre painting skills, but not this time! I also have had fun with the diorama-style basing, which is much cooler than the single-basing of Warhammer, and the mini-multi basing of DBA. Check out the finished final regiment in the Swedish Viking Gallery.

Although I am sure I will be back to the Viking army eventually, once I weigh it against other armies out there and realize I need some other stuff, but until then I am going to be painting some D&D stuff. Not just one-off stuff though, likely some groups just to fill in my D&D requirements while also thinning the unpainted miniatures pile. I also got a crapload of space ships to paint for some Full Thrust action... Should be a good time.

Another regiment of Vikings for KoWHAC!  
April 26th, 2011

After about 2.5 weeks I finally finished the 16 Vikings required to put together another regiment of shieldwall Vikings for my Viking Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat project. I am enjoying putting together some diorama bases, and now having two regiments means that I can already field a pretty long shieldwall! Check out pictures of the latest regiment in the Swedish Viking Gallery.

Painting wise, I have another Viking regiment on the go, with the first eight-or-so figures well under way. After those are done, another eight will finish them off! After that, I might call the Viking project done while my buddies build their armies... Or, I might buy some bondi and paint them up... or more hirdmen... we'll see!

KoWHAC Supplement - Rome's Rise and Fall  
April 26th, 2011

I have just put the finishing touches on my latest Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat supplement: Rome's Rise and Fall. I realized that my first Roman supplement was lame++ since it only had early Rome and a handful of its enemies. Thus I went back and expanded it to include all of Rome (Camillan Rome all the way to the Patricians and even the Sub-Roman Brits) as well as all of Rome's enemies. It's a big supplement that includes about 45 army lists, but now it's done and KoWHAC now covers Europe, the Middle East and North Africa from 400BCE to 500CE using the Roman supplement, and 800CE to 1100CE using the Viking supplement!

At this point, there are only a few more periods to cover, including Ancient Greece, the Islamic expansion/Frankish expansion, and high Medieval. It might be worth it to do a few supplements covering the Mongolian armies, but then again I may just include them in the medieval supplement. Also, I might take the time to do a Chinese Warring States supplement as well since I have a good start on those armies already. We'll see!

On comes the Viking king!  
April 18th, 2011

It turns out that I have committed to an army project over the next little while... the Vikings! Ironically, it's thanks to my own Viking supplement that I've found myselfs committed to the project. My old buddy who Was a Teenage Visigoth saw the supplement and insisted on smacking down some figures to play, all the while cursing that I'd sucked him back into 28mm Viking age gaming again! Well, he got me into it in the first place, so I guess we're square! But I digress...

The Viking army is cool though, and I'm pretty excited to bring it together. The crux is that I don't really have enough figures to do it justice! It looks like I'll be buying some more then... Anyway, a small update today with a single, re-painted Viking character figure. Check it out in the Swedish Viking Gallery. Essentially, it's this figure that makes the army a Swedish army, since this king character is decked out in eastern-style clothing and armour.

Part of the reason that this is a small update is that I have not quite enough painted vikings to build a regiment yet... So, as the painted vikings sit and wait for bases, I am struggling to finish another batch to expand them out into a proper regiment, which I can then take pictures of. So, expect to see a regiment of vikings soon! After that regiment, I need a third regiment, and hopefully it will be done by the first Teusday in May, at which time I'll be playing my first big Viking vs. Norse-Irish battle! Should be a good time!

The Battle at Dyrrhachium  
April 13th, 2011

Check out the Battles section of the site for the first Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat battle report featuring the Battle at Dyrrhachium. It's the first of what I hope will be very many such battles! Well, what I mean to say is many Kings of War historical battles, and not necessarily refights of Dyrrhachium. This one pits Ceasar against Pompey in a battle during the First Triumverate War... ah Rome, one thing you could always count on in Rome was a civil war!

French Chasseurs for Napoleon  
April 11th, 2011

I finally got around to painting the three French line infantry figs that I assembled last year from Perry miniatures. My plan was to compare them with the HaT figures, and it's finally done. Man, French Napoleonic era figures are insanely complex and extremely fiddly to paint, I doubt I will do any more... ever!* Still, the HaT figures and the Perry figures are so close in scale that they could be from the same line of figs, and given that the HaT figures are about half the price, I'd say that given a choice, HaT is the company I'd go with. That being said, their range isn't quite as large as the Perry range. In any case, check out the Napoleonic French gallery for the figs and scale comparison shot.

I am currently working on a battle report that pits a barbarian-heavy Roman army against another Roman army, so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks. I also have another KoWHAC supplement in the works. As for figure painting, I am working on another Viking regiment at the moment. I hope to have it done next week. Then after that I'll likely be painting another Viking regiment, which will finish off all of my Vikings for now and give me a good-sized army to start with for the KoWHAC - Viking age action!

* If someone offers to buy my French figs off of me I will likely sell them ($40 including the painted figures with shipping extra), but if not, I'll likely sit on them forever, and might paint them once I paint everything else that I own ;)

More Kings of War Historical Lists!  
April 5th, 2011

After much toil and re-jigging of the format of the Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat supplement that I've been working on the for the Viking Age, it's finally ready to go in the BETA version. It includes pretty much every possible army that from Europe and even into the Middle East from about 800CE - 1100CE: Vikings, Anglos, Welsh, Irish, Scots, Franks, Spanish, Andalusians, North Africans, Italians, Arabs, Byzantium, the Magyars, Pechenegs, Bulgars, Slavs, Rus and early Russians.

I've also had the good fortune of getting permission from Thaddeus Urban to host his Kings of War English Civil War supplement! He put in a lot of effort to get out his rules for the ECW period and Warlord Game's fantastic line of figures. It's a great set as well and you can grab it here.

Along with that, I've changed the format of distribution of the KoWHAC lists; instead of having floating PDFs all over the place, I've created a single article that lets one browse all of the available supplements in one place. Also, in that article you can get a feel for what the supplement includes without having to go through the PDF and figure it out yourself!

Next up for the KoWHAC supplements will be the expansion of the Rome Rising supplement into a Rise and Fall of Rome supplement, that will take it from early Rome to the very last days of the empire, and it will bring all of its enemies along with it!

The axes of the Viking...  
April 4th, 2011

Another unit for my Viking age Kings of War action rolls off the line: Dan-axe warriors! I have a handful of old metal Old Glory two-handed axe figures, but I decided to build this out with the plastic figs from Gripping Beast. They turned out well, and I look forward to smashing some Saxons with them! Overall they are nice, but the pose suggests that they were used as heavy swinging weapons, when in actuality it's likely they were used more like pole-arms or glaives. Still, they're cool, check them out in the Swedish Viking Gallery. I am on the verge of releasing my Viking Age supplement in its BETA version this week, so that's been the motivation for more vikings... Stay tuned for that.

Currently on the painting table I have three Napoleonic Light-Infantry figures from Perry. Some nice figs, just a test element to compare to my HaT figures... Not sure what I'll do with my Naps, might just get rid of them, might just paint the ones I have, or I might jump into the genre with two feet! Either way, this will be the year that I decide ;)

More from the Spanish Civil War...  
April 4th, 2011

This isn't going to be a large, protracted project. I managed to pick up two figures from North Star figures some time ago when they released some limited edition Spanish Civil War Anarchists. They sat based on my desk for about four or five years, and I finally just whipped them off. They are in 28mm, but I just threw them in the old Spanish Civil War gallery that was originally dedicated to 20mm figs, but not anymore! Anyway, I checked to see if North Star still had these figures, and I was sad to see that they didn't... And that they only have some International Brigade figs there... booo! I want an entire line of Anarchists! Oh well, two is better than none.

I have a few more of these one-off character type figs sitting around on my painting shelf, so don't be surprised if you see more odd content type figures in the near future! Well, not Anarchists, but odd figures that don't seem to have anything to do with my current projects...

Finally a Kings of War Battle Report!  
April 1st, 2011

It's been a long time coming, I know, but it's finally here. Actually, I have two battle reports still yet unwritten from before the time that the undead army was re-finished... I doubt I'll write those up though, since I have a couple of planned games coming up in the future quite soon, so I'll have more painted madness for then! In any case, check out the Battle of Briar battle report in the battles section! It pits the Reptiles against the Undead hordes over a small pillaged village in the human kingdom of Rim...

I plan to do more battle reports in the near future, so stay tuned for those. Also, more Kings of War historical supplements are in the works! The Viking Age supplement is almost done and is currently in playtesting. Also, a fine lad over on Warseer has finished a Kings of War supplement for the Pike & Shotte period and has given me permission to host if here! So, I will find a place for that early next week. Finally, I am overhauling the Rome Rising supplement as well! My plan is to expand it to include all of Rome, and all of its enemies... It's a big job, but not as big as you might think... Stay tuned.

On come the Mountain Dwarves!  
March 28th, 2011

Mantic Game's excellent Mhorgoth's Revenge starter set was what I used to finish off my undead army, and it came with dwarves. I had planned to build a dwarf army next, and I was planning to do it with the Mantic dwarves. After the insanity that was the undead project, I'm not ready to jump into anything with both feet quite yet... Still, I wanted to paint up some of the dwarves to see how they come together. At this point, I'm quite impressed. I know they are different in style from many other dwarves, but I like their top-heavy look, and imagine they are the real mountain dwarves, while all those other slimmer, shorter, thinner dwarves from other ranges are mere hill dwarves! Anyway, check out the single dwarf unit in the new Mountain Dwarf Gallery.

Also Mantic games featured my undead army project on their blog last week! Those fine gentlemen said many flattering things about the project, and I am honoured to be on there! Check out their post on the Mantic Blog - Fan Feature: Undead Army post. Thanks Mantic! I look forward to a long and happy Kings of War related relationship!

The Swedish Viking project returns!  
March 28th, 2011

Now this is an old, uncompleted project if I've ever seen one... Originally started back in July 2008 it was planned to be a WAB army. That changed in December 2009 into a 28mm DBA Viking army project. But in all honesty, I wasn't committed to either of those projects... Nobody around here plays WAB (thankfully!) anymore, and getting people to paint 28mm DBA armies is like pulling really small 15mm teeth! Actually, that's not entirely true... but I digress... Given that I wasn't all that committed to either a 28mm DBA army or a WAB army, I finally realized that Kings of War Historicals would be the way to go...

So Kings of War it is! With the coming the Viking supplement that I and a couple others are putting together for Kings of War I decided to take the plunge into a 28mm Kings of War Viking army. Aside from the vast options for diorama bases, and finally being able to use all the unpainted Vikings that I have, I can also field these figs as proxies for barbarians, and extra units for human fantasy armies. So here we go! Check out the Swedish Viking army gallery for my first regiment!

Next up are some Mantic dwarves. Good times so far. Also, last week I failed to produce a single battle report as I had hoped... but it wasn't for nothing! I managed to finish off the Viking Age Kings of War supplement! Now playtesting is well underway and perhaps even finishing up, so keep your eye out for that in the near future! Some battle reports this week hopefully? Who knows :)

The fifth legion.  
March 21st, 2011

More Romans... Actually, I've gotten over the Roman hump of tedium at this point... I enjoyed hammering out these guys and the detailed freehand wasn't all that tedius in the end. The key I think was to block in everything except the red, highlight up the white shields, and then do the freehand straight away! Typically I do the freehand last, by which time I just want to finish the damn figs! Also I think that my lack of tedium on this group of Romans could have had something to do with my resolution to stop with the Romans for now; since it was the last one I planned to do for a while I decided to enjoy it ;) Anyway, check out the last nine Romans that I plan to do for now in the Marian Roman gallery. I might end up doing some more characters, or perhaps celtic cavalry or something, but I'm done with legionaries for the time being.

I had planned to get one or more Kings of War battle reports out last week, but I stared at the pictures a few times and just couldn't get them together. The problem is that I just don't know how to present a battle report anymore. I'm not happy with my old scheme, and I haven't found anything out there that I like all that much... Oh well, maybe I'll use my old theme in the mean time until I come up with something better. Until then...

Romans marching again...  
March 14th, 2011

More Romans! You could really paint Romans forever if you wanted to; the bigger the Roman army the better, isn't that true? Anyway, I've decided I don't want another big project yet, and I don't really want a big Roman army either, so I am going to take a break from Rome after one last regiment. That will give me five, which is half a legion or almost a full cohort... or whatever. Anyway, check out the last few figs of my fourth regiment, and the command base for my fifth Roman regiment (which also plays the role of my 4Bd+Gen element for DBA) in the Roman gallery.

Next up are the last eight Romans required to finish off that last regiment... I've already blocked them out for the most part, and the shield designs are blocked out as well; painting the freehand design with the base coat is the hardest, most time-consuming part of freehand painting, and it's done! After that though, I have the urge to do more terrain... Something snazzy... And likely something that I can use in the Viking age again, or in Rohan... Or in any early-medieval sorta paradigm, including Kings of War fantasy... stary tuned for that! Finally, I promise to get some Kings of War battle reports out eventually? Maybe this week?

Plastic Normans!  
March 9th, 2011

I finally got around to these figs that my buddy gave me back in 2010. When I heard that Conquest Games was going to release some plastic Normans, I was pretty happy about it. Not because I'm all that in to the Normans, but because they represent a good cross section of all early Medieval cavalry. I plan to build out an army of something or other...

In the mean time, I put together a quick Review article titled Hastings 1066, now in plastic! here for your enjoyment. It includes scale shots and some discussion on the merritts of the kit. I also kicked off a Normans gallery, not to be confused with my 15mm Norman gallery! Until next time!

Barbarians from the north!  
March 7th, 2011

This week I painted up figs from a few different periods: Normans, Vikings, and Ancient Germans. Okay, I guess two different period, but three different cultures. All of them plastic as well. More on the Normans later though. For now, check out the Ancient Germans in the Marian Roman gallery. I painted up six more to expand the single German warband DBA element I had done into a Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat regiment to play with the Rome Rising supplement I released. I'm happy with it!

I also painted up some of those Germans to do double-duty as Germans and Viking Berzerkers. Basically Berzekers looked more or less exactly like the shirtless Germans with shoes and round shields, and so that's how I did them. Since they are both Germanic and have similar designs, it was easy. But I put those two in the Swedish Viking army gallery. Same deal, I will use those to expand the DBA berzerker element into a troop unit for Kings of War. Until next time!

KoWHAC - Rome Rising Supplement!  
February 28th, 2011

Here it is! The secret KoWHAC project I've been working on! It's not another fantasy army list for Kings of War at all, but rather Kings of War Historical Ancient Battles - Rome Rising. The supplement basically takes the Kings of War rules from Mantic and applies a few fiddly bits about basing, army composition, and special rules and gives you a couple historical army lists that can pretty much let you field any late Republican Romans or Early Imperial Roman army along with pretty much any of Rome's enemies during the time.

The design concept follows Mantic's simplified rules with tactical depth. It's really easy to play, but still offers great tactical depth. Honestly, I plan to use this to replace my 28mm DBAing! To use it you need a copy of Mantic Games' Kings of War rules... Thankfully they're free to download! There's a link in the supplement itself! Check it out in nifty PDF for here.

More Legionaries for Rome's Wars!  
February 28th, 2011

After the undead I really wanted to get back to the living... So I went with Rome. I decided to expand my Marian Roman DBA army out so that I could use it with Kings of War! I actually got lucky in that I made two elements each with the same shield designs, which made it easy for me to expand these two-element chunks into Kings of War Regiments. In terms of game scale, each regiment will be a Cohort, or a single Century (8 centuries make up a cohort, ten cohorts make up a legion). That way if each regiment is a cohort, I might end up with an entire legion. Or if each regiment is a Century, I might end up with an entire Cohort... Blah blah... Anyway, check out the figures and the regiments in the Marian Roman gallery.

Not wanting to be stuck with a big project again right away, I've started painting some non-Roman figures... Nope, not more undead... Only a few though, more on those next week. I've also been working on a Kings of War expansion (remember KoWHAC?) that will allow me to use my Romans... And yes, it's entirely because I don't want to play the new Warlord Games' Roman rule set based on Black Powder: it was a lovely book, but the rules are insanely complex and fiddly! I'm all for simple yet tactically deep these days. Anyway, until then...

Time for some cleaning...  
February 24th, 2011

After finishing the undead project I had to take some time to 1) sleep and 2) maintain my painting space. Keeping up the pace on the undead cost some effort, and forced me to sacrifice my space-maintenance practices. Well, didn't force me really, but I just didn't bother, preferring to save the time for actually painting. I ended up taking about three hours to clean up my painting area..

I had junk piled on junk, and really old junk piled on other junk... For a long time I used a portable painting station. It allowed me to keep my desk cleanish without too much effort. However, since I got rid of my computers and dedicated my desk to painting I didn't need it, so it stopped being used. It never got cleaned up though, so as part of my overall cleaning, I got rid of that as well. I organized and found permanent homes for a lot of stuff that was floating around... It turns out that if you have a place to put everything, it's easier to keep it clean! Anyway, check out the before and after shots of my desk in the Desk Shots gallery; see if you can even tell the difference ;)

Next up for painting is the KoWHAC project. I won't go into too much detail, but I'm almost ready to go with it. I also need to put that battle report together that I had promised... Maybe next week?

Undead Project Completed...  
February 17th, 2011

... two weeks ahead of schedule! When I started it I knew that it would be finished, I figured it wouldn't be finished on time, and I wasn't sure if I could stick solely with it for the duration. Around week five when I was working on the Revenant cavalry, I figured I'd slide into lateness with the army and never get out of it. But then when the zombies rolled around during week seven and eight and I painted 42 zombies in two weeks, things turned around! And now it's done! Complete!

I finished off the last two sections of the article today and officially labeled the project as finished. Check out the Week Eleven and Conclusion sections of the undead project article to read the new content and my closing thoughts. I have an inkling that I will be expanding it eventually. This is really a project that I started back in 1994 and I am sure it will continue forever... but it's done for now at least.

I have a Kings of War battle report to write up pitting the undead against a Reptilemen army. It should be ready by next week, so stay tuned for that. As far as the painting goes, Next up are some more Romans for what my buddy has been calling 'KoWification'!

Also, I just realized something odd today for the first time... The acronym for this site is HoWaSS. How ass? It's insanity I tell you! INSANITY!

The undead army ready for war!!  
February 16th, 2011

Finally, finally, it's done. After two and a half months the undead are as done as they're going to be for now and ready to march to war against the living! I've updated the Undead Army Gallery with the last of the figures that I put together for it - another army standard bearer and some pumpkin constructs - as well as a picture of the entire army all formed up. It was a good time, and I'm a little burnt out on it, but not as much as I thought I'd be!

The ghouls swarm...  
February 14th, 2011

Okay, so the last units for my undead army are done! This two-and-a-half-month project is finally wrapping up! I have one more figure to finish off, and some more pictures to take before I update the undead project article one-last time, but I've decided to post pictures of the last units for the army now! Originally it was going to be one ghoul troop, but I decided to simply go with two ghoul troops that can form to make a regiment! I had to spread the figures around a bit, since I only had 12, but I think it still looks ghoulishly good! Check them out in the Undead Army Gallery.

Now I have to finish the last character I wanted to paint for the army: another undead army standard bearer. I also have to take some pictures of the constructs that I am going to use in place of rats, those little pumpkin-headed things I put on on of my wraith units. I have four new ones painted and ready! Finally I plan to add a picture or two of the entire army on the field. Once that's done, I'll conclude that pesky undead project article! In the mean time, I might update it for this past week first... stay tuned...

Tomorrow night is game-night so I plan to have a battle report that pits the newly completed undead against a Reptilemen army using the list I posted last week! Of course that might take a bit to put together, so expect it next week! Incidentally, I updated that list a bit, please download the latest one! Anyway... until next time... :)

Reptilemen army list for Kings of War!  
February 8th, 2011

I've been working on this list translating Games Workshop's Lizardmen concept into a Kings of War army list for some time. In the end, I went with something original, as opposed to simply using a direct translation from the GW lists. I did attempt to keep the same units, so that GW figures could be used without trouble, but the actual army flavour isn't necessarily related to GW's at all. I did a handful of play testing as well, but I am all for more feedback! Check out the army list in the Articles section of the site under Rules Expansions... Or just download it directly HERE.

I am also working on KoWHAC... if you figure out the acronym, I will forward you a WIP copy! Feel free to send feedback through the contact link on the left there...

The end is near...  
February 7th, 2011

Yes that is a double entendre! The end is near for the humans in the Kings of War world, as my undead horde will soon come down upon them, and the end is near for my Undead Kings of War army project as well! The project was to end with the two last units being the Mantic Revenants and the Mantic ghoul troop. Well, the Revenants are done, and the ghouls are well underway... The Revenant week was last week, and the project article has been updated appropriately (link above).

As for the ghouls, I've decided to use the ghouls from my old Hordes of the Things undead army as well... I wasn't originally going to, but I realized that with those four ghouls I could easily make two troops worth of ghouls, or a single regiment. After checking the scale compatibility, I'm convinced that they will work together! So, instead of having a single troop, I will make two. In any case, check out the project article for all the details... Next week looks like it will be the end of the undead project! Muahahaha! Quick talley - 136 figures for the project, 81 skeletons. That doesn't include the 50 jack-o-lanterns that I've sculpted and painted for this project either (including the scarecrows and the little construct figure). Good times!

This sorta brings me to another point: my Undead HotT army is dead! I am all over the double entendre action today! But yeah, the HotT army is now completely dismantled with the exception of two giant bats and two elements of skeleton riders. I will likely re-base the skeleton riders into a regiment of Revenant cavalry at some point in the future... but in the mean time, they work well as a cavalry troop... So yeah, rest in peace HotT undead!

The second Revenant unit is ready!  
February 7th, 2011

It should read second and final Revenant unit is ready! Many, many skeletons later - 81 in fact - and here I am with another unit of undead ready to do battle! At this point, it's becoming more of the same to be honest... the formula: skeletons (armour or not), scare-crow banner, pumpkins, fence, sand, grass-trufts, and leaves. Rinse, repeat... I am really liking the overall look of the army though! It's like my undead army dream come true! Check out all of the images in the Undead Army Gallery.

More shambling hordes...  
January 31th, 2011

Week nine of the undead project is done and it's on to week ten. Aside from the early days of the site when it was all Lord of the Rings all the time, this is likely the longest, most dedicated project I have ever done. Because of the schedule, I haven't taken a break from this one project to do little side-projects or anything. It's been pretty good, I've certainly got a lot done for the army, and it's almost complete! I might do it again in the future :)

I updated both the Undead Project article - Week Nine and the Undead gallery with the latest unit for my Kings of War undead project: Mantic's skeleton spearmen! A please to build and paint, the skeleton spearmen came together a half of a week ahead of time. Since I was a whole week ahead before, this puts me a whole week and a half ahead of schedule!

Also, I wanted to post a link above for all of those who were baffled by my 'They're coming to get you Barbara' title from a few updates ago! If you haven't seen the movie, you need to! Unless you hate zombies of course... It's a classic though; if you're going to see one, that's the one to see! Night of the Living Dead the original.

A funny realization...  
January 26th, 2011

Sometimes I look back at previous year's entries around the same date as the current date. Today I noticed that in 2010 on this very day I completed the last element for my Marian Roman Army. I have yet to ever play with it, but it was done a year ago today!

Going further back, January 26, 2009 I was well on my way to completing my undead HotT army, much of which has be re-purposed in my current Kings of War undead army project!

Back on January 25, 2008 I was near the end of my last Lord of the Rings project: Dwarves of the Iron Hills. I also published an article on Converting Vault Wardens using the plastic dwarves from GW. Man those images are tiny! It's hard to believe it's been three years since I've done any Lord of the Rings army projects...

That damn elven tree terrain for Lord of the Rings was killing me back in January 2007... I have used that piece once since I finished it... for a game of Necromunda. Apparently it was a big fight for the last pieces of wood in the city!

On Jan 26, 2006 I was taking pictures of my old Vikings, which I have since sold. Back then this site was strictly Lord of the Rings and nothing else... Ah, how times change!

Undead Project article updated - zombies!  
Janury 24th, 2011

Week seven and eight in the article are done from beginning to end! Week eight started. Technically, I should be starting on characters this week, but being done that, I'm skipping right to the Mantic skeleton regiment! Check out the latest updates to the article here:

The skeleton regiment was planned to take about a week and a half... Currently I am a week ahead of schedule for this project, and if I can get these done in a week... Well, let's not count our apples before they're picked! In any case, this projects looks like it's going to finish for sure now! The end of the tunnel is clearly visible! Until next time...

More zombie madness!  
January 24th, 2011

Indeed, as the title says, I have another regiment of zombies for this week! In an unprecedented amount of time - two weeks - I've painted 44 zombie figures. Granted, it wasn't a total and complete re-paint. I left the blood and some of the bone from the previous paint scheme. This did save me some time, but not too much... I also had the chance to finish off a character for the undead Kings of War army, marking the last character that I needed to complete! This puts me way ahead on the Kings of War army project! I'll publish an update to that project article later this week. Anyway, check out the new images of the latest zombie action in the Undead Army Gallery.

Next up are some more undead... surprise surprise. Here on out it's pretty much all Mantic figures, so that will be a change. Instead of re-painting old figures, it's on to putting paint onto gray plastic! I am looking forward to it. A regiment of skeletons, a regiment of Revenants, and a troop of ghouls and the undead Kings of War project is done. That's it. The end is near! What's after that? Hopefully nothing pressing :) But I might take a break from big army projects and do a few little projects, or one-off groups of figs. On the horizon are the Russian Civil War and Spanish Civil War projects I started last year... Some potential Napoleonic action, maybe WWII action, the Castle Ravenloft D&D figures... who knows.

PS. The title of my previous post "They're coming to get you Barbara..." was a bit obscure! It's a quote from the opening scene of Night of the Living Dead! In brutal foreshadowing, Barbara's brother taunts her for her fear of cemetaries... right before he is devoured by a zombie >:) Ah, George Romero rocks the spot!

They're coming to get you Barbara...  
January 20th, 2011

The zombie hordes descend on the world! Well, at least on my gaming table. Originally this past week I had figured I'd only get one troop's worth of zombies done, but before I'd realized it I was four zombies away from having a complete regiment done, so I put in the extra work and finished the regiment! In the end, I ended up having one zombie left over even... Check out the zombies in the Undead Gallery.

This week has been insanely busy, thus the late update to the site... The zombies were actually done on Friday last week, but I just didn't have the time to update before now... And as a consequence, it's unlikely that I'll be able to pull off another regiment for next week... but you never know :)

A quick note on the Wargames Factory debacle... I figured I'd put in my 2 cents since I have promoted the company on my site in the past. I like their figures, but I won't support and organization that seems to be out of control and can't keep track of its transactions. I am not sure what happened with the people involved, but I don't understand how that could have precipitated a failure of the company to be able to do business. Openly asking buyers to come forward if they spent money but hadn't received figures is simply insanity. So, going forward, I won't promote the company. I may however, buy figures that I find for good deals on auction sites and whatnot though... And I still have droves of figures to paint from them as well :)

Undead Project article updated!  
Janury 10th, 2011

As promised, I finished off the undead project article updates! Polished off week six and kicked off week seven! Check it out in the article, or skip to the newest parts:

The catapults went together very well, and they painted up very fast. So fast that I managed to paint another one-off revenant figure as well as one of my Lich King characters. Thanks to painting a few characters here and there, I've been able to paint almost all of them. I have maybe 1.5 left that I really need to do, so I likely will be able to scrap the week I had planned for the character figures.

That being said, I realized that I bit off more than I could handle with having to finish a zombie regiment in one week! That would mean painting 24-30 figures in a single week! Quite beyond me... I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided that. Anyway, I've changed the requirement to be zombie troops instead of zombie regiments. In the end this will net me only a single zombie regiment, but that's not too bad. And, I might use that character week to potentially finish off more zombies.... We'll see!

After six weeks, how is the motivation for the undead going? Well, it's still going pretty strong I must say. Given that I feel burnt out after most DBA armies, which take only four weeks and require far fewer figures, it's kinda suprising. I think it's because I don't expect to be done yet... I wonder if I will start getting burnt out the closer I get to the expected completion date...? I guess we'll see... until next time I'll be slaving over the festering dead! I already feel queazy about all of the corpse research I've done...

Catapult battery ready to march...  
January 10th, 2011

Right on schedule the catapult batter for my undead Kings of War project is ready for action! I painted up two of them, along with crew, for my undead army. One of them I scratch-built; scratch building was what I always did when I could, so I figured I'd continue the trend. I think it worked out pretty well, and I'm happy with both. I also painted a lich king for the army and an extra Revenant figure. Check them all out in the Undead Army Gallery.

I will be updating the undead project article shortly, so stay tuned for that!

End of year painted and unpainted update!  
January 5th, 2011

The end of 2010 has come and gone, and so it's time to do a roll up of the painted and unpainted sections. I am happy with the progress of my projects this year and all the painted figs that I've churned out. I did a few 15mm DBA armies, some HotT army action with my Empire stuff, the Chinese Warring States in 28mm for DBA, and droves of undead and humans for kings of war. I never did get around to the vikings, nor to the Spanish Civil War and Russian Civil War stuff that I meant to... Maybe next year.

As for resolutions, I won't make any. I plan to get rid of old figs I will never paint. Paint figs that I already have, and try to reduce the unpainted figure pile... Who knows though. I was able to reduce the unpainted pile by 6% this year, but my painted numbers dropped by 9%... I guess time will tell! In the mean time, check out the unpainted and painted sections for the totals!

More Tales to Paint By!  
January 5th, 2011

With all of the painting I've been doing on my undead lately, I've been going through a fair number of audio books. Since I listened to the Clive Barker book that was featured in my first review, I've listened to two different audio books, one of which I listened to twice in a row... it was that good. Check out the Tales to Paint By in the Reviews section of the site for two new reviews: The Last Siege and Heroes of the Valley. Both books are by Jonathan Stroud, whose books I am currently into!

I need more sleep... that being said, more updates on the end of year madness soonish! Until then...

Another creepy pumpkin head  
January 4th, 2011

Just another little update for the undead project: Another creepy pumpkin head. I have big (or should I say little?) plans for these things... I might have one cutting up a dead person, or something along those lines...

Undead project article update...  
January 4th, 2011

I managed to pull together the Undead Project Week Five update, showcasing and narrating the process of painting up the undead cavalry. Over all, I am really happy with the unit, but check out the article for all the info.

I also managed to start off the Undead Project week six update. I put in some info on what I have been up to so far this week, as well as a work-in-progress picture of the scratch-built catapult that I put together. Check that out and enjoy!

Next up will be the obligatory end-of-year round up post... I will finally update my painted and unpainted sections of the site. It's been six months since I last updated that even though I've been keeping my records more-or-less up to date. Until then...

Undead cavalry mustered!  
January 4th, 2011

The Revenant Cavalry, or Black Knights, or mounted and armoured skeleton regiment for my Kings of War undead project is done! It was a long haul on these, not only because they took a lot of work in converting and then painting, but because of the recent break and family insanity kept me away from the painting table. Why does everyone wait until the coldest, darkest part of the year to make the effort to get together anyway? Anyway, check out the Undead Gallery for all of the figures. I did a lot more close-ups this time. I figured that since I'm painting so many fugures, I may as well showcase them in many pictures!

Undead Project Week Four!  
December 29th, 2010

Finally, week four's update in the undead project article is ready. This update means that the project is 1/3 done... Four weeks down, eight weeks to go. Check out the update in the Week Four sections of the Undead Project article.

Too tired to do much more... Next week, Revenant cavalry! Until then...

Armoured skeletons hit the undead gallery.  
December 29th, 2010

The undead gallery has been updated with week four's undead project content: Undead Revenants! Check out the Undead Gallery for all the latest images! Until next update...

Undead project continues!  
December 29th, 2010

It's been a great past week... Being away from work is great for the mind, not so good for the regular site-updating schedule! Anyway, check out the Undead Article Week Three Update in the undead article. It was fun, and it marks the end of the first three weeks of the project coming to an end... the end of the first quarter of the project!

More undead madness!  
December 23th, 2010

It's a busy time of year, and updating the site isn't the biggest priority... Thus the delay again this week... There will likely be a similar delay next week as well... In any case, I did finish the skeleton spearmen unit on time! Check out pictures of the unit in the Undead Gallery. I am very happy with the unit, as I think it's one of my best ones yet. The Revenant regiment is well under way, and ahead of schedule in fact, so it won't pull down my timelines!

I plan to try to get the project article updated for this week sometime early next week, but it's tough to say for sure given all the general insanity this time of year. I had a great solstice, especially with the rare treat of the lunar eclipse! Very cool stuff. I hope all of you have a great holiday season as well. Stay tuned for the next update next week!

Undead Walk the Earth project update!  
December 15th, 2010

Finally an update! Actually, the lateness of the update doesn't reflect the lateness of the project deliverables (yes, I've been working on projects for work and the vocabulary has sunk it's evil hooks into me), but because I just haven't had the time to update the project article or the website with the details. In any case, I had planned to have the skeleton archer regiment finished by Monday, and it was indeed finished by then, but only barely. Check out the details in the Week Two section of the undead project article.

The next phase of the project has begun and is going well... Although I swapped the revenant regiment that I had planned for this week for a regiment of skeleton spearmen. Stay tuned next week for another update!

Undead Walk the Earth gallery update!  
December 15th, 2010

Along with the project update that I have posted today, I have added numerous images to the undead gallery with detailed views of the figures I finished for the undead project, including the archer regiment, the army standard bearer, some pumpkins, and a wraith character! So, head on over to the Undead Gallery for the pictures.

Tales to Paint By - a new section!  
December 14th, 2010

Well, a new sub-section anyway. Basically Tales to Paint By will be a sub-section in the Reviews section of the site that reviews audio books. Why you may ask? Why audio books? Why not just books? Well, after painting miniatures in my free time for years and years, I found that my mind wasn't engaged as much as it could be; basically I would ponder unrelated things and stress myself out. I started 'watching' movies, which actually meant me listening to the movie. Since movies are made to be watched, I find that they generally suck to listen to, and I found myself watching more and painting less and less if I wanted enjoyment from the 'watching'. Same went for TV episodes. I started to listen to music more often as well. Since music is designed to be listened to, I figured it would be a winner. The problem is, it takes so much music to keep me from being bored that I couldn't keep up.

After listening to a few audio books with the kids in the car during long drives, I realized how captivating they are when your hands are busy (or your but is stuck to the seat of a car). Naturally, I picked up some of the kids audio books and listened to them while painting, and I was immedietely sold on the idea! Honestly, it's better than reading books in some ways, because it doesn't require the time commitment! I can still paint miniatures, but also listen to books at the same time. This allows me to 'read' books that I would never sacrifice the time to read usually, and I find that there is very little cross-over between books I read and books I listen to. Also, it allows me to re-read books that I've actually read, but don't want to spend the time re-reading. The Harry Potter books are a great example.

The review format for Tales to Paint By will be entirely narrative; it won't have any meaningless 4 out of 5 stars type nonsense. They will be short and to the point though, giving only the crucial information and details that might help people choose whether or not to listen to the books or not. They will also allow me to keep track of what projects I was working on while listening to which books; now I associate certain stories with certain projects...

Check out the first review: Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker, published back in 2007. I will likely update this section often, but only include books that I actually enjoy; why criticize something when you can promote something else?

Also, the undead project still progresses, and is on track, just haven't had the chance to update yet... Stay tuned for that!

Undead walk the earth - another update!  
December 6th, 2010

It's Monday and it's time to have another update for the Undead Project! With the completion of the wraiths we are well on our way... Well, we are well on our way to getting things started; there is still a long way to go! I imagine that the timeline and over all plan will change as things progress, but for now check out the action in the Undead Project article - week one, which has officially come to a close! Week two has begun and the skeleton archers are now underway!

Since it looks like it will be all about the undead for some time, stay tuned for more undead! The archers are indeed well underway, and painting is wuite advanced... Basing will be another thing entirely, as I have more base to work with. Also, I need banners for each unit as well... Should be fun! I might also try to squeeze in some other things besides just undead here and there as well; I will need a break even if it means slipping some dates I think! Until later then...

Jack-o-lanterns out the ears!  
December 6th, 2010

On the topic of ears, I should sculpt some corn... but I digress. With the recent undead project I realized that if it was going to be a Halloween-inspired, pumpkin patch-themed army that I would need a lot more jack-o-lanterns and plain-old pumpkins. So, twice these past two weeks I've spent an evening sculpting pumpkins. I already have more than a few because I use left-over putty to make them when working on other projects, but I need more... and more. Also, I had an idea to do some pumpkin construct type creatures to scurry/creep around the bases of the units, so I sculpted one of them as well. I will likely do more. Check out the three latest shots in the Greens gallery.

I also posted more pictures of the undead figures in the Undead army gallery. I will be keeping that gallery updated with all of the appropriate pictures throughout the project for posterity and completeness!

Incidentally, is seems like it's been a year since I last put tool to putty... because it has! The last sculpting I did was in December 2009 for my Roman 28mm project! Damn! Funny thing, I haven't even played with those Romans yet! Stay tuned for some painted pictures of the above, as well as some painted undead today or tomorrow. Also, I have and update for my undead project planned... Until then...

Undead Project update... already!  
December 01st, 2010

Ah, it's nice to get right into a project! I figured I'd take some in-progress pics and upate in a bit more of a real-time fashion... So, half-way done with the wraiths, I figured I'd post a couple of pictures and a little discussion.

But firstly, I added a Timeline section to the project article. This section includes a real-time, live-updated table with the time I have left to finish each unit in the project... It's a bit nerve-wracking for me honestly, and I might end up shutting it down at some point to relieve myself of the extra stress. I made the timeline table linkable as well so that I could get the update at any time... Maybe I should build an iPhone app ;)

Along with that I started the commentary on week one with a picture of some unpainted and finished wraiths as well as an image of my slap-dash planning diagrams to go with the commentary! It's shaping up to be a fun one!

The Undead Kings of War army project begins!  
November 29th, 2010

I simply couldn't wait until tomorrow! Having finished this off earlier than expected, I figured it was time to publish this now. So, let the The Dead Shall Walk the Earth... again undead army project begin! I will be featuring this project along with the many other people on Tabletop Gaming News in their old project challenge as well. So far, the article contains a brief intro, and a very verbose plan. It includes some pictures or unpainted and painted figures as well... So check it out, and stay tuned until next week when the first update will be done! Until then...

The Empire and their riders...  
November 29th, 2010

Finally, after about two and a half months the human figures for my Kings of War army are pretty much done. I want to add some knights, some peasant levy, and some halberdiers down the line, but for now it's ready for some action on the table with the addition of Valten, an Empire character figure, and a troop of pistoliers (playing the role of jinetes using my Kings of War human army list). I also plan to use the figures for HotT. With the completion of these figs, all I need is one more element to have a full HotT army. So, check out Valten and the four pistoliers in the Empire Army Gallery.

On the topic of HotT, I am not all that sure I will be playing much of it going forward. There are a few guys around here that are into it, but most of them have already converted over to the Kings of War idea and have committed to supporting that rule system. The thing about HotT is that it's fast to paint up an army, and pretty easy to play, but it has a whole schwack of fiddly rules; Kings of War doesn't. So, I plan to make the Empire army my last HotT/KoW mash-up. Of course I will make sure that my undead remain HotT-ready, but any new fantasy projects that I do for Kings of War likely won't have HotT-compatible basing components...

With the humans ready for the table, it's time to move on to my undead. This is really the army I have been looking forward to doing for a few months now. I have a project article for it on the go at the moment, and I will likely post it up and get it going later today or tomorrow. Until then...

Bretonnians and their Damsels...  
November 29th, 2010

One of the last characters for my Kings of War army is complete: The Bretonnian Damsel! I always liked the Damsel on foot with the staff, thought it was a very cool fig. The thing is that Games Workshop figures, especially their character figures, are so heavy on the little details. My way of dealing with that is by painting the figures simply. No crazy fiddly details. In any case, I will use this fig primarily with Kings of War, but also likely for HotT using a sabot base. I have a regiment of Bretonnian spearmen en route, but other than that, this is likely the last Bretonnian I will paint for a while! Check it out in the Bretonnian Gallery.

And so sing the guns...  
November 22th, 2010

Yet again some more humans for my Kings of War human army. More Empire figures from Games Workshop this time, these ones to fill out the warmachines role of the army. One mortar and one cannon, both of which will use the cannon rules in my human Kings of War list. The warmachines are also based on 60mm wide bases, making them playable with Hordes of the Things as well. Check out the Empire Army Gallery for the latest images. I also have a work-in-progress shot of the figures I'm working on at the moment: Empire pistoliers! They are fun to paint, and I am putting together a troop of them for playtesting and just plain short-ranged fun.

Damned Damsel?
Will she ever get more paint?

For next week I plan to have the pistoliers done, along with the remainder of the characters I will need for the army. The characters, as per usual, are giving me trouble in terms of paint scheme... They need to be nifty and stand out etc. etc. If everything is going well with a painting project I find that I can block out the entire figure in base colours and then highlight everything stage-by-stage. If I can't block it out and instead put down one colour at a time, then it's doomed to never be completed. The last figure that I did that way was my elf fighter (in the D&D gallery), and it took 1.5 years for me to finish her... Check out the WIP characters, as well as some almost-completed pistoliers in my Desk gallery. My plan is to finish them this week, but history tells a different story... So, the damsel to the right there, will she be painted for next week? Or will she toil unpainted on my shelf for the next year and a half? Only the fates can tell at this point...

My plan was to let the humans rest after I finished the above mentioned characters and go after the undead starting next week... But then came along Tabletop Gaming News' latest challenge. The idea is that readers can pick up an old project that's been laid aside and get it done over the space of a few months. The challenege starts November 30. So, my undead plan has shifted somewhat. I was thinking that I would pick up the undead again on December 1, and so I would work on my Empire figs until then... Which means that I might have time to squeaze in a unit of Empire halberdiers to fill another foot slot in my Kings of War army. Chances are though I won't get to them in time for November 30, so perhaps it is on to undead next week :) We'll see!

More humans mustered...  
November 15th, 2010

I managed to squeak out a few figures this week... I planned to get a couple more done, but I ended up too under the weather for too much painting... In any case, I expanded my Bretonnian HotT elements into a regiment by adding another 60mm by 50mm stand of knights. I also finished up an army standard bearer character, which was mostly thanks to printing off my own painted banner and using that instead of painting another one from scratch! So, all that effort to make those banners available pays off! Check them out in the Bretonnian Army Gallery for the latest figs.

I should also mention that I have fixed a number of typos and updated a number of little bits on the profiles of the Human Army List that I did for Kings of War. Please grab it again if you already have it and plan to try it out.

Despite being sick, I did get started on a handful more figures, including a couple of cannons, characters, and a single pistolier. I decided I would paint up some pistoliers in spite of myself because I included some very effective fast cavalry in the human army list. This first figure is a test figure, and it's turning out well. After that... I might call the human Kings of War army ready and get on with my true desire for Kings of War: the undead!

I put together an 1880 point game of Kings of War this weekend, pitting my humans against my undead, and aside from the Pistoliers, a couple of characters, and the two cannons mentioned above, the humans were all painted. Now, I don't have any levy spearmen, and I don't have any human Greatweapon troops, so I still want to do some of those down the line, but after the cannons and characters and pistoliers, it's likely on to undead... Of course, who knows ;)

A Human army list for Kings of War.  
November 10th, 2010

I have been painting up my human Kings of War army for a few weeks now, based on a mix of Empire and Bretonnia figures from Games Workshop's line. I had planned to simply field it as an elf-dwarf alliance army by assigning elf and dwarf profiles to the various human units. But the other day I was inspired by Ronnie over at Mantic to write my own. Don't get me wrong, I didn't actually have a conversation with him or anything, but he mentioned in one of his videos that they expected to see army lists for other factions popping up, and so I figured I would write one for my humans.

Check out the PDF file with the human army list in the articles section titled Human Army List for Kings of War. Have a read if that's your thing and feel free to send comments through my contact page. I plan to post it on the Mantic forum as well, so feel free to leave comments there as well!

Another free banner for Bretonnia!  
November 9th, 2010

I whipped up the Bretonnian mercenary banner and made it available as a free, printable download. It's a pretty good fit for any mercenaries, or perhaps even militia units with a long-standing reputation for brutality! I doubt any self-respecting knight would use it, but hey, who's to say the king's bastard wouldn't embrace it ;) Check it out in the Bretonnian Flags & Banners section of the Decals & Flags section. I also added to the Bretonnian banner PDF in case that's your flavour.

As a note while I'm on this topic, I had the need to paint myself another snazzy standard for my Bretonnians. This one as an army standard bearer for my Kings of War force... I wasn't looking forward to painting the same banner I used with my Bretonnian spearmen again because it was so much work... Then, I remembered I could just print one for myself! And, if someone asks if my banner is hand painted, I can say yes! It was hand painted! And so can you if you download it and print it and use it :) So... if you do use any of them, let me know please by sending me a message through the Contact page! I'd love to see some pictures!

A Visigothic Romance report hits the articles!  
November 8th, 2010

I finally got around to finishing that Visigothic Romance tournament report. It's a short read and there are some picture of the action! Check out the articles section for the Visigothic Romance: A Report On The Action. I plan to do more articles in the near future, focusing on some Kings of War army building action :) But we'll see, statements are easy to make, while taking pictures and writing reports takes a lot of time. Until next time...

More humans for the KoW grinder  
November 8th, 2010

The Kings of War generic human army is coming together nicely... Thanks largely to the fact that I had lots of figs painted up for my Bretonnian HotT army. As such, I was able to complete two regiments of Bretonnian archers for Kings of War by painting a mere nine archers! Of course, each regiment has only ten or eleven figures even though they have a footprint of 20 figures on 20mm square bases. In any case, check them out in the Bretonnian Army Gallery.

Next up is that Fallcon after-action report that I had promised... It's been busy here and I've been wrapped up in an obsession with the Kings of War rules, so the progress on that article has been slow. As for painting, I am currently working on a couple of Bretonnian knights to upgrade my three Hordes of the Things knight elements into a full Kings of War regiment. I also have a few character figures that I might get done for next week for the Kings of War action. Until then...

Empire handgunners take to the field.  
November 1st, 2010

More for my Kings of War and Hordes of the Things Empire army. This time two HotT elements and/or a Kings of War regiment. I went with a diorama-biased approach, and in a situation where I should have had 20 figures for a Kings of War regiment, I put only 10 on there and filled up the rest of the space with barricades. I think it's fine, and since it has the same footprint of a 20 figure unit, it should work no problem! I also built my first casualty marker for the action; I've realized I will need a casualty marker for every unit in the army, including heroes... The casualty markers are going to shape up to be a lot of work... Check out the latest in the Empire Gallery. With these figs, I'm one more regiment (or two troops) closer to a full Kings of War army, and two more elements towards a HotT army!

Next up are some archers... I plan to expand my Bretonnian archer HotT elements into Kings of War regiments or troops, which means I need four 40mm by 40mm bases. This translates into eight archers... I will likely add banners to the units as well; it will help the unit's staying power to have banners in Kings of War. Also, because the Empire handgunner regiment took so long to finish up, I need a small project that I can finish in a week :) After that, if I keep going with the Kings of War action, it's on to some Bretonnian Knights to polish off a regiment of cavalry, and then some war machines... then after that some characters... then I'm done with the human Kings of War army! At which time I will start updating my HotT undead army to make it into a Kings of War army :) Or, I might get distracted by yet another project in the mean time ;)

More spearmen from the Empire  
October 25th, 2010

My first Kings of War regiment is done... Sure, it's for a force that doesn't currently have a Kings of War list, and it's for an army that I don't have any other figures for, but it was a lot of fun! Also, it continues my HotT-Hammer Empire army. I know I've mentioned the new Kings of War rules from Mantic Games, but now I've decided to adopt them as part of my 'current games' collection... That is, I plan to paint some armies and try to round up players to play them. I have managed to bring on board my Hordes of the Things group, using HotT armies and basing as the basis, so I will likely get some games in on that! But I've also decided to do a couple standard-sized Kings of War armies, using their 100mm by 80mm regiment sizes, along with everything else. So, to that end, here's my first Kings of War regiment. It also includes two 60mm by 40mm HotT elements as well. Check it out in the Empire gallery.

Going forward my plan is to finish up the Empire Kings of War / Hordes of the Things army, along with updating my Undead Hordes of the Things army to be a Kings of War army as well. That is, a full-sized kings of war army with regiments and troops similar to that of the Empire project. As for the Empire army, I plan to field it as an Elf/Dwarf alliance in the KoW rules since there are no lists for Empire at this point. I also plan to use my Bretonnians to fill out my Empire army for Kings of War... So, using a regiment of Empire spearmen (fielded as elf spearmen), handgunners (dwarf gunners) as well as two Empire cannons (dwarf cannons) worth of Empire figs, along with a regiment of Bretonnian knights (elf knights), two regiments of Bretonnian archers (elven archers) and then some Bretonnian and Empire character type figs, and blamo, a 1000 point Kings of War army will be ready.

After that the undead Kings of War army won't take too long; I have 2000 points worth of figs for it, about 1/4 of which are already painted! Then I'll have two full-sized Kings of War armies to shop around to the local gaming store and convert some Warhammer players. We'll see how well it goes... but at least it gives me the chance to paint some of my unpainted backlog... at least until I break down and buy some of those snazzy Mantic plastics!

More Irish women!  
October 19th, 2010

Tournaments are a great excuse to get my butt in gear and get some painting done! I had been meaning to paint up an army of my Trey Corbies Scots-Irish women for some time, but I didn't get down to work until last week. In a flurry of painting I managed to *almost* finish the army, and had to shamefully enlist some of my Scots-Irish men to fill out the ranks... It's likely the reason that I didn't win the tournament! I mean, it couldn't have had anything to do with my mediocre skill at DBA ;) In any case, check out the lastest figs for the project in the Scots-Irish gallery.

I have craploads of content waiting to be put together over the next while. A couple of battle reports for DBA, a review of the fantastic Kings of War rules from Mantic Games, which I really, really like (but more on that later), and my DBA tournament report featuring the Visigothic Romance: fall of Rome theme. So, stay tuned. Hopefully I can get some if it done in the next few days!

The Tragedy of Dietrick and Gerhart.  
October 12th, 2010

This army has been on my fantasy-to-do list for some time... I wanted it to be a diorama style army as well. To facilitate this, I finally caved and adopted Tim's double-deep HotT element basing scheme. It's cool. More figures look better than that thin line of figures you get with a 60x20mm element... And there is a crapload more ability to do dioramas! So, I hope to out-do my 28mm Roman diorama project with this new HotT-Hammer Empire project! Check out the first element in the new The Empire gallery.

Next up are some of the 15mm Irish women! I need to polish off a few more elements to bring them to Fallcon, which is this weekend, so stay tuned for those... After that, likely more Empire figs, or some one-off character types. Unitl then!

More DBA camp madness?  
October 12th, 2010

This is likely the last DBA camp for a while... but it's another one that fell out of my recent rash of camps sales and commissions. This one is off to Spain! I realize now that I have camps all over the world... except perhaps Asia. In any case, it's another wooden palisade camp, which brings my total number of palisades to four. That's still two fewer than the Islamic gate camps though :) Despite all of this work, and the commissions, I am still not burnt out on terrain though... perhaps I should use the initiative to finally get around to a proper 28mm DBA/HotT camp! In any case, check out the DBA Terrain gallery for the piece.

A Visigothic Romance - The event to end Rome!  
October 5th, 2010

I've been meaning to do this for about a month now, but it's finally ready... less than two weeks before the event itself! For shame :) In any case, I'm running a tournament at Fallcon, and aside from being a simple DBA tournament, there are some rather different scoring details... Basically, it's not so important that you win, but that you do it with devastating style! The tournament will favour the bold and successful players with much tactical skill... and so it's a good thing I'm not playing in it ;)

The A Visigothic Romance - The Second Fall of Rome Tournament article can be found in the Articles section. It currently has all the scoring and prize details, but will be expanded into a full event report after the magic day comes and goes, so stay tuned for another update after the weekend of October 15-17th!

DBA Camp madness continues...  
October 4th, 2010

The DBA camp madness continues with nine more camps this week! My previous camp madness resulted in some commissions, and I also had to polish a off for myself and for tournament prizes. So, I decided to make a few more on top of those and nine camps were created! They are really a lot of fun since I can finish them quickly, but they give me a taste of all types of cultures and whatnot. Good times! Check out the new camps in the DBA Terrain gallery. That gallery has to be one of my largest...

To expand on my previous post, I really wanted to finish an all-female Scots-Irish army for DBA, but it looks like I won't make it in time for the tournament I need it for... Thankfully I already have a Scots-Irish army, so I will likely merge the two, using the men to fill in the blanks. I need at least a few more elements so stay tuned for those. Also, the HotT-Hammer Empire project is on the priority list. On top of that, I have a handful of one-off D&D character-type figures... Also some articles... Stay tuned!

Another Dungeons and Dragons figure...  
October 4th, 2010

This D&D action is going to be the end of me :) Or, at least, another excuse for me to buy and paint droves of miniatures. This time it's another druid shape-changing animal: a leopard. An interesting excercise in painting things that I wouldn't typically paint that are also a challenge to paint. I think it turned out pretty well though, but I might do it a bit differently next time. Check it out in the Dungeons and Dragons gallery.

Next up are handfuls of DBA camps... It's been a DBA camp haul lately. A few commissions, prizes, and camps for myself kept me pretty busy last week. So, expect pics later today or tomorrow. After that... I've started yet another HotT-Hammer army: The Empire. droves of yellow and green frills. Perhaps pictures of that next week... But I need to finish off some DBA action before Fallcon, so who knows...

From the swirlings mists...  
September 30th, 2010

I had my eye on this dragon for some time, and I checked it out for the n-teenth-time and noticed that it was priced to clear, so I bought it. It's one of those red-brown resin figures that are pretty common in Chinatown gift shops, but I'd never seen such a cool pose, nor one that was so well-suited to a HotT base element. I had no plans to paint it for some time, but after painting the black dragon for D&D, I sorta went with that momentum and finished this dragon. That's the two dragons out of the way! Of course, there's still the Balrog and the Witch-King of Angmar on Fell Beast for large-scale models of a similar nature yet to do, but I digress... Check out the dragon in the Chinese Warring States gallery.

Work on the DBA camps progresses and should be done by next week if all goes well. Along with the camps, I am planning to whip together a few figs for said camps... along with some Irish women to fill out a couple of elements on the Scots-Irish army project. Also, I need some D&D figs for next week, so who knows what I'll have ready next week :) Until then...

Some recent desk shots...  
September 29th, 2010

I typically shy away from commissions, since they tend to sap my will to do hobby stuff. The only time I really like them is when they allow me to do something I really want to do, but have no reason to do it... Lately, DBA camps have been like this for me. I really like making terrain at the moment, and 15mm DBA camps are quick and they let me explore all kinds of locations without too much investment of time! So, that's what I've been spending my last few days doing. I am also doing them for prizes for the tournament I am running in October.

On top of the camps, I also have some miniature painting projects in the 'in progress' phase. Firstly, I've got ten Warhammer Empire figures modelled and primed for some HotT-Hammer action. The thing holding me back there is the paint scheme; paint schemes seem to be the speed bump for me these days! I also planned to finish an entire Tray Corbies female Scots-Irish army for the Fallcon DBA tournaments, but it won't happen at this point... It's only two weeks away! Finally, I have some D&D figures that need doing...

Since I don't really have any of these finished I took some pictures of the work-in-progress action and put them in the Desk Shots gallery. Along with the WIP stuff, there's a lot of mess to see... I also need to take some time for some post-summer cleaning I think :) Tomorrow I should have an update that's totally off-the-wall from what I've been working on lately, but picked it up on a whim... until then.

DBA Camp Terrain Madness!  
September 20th, 2010

I really need some prizes for fast-aaproaching DBA tournament, and my fall back is always camp action. They are fun to do and also quite useful... That being said, I haven't ever seen anyone using them really... but I digress. In any case, I need a few camps for DBA prizes, so I set to work this past week. I didn't actually build as many as prizes as I thought I would though because I got side-tracked with making 15mm copies of my recently-completed (way back in May!) medieval tower... So, I built and arab-expansion gateway, two medieval watch tower keeps, and a Gothic tower. I plan to sell the two medieval towers along with the Arab expansion camp, while the Gothic one will be one of the prizes for my tournament. In any case, check them all out in the 15mm DBA Terrain gallery.

I haven't really committed to my next painting project for the current week... which is always trouble for completing it on time ;) I need to finish a chariot army for Fallcon's DBA tournament line up. I plan to actually finish my Trey Corbies female Scots-Irish for it! Also I want to start on my Warhammer Empire army for Hordes of the Things... and perhaps Kings of War using the dwarf list? So, last night I put some Irish women on popsicle sticks and also starting putting together a couple diorama-ish Empire elements for HotT... We'll have to ait and see what comes together first :)

Is that a dragon in your pocket?  
September 20th, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons has been a great excuse to paint a one-off figure once in a while, which is a welcome thing these days with army project after army project. But in this case, it got me off my butt in finishing a dragon that I wanted to also use for Hordes of the Things! I dug up an old Reaper dragon miniature that I got in a trade and painted it as a black dragon as per the D&D adventure, put it on the same basing scheme as my Hordes of the Things elves, and blammo! Two coconuts with one stone! For now it's in the Dungeons and Dragons miniature gallery, but when I do up an army showcase, I'll include it with the elves.

Some Kings of War action!  
September 20th, 2010

Early last week I managed to get in some Kings of War gaming with their beta test rules and I was suitably impressed. It fantastically simple. Honestly, I like simple, which is why Hordes of the Things really. Kings of War takes Hordes of the Things and removes the terribly written rulebook, as well as the command and control aspect. It's really refreshing, and it allows players to think about tactical play instead of rules lawyering :)

We had two 1000 point games in a few hours, including set up time. We even used a chess clock, and the games took less than an hour in both cases. I will likely write up a real review of the rules at some point... after I do everything else I've been planning... but basically, I really, really like the combat rules. I like shooting and movement too of course, but the combat is quite revolutionary: you can only attack if you charge, and your opponent doesn't attack back. It seems odd at first, but it works very well. I also quite like the nerve system. Basically, units never get destroyed... No more fighting to the last man as in Warhammer, but once the unit starts piling on the casualties, it eventually routes! A route is the only way to destroy a unit esentially. It's definitely interesting. So, check out a commentary and some pictures of the action over on moy opponent's blog: Waging War and Spilling Paint. He has some really great pictures of the action up on there as well... We used my recently-completed High Elves and my older Undead HotT armies. Each element was a regiment.

It looks like Kings of War is going to be a hit here, and all of the HotT people have agreed to give it a try at least. We plan to use a HotT basing scheme though... Fewer figs to paint and we can still use our current HotT armies :) Your standard regiment or troop will be 60mm wide in front, with 120mm for a horde. Foot troops will be 20-30mm deep, while regiments will be 40mm deep. Mounted troops will be 50mm deep, while mounted regiments will be 100. Characters can be up to 60mm by 60mm, ot any size smaller. It's that simple!

On come the elven heroes!  
September 14th, 2010

I not only managed to finish the elven fighter character figure that I was working on, but also the elven character figure that I had planned to use as my Hordes of the Things hero in place of Tyrion! This means that I have a full Hordes of the Things elf army finally, and I have the current character figure for my D&D elf fighter... Good times! They went pretty fast actually, and they were a pleasure to do. It's nice to put aside the large army projects once in a while for more up-close-and-personal painting! Check the two new latest figs in the Dungeons and Dragons figure gallery.

Next up I have begun my DBA 15mm camp projects in earnest, so look forward to those. The plan is to finish up one or two medieval camps for sale, my Granadine camp project for sale, as well as three Patrician Roman era camps: one for myself and two for prizes. I am also working on a dragon figure in 28mm. It's a smallish dragon, but not terribly small... Not sure what will finish first...

The eldrich magics of the elves...  
September 13th, 2010

I spent a very meandering week last week painting my high elf mage and preparing a number of figures for painting... The mage is for Hordes of the Things, and I am extremely happy with how it turned out in spite of all the humming and hawing I did as I tried to paint it over the last few months! In fact, it turned out so well that I almost want to finish painting the last element for this army: Prince Tyrion! Actually, the drive that allowed me to finish the mage was the decision I made to simply not paint Tyrion. But now that it's done, I almost want to paint Tyrion to match the set. The other option is to paint another elf that has been on my painting desk for ages from Reaper. This elf has been in progress since December 2008... In any case, it's one difficult elf project for another I guess... But I digress. Check out the finished elf mage in the High Elf Gallery.

Up next is a D&D elf fighter figure that I really enjoyed painting... After that, likely a black dragon, also for D&D. Thankfully I know that none of my D&D players check this site, so they won't know what's coming until it flies down from the sky and swollows them whole ;) I also want to get some 15mm camps done for DBA, and perhaps another army...

Also, I figured it's time for a little update to the look and feel of the site, so you may notice that some of the header images are a bit different. Not too different to cause much trouble, but different enough to be noticable. Figures instead of helmets since my Photoshop skills are better than when I started out. I will be replacing all of the old helmets over the next few weeks. Until next time!

Kings of War! - but not much else this week...  
September 10th, 2010

It's been a nice relaxing week this week... Last week I was knee deep into sewing vegetan microfiber faux leather for my viking reenactment action... I built a tablet weaving loom from scratch on Monday night, and then sewed one shoe per day for the rest of the week so the kids could go in full costume... It was a lot of work, and now I don't suck so much at making shoes... but I digress... This kept me from putting paint to anything all last week, thus no update this week. I meant to get a battle report or an article out, but alas, it wasn't to be.

Unlike me however, Mantic games has recently released their Closed Beta version of the Kings of War rule set, which I have been eagerly anticipating. It's likely a cross between Warhammer and DBA: its to scale with 28mm figures (unlike DBA, more like Warhammer), it's unit based movement/fighting/shooting (like DBA), but it's not a command and control game (unlike DBA). So, I'm keen. It's also supported by an active company (unlike DBA) and a crapload of very reasonably priced plastic fantasy miniatures... Killer. My plan is to play craploads of games with my HotT armies, and if I like it (which I probably will, since I already decided as much), I might adopt the Mantic basing scheme in the future... Check it out!

I have been painting this week, but leisurely... Not sure if I'll meet my painting quota know, but I really needed the break. However, I am back in the saddle now, eagerly painting some figs for D&D and HotT and DBA... Maybe even some Napoleonics? Also, Plastic Soldier Limited just released their 28mm WWII Russian figs... These along with Warlord Games' plastic Germans are going to put a nail in my lead WWII project's coffin I think... Time to sell some painted/unpainted figures! Let me know if you're interested in my WWII Russian figures or my WWII Wehrmacht figures... I have craploads of unpainted winter Germans as well that I will be selling... I'll keep everyone updated on that... Until next week!

The Mongol Project is Complete!  
August 30th, 2010

This post marks the end of my first, successful, army project! Not too unexpected, since it was a small and easy little project. Still, it paves the way for future projects! I look forward to doing more... Not sure what the next one will be though... In any case, I have finished the Mongol Project article, updated the Mongol Conquest gallery, and put together my standard army showcase article... Really, it's a lot of redundancy, but that's how it goes ;) Actually, I short change myself; the project article has all original pictures, none of which are in the army gallery or the showcase article... However, the showcase and the gallery have redundancy... Oh well! Here are the links:

There it is, done! It's nice to complete a project, and it's great that it's more than a month early! This gives me the chance to finish off a third(!?!) army for the upcoming convention!

Next up... not sure really. I have some reenactment action to prepare for in a week that will likely take up all my free time and more, so I am not sure if I will even have a painting update next week... I will have some articles though. I have a few things brewing on that front. I might paint some figures though, finish that HotT-Hammer elf army or some 15mm figs...

The Mongol project continues...  
August 26th, 2010

It took me a bit longer than I'd hoped to get this out this week, but it's been a busy week. I had planned to have this done earlier in the week to let everyone else chronicling their projects have some more inspiration (or opportunity to scoff at my slow progress!). It's here now though, check out the narrative for week two of the Mongol Project here.

Week three is well under way, and it's turning out to be more work than I had hoped :) As I sat down to do the first highlight I realized it was going to be trouble... It took me back to last year at this time when I was working on my Islamic Persian DBA project... So many barded horses... The Mongols have the same armour as the Persians did, thankfully there are only three elements (nine figures) for the Mongol army, instead of eight elements (24 figures) for the Persians. Still, I should be able to finish by Monday... I also have to write up some other articles. The most important one is an event report that I will put together for the tournament that I am running in October. It will involve maps and other work-intensive stuff, so don't expect that too soon... In any case, until next time.

Steppe into my mobile home...  
August 26th, 2010

Given that I have been documenting the Mongol DBA project that I am currently working on, I thought I should make the effort to document the construction of the camp that I built for the army. The camp was displayed in my previous update, and here's the how-to article on the ins and outs, and ups and downs of actually building one for yourself! Check out the Building a 15mm Mongol ger article here, or simply go to the articles section of the site and click on the 15mm Mongol Ger article link.

The Mongol party continues...  
August 23th, 2010

After last week I didn't have it in me to paint too many miniatures. It was on to some terrain instead. After listening to Conn Iggulden's first Mongol empire book I was ready to build a camp's worth of gers; Ger being the Mongolian word for the round tents with conical roofs. They tend to be called yurts, but yurt is the Turkic term for the structure, and wholly inappropriate to use in the Mongolian context ;) Check out the Mongol gers in the DBA Terrain gallery.

I also managed to paint a few figs as well, finishing off the nine light horse elements by painting the last three I needed. Now I only need to finish the three heavy cavalry elements and the army is complete! Check out the latest three light horse elements in the Mongol army gallery. Three weeks for a start-to-finish army is still pretty good for me, but I am a little behind again, since the three light horse plus the camps took me a bit longer to finish... and I thought I was taking it easy this past week ;) Next up I will be updating the Mongol Project article and also I will likely publish a how-to article on the construction of a Mongol ger for those interested. Stay tuned!

The Mongol Project article...  
August 16th, 2010

I saw a couple of 'challenges' recently. People would start an army challenge, stating that they would paint a nice army over a certain period of time, hoping to get watchers to start armies and follow along with them. They typically came in video format outlining their progress as they put the army together. Unfortunately I found that more often than not they would die in their infancy, leaving me feeling empty and depressed... Okay, well not that depressed ;) So, naturally I figured I would try it out, but with articles instead of videos... I'm far too shy for videos... I figured it might be fun for me to look back at certain projects and have a closer looks into how they went together... closer that is than the usual images of miniatures that I post of every project. Also it might be interesting to others to follow along as well. Of course I realize that starting something like project articles might very well show me following the footsteps of the others, and I'd fail to finish the project at all... but it's a risk I must take! So, check out the first article in the set of project articles that I hope to do: The Mongol Conquest DBA project. I will store these in the articles section going forward, so see it there as well.

Admittedly it's an easy one for sure. A relatively small DBA project, and since DBA armies are relatively small in the first place it's especially small. But hey, start small and then grow. Also perhaps this will inspire some people to start DBA projects for themselves! Who knows, it's a great game for people with low attention spans like myself! I will update the article as the project progresses, and I'll drop update notices here!

I also added a recent image to the Desk Shots gallery so check that out if you're interested in that kind of thing... Until next tine...

The Mongols ride onto the Steppe...  
August 16th, 2010

In a flurry of activity, I finished the first six elements of my DBA Mongol Conquest army for the up coming Fallcon convention. Why is it that I always insist on painting new armies for conventions? Why not use one of the ones I already have finished? Not sure, but likely it has something to do with that short attention span that all gamers suffer from... In any case, I have been gearing up for this Mongol project for a while, researching and whatnot. I grabbed an audio book titled 'Genghis: Birth of an Empire' to listen to and finally got around to watching the Mongol movie. From all of this, check out my first installment of Mongol riders in my 15mm Mongol gallery. The army is six out of twelve elements on its way to being finished!

As for Temugin's story (the birth name of the infamous khan), particularly the Mongol movie, it almost sapped my will for the project. All I saw was a guy who basically went crazy after having such and adverse life, who then went on to spread that adversity all over the world. There is a lot of reverance for crazy empire builders, but I am not sure why... In any case, I remembered that I was a mini gamer and all about the role-playing of evil empire builders, and so managed to finish the first six elements. I did bite off a bit more than I could handle with twelve figures; I try to split my projects into week-long chunks, and this one was a bit large for that. As such, I will likely do only three more elements of light horse for the next batch, and then finally finish with the armoured Mongolian nobility in a couple of weeks.

On the topic of the project planning, I am still planning to do a project report on this army; I just have to put together the article, as all the pictures are ready to go, so stay tuned for that later. Also, I might take a break from painting and do some camps as a break. So, expect more Mongols or some DBA camps in the next little while!

Flags and shield designs available for download!  
August 11th, 2010

This is an idea I've been working on for a while now, that I've finally brought together. It has taken more work than I had thought, but now I have a process and it should be speedy from here on out! Basically, I have made some of the banners and shields that I have painted available for download and printing for use with your miniature figures! They are all my own hand painted work, and they are of high enough resolution to print and use! I know there are a lot of great decals and flags out there already, but none of them are hand-painted, so I figured I would offer some of my stuff to fill that apparent gap. I've made jpegs as well as PDFs available for them, so you can use them however you like. At this point though, they're for personal use only. Check them out in the Decals & Flags section of the site, which has it's own link on the left now as well!

The idea for this project started with my 28mm Romans. I wanted to hand paint all the shields for them personally, not wanting to use the decals that came with the figs. Of course, this meant a lot of work, and a lot of repetitive work on top of that. In trying to figure out how to speed it up, I figured that I could paint a few, take pics of them, print them on decal sheets and use them in the future! I'd have genuine hand-painted shields with much less work! It's a hack, sure, but whatever. So, I figured I would do the same with flags and banners and so I set to work.

Currently they are availabe only as PDFs and jpegs. You will have to print them yourself. For the banners all you have to do is print, cut and attach. For the shields, you will have to print them on transfer or decal sheets, cut them, and apply them. Alternatively you could print them on normal paper and apply them with glue in a similar way that wallpaper is applied. Finally, you could just print some of them onto thin card and use them as stand-alone shields! For the round shields, I suggest getting a multi-size hole punch to make the cutting easier... I will be adding more as I finish more projects as well. Also, if you have seen a shield design you like on my site but don't see it in the decals & flags section, feel free to contact me and make a request. If I can manage it, I will render the images into decal format :)

Patrician Rome is ready for war!  
August 9th, 2010

Looking at the 24 auxilliary figures that I had to paint for this army, I figured it would take forever to do! But it turned out to be really fast! Partly because I had time to paint, but also because I spent no real time trying to decide on a paint scheme! Since the shields and outfits a terribly well documented, it was trivial to simply jump into the painting. In two weeks I finished the army from start to finish! It's a record for me :) Check out the entire army in the Patrician Roman army showcase article or just check out the latest figures in the Patrician Romans gallery! Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

Next up for painting projects are the Mongolians! It will be a 15mm Mongol Conquest DBA army, which is number two of three DBA armies I needed to finish for Fallcon. The Romans are done, and the Scots-Irish army I need to do is about half done, so I figured I'd start on the Mongolians, since they need the most work. I have gotten a good start on that army...

But as for content, I am starting a few different things on the site. The first is an 'Army Project Challenge' set of articles. The idea is that I will do an article on the timeline and process of building an army. My first one will be on the Mongols. The article will be ongoing, updated often as I work through the army, and outline the timeline and progress of the army. I saw a few video versions of these things, and noted that a lot of people start them and never finish them! I plan to finish them :) And also I hope to be of inspiration to others who are painting armies for events!

The other section of the site that I am going to start is a Decals & Flags section. It will be a whole new part of the site with its own link in the menu to the left, and it will feature images of my freehand shield designs transformed into images designed to be printed and used on your (or my) figures! The images will be free to use, but you will have to print them yourself (I can't do everything!). Shields could be printed on transfer/decal paper, or maybe on normal paper and glued on in the same way that wallpaper is put on walls... The flags and banners can be printed and cut out. All of them will be based on my hand-painted flags and shields, and I plan to support multiple scales and whatnot... Stay tuned for that! Until next time...

The sun goes down on Rome...  
August 3rd, 2010

Another DBA army on An Hour of Wolves: Patrician Romans! This is the Roman army from late Rome to the bitter end of the empire. I have had these figs for about three-quarters of a year and I am finally getting them together. The army is the first 15mm army I've done since the Kushans I did late last year, and so I am re-learning the process of 15mm army painting. I cut some corners here and there it seems, and so I will likely try to tighten that up a bit going forward. So far, the first five elements are done! Check out the new Patrician Romans gallery for images of the figures!

Next up are some more Patrician Romans, and I will likely stick with this project until it's done. That means that for the next couple of weeks it will be all Patrician Romans all the time! Well... at least for the painting update content. I might get some battle reports or other articles out inbetween time as well. I also need some camps for the Romans, as well as extra camps to be used for tournament prizes, so keep an eye out for them. I might fit in some 28mm fantasy in there as well if I can... I am quite excited about the Mantic Games Kings of War upcoming rules... It likely mean more fantasy action for me in the future and finally getting some of the snazzy Mantic plastics...

The Battle of Brionne!  
July 28th, 2010

It's been about a month and a half since the last battle report I posted, so I figured I would get another one together! I am looking to add content other than painted miniatures to the site a bit more often than I have been, with about one battle report per calendar month if possible! This time it's a closely fought battle pitting some Bretonnians against some raiding orcs in The Battle of Brionne! It was a great little battle, and it really makes me appreciate the Hordes of the Things rule set; they really give you all of the charm of a Wargammer game in about an hour and a half from arrival to departure (including set up and take down time!) with half (or less than half) the figures! Warhammer 8th edition? Nay I say! HotT all the way!

But enough with poor rhymes! What's next on the article front? Not sure really. Perhaps another HotT battle report or an build or paint article... I have had a few projects in mind, so maybe I will finally get around to getting them together!

The Qin Chinese March to war!  
July 26th, 2010

It feels like it's been ages since I started on these Chinese Warring States Qin figures... But it's only been just about three months! I am happy to say that it went pretty fast considering the work that was required. After washing all of the figures, converting the chariots, and painting everything, the Qin army is ready for war! Well, at least the DBA army. Thanks to Tim in Saskatoon I have a couple of fantastic figures that I will throw in to make this into the Hordes of the Things fantasy army, but the DBA historical army is done! Check out the Chinese Warring States gallery for the latest pictures. I've also thrown together and army showcase article for this army as well, which can be seen in the articles section under II/4a Qin Chinese.

Of course, that's not the end of the Chinese Warring States project, as I have another warring state to complete: The Yueh! However, I have to set it aside for now. Fallcon is quickly approaching and I have one or three armies that I have to complete before then! So it's back to 15mm, finally getting around to my Patrician Romans for my Teenage Visigoth inspired tournament named A Visigothic Romance, where the barbarians will teach the Romans the real meaning of Romance! Of course, I don't have any barbarian armies... so my Patrician Romans will have to do! I also have a (new) Mongol Conquest army to paint for a Samurai themed event entitled Samurai Night Fever II! I played in the first one with post-Mongol Samurai, and so I figured I should play in this one with some Mongols and see how they do! I can hardly wait to have them shot up by all the early Samurai armies out there :)

Also, I have plans to start posting free images of my banners and shields for public use (but not public distribution!). My plan is to make available all of my shields and banners for people to print and use. The banners of course would be simple to use by printing and gluing. The shields will be for those who are willing to print them on decal paper or transfer sheets... so yeah... perhaps some hassle, but they'll be free to use! Stay tuned for the first of those as I get around to making them up!

The Big Plastic Viking Showdown!  
July 20th, 2010

It's been some time since I got my hands on both the Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast plastic vikings, and it's about time I got around to doing a review and comparison for them! Being a viking enthusiast, I couldn't keep myself from getting some of both, and I am happy I did. Overall, I think the sets are quite similar, and both have their qualities! However, check out the Plastic Vikings Review and Comparison article in the reviews section for the long winded and detailed opinion!

Doing this review also got my Reviews section up to date! It hadn't been added to in almost exactly four (!!) years! Back then all my articles were presented as lists with long-winded summaries; that was before I switched everything to thumbnails... Now everything except the campaigns section is a thumbnail type design... In any case, I plan to make better use of the review section, and I might even include some novels reviewed in the context of miniature gaming! Of course, I might not add to it for another four years... who knows ;)

It's also worth mentioning that I have joined my first online organization... I mean, I have signed my site up to the first hobby-related organization... I have been a long-time reader of Tabletop Gaming News, so naturally I wanted to jump onto their blog network, which is basically a twitter-like set up that offers a single place to watch for updates on your favourite tabletop gaming blogs! Check it out by following the new link in the menu on the left!

Next up are some snazzy Qin Chinese... They have been tough to finish off, but they are almost there... Until then!

The Qin are almost ready...  
July 11th, 2010

Well, it's not quite done as I'd hoped. I technically only need the general's chariot to have a finished army, but I want to finish the light horse option as well, so two more elements. Unfortunately they total six horses and five figures... But I should have them done next week! Until then though, check out the cavalry and skirmisher elements that are ready in the Chinese Warring States gallery.

After the Qin are done I am off to some 15mm DBA action. I am running and event at Fallcon as well as playing in one or two, so I need three armies! Chances are I'll only finish two though... In any case, until next time!

More adventurers for the grinder!  
July 5th, 2010

Along with the vikings I painted up some figures for my Dungeons and Dragons action as well. Those pesky druids keep me busy with their animal companions, and soon with their wilderness forms! In order to keep them in painted figures, I needed to produce a mounted version of one and a number of hounds for the other. Check those out in the Dungeons and Dragons gallery! I also painted up the hound handlers that came with the hounds; although they are supposed to be ancient Irish types, they will play the role of D&D NPCs very well I am sure :)

Up next are the last few elements of those pesky Chinese Warring States Qin warriors. I only have four more elements to do, and they should come together easily I think! I have already begun converting the Qin general character and building his chariot. It should be a good time! After that, it's going to be time for some 15mm DBA armies for the Fallcon event :) In any case, until next time!

The heathen comes to punish the Saxon sinners!  
July 5th, 2010

I finally got around to building and painting up a handful of those Gripping Beast plastic vikings! They were a joy to put together and a pleasure to paint! I am in the process of putting together a detailed review of the Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory plastic Vikings, along with comparisons for anyone interested. Stay tuned for that! But in the mean time, check out the Swedish Viking Gallery for some pictures of the GB figs and comparison shots!

Make way for the crossbows!  
June 28th, 2010

Back to the Qin (Chin) for my 28mm Chinese Warring States DBA army. I can't believe that the chariot was finished 20 days ago! Time flies... In any case, this brings me to the 2/3 mark for the number of elements I need to finish the army! All I need now is another chariot, three cavalry figures (3Cv element) and four skirmishing figures (2x2Ps). I'm almost ready to invade Chu now; I'm looking forward to bring the battle to Sean! Check out the latest Qin action in the Chinese Warring States gallery.

I also updated my Painted and Unpainted sections. I have painted a whopping 100 28mm foot (don't mock me Tim! I know you've painted four times that! Just kidding of course, I know Tim's too nice of a guy to actually mock anyone, so I have no intention of marring you to the public :) In truth, I mock myself... Damn that inner voice! but I digress!), which is more than I painted last year :) Despite that, my unpainted pile is still above 1000...

Next up, more Qin, but first some D&D figs. One of my characters has taken a mount! Thus I have to convert up a mounted version of the figure... Should be fun! Not only that, but another druid character has dedicated himself to accruing a hound for every level... So, I need another few hounds... Also, I really want to do a comparison article between GB and WF plastic vikings, so I'll likely throw some of those together as well! Until then...

Fight more the Irish Women!  
June 22nd, 2010

I am going to finish an army of these figs sooner rather than later and I swear, they are going to conquer ancient Ireland! When they do, they will kill all the Christian priests that come, and ensure a free Ireland throughout history! Well, in my imagination anyway... Still, the Irish women are fun to paint, and I look forward to actually building and army of them! I painted a single one recently, check out the Scots-Irish Gallery for the image.

Next up are some more Chinese Warring States figures. I am just finishing off three elements of crossbows, which will bring the number of elements ready for the Qin army to eight! That's two thirds the way to completion! The last few elements are a heavy chariot general, an element of cavalry and two elements of psiloi... So, most of the work is already done! The chariot is likely going to be the biggest job, and I plan to build the Qin chariot at the same time as I build the Yueh chariot; the Yueh are the next Chinese Warring States faction that I am building an army for. I am happy with the progress on this stuff so far!

Aside from that I have some Gripping Beast plastic vikings on the go, some Perry French Napoleonics as well. Both of them are likely going to be part of a review... I want to compare the Wargames Factory and Gripping Beast plastic vikings, as well as the Perry and HaT Napoleonics! Finally, I have a few miniatures to paint for the D&D gaming action as well. So, we'll see what shakes out over the next while!

15mm Space, the next frontier!  
June 22nd, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of painting this ship from Khurasan miniatures. It's a cool figure for sure, and quite large. It could certainly be used in 28mm gaming, which is my eventual plan. I have some Starship Troopers figures that I would like to use it with. Images of this ship have already hit the net, as Khurasan put it up for sale last week, but I figured I would post all of the pics I took here! Check them out in the 15mm Sci-Fi Gallery. Good stuff!

More chariot madness!  
June 15th, 2010

This one has been on my painting desk for months, and finally it's done! I have been working my way through it for the last little while, and the Chinese Warring States chariot, along with some inspiration from Tim I decided to just polish it off. I'm happy with how it turned out! All I need for the high elf army to be fieldable is a hero and a wizard... which will unfortunately be a lot more humming and hawing over paint schemes, so we'll see how long those take for me to get around to! In any case, check out the chariot in the High Elf gallery. Until next time!

Desks, desks, and more desks...  
June 9th, 2010

I went through my old images of my painting desk... I had been un-motivated to post them... but thanks for the guys over on Fanaticus I decided to get them going. So, check out a few images of my painting desk that I took over the last year... it makes me want to take more though, so don't be surprised if I do in the near future! Check out the Desk Shots gallery for the action!

Heavy hooves and wheels to crush thee!  
June 8th, 2010

Indeed the latest Chinese Warring States element for my DBA army is heavy... I just finished the first of three chariots that I need for my two Chinese Warring States DBA armies. Since I'm using Renegade miniature's figures for this project, and since Renegade doesn't make chariots, I have to scratch build them. This one is the plain old heavy chariot element, while the other two will be the general's chariot elements, so I started with the easy, not-so-fancy one! It came together pretty easily for sure... And it gave me some opinions on chariots in general, as well as Chinese Warring States period chariots specifically. The one I made is based on a bronze version found with the terracotta warriors, and I am pretty happy with it! Check it out in the Chinese Warring States gallery. I think I will put together am article on how to make these as well, just for my own reference when I get to the last two chariots that I need.

I have a couple more chariots to make, but I won't start them right away. They are a lot of work, and I'm just not in to mood :) But not to worry! Next up are some Qin crossbowmen... I am liking the Warring States stuff at the moment, so I might as well stick to it! However, I do have some pictures waiting to be published of Khurasan miniature's latest 15mm vehicle. Check out the Khurasan miniatures blog for some small images of it for now! Perhaps I'll post them later this week! Also, I am half done a high elf chariot as well, which has been languishing on my desk for months... Perhaps I'll finish that soon, just for the sake of my cluttered painting desk and Tim's promise of finishing some plastic elves as well! Until next time...

The Revenge of Tamerlane!  
June 7th, 2010

It's been some time since I wrote a battle report... It seemed to me like it was just yesterday, but then I checked and it's been almost a year! Well, since last August anyway. I couldn't believe it because I had been playing quite a bit still. So, I had a look at the pictures of various battles that I had been collecting and decided to put together this report. It was a great battle that represented the battle between the Muzaffarid dynasty in medieval Persia and the Timurids, which were a Mongolian tribe of the line of Genghis himself, although much later. In reality, this battle saw the end of the Muzaffarid dynasty with Tamerlane the Timurid's victory. The table-top battle saw much the same outcome! Check out Tamerlane's Revenge battle report here! I went all out with the images for this... I hope it was worth it :)

It is possible that I will be doing more battle back fill in the near future. This site has become a miniature painting blog lately, and so I want to keep adding new content besides just expanding the army galleries. I am also toying with the idea of reviving the reviews section of the site... Not just with wargames, but with fiction that I use to inspire wargaming, miniatures, etc. etc. But who knows. I often find that life is whimsical, and so is my attention span! Until next time...

Singest of summer...  
June 1st, 2010

... Dryad of the trees! Unfortunately for my HotT elves, summer is long over, and the long defeat is almost fought to the end as autumn is upon them! I finished a couple more elements of HotT elves this past week, although not the elvish types actually, but their super-natural allies the dryads of the woods! These beasts will wait in the trees, lurking, until the enemy bumbles into their borders and is torn asunder! Or maybe not, it remains to be seen! Anyway, check out the two elements of dryad lurkers in the High Elves gallery.

What's next... Not really sure. I have more than a few projects on the go, and I haven't really commited to any specific one for this next week... I know, it's already Tuesday and I have yet to commit! Despite that though, I will definitely have an update for next week. But, here's a list for myself and anyone interested, of what I am planning on this summer:

  • Qin Warring States Chinese for 28mm DBA - DONE July 26, 2010
  • Yueh Warring States Chinese for 28mm DBA - SOLD to a friend
  • Spanish Civil War Anarchists in 20mm
  • Russian Civil War Anarchists in 28mm
  • HotT-Hammer High Elves in 28mm - DONE Sept 13, 2010
  • Napoleonics for DBN or Black Powder in 28mm
  • ...

As you can see, it's pretty standard; I have a million projects, no real focus on any of them, and so we'll see where things are in a couple months :) In any case, stay tuned!

Back to Ireland!  
May 25th, 2010

I am quite excited about these Trey Corbies figures these days... The reality of having my own line of figs to paint is finally starting to sink in :) How often does one get the opportunity to sculpt and paint their own figs? On top of that, it's a line and a subject matter that I close to my heart! In any case, I am really looking forward to doing an entire army of them and waging war on the male-dominated figures from other lines!

But I digress. I have recently finished off a handful more of the Irish women, and it was a fun job to paint them up! Check them out in the 15mm Irish gallery. I have a few more of them to paint up, but this is the bulk of the line painted now! Good times!

I am just finishing off a top-secret piece from Khurasan miniatures, which I had planned posting pictures of later this week, however I will wait until the piece is actually released to post pics of it, so that likely won't be the next update! It's possible that I will have more Trey Corbies figures next, as there are two more to do before I have put paint to the entire line! But I also have a desire to get back to those HotT-Hammer elves that I was working on, so I might put in some lurkers inbetween... Or a chariot or whatever. I am so close to finishing 24AP (the number of points I need to field and entire HotT army) of that army that I might just finish that up first before I do anything else... In any case, stay tuned!

Once more into the breach!  
May 17th, 2010

It has been a couple of years since I've done really detailed terrain. The Prancing Pony was the last one really. I had the idea to do a medieval tower for about a year or more now, and I got started on it a few weeks ago, and now it's finally done! It was a lot of fun to do. It will also be pretty useful, since I plan to use it to generate some D&D encounters, for skirmish in Middle-earth, and for Hordes of the Things... So, check out the Medieval Tower gallery for all of the details! In the future I have plans to expand it a bit, with a palisade surrounding the gate on the ground, and perhaps some stables. But not in the near future anyway!

Next up are some more Trey Corbies figures. The ones that I have yet to paint for the site. After that I have a very interesting 15mm sci-fi piece from Khurasan miniatures that I am eager to get to as well! So, until then...

More and more... and more miniatures!  
May 12th, 2010

Will the purchasing ever end? Well, in fairness, my recent increase in unpainted figures is at least half from freebie figures, given to me by people who are getting rid of old figs they know they will never paint! Still, it was after I got rid of a couple of DBA armies that I figured I coul buy some more... but I was wrong!

In any case, it's all from a large purchase of plastic Gripping Beast vikings (44 figs), Perry Napoleonic Line Infantry (42 figs), Chinese Warring States figs (98+), and some free Warhammer figures for the HotT action (55+). That's enough to put me up over 1000 unpainted miniatures again... In any case, check out the Painted and Unpainted sections for the details.

Chinese Warring States!  
May 3rd, 2010

Finally, a big figure update! After working on other stuff for the last few weeks, I finally sat down to the Chinese Warring States figures. Over all, it was a fun time... Listening to Sally Lockhard mysteries and painting these figures up. They came together pretty well, and I'm quite happy with how they turned out. Interestingly though, these are the first figures I'd ever had to wash! There was so much mould release on them that the cyano acrylate (super glue) wouldn't hold at all, not to mention the base coat. Anyway, check them out in the Chinese Warring States gallery.

What's next? The big terrain project should wrap up soon enough... But I might sneak in some Perry Miniatures Napoleon French to compare with the HaT figures... Or maybe some more DBA camps... or who knows :) Ultimately though, I will focus on the Chinese Warring States stuff for the next little while until I at least have one army finished :) Until then!

More DBA camp action!  
April 26th, 2010

I finished one of the projects I was working on! I typically consider a number of DBA camps a single project, since they are pretty small on their own. I reproduced a camp that I'd made and sold already, as well as a few new ones. One of which, the Skythian camp, is for an army that I have that is still unpaitned! It's a first for me to have a camp before having the army... But it was initiated by a commission, so I built one for myself and one for the commission! Check them out in the DBA Terrain gallery. I am also selling one of these camps! Check out the for sale forum post over on fanaticus to get in on that action!

I am still also working on a couple of projects: the bigish terrain project and the Chinese Warring States (CWS) figs. I had a good time the last little while painting those Warring States figs for sure... It was nice to get back to just painting after doing terrain for a while. But I imagine I won't stick to the CWS stuff exclusively. I am quite a ways along on the terrain project, and it is only a matter of finishing off some detailing and painting to actually bring the project to a conclusion! Also, I got some Perry Napoleonics in the mail and I want to paint up an element to compare to the HaT Voltigeur that I painted up already for scale and quality purposes... but just a quick bit of info: the Perry and HaT figs are almost identical sizes! Also there's some female Irish warriors I need to paint up soon... Too many projects :)

Cry Peace! Let rest the dogs of war!  
April 20th, 2010

Finally... The Medieval DBA campaign comes to an end! It was great fun, but I have organizer's burn out! I am looking forward to some relaxing, organization free DBA weekends this summer :) Overall, I thought it was a resounding success. Everyone made efforts to come out and play and enjoy themselves and lend to the campaign narrative, and I appreciate it, thanks guys! Check out the last report on the Cry Havoc! page.

So what's next? Well, in the way of DBA, I am already planning my next campaign. This one won't be the same as the standard DBA campaign though; I know a few people have wanted some narrative campaign action, not simply attrition city capturing deals... And I appreciate that they stuck with me until I could get over my fixation with pure map campaigns :) The next one will be more a co-op sorta deal, where there will be one major goal, and a smattering of minor goals (which may be nation specific). There is only one possible result in the campaign: success or failure. If the overall goal isn't reached, the players fail. If it is, then they succeed! More on that later...

But what about the painting/scratch building content this week? Well, I have been plagued with multiple miniature project syndrom (MMPS) this week even more so than previous weeks! I have a major terrain project half done, a huge 28mm DBA army project under way, and some 15mm DBA camp action on the go as well. It promises to be a slow few weeks, and my painting totals are feeling the pressure... Especially since I went through an insane buying spree lately!

100+ figs for the Chinese Warring States project, another 43 Napoleonic French, a packload of plastics from Tim, most of which I managed to pass on to others, thank the universe... Okay, I guess it wasn't that insane, but it puts me back where I was before I got rid of all those figs over the past month and a half :) Oh well! Anyway, back to my original point, I can't really say what's next!

As big as the hound is, so will the pup be!  
April 12th, 2010

I'm told by the World Wide Web the above is an Irish saying! So yeah, check out my latest finished D&D figure in the D&D Army Gallery! I am glad I didn't stop at the clean skin and blue tunic, as I might have been inclined to do otherwise. Overall, I think the character is grand, and the concept is fantastic!

I spent more than a few hours over the past month creating a concept for my next big terrain piece. I realize that I haven't really done any terrain since I did the Prancing Pony, as I mentioned earlier this month, and I want to get back to it. This weekend I finally got to work: I cut the base, cut the foam pieces, and started assembling the beast! It isn't quite to the scope of the Prancing Pony, but it's certainly got the same spirit, and will have more applications on the miniature battlefeild as well... It also could be used to fill out a medievalish town at some point...

This project brings me back to another issue I have been thinking about for a while. Generic terrain is good because it can be used for so many different things. Generic terrain sucks because it's so generic it doesn't have any of the cool details of period specific terrain... So where's the middle point? The real question is, what's worse, having to use generic terrain for Lord of the Rings Orgiliath and WWII Russia, or having to use destroyed Russian buildings as Osgiliath? It's a tough question! But those WWI Soviet propaganda posters add so much to the terrain... Anyway, I digress...

WIP Dungeons and Dragons action!  
April 9th, 2010

It's been another slow week of painting for me, but I did finish my first viking shoe! I have been working on a few different figs, but lately I've focused on this figure I am doing for D&D. It's a druid hunter type character with a special ability to use a bow. It's not done, but I am about to put some pictish/celtic tattoos on it, and I want to remember what it looked like before the detailing! Check it out in the D&D Army Gallery. Until next time!

On come the French Voltiguer!  
April 5th, 2010

I have been looking seriously at musket warfare ever since my copy of Black Powder arrived. I couldn't justify doing any of the colonial action for political reasons... And I didn't want to get into any of the more obscure wars for the sake of figure availability, so Napoleonic warfare was what I decided to go with! My plan was not to pick anything up until my Chinese Warring States project was done though... What happened? Well, I saw the HaT French Voltiguer and they were so cheap and so plentiful that I just couldn't resist. Also I figured they'd be a good reset for me, given that they are colourful and terribly detailed, they would help me appreciate all of the other projects that I am working on!

Overall, the figures are pretty good. Some soft detail is certainly an issue. For example, waist coat pockets pretty much disappear under the primer+first colour coat. Their production method is similar to GW's: they make large scale masters and pantograph them down. These sculpts have been used for their 1/32 scale figures as well it seems. The masters are done to a true scale as well, and as a consequence of that, they are true 1/56th scale when scaled down to 28mm height. It's very interesting to see true 1/56th scale, as there have been few such figures that I am aware of to date. They are 28mm tall, but very slight compared to their 28mm brethren. It finally proves my point that 1/56th scale vehicles don't work for 28mm scale figs though ;) But I digress... check out the latest figs in the Napoleon's Army gallery!

What's next I wonder... The Chinese Warring States figures are going to be the focus for at least a few months once they're received, but they haven't come yet. In the mean time I think it's a choice between finishing of the HotT-Hammer elves or the Spanish Civil War 20mm figures. For the elves I have about four or five elements to do only, which translates to about 15 figures. For the SCW project I have 19 20mm figures left until I finish all of my unpainted lead. Each project is about the same size, so it's tough to say which way things will go...

Finally, some 28mm terrain!  
April 5th, 2010

It's been a long time since I've done any real 28mm terrain. I think the Prancing Pony was the last thing I did... I have a plan to do another piece on the scale and scope of the Prancing Pony in the near future, but I needed some small buildings for some D&D I've been playing. So... to warm myself up for the next big project, I figured the D&D terrain would be perfect! Check out the two simple buildings in the new Generic Medieval Building gallery.

Out with the old, in with the older!  
April 1st, 2010

The Entry below is a goofy April Fools Joke! Sorry :)

So, over the past year I have been contemplating my miniature gaming hobby overall... How much time and money I spend on it, how much I get out of it and whatnot. I have to say that I do enjoy it a lot, and in general it's a good time. But lately, I have been convinced that there are more things out there for me than just 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm miniature games of all genres and periods...

There was an image here, but it got lost...

So, I've decided to take the plunge! I am going full throttle into a fantastic little game called Rocketmen. The rules are mediocre, and the figures are made from plastic punch-out cards. The game offers little in the way of tactical complexity, and nothing in the way of hobby building, modeling, and playing, but despite that, I'm sold! Sure, the game was only in active development for about a year and a half, but that won't stop me... Name me one reasonable miniature gamer ;)

The other thing about the game that is cool is its overall concept! The thing that really got me into this game is the political background. It features a daring entrepreneur rebel Nick Sion who fights an axis of evil! How could anyone deny a storyline that is so relevant to our lives today?

So, to finance this project I am likely going to get rid of everything! That's right, everything. No need for 28mm/20mm/15mm figures, painted or not, when all I want are plastic printed punch-out cards! Unfortunately this also means that all of my upcoming planned projects are going to have to go as well, including that Chinese Warring States project that I am about to receive miniatures for, sorry Sean! Did someone say eBay action? Stay tuned!

Cry Havoc! indeed...  
March 31st, 2010

The campaign page is updated again! This has to be a record for me lately, it's been only two weeks since the action was actually played! Check out all of the various tumultuous developments on the Cry Havoc! medieval DBA campaign page in the timeline and turns sections.

Also, I'm happy to report that I'm back at painting. It will still be a small update next week, but I had some fun last night blocking in some of those HaT Napoleonic Voltigeur figs. I have heard people say they are more like 25mm rather than 28mm figs, but I think they are wrong! No, I'm not trying to be a jerk, honestly :)

What I think is that they are actually 1/56th scale. Truly, they have 1/56th scale height (which is about 28mm) and proportions! So, although they stand as tall as most figures (even Warhammer human figures), they are very thin, with tiny hands and heads! I'll use them though. Also, the details are soft. When I say soft, I mean that they are either smeared and rounded, or have been lost all together. The reason for this is that HaT shrunk their 1/32 scale figures to make these; they must be using CAD for shrinking in the same way GW shrinks their three-ups for their plastic lines. The problem is that the detail level on the 1/32 scale figures didn't translate all that well into 1/56 scale... Or maybe it wasn't there in the first place... But I will chat more about this when I post the finished figs, which won't be until next week! Until then...

The long defeat...  
March 30th, 2010

This week was a very slow week for me... I find that when I'm painting I have a lot of time to think. If I manage to get a good audio book or movie to distract me, I don't have to think while I paint, but if I don't have a distraction... It's nice to have time to contemplate the meaning of life and the quality of various miniature related things... But, this week was pretty stressful for me. As a consequence, every time I sat down to paint my stress and anxiety levels went up as I went through a million iterations of possibilities related to the source of my various stresses... So, I ended up playing a lot of video games instead of painting... Well, one game. Lord of the Rings Return of the King for PS2. I have to say, that game sucks. All you do is kill orcs. The background changes. Sometimes you have to shoot a mumakil, but otherwise it's the same thing over and over and over.... But I digress.

This week, only a couple of elements of the HotT-Hammer elves: another element of spearmen and an element of bowmen. That's it. Surprise surprise, they look pretty much exactly like the other elven bow and spear that I painted. So, it's not much of an update really in the end! Still, I'm happy with them, and they mark the end of painting spearmen and bowmen for now, since the HotT army list I am working on only requires a couple of elements of each. So, the army is half done now. Check out the latest pictures in the HotT-Hammer High Elf gallery.

I have no idea what will be next since there's literally so much on the painting desk at the moment, and none of it is really started. I got some more bits to finish off the elf chariot, so I could paint that. I have one colour undercoat on Prince Tyrion the elven hero as well. The thing is now the elves have been associated in my mind with stress, so it's unlikely they will see any paint this week. I picked up some HaT 28mm French Napoleonic Voltigeurs as well. My plan was to paint some Napoleonics to reset my appreciation of elves... The thing about these HaT figures though is that they have very soft details... Play-doh level details I would say, making me less than keen. Those SCW and RCW figures are still staring at me, and I also have some primed and ready Empire figures for HotT-Hammer on my desk... Time to put away some things I think.

Finally, I am having some trouble with Renegade miniatures at the moment. I sent in an order about 3.5 weeks ago, and no news yet. I asked for an update after two weeks and they said they might be able to get to my order in about a week! Three weeks before they can even fill an order! Then, they announce their latest sale, so I email and ask that since my order hadn't shipped perhaps I could take advantage of the sale and get a free regiment pack? No response! I'm quite unhappy at the moment, and would warn gamers to think twice before buying from Renegade miniatures, despite their latest sale!

Sicily is ready for war!  
March 22nd, 2010

I finished up the entire remaining set of figs I had for the Siculo-Norman or early Sicilians that I was working on! With the addition of these figs, I have pretty much everything I need for all of the Frankish armies from the period! West Frank/Norman, East Franks, early Crusaders, early Sicilians, and even early Feudal French and Anglo-Normans! The figs are pretty spiffy as well, all from Khurasan miniatures line of Franks. Check them out in the 15mm Norman gallery.

Also this week I updated the painted and unpainted sections of the site again! My unpainted pile is on the decline and I'm happy to post it! Stil... 771 figures unpainted... It's pretty daunting, but I look at it as an investment in the future for hobby action, as I am pretty sure I will get around to them all eventually ;)

Next up I am trying to finish off those 28mm HotT-Hammer elves that I've been working on. I have four elements painted now, and I only six or seven more, so I want to polish them off before I take the plunge into the Warring States Chinese 28mm DBA project! I also want to finish off those Spanish Civil War and Russian Civil War figs that I bought into late last year! So... stay tuned :)

Hour of Wolves on Twitter?  
March 18th, 2010

Yes, I finally took the plunge into the micro blogging world. I didn't want to, and I still might not fully commit, so don't join up just for me! But, if you're already there, feel free to follow me on Twitter. My user name is hour_of_wolves, which is not to be confused with hourofwolves, another Twitterer... Oh well! Incidentally, I wonder how long Twitter will be around... It's very popular, but there's no business case there, no way to generate revenue from it! Perhaps one day it will be translated into a protocol, like RSS... Oh well. Until next time!

Some more elves, this time with wings...  
March 17th, 2010

Also today I got around to uploading some pictures of my latest elven element for Hordes of the Things! This one is a giant eagle. It's an old GW figure, and I think it's pretty snazzy. The only thing about this elven project is that all the figs are already painted... which means that painting them doesn't reduce my unpainted figure pile! I know, I should care about that, but by keeping track of it I have become fixated on reducing it! It drives me crazy! On that topic though, I should update those sections.... the painted and unpainted sections... oh well, but I digress. Check out the giant eagle in the High Elves gallery.

So, what's next? Droves of 15mm Siculo-Normans, that's what! After that, tough to say, but likely I will bite the bullet and paint some more HotT Elves even though it won't reduce the unpainted figure pile! Until then...

Some more 15mm Franks!  
March 17th, 2010

Another couple of elements to morph those ubiquitous Normans! This time the morph is to Siculo-Normans, or Norman-dominated Sicily during the 11th and 12th century. The figs fit the bill for skirmishers during the period, and could play the role of skirmishers from various European locals during the period! Check them out in the 15mm Norman gallery!

Let loose the dogs of war!  
March 15th, 2010

Well, three weeks later... It's been a long three weeks for me, but here's the DBA campaign update! We are officially nearing the end of the campaign! Only four seasons left! Things have really shaped up to turn out in a crazy way as well, as it looks like there are two 'spheres' of power in the campaign: the east and the west. In the east it looks like that sphere of power is held by Sicily and Naples, who are now at war, so that should be resolved soon I am sure! Then to the west there's Aragon and Granada, which will also come to blows come autumn I think.

However, there's also France and Mali, who are not at full strength, but are in a perfect position to snatch up the victory from the fallout of the Sicily-Naples and the Granada-Spanish wars! It's pretty crazy all around! So, seven months into the campaign and it's been a lot of fun, but it's been a lot of work for me to run... So, I am looking forward to concluding it, despite how enjoyable it's been! So, check out the latest developments in the Cry Havoc! campaign reporting section!

Tommy the L-HAC marches to battle!  
March 8th, 2010

The second update for today! This one is from Khurasan miniatures, and it's been under way for a few weeks. It was big, and it was also tough to figure out the paint scheme... I know, I know, it's all gray, so how hard can that be to figure out? Well, it is, okay! Sheesh! It typically takes me a while to get to being able to get comfortable with a paint scheme... even a simple one sometimes. Overall though, I am pretty happy with the model itself and the paint job I ended up with! Check it out in the 15mm Sci-Fi gallery, which was recently renamed from the 15mm monster gallery.

So, I still have a crapload of different projects I want to get to... SCW, RCW, more High Elves, some 15mm Sicilians, 15mm Skythians... etc. etc. So much to do, so little time! And indeed, less time these days as I have been sleeping much more :) Yes, no more late nights at the painting table, so I expect my updates will be smaller in the near future... Still though, I have a desire to do some really cool terrain as well. Well, we'll see!

More High Elves!  
March 8th, 2010

I can't believe it's been three and a half months since I finished those High Elf spearmen! Well, now they're not so lonely, as I just finished another couple elements that have been sitting on my desk half painted for the whole time! A bolt thrower and an element of bows. Overall, I am still quite excited about this high elf project, so expect to see more of these in the near future! Check them out in the High Elves gallery.

Yet another adventurer!  
March 1st, 2010

Not too big this update, but something fun anyway! Thanks to a really busy schedule last week, I got basically nothing done... Except this one ninja adventurer type! Well, I guess it's not so much a ninja as an assassin. It was to be all dressed in black, but I added some extra highlights in there! Check it out in the D&D gallery.

What's next? Not sure... I am sorta poorly motivated at this point. Too many commissions lately! They always sap the initiative from me when I do too many projects that I don't choose for myself... But they do help me with the costs of the hobby :) Anyway, until next time!

15mm Terrain turn around!  
February 23rd, 2010

Yes, I am back to 15mm figures for a bit! I have a couple of miniature projects for the scale on the go at the moment, but I have recently finished up with some DBA terrain projects. I needed to generate some cash for the Website hosting fees (a hobby that pays for itself!) as well as fill out some camps for some of my armies, and so I present them here! Check out the DBA Terrain gallery for all the pictures. The commission was for another Polish castle and a Hebrew tent camp. I built a Kushan camp for myself as well as a camp for my L.A. Persians, which was long overdue!

As for the future, it's back to those 15mm miniature painting projects I mentioned last week! Also, I have some 28mm projects that I really want to get to, so stay tuned!

Adventurers galore!  
February 17th, 2010

A small but significant update this week! I am finally working away at my D&D character figs again! These always take so long for me to paint, as I am obsessed with them being perfect! None of this mass-production style that I use for my armies, everything has to be perfect from the colour scheme on down to the execution... Of course, they never are perfect, but I am pretty happy with them for the most part. Check out the mere five new characters in the D&D gallery for a view of the action!

Also I finally update the painted and unpainted sections of the site again. Check those out for the painting/purchasing details... Incidentally, keeping track of unpainted figs isn't all that hard once you've done the initial cataloguing! All you have to do is add in stuff that you receive and subtract out stuff that you paint! So, what's next? Some more 15mm types some time in the nearish future, including a very large sci-fi vehicle from one of my favourite manufacturers! Until next week!

More Swedish Vikings for the Longships!  
February 9th, 2010

I decided to finish up the remaining Vikings and Germans I had from Wargames Factory... Yes, that's it, I only had eight Vikings and six Germans... So, here are the remaining four Vikings, as well as three Germans easily converted with the Viking detail spru extras into berzerkers to fill the warband slot of the DBA army. Fun to paint, and now I am looking forward to getting a whole whak more of these to finish off the army! Check them out in the Swedish Vikings Gallery.

Next up are some D&D characters, so stay tuned for that next week! After that, likely some figs from Khurasan miniatures, including their snazzy new L-HAC figure and some of their new early Sicilians! Should be fun!.

Are those Germans with your Romans?  
February 9th, 2010

So, this should just about do it for my Marian Romans for some time I think. With the addition of this ancient German auxiliary element, I can put that 28mm DBA army in the *completed* list! This also finishes off the last of my unpainted ancient Germans! Check them out in the Marian Roman Gallery.

Just a note on historical accuracy for these... Although German tribes did fight with the Romans during this period, they typically wore Roman kit. I guess I should have used left over bits of Romans to equip them, but alas I didn't. As such, they will be hastily recruited German types, and so are allowed to look warbandish even though they will be Roman auxiliaries!

Keep your damn filthy bones out of my mouth!  
February 8th, 2010

I got around to wipping some old skeletons into shape! These round out a total of nine skeletons that I have that are painted well enough to use and are on skirmish bases... I have hundreds left over that were painted in the early 90s, but these nine should carry me for a while I think... But maybe I should paint up one more and make it an even ten... Anyway, check out the bone-madness in the Dungeons and Dragons gallery.

Next up, the last of the elements for my Marian Roman army as well as a few more elements of Vikings! Until then... Oh yeah, the title of this post is a quote from Army of Darkness. No one should ever paint skeletons without having it on in the background!

The Anarchists march to Madrid!  
February 1th, 2010

Well, I always wanted to paint up some anarchists, and it looks like the Spanish Civil War (SCW) will be my first opportunity! Some local 20mm SCW action got me interested in this, and despite my lack or entusiasm for 20mm typically, I decided to jump in. Some fun stuff likely in the future, and hopefully this time around the anarchists won't get wiped out by the damn communists and be able to turn the fascists away from Madrid! Check out the anarchist militia in the 20mm Spanish Civil War Anarchists gallery.

So, what's next? Well, I am working on some Vikings and Ancient Germans at the moment, so you'll likely see those next week. Those are for my Viking and Roman 28mm DBA armies. I have some skeletons to paint for D&D... Some elves for Hordes of the things to keep that one element of spearmen company... More Spanish Civil War Anarchists... Some Russian Civil War Anarchists.... On top of that, it's time to get to some of the terrain projects that I really need to get to! So, who knows :) Until next time!

Odds and ends...  
February 1th, 2010

A couple of things that I have been working on lately here... The one thing that has taken up most of my slack time over the past month was the landscape painting that I was working on... It was done as a gift and I am pretty happy with it, but I find that I am harder on myself when working on things for other people... Still, it was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about painting in general, and that I have a lot more work to do yet! Check out the landscape in the Other gallery.

Also, I finished off a couple of one-off test type figs for D&D. I think I am going to get back to 28mm, characterful stuff a bit more, and so here are the first couple... A skeleton and an ogre. Check them out in the D&D gallery.

Centaurs for Rome!  
January 26th, 2010

I wanted some more fantasy for my Romans to nudge them that much further into the fantasy realm. The Minerva goddess figure was cool, but quite enough. So, I opted to add some centaurs. I looked around for 28mm centaurs, but I could only find Greek dressed centaurs. So, since I have droves of extra plastic Romans, and also many extra riders of Rohan, I figured I would I would make a couple. Overall, I am very happy with how they turned out! Check out the painted Hordes of the Things element/unit in the Roman DBA Gallery.

I also put together a quick article on how I did it. It's not a sculpting article, so it glosses over that part somewhat, but it does go through the steps of converting them! Check out the Converting Roman Centaurs article here. Until next time!

The Medieval armies continue to march!  
January 19th, 2010

Well, the first half of the campaign that I am running is over! That's the DBA campaign that I am running that's centered around Southern Europe and North Africa, that will run for six whole years between 1300 and 1305. It's been a great time so far, attendance is excellent, and everyone is into it! The narrative that has been produced by it is just killer, and I am happy to have everyone involved!

So, check out all the narrative and actions that took place in the last three turns (well, 2.5 turns...) over on the Cry 'Havoc!' - Medieval Southern Europe campaign page. Running this campaign has been a lot different than running the Viking campaign that I ran early last year. More people, more caution, and more experienced players has really made the latest campaign completely different from the previous. Good times!

The Morrigan rides to battle!  
January 18th, 2010

After a super busy, non-painting type week, I finally have more of the Scots-Irish female line that I have been working on for the last few years :) Well, I started painting these a couple of weeks ago, but I sculpted them last year or in late 2008... The ones I am painting are the master casts for pre-release showcasing :) In any case, check out the latest chariot, chief, driver and dog figure in the 15mm Scots-Irish gallery.

What's next you might ask? Well, I will be going slowly for the next couple of weeks yet, but I have started on some more fantasy elements for my Roman Hordes of the Things army... Well, one element anyway. I will get that together and painted up for next week! I am also working slowly on some DBA camps for commission as well as for myself. After that though, it's likely that I will switch over to some skirmishing action... Stay tuned!

She came from the heavens...  
January 11th, 2010

Minerva, Roman goddess! This excellent figure from germes1968 over on eBay was a pleasure to paint! I picked it up to slide my recently finished Roman DBA army into the fantasy realm since nobody around me has 28mm DBA armies, and there are a few 28mm Hordes of the Things armies. The figure itself was a pleasure to paint, and I will likely do something similar for my other, future DBA armies... such as the Vikings. A few 54mm figures of Vikings could easily stand in for Thor and Odin and so on... Check out the figure in the Marian Roman gallery.

This past week was a slow one for painting for me to be honest. I have a few other non-miniature related projects on the go at the moment... Some Viking reenactment stuff, some other non-miniature painting projects. Those will continue to take up time for a few weeks at least. That being said, I will be painting up stuff still, and I have some terrain projects on the go as well! So stay tuned!

Marian Romans ready for war!  
January 4th, 2010

Finally, the 28mm Wargames Factory Marian Roman DBA army is complete! Great stuff, and I think I might be ready to start a second one!... er... actually... No :) But I do plan to expand this army into a fantasy version by adding a god and perhaps some other fantasy elements. Still, the DBA version of it is complete and ready to go! Of course, there are no opponents within 600km of me, but that's fine for now; the afore mention fantasification of these guys will give them some great HotT opponents! So, check them out in the Marian Roman gallery. Until next time!

2009 Unpainted and Painted totals!  
January 4th, 2010

As the title suggests, I have done the work to wrap up the 2009 unpainted and painted totals. Overall, I was impressed with myself for the most part... I managed to paint 423 miniatures last year, which is more than one a day on average! And, I only purchased 80 more miniatures than I painted! Well, that's not so great, but oh well! It's hard not to purchase new stuff... Perhaps instead of keeping myself from purchasing new stuff, I should work on selling old stuff! In any case, check out the Unpainted and Painted sections for that stuff!

Return to the Swedish Viking Project!  
December 29th, 2009

Back on July 28th, 2008 I announced the start of a new 28mm Viking project that was going to be based on Swedish vikings. I had intended to do a WAB army, and my ultimate goal was to pit the vikings I had already painted against a new WAB army's worth of vikings using my longships! Open ocean battle, that would be awesome, and thanks to the Warhammer campaign supplement, it would also be easy enough! However, I have since sold the painted and unpainted vikings I was planning to use for that project...

However, in light of my 28mm DBA Marian Romans, I figured I would finally put together a 28mm Viking DBA army. This, along with the fact that Wargames Factory recently released their 28mm plastic vikings, I was all over it! So, here is the first element; the figures donated by a good friend (thanks man!), or rather loaned until I buy my very own set :)

Overall, I really like the WF vikings. They are fantastic figures. A couple of things to note though; because they are made with a harder plastic than the Romans, they are a little more difficult to convert! Although, compared to lead, the difference is pretty negligible. Another thing about the figs is that the arms don't have ball joints. It isn't too much of a problem, but ball joints make it easy to get the arm in the right place, whereas the flat joins make it easy for the arms to slip a few milimeters and make the arms look wrong... It also makes it a lot more difficult to reposition the arms than it should be. I am not asking for huge ball joints, but shallow ones would make my life a lot easier! I should point out though that with lead figs, repositioning the arms is very impratical, and impossible to do convincingly unless one has some skill with the knife and putty!

On that topic, people that claim Wargames Factory figs suck and that 'metal' miniatures are better are starting to drive me nuts! I mean, they don't even compare them to a specific 'metal' range typically, but *all* metal figures. That is poorly considered though. Honestly, Old Glory figs are not that nice, let's face it. Sure, they're heavier than the plastics, and they aren't terrible, but some of the poses are attrocious, and impossible to 'fix' easily. The OG sculpting style varies considerably, as does the quality of the figs. Early Gripping Beast stuff is similar, with very basic poses without a lot of character (I don't have any of the later GB figs, so I can't comment). Furthermore, both OG and GB figures are often poorly cast (sorry, but it's true, I've painted hundreds of them!). How easy is it to fix a bad metal cast? I would rather trim plastic seam lines :)

Getting down to it though, I think the reason why people dump on WF figs is very simple and has nothing to do with the quality of the figs themselves: with the availability of nice, cheap figures their complete collection of highly priced lead loses some of its value; why would anyone buy your painted Foundry Viking army for a million dollars when they could buy a painted Wargames Factory army for $500? I sympathize with them though, so I can't be too scathing! Anyway, check out the latest vikings in the Swedish Viking gallery!

Okay, so another thing... You might be wondering how I only painted four figures over the last two weeks? Well, I am almost done a number of Romans! But the truth is I have been spending a lot of time on the reenactment project... I am making pretty much everything myself (except forging metal... that's where I draw the line!). So, it's taking some time away from painting! But, I am doing fun stuff! for example, I have done a number of tablet weaving projects, which are great! Check out my latest on in my Other Stuff gallery. Until next time!

Unpainted and painted update!  
December 29th, 2009

I know it's the 29th, and that being this close to the end of the year, this will be the last time I update the paunted and unpainted sections, but alas, it isn't! Or at least I hope it isn't! I am trying to works through another legion of Marian Romans before the end of the year to get my numbers up that little bit more before 2010. Still, it's pretty close, but I wanted to update anyway. So, check out the Unpainted and Painted sections!

Going forward I might change the format of the unpainted section to match that of the painted section. That is, it will be regularly updated, but not with blog-type entries as it is now... Just a running total for the year, with a graph at various intervals showing the changes in volume and whatnot... But we'll see :)

Campaign update!  
December 29th, 2009

I finally got around to updating the DBA campaign! With all the breaks and holidays and whatnot it's been a lot of time away from the computer, which I won't complain about! However, now that I'm back to the grind, I managed to get the campaign update together.

Overall it went well, although this time around there were two people who failed to show up without letting me know, but it's a hard time of year for sure, and it didn't cause too much trouble. However, I do hope that this doesn't mean that the interest in the campaign is waning yet! Check out the updated Timeline and Turns sections of the Cry Havone Medieval campaign page.

Numidians for Rome!  
December 15th, 2009

It's back to 28mm figures again! It is nice to be back to it. This time it is the Numidian allies for my Marian Romans. They were fun to convert and paint, and I am pretty happy with them. It's interesting though, using these along with the earlier Romans. There are quite a few design differences. In any case, check out the Numidian cavalry and skirmishers in the Marian Roman gallery. After these, only four more elements to go until the Romans are table ready! I might eventually do an auxiliary element for them using the Germans that I have down the road, but it's tough to say at this point when that will happen :)

Not really sure what's up next. I am building the rest of the Roman Legionaries for the 28mm DBA Roman action right now, but I have some built and half painted Wargames Factory vikings on my desk. Along with that are some half painted HotT-Hammer elves. On top of that... some 15mm Lombards and some 15mm Irish women from the range I sculpted! Not sure where I will commit my time at the moment, so stay tuned!

Contact page fixed!  
December 14th, 2009

Not a content update yet... blurry photos are to blame! Tomorrow though! However, I did want to point out that I fixed the contact page! I am not sure exactly when it stopped working, but I think it was a while ago! In any case, i realized there was a bug and fixed it. Sorry for all who tried to contact me during the last little while... It is fixed now though so feel free!

Numidian Cavalry Conversions!  
December 9th, 2009

When Wargames Factory had their $9.99 Roman Legion sale, I realized that if I was going to make a Roman Legion box into an army, it would have to have some light horse, skirmishers, and possibly even cavalry. So, I decided to go with the Numidian light horse option, and then use Numidian skirmishers, that way I could get away with a couple of sprus of Numidians, some horses, and the legion box set. Of course, that would mean converting some Numidians into Light Horse riding types, and so I have done them! They went together pretty easily, check them out in the Greens Gallery!

As for what's next up, it will be the Numidians for my Marian Roman army. They are already all blocked out pretty much, just need highlighting and basing! After that I am not sure... It will either be more 28mm Wargames Factory Romans to finish the DBA Roman army up, or perhaps some more 15mm Medieval Spanish to accompany Jaime into battle... Or perhaps a new project all together? I have recently picked up some Russian Civil War stuff for some skirmish action, so maybe I will do that... And I also have a desire to do more terrain... On top of all of that, I have to spend some time on my Viking reenactment stuff as well... I need to finish up my fight gloves, tunic, pants... etc. etc. And tablet weaving! I will post some pictures of that stuff in the 'other' gallery over the next few days. Until then!

The King of Aragon, Spain!  
December 9th, 2009

So, after doing a commission and selling some terrain to Xavi, a DBA enthusiast over in Barcelona, a package turned up in the mail for me unexpectedly! Thanks to him I managed to get my hands on an exclusive figure that will be available only to those who attend DBArcelona's gaming event in Barcelona! I was pretty happy, because this figure is very nice, not only in sculpting and casting quality, but also in concept.

It is specifically Jaime I (or James for those of a more english influence) King of Aragon between 1213 and 1276. Aragon being one of the kingdoms of Medieval Spain. The figure is based on a statue of great King Jaime I that resides in Valencia, Spain. Great stuff! I will eventually use it to lead my medieval Spanish DBA army when it comes together! Check it out in the 15mm Medieval Spain Gallery.

The Kushan general marches!  
December 7th, 2009

After just under a month, the 15mm Kushans are done! A nice army, and now I look forward to painting their Parthian and Sassanid enemies :) Should be a good time in the future, as there are more than a couple classical Indian armies in my local group (at least I think so... Hope they're not all Hindu Indian armies!). Check out the latest figs in the 15mm Kushan gallery. To see the army showcase, check out the 15mm II/46 Kushan DBA Army Showcase.

So, what's next? Well I have some 28mm plastic vikings blocked out, ready for highlighting... I also have just finished converting two Numidian light horse cavalry along with building four Numidian skirmishing types... So, we'll see what comes together first! Until then...

Painted and Unpainted updates!  
December 2nd, 2009

I forgot to mention in my posts yesterday that I did indeed update the Unpainted and Painted sections of the site as well. It seems that I can't get away from buying more and more miniatures, and fail to paint them! I know, I know, I have been through this time and again... I have to accept that the water will evaporate (read 'good stuff will get painted') and the salt will remain (read 'not so desirable stuff gets stored') until I have the Dead Sea (read: 'I am swimming in figs I will never paint!'). It isn't really a problem unless I think about it, but when I update the unpainted section of the site I am forced to think about it... which is why I axed the whole thing back in June 2009.

I found that I simply obsessed about painting figures and failed to actually enjoy the hobby... Or do other stuff besides painting figures! I mean, it's been ages since I built a real terrain piece! I think the last one (aside from the quick and dirty DBA related terrain, which isn't really designed to be played on but only take up space on the battlefield) I did was the Prancing Pony back in autumn 2007! Two years! I also have some more sculpting I want to do! So, I am going to have to do something about this unpainted section... Not sure what at the moment, but I'll think of something!

Kushan horse archers!  
December 1st, 2009

Second update in one day! I think that from now on I will split my updates by content... So, the first update for today was the campaign update, and this one is the painting update! So, I finished off four element of Kushan light horse, leaving me only two elements to go before I finish the army! It promises to be a fun army to field, given the variety of element types, although I am happy it wasn't my first army :) Check out the latest Kushans in the 15mm Kushan gallery.

On the painting table right now I have the last eight figs from thie Kushan army almost done! They are covered in metal, and so I find them harder to do! It seems like they are taking a long time as a consequence... Still, I am excited to see them all based up together four to a 40mm wide base!

Cry Havoc! Updates to Summer of 1301!  
December 1st, 2009

A bit long in coming, but it's finally here: Cry Havoc Campaign update! The update is a big one, as we've fought the end of autumn 1300 as well as spring and summer 1301! The update consisted of an updated Autumn 1300 to reflect the outcome of Leon's battle with Castile, as well as the discussion around Spring 1301 Deployment, Spring 1301 turn, and the Summer 1301 turn! It took me a bit to get it together, but now it is, so enjoy!

More Kushans, light horse this time, and then I am two elements away from finishing the army! Two elements seems like only a few, but really since each element consists of four figures, it's the same amount of painting as four elements of light horse! Still, the army is almost done, and then it's back to some Wargames Factory stuff... but maybe not Romans right away... I got some Vikings...

On that topic, I am selling some of my unpainted lead! I want to get rid of my lead Vikings from Old Glory (unless noted) in 28mm and replace them with the plastics from Wargames Factory! So, I have 20 hirdmen with two-handed axe, 20 hirdmen with mixed weapons, 6 command figs (from Gripping Beast), 4 bondi spearmen, 10 archers, and 7 berzerkers(Gripping Beast). That's 67 figures. I'm asking $45 plus shipping! Anyone interested? Email me, or if you don't have my email, message 'neldoreth' over on Fanaticus! Until next time!

Fighting the long defeat...  
November 30th, 2009

I have secretly wanted to do a high elf army since I first split a Warhammer starter set in 1994 with my buddy Rob... He got the elves and I got the goblins... So many little goblins... He used to walk all over my poor goblins with these plastic elven automotons! Good ol' Rob... But I digress! Thanks to a more current gaming buddy (thanks Neil!!!), who was getting rid of his old Warhammer figures, I managed to snag enough and more for another HotT-Hammer army: High Elves! I have been keen to do it, and so in a break from the 15mm Kushans I was doing, I whipped up a little test element. Check them out in the High Elves gallery!

I am also finishing up some more Kushans, this time light horse! I also have some campaign updates to do for the Cry Havoc! DBA campaign that I am running, so stay tuned later this week for that stuff!

A trumpeting deafened their ears...  
Nov 19, 2009th, 2009

I was inspired by all the nice elephants being released lately to get the the 15mm Kushan elephant that makes up part of my current Kushan DBA project finished! I wanted to do something crazy with it, and so I thin I did... It was fun to do, and thankfully it is the only elephant I need to paint for this army, or it would take me ages to finish it ;) In any case, check out the elephant in the 15mm Kushan gallery.

What's up next? Well, I have almost all of the rest of the Kushans on sticks and ready for paint, but first I think I will paint a few 28mm figs to break up the 15mm action. Elves? Romans? Or Vikings? We'll see!

Back to 15s!  
November 16th, 2009

Some 15mm projects have called me back to the scale, and so I have put the Romans down for a little bit here. First up are some of the figures that I sculpted, fresh with paint this time! From the celtic female line, I did three slingers. I wa pretty happy with the sculpts, and I am pretty hapy with the paint as well! Check them out in the 15mm Scots-Irish gallery.

I also finished painting five bases of Kushan Indians for my Kushan army from Khurasan Miniatures. These figures are very nice, a lot of character, and paint up extremely well! Check them out in the 15mm Kushan gallery. What's next? I haven't decided exactly, I have a few projects on the go at the moment, but stay tuned! It could be more Kushans, Romans, or maybe even some elves...

More 15mm green images uploaded!  
November 10th, 2009

Well, I am finally uploading some images of greens that I sculpted for my 15mm celtic women line... A line of figures that will be releasing soon, but that has been in the works with myself and a couple of buddies for the past year++! A hero and some extra bits that will be availabe with the line can be viewed in the Greens gallery. Exciting stuff! I will be painting some of these later this week!

Also, I updated my Unpainted and Painted sections of the site... Things are moving along well there :)

Finally, I have to add another gripe to the collective ether that we call the World Wide Web about the eBay-PayPal scam... What scam you say? Well, eBay now owns PayPal, and are using it to increase their control over their customer's money and day to day transactions...

PayPal has held the funds from my latest auctions... For 21 days they will sit there, collecting interest for PayPal, while my Vikings make their meandering way over to France (6-10 business days)! I can't do anything to free them up, except wait for positive feedback from eBay. It certainly protects the buyer, but not the seller... What recourse do I have if there is an unjust complaint? While the buyer can always fall back on the protections of their credit cards (which are separate from PayPal, but apply to transactions that take place through PayPal), the seller is left to be controlled by the whims of PayPal, and has no recourse on any of PayPal's choices... It's a common concern, and has me looking to other options for recieving payment!

More legions join the battle  
November 9th, 2009

I finished off some more figures/elements for my 28mm Romans DBA army this week! It's hard to believe that 12 figures only makes up three bases worth of figures for DBA! It's like painting up half a DBA army in 15mm for only 1/4 of the army... Oh well, it's a lot of fun, and I am enjoying putting this project together! It's very fun! Check out the Romans in the Marian Roman Gallery.

Also, the auction that I had up for the bulk of my Warhammer Ancient Battles viking army, which was posted last week has ended. Thanks to everyone who made that a resounding success, with an ending bid of $610. Honestly, I thought it would sell for around $200, so I am very pleased! Of course, it turns out that a large WAB army goes for more than a DBA army, which is what I based my initial estimate on ;) Aside from that, I also have been working on some reenactment gear! It's been a lot of fun, and I figured I would post some pictures here to catalogue what I have been up to that has been slowing my progress on recent projects! Check out the Other Projects gallery for a picture of my shield and saex knife handle! Until next time: 15mm ancient Kushans from Khurasan!

In defence of the Republic!  
October 29th, 2009

The late Republican Roman 28mm DBA project is well underway! The first two elements are painted, and I have another three elements on the go! The army will be themed around the many civil wars of the period... Julius Ceasar vs. Pompey, Mark Antony vs. Octavian, Mark Anthony and Octavian vs. Brutus and Cassius... So, it will be fun depicting Romans killing Romans! Anyway, the first two elements include the general element, which includes the painted conversion that I posted last week! Check out the Marian Roman gallery for the pics!

I also finished painting the first from a new 15mm line of figures... sculpted by yours truly! It's been about a year since I sculpted them, so painting them was nice... Check out the first of the figures in my Scots-Irish 15mm gallery.

Finally, I updated the Medieval Campaign page! We managed to get nearly two seasons/turns done this past meetup day, which is great! It has a lot to do with the simultaneous turn sequence, which I have to thank Tim in Saskatoon for the inspiration on. Check out the campaigns section for all the gory details! Until next time!

No update, but a Website DNS Change!  
October 23rd, 2009

No update, but my site has moved to a new server, and so it had to be moved to a new domain name server. After a few days, the whole world should know about the change and everything should be back to normal. Until then, sit tight :)

Actually though, if you are seeing this, then everything is set already, and this post is more for me to see when everything is resolved and working properly! Anyway, until next time!

The Anglo-Danish go to auction!  
October 21st, 2009

It's been a busy week! I just finished another element to finish all the options for my Anglo-Danish DBA army: the Psiloi! It will certainly help the Anglo-Danes defeat the Warbands of the Welsh and the Knights of the Normans! Check out the Anglo-Danish gallery to see it!

I also finished two camps for DBA as well. Both of them are 15mm Dark-Age camps designed after an Anglo-Danish fort in the late 11th century. But they are versatile enough to work for pretty much any Dark-age type army! Check them out in the DBA Terrain gallery to see those two!

Finally, I am selling the Anglo-Danes, along with one of the Anglo-Danish camps mentioned above on eBay. Check out the Auctions section for a link or simply Follow this link to the auction itself! On top of that, I am selling the other Dark-age camp as well! Check out my post on the Fanaticus Bazaar for details on how to buy it! But, it's first come first served! Until next time!

The Usurper King musters his army!  
October 20th, 2009

Finished those Bretonnians finally! Although I have a few knights left, and I might paint up some of them in the distant future for extra options, the Hordes of the Things Bretonnian army is complete! Check it out in the Bretonnian Gallery.

I also painted a few extra revolting women and children peasant types. See those in the Civilians(?) gallery. Finally, I put some time into sculpting some bits for a Roman general conversion that I needed to do for my 28mm Roman DBA project. I needed a personality fig for some Marian Roman civil war action that seems to be in the works around here... After seeing some options, I decided to save some money and make my own! Check out my take on Pompeii in the Greens gallery. Until next time!

Harold musters his weapon men for war!  
October 13th, 2009

This is likely the fastest army I have ever finished for any set of rules. It took almost exactly two weeks from start to finished with the Anglo-Danish army! And it wasn't all that small, although there were far fewer mounted figs than most armies (that being none!). It was fun to paint up though, and because everyone and their dog has an Anglo army of some kind, it took basically no research, which saves time as well. Check the figs out in the Anglo-Danish Army Gallery or the dedicated III/71 Anglo Danish DBA Army article in the articles section. Next up I will be finishing those Bretonnians!

The weapon men of Crowhurst...  
October 5th, 2009

It was in 1066 that the farmers of Crowhurst and all over England were mustered to fight off the Viking and Norman invaders. It was that year that inspired my first group of 15mm Anglo-Danes for some DBA action. Five elements down, six or seven to go. The first batch are the 'greater fyrd', which is a bit misleading... They are 'greater' not because they are great, but that they come from the greater population of farmers and free peasants; they have little armour and are lucky to have a shield and spear! Fun to paint though!

I also had the chance to paint up some monsters set to be released by Khurasan miniatures in the near future. These figures are inspired by some fun films and are pretty cool and scale-unrestricted. Check out the monsters in my new 15mm Monsters gallery. Next up are the rest of those Anglo-Danes. After that I really have to get back to sculpting for a few different projects that I'm working on...

The Samurai go to auction!  
October 1st, 2009

I need some cash, and some room in the storage, so the DBA Samurai go to auction! It's my first miniature figure auction since October 2008! This time, it's a whole entire DBA army, my first one sold at auction... I have done a commission or two in the mean time, but no auctions! So, check out the 15mm DBA Pro Painted Post-Mongol Samurai Army!

Knights muster for Bretonnia!  
September 28th, 2009

I finished the first three (and likely last three?) elements of Bretonnian knights for my Bretonnian HotT-Hammer army. I wanted to go with an early Hundred Years War theme, having mostly archers and a few foot and knights. I will likely stick with only these three knight elements, but who knows... So, the army is almost ready for the field... I had planned to go with an optional aerial hero or paladin+horde to finish it off. I am done the paladin fig, so all I need to paint are the aerial hero and the horde element... So close... Anyway, check out the new figures in the Bretonnian gallery.

But I am switching gears for the next set of figures I am painting: Khurasan 15mm Anglo-Danes. Some nice figs for re-fighting the battles of the 11th century in Britain, including Stamford Bridge and Hastings... So far, I am painting up the greater fyrd...

On the topic of Khurasan miniatures, last week the Khurasan Frankish releases that I had the privilege to paint up made #4 on Meeples & Miniatures Incoming, top 10 releases for the week! It's nice to see Khurasan up there for releases, and it's nice to see my painting featured as well :) Check out the episode here.

Cry 'Havoc'! And loose the dogs of war!  
September 22nd, 2009

And so it begins... The second DBA campaign that I am running is underway. Unlike my first campaign, the first season of the first turn in this one was fairly bloodless; there was only a single field battle, and one successful siege! That's actually especially true considering that there are three more people in this campaign than there were in the previous. Still, there were a number of interesting developments and the intrigues of realist politics certainly came out during the spring of 1300! Check out the updated campaign information on the Cry 'Havoc!' Campaign Turns page. If you want a brief outline of what happened check out the timeline. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check the Cry 'Havoc'! main campaign page for all the details!

This past weekend I also ran my first tournament, which wasn't a complete failure but was still pretty fun. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as cool as the themed DBA tournament that I played in after mine wrapped up... Thankfully though I can take inspiration from that one for the next tournament I run (no, I won't promise that I'll run one again ;). My tournament kicked off the above mentioned campaign and was a lot of fun, and the tournament that I played in was fantastic... The theme was built into the scoring and the presentation of the scoring, including little stacks of skulls earned for various battlefield exploits! Thanks to Paul Hannah for that event! I would post some pictures, but unfortunately I took very few that were of any consequence! Oh well, I am looking forward to next year :) For a quick overview of the tournament detail, check out Paul's post over on the Fanaticus forum. It even includes a picture of me!

More Normans, or Franks!  
September 16th, 2009

I got a shipment of some of the latest Khurasan miniaures' Frankish/Norman/Crusader line. Some light horse, cavalry, German knights, and crossbowmen. With a couple of pilgrims thrown in for good measure! Check them out in the 15mm Norman gallery.

Next week's update is in the air, but I have those Bretonnians on the go, and I also have to finish off some camp followers for my Islamic Persian DBA army. On top of the painting update, I also updated both the Painted and Unpainted sections of the site!

Have blade, will travel!  
September 14th, 2009

Or so the Paladins say! I finally got around to some more 28mm action, this time another figure for the Bretonnians. I haven't come up with a concept for her, but she was inspired by the Bretonnian Repanse de Leonesse character that is no longer supported in the current version of Warhammer. The figure is based on Joan of Arc from Perry miniatures, and resembles the Bretonnian character, which isn't a coincidence! Check her out in the Bretonnian army gallery.

Also, I got around to taking some pictures of another DBA camp that I made. This time it's not a full-edge camp, but your standard sized one. It's a prize for a tournament I am running next weekend, and so I figured I should take some pictures before I give it away :) Check it out in the DBA Terrain gallery. So, currently I am working on some Khurasan Miniatures Normans/Early crusaders to round out my Norman army into a Feudal French and Early Crusader army, so expect to see them pretty soon :)

My first landscape!  
September 10th, 2009

As promised, I posted a picture of my first painting today! Not another painted miniature, but a landscape painting. It was a lot of fun to do, and I learned a lot from it. I have plans to do more as well! Check out the painting in the Other Stuff gallery.

I also got a shipment of miniatures from Khurasan the other day (and finally inventoried some stuff I had from them before), and so I updated the unpainted section of the site. My total went from 881 to 943 miniatures! Damn! That gives me a 10% increase from the beginning of the year! Time to get to work I guess ;) That being said, I ordered yet another 15mm DBA army last month that should be in my paint-stained hands in a couple of weeks... Also, I got sucked in to the 09/09/09 sale over at Wargames Factory and bought enough Romans and Numideans to make a 28mm Marian Roman DBA army... Oh well!

The walls of the City shadow the battlefield!  
September 8th, 2009

This week I managed to finish off all of the full-edge DBA camps that I had been working on. I started these some time ago... Well, most of them anyway. What is a full edge camp? Well, it's a way to make in-scale terrain that can legally be used with DBA... With this resolved, my one major pet-peeve with DBA is now resolved! I wrote a brief article about the concept, check out the Full-Edge Camps for DBA.

To see all of the four full-edge camps that I finished recently, check out the 15mm Full Edge Camps gallery. These camps were fun to build, and they may have even inspired me to throw together some DBA siege rules... I can only imagine how they would be received by the community ;)

Currently I am working on a few different projects, so don't expect a large update in the near future; whenever I work on more than one project, the progress is slow :) I also recently finished my first painting... Yeah, it's a stylized landscape painting. For a first painting, I learned quite a bit. The most crazy thing I learned was the fact that I don't really know how to mix colours... I mean, I know how to tint and shade (adding white and black respectively) to do highlights, but I don't know a lot about colour theory... In any case, I learned a lot... But, I will post that later, until then!

Unpainted and Painted sections updated!  
September 1st, 2009

I have updated my Painted and Unpainted sections of the site! In total, I've painted 250 figures this year, averaging 31 figures per month. For unpainted figs I have a whopping 881 still, which is a 2.9% increase from the beginning of the year! E-gads, what am I going to do? Anyway, until next time!

Medieval Persians march on the Timurids!  
August 31st, 2009

Finished, the Islamic Medieval Persians are ready to ride to war! And not a moment too soon! Well, actually I don't need them until the end of September, but I have a lot of other stuff to do before now and then so I'm glad they're done! It was a lot of fun, and I am really happy with the outcome. Check the remaining three elements of them in the Medieval Persian army gallery, or check out the IV/42 Medieval Persian army showcase article, and see them all together!

So, at this point I feel I should mention that I have been making extensive use of books on CD lately while painting miniatures... Originally I would *watch* movies... More precisely, I would have movies playing and listen to them while I painted. Of course, movies are not really meant to be only listened to... Then I starting listening to music, but I couldn't find good music fast enough... So finally, I picked up some books on CD. For the Islamic Persians I went through 6.5 young adult books... That's a lot of books! So, I can recommend some good ones if anyone is interest: The Thief Lord, Igraine the Brave, and the Dragon Rider, all by Cornelia Funke. Also, I listened to the first two boosk in the Chronicles of Prydain, which were quite entertaining.

So, next up are some camps that I need to make for the armies that I have yet to mak camps for, as well as some camps as prizes for my up coming Medieval Southern Europe campaign, which I will need ready for the end of September! So, stay tuned for those, likely next week.

The Medieval Persian general...  
August 24th, 2009

... and the latest additions to the Medieval Persians are ready to march! Now, only three more elements left in the army! I finished the general's element, another element of 3-cavalry, and a couple of elements of bowmen. Check them out in the Medieval Persian gallery. Only two more elements of 3-cavalry are left, along with one element of a horde of foot warriors! So close, yet still so far ;)

I also updated the Painted and Unpainted sections of the site. I have painted a total of 237 figures and only have 893 left unpainted! By this rate, I will have painted all of my unpainted figures within the next three years!

The Armies of Islamic Persia...  
August 20th, 2009

It's been over a year since I did my last 'army notes' article. For the most part, the backgrounds of armies are pretty well known... I mean, most historical armies are very well understood already... Vikings, Samurai, Romans, etc. But sometimes, thanks to the DBA army lists, you can find armies that have relatively little to go on... So, I had to do some research. For these armies, I think it's a good idea to collect my research into an article for others to use if they might need it. So, along with the Andalusian and Early Russian notes that I did before, I give you Islamic Persia. These were of course inspired by my latest DBA army project :) Until next time!

Finally a figure update - Medieval Persians  
August 17th, 2009

Finally, a figure update! These figs have taken me a lot of time to put together... Only 9 15mm mounted figs and it took me two weeks to paint them up! Damn! Oh well, they're done now and I am hoping the rest of the army will come together a lot more quickly despite the 4 more of these cavalry elements I need to paint! Check out my latest Medieval Persians here.

I also update the Painted and Unpainted section of the site accordingly... Of course, I only painted 9 figures, so not much has changed :)

The horns of war sound again!  
August 13th, 2009

More battle reports! I can't get enough of these it seems... More DBA action! I think the reason why I have so many DBA battle reports is that it is such a quick game, one can play three or more in a single few hour gaming time! I have a number of them yet to write up, an I plan on playing more in the very near future as well... Lots of fun, but I am also feeling the need to get back to some more 28mm skirmishy type games soon. Perhaps in the late fall? Everything hobby-related that I am doing until the end of September will be focused on the DBA tournaments I am running and participating in at Fallcon. Anyway, check out the battle reports in the battles section here: The First Battle of Almeria pitting Feudal Spain against the Granadines and the Alternate History - Islamic Expansion to England! pitting the English civil war armies against the armies of Nasrid Granada! Until next time!

The Undead invade Estallia!  
August 7th, 2009

I finally got my first Hordes of the Things (HotT) games this week! A good buddy is in from out of town and so we broke out the undead HotT army that I put together earlier this years for some action. Unfortunately my Bretonnians weren't done yet though, so I did some quick re-basing and collecting of some 28mm viking DBA elements that I had done a while ago and put together a rag-tag HotT army to use as Estallians in the Warhammer world. It turned out pretty well I think: instant army! Check out the Estallian army of Rodrigo 'The Battler' Diazo here.

I added a little Warhammer context to the battles as well, so check out the battle reports here: Battle of Vizeaya and the Battle of the Vaults. A lot of fun. HotT is a pretty good game, but I like the DBA specifics a bit better, and so I might go with a DBA 2.2 based game with HotT elements added in... Or not... It might be better to stick with the standard rules so that I can play others who know them as well :)

Also, I took some pictures of some old vikings I painted circa 2005 for the Estallian army article (linked above), so I figured I would add them to my Norwegian Viking Gallery for completeness. They are so poorly painted I can't see using them for any current projects; they are doomed to fill in for HotT armies in emergencies until I repaint and rebase them... which I will do as soon as I finish painting all of the figs that I have not painted yet ;)

Painted and Unpainted sections!  
August 3rd, 2009

Unfortunately no new figs today... But I have brought back the Unpainted section of the site. I got an email from Tim in Saskatoon with a little regret at my having trashed it, so I thought about it a bit. Sure, it was draining my will to enjoy painting, but it was still cool! So, I won't update it all that often, but once in a while anyway! To be honest, it's all because of Tim that I did it in the first place; he has some great stats on his site that reveal him for the painting machine that he is!

To go along with the unpainted section of the site, I also put together a Painted section of the site, which will keep track of what I have been doing for a one year period before it gets a new post... So, unlike the unpainted stuff, which has a post every once in a while, the totals will be updated semi-regularly, and will have a new post at the beginning of each year :) Anyway, until next time!

The Sun rises over the Lion!  
July 30th, 2009

The image of Medieval Persia is the sun rising over the lion. I will definitely put that image on the banner that I do for my latest DBA project: Medieval Persia. So far a single test element (three figs) are done; I will do the rest of the army based on those. Should be fun! The figs for this army are from a company called Navwar Miniatures, and they have no images of anything on their site... So how did I come to purchase these? Who in their right mind would buy figs on spec these days? Well, thanks to Martin over at The Waving Flag I got a pleasing preview of what they looked like and decided to jump in!

What's next? Not sure... So many projects. I have a con in the fall (Fallcon) that I have to finish a whole schwack of stuff for, but I really need some soothing 28mm to sink my teeth into as well... We'll see :)

The Normans ride to war!  
July 23rd, 2009

Finally done, this army was great fun to paint! I really enjoyed painting the characterful horses and their well posed riders; not the usual lance upright poses, but fighting poses! Excellent stuff. Check out the final army article here in the articles section, or check out the here in the armies gallery.

I have a few different projects on the go, but I have a couple of armies to paint for the autumn DBA madness at Fallcon... Likely some 15mm Islamic Persians or 28mm HotT-Hammer Bretonnians next... Until next time!

Oskana the Greek!... er, Viking!  
July 13th, 2009

Oksana the Viking Shield maiden that I posted a WIP picture of last week is done! As an anecdote, Oksana is an alternate spelling of Oxana, which is Greek (but predominantly used in Russia) and is a variation of Xena, which is likely not coincidental. Oksana however is certainly not a viking name though! But I digress... Check her out in the Dungeons and Dragons gallery.

I also noticed that this update is back to the old style before I got into the whole DBA thing... Back then I would post a handful of figs or something like that... Not half an army! It's kinda nice. I am planning to get back to 28mm in the future. I like 15mm figs, and they have really helped me improve my painting skills, but I prefer 28s. Of course, I have no less than five 15mm DBA armies on hand, and another on the way... Four of which need to be painted by the end of September; a gaming conference and a commission of sorts are putting me into high gear! but maybe I will take a break after September and do a couple of exclusively 28mm projects... I have a couple hundred vikings in 28mm that I had planned to paint for skirmish games. I might use them for some 28mm DBA action though. But that's it for my rambling...

I also shot a desk shot this morning for my desk shot gallery. Check it out here.

Normans swarm the beaches!  
July 8th, 2009

Reaper Shield Maiden WIP!

It seems like it has been ages since I have updated... I guess it has! This week I finished off some Normans for my swanky new Norman DBA army in 15mm. The figures are from Khurasan and are very nice. Check out the Normans in the 15mm Norman gallery.

I have also done some functionality updates to the site... Well, one. A while ago I crafted a programmatic solution to creating the Army Showcases and Backgrounds articles. A buddy pointed out inadvertently that I could use it to add 'view all' functionality to each gallery. So, I got to work. Some refactoring and code updating and now things are running better on the site and in each gallery one can view the full gallery of pictures on one page.

Aside from that, I need a little break from 15mm again, and so I am finishing off a 28mm shield maiden from Reaper miniatures that has been sitting on the desk for about a month (but was purchased ages ago). The WIP pic to the right is actually a few days old; the current figure has the shield design done! Until next time.

Persians, Bretonnians and Towers, Oh My!  
June 24th, 2009

A rather extensive update today! Thanks to the fact that my camera was AWOL for a while there, and that I finished three projects within that time, I have not two but three different projects to showcase! Along with that a new article.

Firstly, I finished everything I plan on doing for the II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian DBA army that I was working on! What a long haul that was with crazy clothing and shield and banner designs. It was fun, but I'm glad it's done! See the army in its entirety in the Complete Persian Army Article Showcase that I did for it, or just check out the ones you want to check out in the Persian Army Gallery. Keep in mind that no decals were harmed (or used at all) in the composition of that army! It's all freehand!

The second project that I finished was a medieval camp for DBA. I made it as one of the prizes for a tournament that I am running in the autumn of this year... It was intended to be given to the last-place person... Either that or the person who lost the most elements in total. Either way, it explains the concept behind the camp! Now that it is done though, I might keep it and build another for the tournament; it's one of my favourites! Check it out in the DBA Terrain Gallery.

Last but certainly not least, I finished a couple of spearmen elements for my Hordes of the Things Bretonnian army (fondly referred to as HotT-Hammer). They were a pleasure to paint; I used Perry Miniatures 'Aigencourt to Orleans' Hundred Years War figures and they worked out better than the Games Workship figures in my opinion! Check them out in the Bretonnia Gallery.

I should also mention that I changed the format of the articles page. I split up the Army Showcase articles from the DBA Army Notes articles and gave them there own little section. I did this because I added a new army showcase article to the list: Ramona's Undead . Basically it shows off all of the HotT undead elements that I did for the army as well as providing the army background. The background is the same background I dreamed up back in the early 1990s when I originally started to put that Warhammer Undead (pre-dating the split between Vampire Counts and Khemri undead) army together. It also fits in well with the Bretonnians that I am doing... So that's it. Three gallery updates and a new article to boot!

A sculpting we will go?  
June 16th, 2009

It doesn't look like there will be any painting updates this week... Those Persians are just killing me! Far too much detail for 15mm figures, and to be honest, painting 15mm figures isn't much easier than 28mm figures. The same number of strokes and colour changes. The only thing different is the size of the strokes and the volume of paint... So, that should be done some time next week.

But for this week I have done a couple of sculpting articles. I have been pushing putty around for fun over the last year (has it been that long already?), and I put together a few articles to help beginner 15mm sculpters like myself. Not one but two! The first is one on Sculpting 15mm Women. I did this because if you can sculpt women, then sculpting men is easy-peasy; it's not true in the opposite. The second article outlines how to Sculpt Faces in 15mm because I figured sculpting faces needed more attention. Together they walk you through *more-or-less* the sculpting of an entire figure! Until next time!

A few little updates...  
June 10th, 2009

A couple of little updates. The first is a top view of the Persian scythed chariot that I posted pictures of today. Someone asked for a top view and it made me realize that it's kinda odd that there aren't more top views of miniatures in general... I mean, on the gaming table that's the standard view. Check out the top view of the Persian chariot in the Persian gallery.

Also, I posted the outline and beginning of the next DBA campaign that I am running! This one is based around medieval southern Europe some time around 1303. The campaign starts in September, but I wanted to get things rolling. So, check out the details around the Cry 'Havoc!' - Medieval Southern Europe in the campaigns section. Note that I am adding additional alternate rules to this one.

Mounted Persians arrive on the field...  
June 9th, 2009

Finally getting on with those Late Achaemenid Persians. They are fun to paint, but there's nothing like a deadline to take the enjoyment out of something ;) I have craploads of figures to paint in the next few months, so we'll see if they all make it, or if I chop some to save the hobby for myself (that is, if it's too much like work, it won't be a hobby anymore). Still, the Persians are nice to see come together, and the first three (of six) cavalry elements are done, and there's only three more to go! Check out the latest in the Late Achaemenid Persia Gallery.

I also dropped a new picture of my painting desk in the desk gallery. Funny, it was taken in late May, and my desk in the pic is relatively tidy... Now it is chaos! No time to clean up after myself :) Oh well, there's always tomorow ;) Check out the picture in the Desk gallery.

Skuld conquers Dublin!  
June 2nd, 2009

Another DBA battle report! This one is the last battle that I fought for the Circa 800 Viking campaign. It was quite the tense battle for sure, but it was fun. Check out the action in the Skuld Darkhair invades Ireland in the Battle of Dublin battle report.

At the moment I am painting some 15mm LA Persians; all mounted now, as the foot are all done (see them in the Late Achaemenid Persia Gallery). I spent an hour this morning on some Skythian horse archers, but it didn't work out! Another hour lost... Oh well. Likely Persian cavalry next, but I just got my Perry miniatures Hundred Years War (HYW) miniatures in the mail for my Bretonnian HotT project, so we'll see...

And let the sky grow dark.  
June 1st, 2009

More archers to darken the skies over Bretonnia! So far, 12 archers in total, making up four bases for my Hordes of the Things Bretonnian army (HotT-Hammer for short!). This time around I decided to go with the peasant idea; no brightly colour tunics as with the mercenaries, but a group of somewhat mis-matched servants of a selfish lord. These peasants march into battle for some foolish reason having something to do with who's cousin should serve as Duke of Somethingorother... Overall, they'd rather be at home. I really like these figs more and more as I paint them. They are simple to paint, not too detailed, but very realistic... So contrary to most GW stuff these days... This is likely it for archers for this army for a while; I want more knights and I have some Perry spearmen with pavise on the way as well, so there's no more room for more archers! In any case, check out the new figs in the Bretonnia Gallery.

Hoplite shields ready to go!  
May 27th, 2009

I just finished a commission I was working on... Likely the last commission for a while as I had said before... In any case, the hoplite shield redux is done. Overall the shields turned out pretty much the same as the first iteration. Some are different, but of the same quality. Others are better... I was tempted to keep some of the new ones and send some of the old ones in their place :) But alas, no. It is nice to be done, and getting those done makes me realize that I could do another Greek hoplite army pretty easily... but why would I? I still have a Skythian army waiting for paint! Anyway, I didn't put the shields in either the Aitolian or Persian gallery as they weren't really part of those projects, so instead they are in the Other gallery. I started on some Bretonnian archers last night.

The Persian Empire Expands!  
May 26th, 2009

After a month I finally got back to my Persians! I can't believe it has been a month since I posted the Persian spearmen. Oh well. After painting four spear elements, four auxalia elements, and two psiloi elements, in total 10 elements, I am only half done the army! Next up is the cavalry and the chariots. Should be a lot of fun, so stay tuned to that. In the mean time, check out the Late Achaemenid Persia Gallery for the latest figs!

What's next? I am working on a commission at the moment... Too many commissions lately; I am going to have to take a break from commissions for a while I think. It is basically a redux of all of the different hoplite shields that I have done for the Aitolians and Persians. Once that's done, I will likely do some more Bretonnian archers... Or maybe I will drive on with the Persians and try to get them finished. I also have to paint a single fig for D&D... We'll see.

The war of 846 comes to an end!  
May 25th, 2009

And so it was that the armies of Scandanavia and the Isles put and end to their devastating war that raged for two long years! The DBA campaign that I had been running has finally come to and end. Six turns later, the campaign that started in January of this year has ended, and a month early in fact! I had originally intended for there to be one turn per month for six months, but one weekend we managed to play two turns/seasons. Overall I quite enjoyed the campaign; adding that extra geo-political element to battles made things a lot more involved, and game me something to ponder over for the time inbetween games. I greatly enjoyed all of the politics as well as the battles, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be involved! Thanks everyone for taking the time to take part! So, without further ado, check out the We All Go A'Viking Campaign section for the last turn and the end of the campaign! PS. Stay tuned for a battle report between my Vikings and the beleaguered Irish later this week!

A long bow and a strong bow,  
May 21st, 2009

The title of this post is inspired by a poem by Robert E. Howard titled "The Song of the Bosonian Archers". Why? Well, it's inspired by my new fantasy gallery: Bretonnia! It's a small one soe far, just six figures, which make up two elements for my HotT-Hammer Bretonnia army. HotT-Hammer is basically a Hordes of the Things rules and armies based on Warhammer armies... I finished off my Undead HotT-Hammer army and wanted to have an enemy for them, and decided on Bretonnia. For this army I am going to go with a very early Hundred Years War sorta concept: Mostly archers behind stakes, and handful of infantry, and a good amount of knights. In HotT (and DBA) archers are the bane of cavalry, so it will be an excellent army against other HotT-Hammer Bretonnian armies :) I wonder how well it will fare against the undead? Check out the gallery of the figs here: Bretonnia Gallery.

So, lately my youngest has been sleeping the 9pm to 5am shift. As a consequence, when I am not with the kido, I am sleeping... I have barely been able to have a half an hour a day to paint, so expect things to slow down a bit over the next little while... Also, I am doing more than a few projects lately as well... A commission for some shields, those 15mm Persians for DBA, a landscape painting, some sculpting, and the Bretonnians... So, we'll see if I can keep my weekly updates together at all ;) That being said, stay tuned for the last turn of the DBA campaign I have been running; it should be ready in the next couple days or so...

An update to the figure painting article...  
May 13th, 2009

I had a few comments since yesterday about the figure painting article. Basically the problem was that the blending discussion was poorly written and difficult to follow. As difficult as the DBA rule book apparently! Yes, naturally I had to re-write it; I have no desire to emulate the Phil Barker's (the DBA author) unreadable style ;) So, check out the expanded and better presented Painting Miniature Figures in 28mm and 15mm article.

Another painting article!  
May 12th, 2009

A few people were asking me to do some painting articles, and this is the second in the set of articles that I am doing... It might be the last one. The only other one would be painting details on figs, but I think with the shield painting article, that is mostly covered already. However, the figure painting stuff is worth its own article, and so here it is: Painting Miniature Figures in 28mm and 15mm . Mostly 15s and 28s are the same; the minor differences are discussed. Until next time!

Ciechanow Castle ready to stand a siege!  
May 11th, 2009

This week, a Polish castle for DBA that I recently finished. A pretty cool model made to be both a camp and a built up area, it was done as a commission for someone who wanted some Polish medieval action. There are more than a few Polish castles to choose from, but I really liked Ciechanow as a model for this project. It has a very classical castle look that appealed to me. Overall, I am very happy with the way it turned out, and it almost makes me want to build another for myself, as well as build a medieval Polish army. Of course, thanks to all the backlogged figs I have, I may never get around to it... Anyway, check out the latest castle in the DBA Terrain Gallery. Until next time!

Also, I had some complaints about the previous DBA marker images that I put up in the related article last week. Apparently there was a problem with the images for some people, while others could read them. Not sure if it was a Firefox/IE issue, of an issue with some corruption of the colour mode... I uploaded new versions of the images, so check out the article DBA Game Battle Report Markers and let me know if there is still a problem...

DBA Battle Report Markers  
May 7th, 2009

A small update today. After seeind little markers used by the ' Fighting Farrows', I decided to make and use my own versions. They are great for keeping track of outcome moves and destroyed elements; I no longer have to try to remember and guess at what I don't remember. Seeing how useful they could be, a few people asked me if I could post them up, so I threw together a quick article. Check them out and download them: DBA Game Battle Report Markers. Until next time!

Nasrid Granada Musters for War!  
May 4th, 2009

I have finished my Granada DBA army after receiving the figures. It was a quick army to put together, taking less than a month from start to finish with a number of other projects inbetween. Overall I am very happy with the look of the collected army, and the way it turned out. The only thing that I am not super happy about is the colour scheme. I went with the red, black, blue and off-white that I used for my Andalusians because originally I was going to do this army as a morph of that army... In the end I decided to do an entire army, but the scheme of colours was already chosen. Still, the colours do work well together, so I am not unhappy with it! Anyway, check it out in the 15mm Granada gallery. Also, as with all of my DBA armies, I did a separate page that contains pictures of the entire army. It is in the Articles section of the site in the IV/38 Granada article. Working on some terrain for 15mm DBA action for next week. Stay tuned!

Force is always beside the point...  
April 27th, 2009

... when subtlety will serve. Or so said Darius I of Persia anyway. Certainly haste will produce a poor miniature in the case of Achaemenid Persia! So much detail, so many patterns and designs to paint, it almost kills me! But it was very enjoyable to paint. So, check out the first four elements for my Late Achaemenid Persian DBA army in the 15mm Persians gallery. I have to put the Persians down for a bit and get back to those Granadines, as they arrived in the mail late last week!

Also, by request I put together a quick guide or tutorial on how I paint my 15mm Hoplite shields. Although the guide is specifically designed to illustrate painting a hoplite shield, it works suitably for not only hoplites, but any shield design from any period really. Check out Painting Shields in the articles section! Look for more painting articles in the future!

The Viking wars rage in the Circa 800 DBA campaign!  
April 21st, 2009

Another campaign update this week! This time the group was able to get through two whole seasons in one gaming day. It was a lot faster than is typical, but I think there are a couple of obvious reasons at the speed. Firstly, more than a few of the armies were reduced well below their initial 12 elements, making it less likely for them to want to fight; biding your time until your enemies are weakened is always a good option. The other reason is likely that two of the six players didn't show up, and so their decisions were made by the others based on what they had said they would do... Less deliberation time? Maybe, perhaps there was more deliberation time... In any case, there were two turns as I said before, so be sure to read both the events of the Spring and Summer of 847. Also, the Spring and Summer 847 galleries were created and populated as well, along with the timeline. Check it all out on the We all go a'Viking! - Circa 800CE campaign page.

Along with the campaign update, and indeed part of it, is a battle report of the Battle of Lindifarn. The DBA battle that was fought for the campaign where my Norwegian Vikings, lead by Skuld Islandtaker, managed to take Lindisfarn from the Scots-Saxons! That battle also precipitated the tributary relationship between the Scots-Saxons and my Norwegians! To be honest, it is a relief to have an assured peace in the north! Now I can focus my efforts on the south, where it belongs :) Anyway, check out the Battle of Lindifarn here.

More gangers from the wastes...  
April 20th, 2009

WIP Hoplite!

Thanks to a buddy of mine coming into town with a whole schwack of Necromunda figs I got some paint on a few more of those Escher figs that I have. I kept with the Mad Max wasteland theme, as well as figures with weapons that are near-future believable. Again, I can't believe how nice those figs are. I think they must be about 15 or 20 years old and they are still some of the nicest figs that I have ever put paint to. Anyway, check them out in the Escher gallery.

On the 15mm front, I have started my Late Achaemenid Persians from Xyston; I had to put off finishing the Granadines because I haven't received the figs yet... But one of the spearmen figs as a work in progress can be seen in the blurry picture to the left there... Something that I noticed about my camera lately is that it seems to be having trouble focusing on figs. I am wondering if all those times carrying it around in my bag have begun to take their toll. The camera is only four years old though! Funny thing is, it can only handle SD cards up to 512MB :) Maybe there should be an "electronics years" in the same way as there are "dogs years". I think a factor of twenty would work, which would make my camera about 80 years old :) Anyway, until next time!

A few new figs, from Granada to ghouls!  
April 16th, 2009

Progress always slows when I am split between a couple of projects... I spent last night working incrementally on three different projects... All of which I don't have all that well planned, and so they take time. Still, I managed to paint a few new figs!

The first is another element for my HotT-Hammer undead army. This one is a collection of ghouls from the Games Workshop line. I was inspired to go back to this army because I wanted to paint some more ghouls (weird war ghouls were done ages ago!), and thanks to Tim in Saskatoon's recent email campaign play-test that I was fortunate enough to take part in! It was a blast, and very nice to have one turn a day, thanks to all the work that Tim put in. So, I pulled out some more figs and painted them up for my HotT-Hammer (Hordes of the Things rules with Warhammer figs and army concepts) army. Check them out in the Undead Gallery.

I also finished another element of figs for my Granadine DBA army. Some North African spearmen to swell their ranks. Check them out in the 15mm Granada Gallery. So what's next? Well, I have some Persians on popsicle sticks that I am itching to get into. I also have a few more DBA camp ideas... I also want to put some paint on more HotT-Hammer figs; either more undead or get a start on those Bretonnians. I really want to paint more of those Wargames Factory zombies, as well as some Necromunda figs... Too much to paint, not enough time!

Mistislav chases the Polish back to Poland!  
April 8th, 2009

Another DBA battle report hits the Battles sections! This one pits the III/78 Early Russians against the III/62b Early Polish. This is actually the second battle that I fought against the Polish and this particular player. In the first battle I was introduced to the wonderful world of bows vs. horses. In that battle I lost two elements of light horse as they fled off the board and two elements of cavalry who were foolish enough to chase the bowmen into the forests. I didn't get pictures of it or I would have done a report :)

In this battle, I was a litte more careful with the bow, but still managed to lose two elements to them... In any case, I managed to win, and thus recaptured that part of Russia that they claimed in the previous battle! Check out the report: Polish Defeated!

In defence of Granada!  
April 7th, 2009

I finished the first half of my 15mm Granadine force for some DBA campaign action this coming fall... Granada was the last Taifa (city-state realm) of the Islamic Andalusians in Spain. Originally I had planned to simply add a few stands/elements to my 15mm Andalusian army to make a Granadine army, but in the end I decided to do a whole new army instead... This way they could easily be pressed into service together (the Andalusian and Granadine forces) for Big-Battle DBA action! Check them out in the Armies section in the Granada gallery.

My desk as I take a picture of my 15mm Granadines. Click here for a larger view!

I also decided to do up a little picture of my set up for taking pictures again. The above picture was actually used to generate the image of the first half of my Granada force, but includes the extra view of the surrounding desk... With commentary! Check out the full size image here.

The Banner flies from the mast...  
April 3rd, 2009

When the flash goes and
the camera is set for
incandecsent. Blue!

... and leads the Vikings to victory! I painted up a couple of raven banners for the top of the masts of the 15mm longships I recently completed. I know, it's barely an update, but I figured I might as well update today, and make that five updates in a row! It has to be a record... And one that will likely never be broken :) In any case, check out the ships and their new banners in the DBA terrain gallery.

So, not the problem is that I have nothing to update with for next week :) I have some stuff on the go sure, but will it be done by Monday? I guess we will have to wait and see.... but don't count on it!

Zombies man... They creep me out!  
April 2nd, 2009

I received my modern plastic 1/56th scale zombies from Wargames Factory a week or so ago and I had to put aside my current stuff to get a start on them... Of course, it still took a week or two to get to them :) After building them the night I got them, I finally put paint to plastic over the last couple of days. Overall I like the Wargames Factory figures a lot, and I think all the hype around these zombies and the other WF stuff to come is justified.

There are a couple of issues though that I want to point out. Firstly is the way the details are executed. It seems that they are true 1/56 scale in their depth. Most miniatures have very deep details. That is, the folds in their clothes are deeper than they would be in 1/56 scale, as are their facial features (typically done by making the face/head proportionally larger than 1/56 scale). What it comes down to is that painting the details on one of these figs is like painting a 15mm scale figure in terms of detail, so you would have to use stronger highlights that more rapidly vary... That being said, the scale makes the figures look much more realistic than your average 28mm scale fig, which is a good thing! Aside from the scale issue, some detail isn't there at all, like the hair. In 1/56 scale, hair would simply appear textureless. Unfortunately this leaves it to the painter to paint the texture on. Thankfully this issue only seems to be present on the one head I chose for the scientist fig, so that is good! Overall, these little issues can be chalked up to a new sculptor and a new company. All that being said, I am still really happy with the figs. The variation possible with the alternate heads/arms/torsos/legs makes them rival even some of GW's stuff! So, without further blathering, check out the figs in the Modern Zombie gallery.

A Viking we will go...  
April 1st, 2009

In our longships to and fro! No, this isn't an April fools update. And no, conflicker didn't destroy the Internet*. Last night I finished a couple of longships in 15mm that I have been working on for a while... A very long while if you count the three years from the time that I first decided to do them! Check out droves of pictures of them in the DBA Terrain gallery.

That's three real content updates in as many days! I think that might be a record for me! I have no intention of attempting to keep it up though :) It's been a very busy last little while for me, and hobby time is the first thing to be lost. But, I am still working on some stuff. I have only a couple of those snazzy WargamesFactor Zombies on the go at the moment... I have some other stuff to get done but I wanted to paint at least a couple right away. I also have more Andalusian types on sticks being painted up as well for my Andalusian to Granadine DBA morph... Stay tuned!

* I know, famous last words! Although April 1st isn't over yet, I think that it was all hype!

Out on the wastes...  
March 31st, 2009

... where the gangers roam! More Mad Max era Escher gangers from the Necromunda line. These figs are some of the best figs I have ever seen. From such an old line it is pretty cool to find such a gem. I also enjoyed creating the background for these figs in my head during the painting process... I imagined a great crisis, not unlike our current one (or the one that lead to Mad Max's situation), that saw the rise of city states, where everything outside of their walls was subject to the whims of the gangers. Some great potential for gaming, now I just need a great skirmish rule set... As well as some near-future terrain and a few Mad Max type vehicles for these girls! But that is a different story :) Anyway, check out the latest line of Escher gangers in the Clan Escher gallery.

Back to Andalusia!  
March 30th, 2009

I finished the second camp that I was working on, which were copies of my previous Andalusians camps that I have been doing for a commission. It was really nice to go back and re-do these, as I was able to refine things and make them quite a bit more 'perfect'. I am happy with how they turned out. Check the latest church raiding camp in the DBA Terrain gallery.

I also have a handful of Clan Escher figs ready for photos, I will get to them later this week... Maybe tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Viking Campaign Update!  
March 24th, 2009

We managed to finish off the summer and autumn turns of the campaign this last weekend, and I have finally got all the stuff together! It is a lot more work than I thought it would be :) Still, it's a lot of fun and totally worth it! Check out all the action of both Summer, Autumn and start of 847 in the Turn Details section of the campaign! To all who read the first part of Summer, make sure you read the last part as well! Also, the timeline and galleries have been updated, so check those out as well!

Can't get enough Vikings!  
March 23rd, 2009

It seems that I am saying *it has been a slow week for painting* an awful lot lately. As it turns out, some schedule changes along with a change in the kid's sleeping habits has forced me to slow down quite a bit... That and I have dedicated myself to getting a reasonable amount of sleep as well; no more up until 11pm and then up at 5am crap for me ;) On top of that, I am working on about four different projects at the moment, which never helps. In any case... I have four vikings done today! A vikings DBA command elements that I am doing for comission. It was a lot of fun getting back to the viking action! I am looking forward to painting my Early Lombards now, as they are pretty much a group of mounted vikings :) Check out the vikings in the 15mm Viking Gallery.

Another Escher WIP

One of the projects I have been working on are the rest of the Escher Necromunda figs that I was painting before. They are super nice figs. Very cool with the potential exception of the overly large, oddly positioned breasts... Still, I am enjoying painting those figs for sure! Check out the WIP of one of them to the right there. I also received my pack of plastic zombies from Wargames Factory. Of course, I had to build a couple. I noticed that they are definitely smaller in terms of detail; their hands are small, their faces are fine, and their relativel arm/leg/neck/chest thicknesses are closer to the 1/56th scale than the standard chunky 28mm figs. Because of their size I found that they were kinda hard to put together... That being said, I was in a hurry when I did it.. I will do a review of the figs when I put some together.

More and more camps!  
March 16th, 2009

Even more DBA camps this week! As I said before, I was pretty far behind on the camp action for a few of my DBA armies. So, this week I finished off most of the ones I was working on, although there is another one I am waiting for figs to finish off, and another one I want to make... But we'll see on those! For now, I have finished my Russian camp, an Ancient British camp, as well as an Andalusian camp that I am doing for a commission! Check them all out in the DBA terrain gallery. Note that I plan on selling the Ancient British camp. Please contanct me for details or check the Fanaticus Forum *Bazarre* sub forum! Until next time!

Invasion in summer of 846!  
March 10th, 2009

Another short campaign update for the DBA campaign that I am running. I think after the chaos of the first turn, most players are a little shocked that they are having to deal with armies greatly reduced in size, and so the motivation is a little less than it had been for the first turn. Being that this is the first campaign of this nature that has been run around here in a very long time (ever?), it's understandable. Nobody really knew how things would work, and just by reading the rules it's impossible to tell... Anyway, my Danish player was ready to go pillaging and invaded the British during the summer turn! Pretty exciting stuff, check out the links on the We all go a'Viking! - Circa 800CE campaign page for the timeline, blow-by-blow turn description, as well as the small (as of yet) summer campaign turn gallery. Until next time!

A week of camps...  
March 9th, 2009

I have really been letting the DBA camps slide... I had not made a camp for any of my armies after the Samurai back in September! Well, I did make a camp for the Ancient British, but that was for someone else so doesn't exactly count! I needed a camp for my Russians, Scots-Irish and Aitolians, and so I got to work. So check out the Scots-Irish and Aitolian camps in the DBA Terrain gallery. The Russian camp isn't done yet though... I picked up some commission work to build some DBA camps, and so did some work on those as well. The Russian camp is almost done though, and so are the commissioned camps! I will post pictures when they are done, hopefully tomorrow!

I also finished that Escher fig that I was working on. At first I wasn't happy with it, but after letting it sit completed for a few days, I think it works. I will likely use less of the red-brown colour that I used in the future though. Anyway, check out the new Escher fig in the new Escher Army Gallery. Until next time, have fun!

15mm DBA madness!  
March 3rd, 2009

Another update! First, two DBA battle reports from games that I played back in February... Ever since I got back into DBA, I have been playing a lot more games. Not just DBA games either, but mostly :) So, officially, I have more DBA battle reports than any other games... But since DBA games are so fast, being able to play two or three liesurely games in an evening, I say that each report counts as only 1/2 a report compared to any other games :) Anyway, check out the DBA part of the Battles section for the action... Or, simply see the two new battle reports: Samurai Defeated!, and Irish vs. Spain.

I also posted a new gallery in the armies section. Nothing new painted, so it is kinda cheating, but it is a handful of modern cars for modern wargaming. I wanted to have some photo reference available for the various scales of toy cars out there, and so that is why I put the gallery together. I will add cars as I get them, but for now there are six vehicles all together: a couple of cop cars, a prosche, a truck, a semi, and a firetruck. Check them out with some modern cops in 28mm in the Modern Cars gallery. Until next time!

The Aitolians muster in their mountains!  
March 2nd, 2009

Hoplite WIP

The Aitolians are complete! For a small army, it sure took a lot of time to paint! Or at least is seemed that way to me. I am glad though that I didn't go for a more hoplite spearman heavy army... They were relatively simply to paint, but their shields were a lot of work... On top of the designs themselves, I had to highlight and blend each shield background colour (as you can see in the picture to the right). It was a lot of work, but worth it I think! And, I find skin more difficult to paint than clothing for some reason... Oh well, they're done now, and so I can move on to other projects! Check out the last three elements (the spearmen) in the Aitolian Gallery.

If you want to see the whole army together, check out the 15mm II/5e Aitolian Hoplite Greek article in the Article's section. That's it for 15mm for a while I think... I have a few more 15mm projects in the wings, but I am not sure when I will get to them. I have gone back to the Necromunda Escher figs again... well, that specific fig anyway. It will be a test fig I think, as I am not sure exactly where I want to go with the colour scheme! I also have a lot of terrain backlog... I need camps for three DBA armies, and I have this scheme to do some more grand 28mm terrain... more on that if it comes together :)

Escape from Moria... if you can!  
February 25th, 2009

Finally, after nearly two years, I have another Lord of the Rings Battle report. It has been a long dry spell on Lord of the Rings gaming, but it's over now! Check out one of my latest Lord of the Rings games in the battles section, where me and a couple buddies battled it out for the Mines of Moria! Well, to get out of Moria... Well, for the dwarves anyway... But I digress. Check out the Escape Moria battle report here! There's more yet to come as well, so stay tuned!

More Aitolian Greeks in 15mm  
February 23rd, 2009

I have been looking forward to doing hoplites for some time... Although I never intended to do an entire Greek hoplite army... I got sucked in to the Aitolians though because an entire army cost me less than two packs of Hoplites would have cost me! Anyway, I am finally done all the psiloi for that army (light skirmishing troops) and I am getting into the Hoplites now. The First element of spear I've done is the general's element. It's only barely a hoplite spear element, as it is filled with hero types with swords and musicians, but there was one hoplite shield I got to paint! Anyway, check out the one 4 figure spear element and the remaining three psiloi elements in the Aitolian Gallery.

Road Warrior Woman!

So, for my next 28mm project, I am planning to do some Mad Max type female figs. The entire line will be from the Necromunda Escher line, as the figs are excellent for the post-apocalypse wasteland genre... I know, they should be in neon colours and as pale as ghosts from living in the underhive, but I don't think the figs really fit that... I mean, look at the WIP shot to the right there. She's got all the Mad Max Road Warrior bling, and the custom shot gun, and the hair! I also painted her skin with the essential sun tan as well :) Anyway, stay tuned for more of these women, and maybe a few urban raids on the city states of 2050! Until next time!

Don't call the cops man!  
February 19th, 2009

Well, that top-secret project that I was working on is finally done... for now. It might very well be permanently ongoing... Stay tuned here for news on it though, as it will be announced in the next month or two :) In any case, being done for now has freed up some time for me to paint! Thus, another update already!

This time, some modern cops. I got a gift certificate a couple of weeks ago to the local game store, so naturally I bought some figs that I wanted but would likely never buy for myself :) Modern Cops! They are fron West Wind games, but are quite exception compared to the other WW stuff I've had :) Check them out in the new Modern Cops gallery. Cops in general are so versatile for modern gaming... I can see using at them for zombie games, insurrection type games, robberies, etc.. etc...

I also finally threw up a gallery of pics of my painting desk. It's been a while coming... I put a handful of shots in there, some of them are old and were previously featured as pics in news posts. Most of them are new, of my current desk state and setup :) Check out that gallery in the armies section under Misc in the Desk Shots gallery. I am currently trying to do some of those pesky Aitolians, so next update will likely be them!

Shepherds in the trees...  
February 17th, 2009

More elements/bases for my 15mm Aitolian DBA army are ready. Four psiloi elements this time around, so I am done five out of 12 of the elements I need to do. They were fun to paint and this is the first time I modeled anything else on the base besides just rocks and grass.

Based on an invasion of Aitolia by Athens in 426BCE, I modeled on some burnt trees to some of the psiloi. Apparently, when the Athenians invaded, their rank and form spear units were no match for the sparse, skirmishing rock-throwing psiloi. So, the Athenians fled to the forest to hide. If that isn't funny enough, the Aitolians figured they wouldn't leave hundreds of Athenian spearmen in their forests, and so they lit them on fire... Out come the caughing, choking Athenian spearmen into the loving hail of Aitolian stones and javelin! It was a party! Anyway, check out the figs in the 15mm Ancient Greek Aitolians gallery.

The undead march to war!  
February 11th, 2009

I am finally done the undead army! Well, done as far as I am willing to do it at this point. There were a few more elements I was thinking of painting up, but since I have all the figs I need, I will leave it for now. When I start playing the game, and get some incentive to add options, it is likely that I will (I know, famous last words... it might be another 14 years until I get back to the undead). So, check out the last element, which is an undead hero knight in the Undead gallery. Until next time!

15mm Greek Aitolians!  
February 9th, 2009

It has been a slow week for miniatures projects... Very busy, and fighting illness doesn't help! No motivation really, as well as little time :) In any case, I managed to scratch out some 15mm Aitolians for some DBA Ancient Greek action. Ancient Greece has been something I have been thinking of getting into for a while, and there is a plan for the local group to do something in Ancient Greece in the next little while... So, I figured I would start these Aitolians. I also have Persians and Skythians yet to do; the Aitolians were quicker though, so they're first :) Check them out in the 15mm Ancient Greek Aitolians gallery.

I am almost finished some more undead as well, so stay tuned for those. This last element is a hero element, and will bring the undead project to an end... At least until I play and find more inspiration to paint more of the monotonous skeletons :)

Is that a head in your hand?  
February 3rd, 2009

More undead roll out of the pipes. Not much more though, it's been a slow week for me for mini painting. I spent most of last week on my other, more secret project :) More on that some time down the road. For now though, the Vampire General! To be honest, it was hard to pick which fig I would use for the general, but in the end I decided to keep to the original theme of the army and field one of the more characterful female figures I used to use. In the GW Warhammer rules she was originally a vampire thrall, so it's quite the promotion for her! Check her out in the Undead Gallery.

I am currently painting up some 15mm Xyston Greeks, which are coming along very well so far. They are nice figs, those Xyston figs. But I can't figure out why they put saddles on ancient greek cavalry :)

There's something stirring on the porch out there...  
Januray 26th, 2009

And it's a nearly completed undead horde! This time I painted up my general element as well as a couple of elements of spears. More nice, big shields and long, rusty weapons! This army is really looking good to me, although my partner took a look and said to me "If I was facing this army I wouldn't know if I should be afraid or laugh." Some of the jack-o-lanterns look a little goofy, but that's what halloween is all about anyway :) So, check out the general and the two elements of spears in the Undead Gallery.

What's next? Well, I have four more elements for the undead left until I am done with it. I am having trouble though, as all this repainting isn't putting a dent in my Unpainted miniatures count! Oh well, I guess I shouldn't fret. I might finish off the undead, or I might paint some more 15mm for DBA. I currently have three complete unpainted 15mm DBA armies, one DBA half-army that will upgrade my Scots-Irish to Norse-Irish that I want to put paint on... We'll see :)

Jack-o-lantern you are such a funny sight...  
Januray 22th, 2009

A small green update today :) I have been pushing a lot of putty lately, and so I have made some fun extras with left over green stuff. My favourite extras that I have done to date are a hand full of jack-o-lanterns. You can never really have too many jack-o-lanterns! Check out two of them in the greens gallery. I am a good way through a number of skeletons at the moment, so next week stay tuned for more undead mayhem! Until then!

We All Go A'Viking! - More new stuff!  
Januray 20th, 2009

Another DBA We All Go A'Viking! - Circa 800CE campaign related update today! Well, a few updates to be precise! Firstly, I added a hobby section to the campaign web page. Nothing too special, just some pics and a wordy discussion on how I through the simple campaign terrain maps and army markers together to facilitate the in-person play. Check that out in the Campaign Hobby Stuff - pictures and discussion on making the board section.

Also I added a gallery, or rather as section of galleries that will follow the campaign. There will be a single gallery per season! I posted a number of pictures and what could be called mini battle reports in there. Check that out in the Campaign Galleries - images of the events and turns section. Some good stuff in there!

And last but certainly not least, I posted a battle report of the first battle that was fought in the campaign: the Danish invasion of Norway! It was a lot of fun to play that battle, the whole time I was worried about losing the city of Storholmen! But I should have been more worried about losing elements from my army! Anyway, check out the battle report in the Skuld Darkhair challenges a Danish invasion! battle report write up!

I should also mention that An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields has a new URL! Please update your bookmarks to point to http://www.hourofwolves.org! I finally figured that I had this site long enough to get it its very own domain name! Until next time!

We All Go A'Viking!  
Januray 19th, 2009

Today's update is a campaign report! The Circa 800 Viking Campaign was kicked off this weekend, resulting in much miniature blood spilled! Everyone in the campaign acted very aggressively on the first turn (spring 846), and so everyone was more than a little shocked to realize what it means to have to field an army at less than full strength! Also, every battle fought was quite a bit more tense than those one-off DBA battles; when you add context to losing a battle, you realize that your well being will be effected! Crazy stuff! Anyway, check out the Campaign Turns - Details of events with maps and prestige totals section for a more detailed look at what happened in the spring of 846, as well as the current campaign standings. For a more brief overview, check out the Campaign Timeline - Summary of Events section!

As for hobby stuff, I don't have any today unfortunately. I put together a few figs and a campaign map terrain board for the DBA campaign though, and I will post images of them as well as an outline of how they were done later this week! Until then, enjoy!

The Ancient British completed!  
Januray 12th, 2009

First ever goblin!

In digging up all of those old undead figs, I came across a couple of goblins that I got way back in 1994 when I started with Warhammer. It was a lot of fun to do, but at the time I was broke, so painted it with mt enamel model paints... It's terribly glossy, and not highlighted at all... But for the most part I stayed in the lines! The colours are pretty bright, but that was the style of the day... The only thing that is missing really is a base... But I wasn't all that concerned about that in those days, I was more concerned about getting run over by those damn high elves!

So, this week I finished the Ancient British DBA army finally! I also threw together a camp for the army. So, it is actually completely complete :) Check out the new pictures in the Ancient British gallery, or check out the whole army compiled together in the II/53 Ancient British army article. Until next time!

Field of Glory book auction!  
Januray 9th, 2009

Just a quick update to announce another auction. This time it isn't a miniature though, it's my set of Field of Glory rule books. I am selling it now because nobody around my area is into it and I know that I will never have the chance to play it... The books will glare at me for the rest of my days, angry that I barely opened them! So, I will pass them on for a good deal to someone else who can use them.

The books are quite excellent really. Along with the fantastic Osprey pictures and production quality, they basically bring historical gaming up to the level of fantasy gaming (their books are a historical version of warhammer army books basically) with pictures and army backgrounds. Snazzy stuff. Check out the auction in the auctions section or follow the link here: Field of Glory Main Rules and Legions Triumphant Lot. Good luck bidding!

When the clock strikes midnight...  
Januray 6th, 2009

... all the evil things in the world will have full sway! It's true at least this week, as my newly completed vampire bats are ravaging all the unpainted miniatures on my painting desk... And these bats are so evil that they wouldn't even give me a clear picture! Okay, I managed to squeek a few out of them, but seriously, I couldn't get my camera to focus on them no matter what I did! They must be undead! Check out my latest two elements - Vampire Bats - for my undead HotT army in the Undead Gallery. What's next? I am so almost done those Ancient British, and then on to some campaign hobbying! Until next time...

The British chariots charge....  
Januray 5th, 2009

Another Ancient British update this week. The entire army is almost done, and I was going to save this update until it was entirely finished... But alas, here it is! Two light horse and two chariot elements are done! That leaves only two chariots left to finish until the army is done! It has been a lot of fun to paint... And I am even considering doing a 28mm version of this with Wargames Factory plastic figs! In any case, check out the 15mm figs in the Ancient British gallery!

Also this week, I have posted another campaign! This one a DBA campaign based on the campaign rules in the DBA version 2.2 rulebook! It was fun throwing this stuff together and I am looking forward to seeing the campaign progress! I will keep posting updates as they come in! Check out the campaign page in the campaigns section or jump directly to We all go a'Viking! - Circa 800CE. More undead and Ancient British are on the horizon! Until next time!

The undead return from the grave!  
December 29th, 2008

Okay, so I missed last week's update... It was a busy one, and I just didn't have time to put it together :) In any case, this is the same holiday-specific update that I promised, and the holiday is Halloween! It all started when someone in my local DBA group suggested people pull out their old Warhammer figs and base them up for the Hordes of the Things (HotT) rules. HotT is a fantasy rule set based on the DBA historical rules. So, I figured I should support the 28mm wargaming action (my favourite scale!) and break out my old Undead army.

This army pre-dates the time when Warhammer's undead armies were split between Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings and goes back to a time when one could field a unit of mummies beside a unit of wraiths lead by a vampire... Those were the days... Anyway, I wasn't too eager to get into it again to be honest because it meant re-painting! Re-painting is often trouble, as it means putting paint to already painted figs while those hordes of unpainted figs tucked away in various drawers scream obsenities at you (yes, I ate far too much crap over the last few weeks, and so I am hallucinating).

In the end I decided go ahead and re-paint because this project would add value to figs that I had given up for worthless... Now I am totally into it. My old Warhammer army used to be around 9000 points (your average game is played between 1000 and 2000 points these days), so I have all the figs I will need for the project ready, just waiting for paint! Back when I put this army together originally I always wanted to do a halloween theme, but I was limited by what was available as well as my then meager modeling skills. This time around, it's all about the halloween action! Three elements are already done, and without further ado, check them out in the Undead Gallery! Until next time!

More Ancient British ready their march!  
December 15th, 2008

So, I took another commission. It all started with those six ancient Brit figs that came in the Essex Scots-Irish army pack... I really wanted to paint those figs, figured I would sell them when I was done. Turns out, nobody wants six ancient Brit figs :) So, I took a commission from one of the good guys over at Fanaticus to do twelve elements. As such, now I have done half the army! Six elements, all the foot warband/psiloi types. All that's left are two light horse and four chariots! Ah, you say that most of the work is in front of me? Well, those foot soldiers are the hardest, as they have the most detail! Anyway, check out the latest four elements from the army in the Ancient Brits Gallery.

What's next? Well, it's holiday related, but not the holiday you're expecting! Still, I won't spoil the surprise more than I already have! Until next time!

Theodred rides forth!  
December 7th, 2008

It's been a while since I last put paint to a Lord of the Rings fig, and to be honest, it's nice to be back in Middle-earth! This time it was Rohan again. They are in all honesty one of my favourites. Something about the Viking look on horses (I know they are supposed to be inspired by Anglo-Saxons, but let's face it, the Saxons were poor copies of the Vikings anyway ;) I finally put paint to four figs that have been sitting on my painting queue for two and a half years. I actually had to wash the dust off :) So, check them out in the Rohan gallery! Until next time!

Hordes of 15mm figures do battle!  
December 2nd, 2008

A couple of battle reports for this week's update! As much as I would like to have some more figs painted, it has been a busy couple weeks that haven't given me a lot of time to paint... But I did have some extra time in front of the computer! Also, I want to get back to the gaming side a bit more as well, as over the last couple of years I have focused more on painting and building than on actually playing, which is a shame really... But I digress :)

The first battle is my first battle with the 15mm Russians that I painted in August. One of the most horse-heavy armies I have (aside from maybe my Rohirrim...) I was looking forward to a fast dynamic battle. Of course, the battle saw them pitted against another Russian army, meaning droves of forests. So, although not really dynamic, it was a very good game. Check out the Novgorod Falls! battle report for all the action!

The second battle is the latest in the Steinvor Viking DBA pseudo campaign that I am currently narating. This battle sees Steinvor Steinthorsson face off against a Norse Irish warlord by the name of Cahan the Swedeslayer. The battle is a characterful one that features an aamazing escape by Steinvor's karls that ultimately allows Steinvor to come away with victory. Check out the Steinvor makes a name for himself in Ireland battle report for a blow by blow of the action!

As for what's next, well, I have some Rohirrim on the work bench. It's been nice to get back to Lord of the Rings, but the armour on those Rohan Royal Guard and Characters is killer! Also, that super secret project that I talked about before is coming to a finish, and will be released in within the next month or two, so that is something to look for as well! Until next time!

A giant marches from the north!  
November 24th, 2008

In an effort to break the 15mm madness that has taken me for nearly the last six months, I decided to dig out one of those fantasy figs that I traded all of my 40k figs away for (last year! I can't believe I did that trade in Nov 2007!). I chose a true 25mm giant from Ral Partha circa 1979 (almost as old as I am!). A fantastic fig really, very well sculpted, and the design is very pleasing to the eye. I am surprised these figs aren't more popular, of course they were made of like 90% lead and most have likely rotted away by now... In any case, check out the giant in the D&D miniatures gallery!

Also this week I managed to get a battle report written! It's been some time since I've done one, and I want to get back to them, so here is the first of many (hopefully ;). This one is a continuation of the Steinthor Saga, which has also been updated in the Raid, Pillage, Loot: Battles of Steinthor Strongarm campaign! In this battle, things don't exactly go Steinthor's way! Check out the action in the battle itself in the Steinthor returns to the Dane's Land to avenge raids on his brother's hold in Sweden! battle report. I have a couple more DBA battle reports waiting in the wings that should be ready by next week, so stay tuned!

The Irish march to war!  
November 17th, 2008

The Scots-Irish project is done! Cool to build and paint a chariot for once, and I think I may have to build and paint quite a few more! I am quite happy with the way it turned out overall, and I will morph it into an early Scots-Irish army as well as a Norse-Irish army in the near or not so near future :) Another highlight of this army is that the general in the chariot is the female Irish warrior I sculpted (that can be seen in the greens gallery in the armies section). Going forward though I think I might take a break from 15mm for a bit now though. Time to paint some 28mm+ figs! I have a giant primed and ready to go, so it's likely I'll put that together! Anyway, check out the Irish in the Scots-Irish Gallery. Until next time!

The Ancient British arrive...  
November 10th, 2008

Some 15mm paint brush finesse this week with the polishing off of those two elements of ancient British, making for a total of six 15mm figs! They went pretty slow because of the detail as well as the fact that they were all basically test figs; being the first ancient Brits, I took some time deliberating over exactly how they should be done. In any case, they are done now. I am looking to sell them, but there isn't much of market for two lone DBA elements, or so I hear. I may end up having to paint up 12 elements to do an army and sell that... We'll see :) In any case, check out the Ancient British gallery for the pictures! Until next time!

The Irish continue their march!  
November 3rd, 2008

The Irish continue their march to glory! Four more elements down, and five more to go if I want to cover all options, which I likely will. It is a fast army to paint, as mostly it is made up of four colours (black, yellow, off white, and skin). But the little design features make it fun as well. All four elements are the 3Ax variety, meaning three figs on 40x20mm bases. This army has nine (or ten, if you count the 3Ax/Wb option) of the Ax elements, which makes it a fast army to paint... The only faster army might be the Libyans, who are all psiloi apparently, which means two figs on a 40x20mm base :) Anyway, check out the Irish in the Scots-Irish gallery.

Ancient Brits with fancy shields!

Helena also sold this Saturday for $56.33, which isn't as much as I would have liked to sell it for, but certainly a respectable amount! Congrats to the winner of that auction! I also started painting a couple of elements of Ancient British in 15mm as well... I know, you are thinking I should finish the Scots-Irish first! But nay! These figs actually came with the packaged Scots-Irish army that I got, apparently they were to stand in for the 3Ax and 3Wb general's elements for the Irish... Of course, since they are actually ancient British I might be flogged and drown in a bog if I actually used them to lead the Irish, so I am going to paint them up and sell them. They are currently a work in progress as you can see (the pic above to the right), but I started with the most enjoyable part first: the shields! All freehand painted, no decals here :) Also it is worth noting that I updated the Unpainted Miniatures blog as well... Still, I hover around 750 unpainted figs!

One last thing, I realized that I totally didn't do a Halloween update... Ever. And I realized that I should! So, I am going to plan a year long off and on project for next Halloween... Maybe something with electrical motors that the kids can play with! I know, I've started projects before that have dwindled into nothingness (those Swedish Vikings for example, although I am planning to get back to them soon!!! Four months really flies doesn't it?), but hopefully this one won't.... Anyway, until next time!

Community map project with the kids!  
October 30th, 2008

A little update for a small terrain project I helped my 5 year old kiddo do. It was a blast to do this little map for school. And it really let me know how much my kiddo aspires to do and show off terrain! Check out the piece in the Map Project gallery. Until next time!

Helena of Troy goes to auction!  
October 25th, 2008

Helena of Troy is now up for auction! I decided to put her up along with a piece of display terrain that I built for her. A nice little piece that showcases her rising to the defence of some Greek ruins. Anyway, check out the auction over on eBay. You can also get there through the Auctions section. Check out the fig on its display base in the D&D Gallery. Good luck bidders! Until next time, enjoy!!

Helena of Troy  
October 23rd, 2008

I had my eye on this Helena of Troy Reaper fig for a long time, and I finally got around to picking it up and painting it up. I sorta just went through painting the fig itself with my mind half on deciding what to do for the shield freehand, and the other half trying to get the highlights on the fig to look good... My half-notice seemed to work out though, as I am very happy with the fig itself, along with the shield.

But the shield design is the highlight for me. I have never really done something like this before, and I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. To the right you can see the trial version and then the finished version. I used to avoid doing trial versions of freehand, thinking that if i got it right the first time, I might never get it right again! But then I did the Eorl fig for Lord of the Rings, which had both standing and mounted versions. So, I had to do the shield twice on that, and when the second one turned out better than the first, I never looked back. But the above shield puts poor Eorl's to shame... Anyway, I painted this fig to sell it, but now that it is done, I may decide not to... Although, I may simply list it for such a high price that nobody will buy it, and that way I can at least lie to myself and say that I had no choice but to keep it ;) If I do list it, it will go up on eBay this Saturday. In the mean time, check out this entire fig starting here in the D&D gallery.

The Irish prepare for war!  
October 20th, 2008

Back to 15mm armies again! This time, a Scots-Irish DBA army. It is odd really. My plan was to do Persians after finishing those Early Russians for DBA... Of course, the best laid plans never seem to work out. Since the Russians I have done the Samurai and now started on the Scots-Irish. Anyway, it is an Irish focused army for a little campaign that is in the planning phase. The army is done with Essex figs, which makes it the first non-Old Glory army I have done. I did use some Essex figs for my Andalusian Camp, and they were pretty good, so I decided to give them a try for the Scots-Irish. I am happy I did so, as the Essex figs feature fewer of the wicker shields, which apparently have dubious historical accuracy. Anyway, without further delay, check out the Scots-Irish Gallery for the four completed stands. Given that there are fewer figs to paint for this army, hopefully it will go together fast :)

Also, thanks to the bidders who bid on my latest auction! Greatly appreciated and I am sure you won't be disappointed! The fig ended up selling for $39 US, which is a respectable amount! I am currently painting up Helena of Troy... Or Helena the Gladiator, depending on who you believe, for sale. It will be put up for auction this coming Saturday if all goes well, and look forward to some really solid freehand on the shield and non-metallic metal armour! Until then!

Elori Ebonscythe Auction!  
October 12th, 2008

Today, after about three months hiatus from doing figs for auction, I bring you my latest painted Reaper miniature! Elori Ebonscythe! It was a pleasure to paint this one, with the billowing cloak and the striking facial features. You can check out the pictures of the figure in the Dungeons and Dragons gallery and you can check out the eBay auction in the Auctions section. This fig starts at $30, and it features some of my best non-metallic metal of the sky-earth variety. Also, the cloak patterns turned out very well and was a pleasure to do. Hopefully it will lead the way in interesting cloak designs for me, as I went through a period there where I couldn't bring myself to put a pattern on my cloaks... But anyway, until next time!

Patrol! Prepare to move out!  
October 7th, 2008

All of the figs I have for the US invasion of Viet Nam are done! It's kind of gratifying to be finished a prject, but I realized something. With a project like this, it is never really done. I mean, I could always add a couple more squads to make a platoon, and then a couple more platoons to make a company... It could go on forever... and ever... until I have a 1:1 representation of the conflict itself... And now I feel a strange sense of emptiness at not having a squad of US soldiers to paint, and I have the urge to pick up that well priced $13 US squad that is hanging on the rack at my local hobby store... NO! I must stop!!!

Anyway, I found these figs difficult to paint... I think I have become used to the bold, high contrast highlights of the 15mm figs, and so these were harder to do well for me. I am going to have to alternate better from now on :) Also, these figs were a lazy attempt to switch from my straight highlight method of painting to a highlights with glazing method that I think will make a better blend effect... Those two issues together made this a challenging project for me... Anyway, without further ado, check out the Imperialist Aggressors - US Forces Vietnam gallery for all of the new pics (6 figs in total). Until next time!

Attack of the wire people!  
October 1st, 2008

I find that I will make something, or build something and be very happy with the way I did it, then I will come back to a similar project a few months or years later and say 'How did I do that again?'. Then I will have to re-learn the whole process! So, in truth, that is the primary inspiration for my Articles section! And my latest article is no exception! After re-learning how to make a good armature no less than three times, I decided to document it! Check out my latest article: Building simple armatures for sculpting people.... It's fun, informative, and easy to follow! Naturally, I will be writing a slew of articles* on sculpting in the coming months, so stay tuned!

* I make no promises as I am lead by my poor attention span ;)

Here a snip, there a snip...  
September 30th, 2008

A little update today... I finished off a conversion for one of my remaining US marine/army figs from Viet Nam. I didn't want to fork over for a pack of 15 soldiers with M60 machine guns when I only needed one, so I simply snipped the M16 from one and slapped some putty on there. It is a little sloppy, but it will do the trick! Check out the conversion in the Greens gallery.

I also update my Links section, adding in a couple of great blogs! Tabletop-hdr and Unfinished Armies are the blogs, thanks for the heads up from Tankred on those, and thanks as well for posting a link to my US Forces Vietnam gallery! Check out the links section for links to those sites.

Finally, I updated my unpainted figures sub-blog... or mini blog... After finishing those Samurai, I was all out of 15mm DBA armies to paint... Yep, you guessed it... Anyway, check out the Unpainted section for the details. Until next time.

Get HQ on the horn!  
September 29th, 2008

More action from Viet Nam! This time, four more US forces! Although the West Wind figs are a bit rough around the edges, they do have character, and so they were fun to paint! After these four, I am only six figs away from finishing all of the figs I have for this project.... Of course, Odin only knows whether or not I will pick up another pack of 20 figs for Viet Nam tomorrow ;) Anyway, to see the new figs, check out the Imerialist Aggressors AKA: US Forces Vietnam gallery. Until next time!!!

Call in the slicks!  
September 23rd, 2008

After finishing two 15mm DBA armies over a couple of months, I really needed a short* break from 15mm stuff... I was trying to figure out what to do that would be much different from 15mm Samurai, and I decided to go with US invasion era Viet Nam. It's still in Asia, but it's a whole different ballgame...

I had wanted to pick up a 1/48th scale** huey for a long time, so the other week I finally did. I also figured out that if I put it in a place where I always see it, I will actually remember it and want to paint it up! So, sure enough, here it is.... I will likely finish painting the remaining ten US army figs that I have for this era as well over the next few weeks... But we'll see ;) Check out the huey slick in the Imerialist Aggressors AKA: US Forces Vietnam gallery. Until next time!!!

* short is relative, and I make no promises either way!
** 1/48th scale is the best scale for 28mm figs!

A camp for Daimyo Burakutori  
September 17th, 2008

Polished off the 15mm samurai by finishing a camp! Now it is already to get filled full of arrows this coming Friday! Check out the new camp in the 15mm Samurai gallery.

Also, my buddy painted up 3+ loaner armies for the tournament this Friday... Crazy amount of work, so I figured I would put in my share and make camps to go with his armies! Check those camps out (as well as my samurai camp) in the DBA Terrain Gallery. Until next time!

Daimyo Burakutori - His horde assembled!  
September 15th, 2008

The Samurai are finally finished! Finally you say? Weren't they only just half done? That's correct. It took three weeks to paint the first half of the army, and then one to paint the second half! The truth is, the first half was all pretty much test fig action. When I got to the second half, they were all pretty much figs I had painted. Also, the paint scheme for the Samurai is pretty uniform, and so there were only really four colours per fig (black, red, skin, and then either yellow or beige, but not both). Anyway, check out the 15mm Samurai gallery to see them all. I also put a one-stop shop type of gallery that includes all of the pictures up in the DBA section of the Articles section, so check that out if you like!

What's next? Well, I need to take a break from 15mm figs I think. Maybe some Vietnam era stuff... A helicoptor or some US troops or something... You know though, I went for three days without an unpainted 15mm DBA army! Then, alas, I recieved an army in the mail today... But it will have to wait! Until next time!

Daimyo Burakutori arrives on the battlefield!  
September 8th, 2008

Plodding ahead with the DBA Samurai action! At this point I am half way through the army, now that I finished the two cavalry elements! And it isn't the easy part of the army. This time I decided the do the more labourious elements first. So, six cavalry figs for the general and other cavalry elements. That leaves two elements of 5 warband figs, three elements of 4 samurai figs, and a single element of three spearmen! Anyway, check out the latest figs in the 15mm Samurai gallery. Until next time!

The hordes of Daimyo Burakutori assemble!  
September 2nd, 2008

Things seem pretty slow to me... Only two 15mm DBA elements in a one week period? What's the deal you might be wondering? Well, I am working on another project that is top secret at the moment... And unfortuntely it will be for more than a few months to come I think... But stay tuned, I will post more on that in the months to come.

For now, check out my latest addition to my 15mm DBA Samurai army! This time it is a couple elements of monks. The Samurai army lets you choose either four elements of monk warbands, four elements of ashigaru spearmen, or four elements of peasants hordes. Out of character for me, I chose monks because they have a knack of beating the snot out of samurai (blade) elements... Given my restricted time frame (getting these ready for an event at the end of September) I should have gone with the spearmen! Far fewer figs (3 per elements, as opposed to 5 for monk warband elements)!! Politically, I should really have gone with the peasant horde, but those elements require 7 figs!! But I am blathering... Check out the new monk warband figs in the 15mm Samurai gallery. Until next time!

Domo Arigato!  
August 25th, 2008

Yet another new 15mm DBA army! When will it ever stop I wonder? Maybe never! This time it is 15mm Samurai. Not my primary interest, but a buddy of mine is running a 'for fun' tournament based on Samurai called 'Samurai Night Fever' and I couldn't resist getting involved. As a consequence, my samurai are pretty generic, lacking all of the complex armour and clothing designs that one might see in a Samurai army. But I am happy with them none-the-less! Check them out in the new 15mm Samurai gallery. Until next time!

The raid of Kilmacdough!  
August 18th, 2008

I just finished my second viking 'away' camp for my 15mm viking DBA army! This is the one that i have been hinting at! It is likely the most work I have put into a DBA camp simply because I sculpted two figs for it! Other than the figs, it was a pretty straight forward camp. I used insulation styro-foam for the tower itself, and the rest was MDF, woodland scenics, and tooth picks. Anyway, check out the camp from more than a few angles in the DBA Terrain gallery.

Also, for completeness, I put a picture of the second monk from the scene into the 15mm Civilians Gallery. I imagine that the 15mm civilians gallery is going to be made up primarily with civilians that hang out in DBA camps ;) Until next time!

Gabrial Darkblood...  
August 13th, 2008

Last week I bought a reaper miniature for my D&D campaign! This week it is painted! At least though I bought it recently, I ended up painting it recently as well! It is odd really, I had a 9000 point Games Workshop Undead army (that's right, I built it when the army was called 'undead', and you could field mummies, mounted skeletons, and skull chuckers all in the same army!), I didn't really have all that many vampires... So I bought a new one. Even though it is for the D&D action I put it in the undead gallery. I have also been looking at the new GW Vampire Counts book... Since I have hundreds of skeletons and zombies, I may well be enticed one day to put this guy at the head of an undead army... One day as in *possibly in the next 20 years, if I live that long*... Anyway, check the fig out in the Undead gallery! Until next time!

The horde marches from Novgorod!  
August 11th, 2008

The Russians are done!!! I am very happy to finally be finished these figs. Now, all of my backlogged DBA figs are done... That is, all of the figs that I had been sitting on for two years anyway. I have a couple more armies that I have purchased in the last few months that aren't done yet, but still! Anyway, check out the last two elements of cavalry as well as a picture of the army all together and a collection of the notable shields in the Early Russians gallery! Also, I put the army all together in a single, linkable collection for Fanaticus.org, check that out in the articles section under III/78 Russian Army.

I also did some more work on the miniatures I have been sculpting. I finished the female warrior I was working on. I bulked out the hips, put on some hair and fixed the hands up. I am pretty happy with it overall. I have also been working on getting the female form right on a couple of armatures, not an easy task, especially in 15mm. I have had to exaggerate the proportions a little, making some question the skinny waist and the wide hips. I don't want to portray females in a negative way, so I will fix up the waits when I put clothes on the figs... Anyway, check out all of those new greens in the greens gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

More green WIP shots...  
August 7th, 2008

More greens this week. Both of these are WIP pics of the figs I am currently working on. Two figs, another monk and a female Irish warrior. The monk is for my Viking DBA camp project, the Irish warrior is a test fig for a line of female Irish warriors I am planning on doing.

Overall I am pretty happy with both, but not super happy with either. My faces aren't bad but they are flat... I have to shape the face before I put on the detail I think. The hands need work, it's because I am trying to do them all at once... I need to put up a greenstuff armature first, let that cure, and then add details. Laziness just won't cut it I'm afraid... Anyway, check them out in the greens gallery. I also updated my unpainted section recently. My current total of unpainted figs is 817. Not too, too bad :) Until next time!

Army of a thousand horses....  
August 4th, 2008

... or so this Early Russian army seems to me. Five cavalry elements and two light horse elements and I am dying. Too many horses! But, it is all in my mind, as these figs still go together pretty quickly... Especially once I get the highlighting scheme all set. Of course, I know there are armies with many more cavalry/knight elements (Thematic Byzantines for example) so I shouldn't complain too loudly!

In any case, I have completed two more elements of cavalry, and I have only four more figs to paint to finish the army! So, I am debating whether or not to take some time to sculpt that other monk I have been planning, or to just finish this army and pack it away! But anyway, check out the new Russian cavalry figs in the 15mm Early Russians Gallery!

Also, I decided to put a contact page on this site for all of those people with questions or comments regarding the site or its content. Check out the Contact link in the link menu to the left there. Send me an email if you like! No spamming or soliciting please! Until next time!

Is that a monk running there?  
July 31st, 2008

Since I painted the monk yesterday night, I figured I would post a picture today; more than a few people were curious to see how it would paint up. To be honest (and not to sound too cocky) it was one of the easiest 15mm figures I have ever painted. Not exactly sure why, except that the folds in the fabric, the details, and the facial features were very well defined. Sure, it makes me sound like a good sculptor, but it might very well have a lot to do with the difference between painting a green and painting a fig cast from a mould. Tough to say.

Anyway, I figured I would take a pic of an Essex dark age camp dude napping that I painted up a while ago as well and create a 15mm civilian gallery. Therefor this update wouldn't be such a small one ;) Check out the painted monk and the sleeping (or dead?) camp follower in the 15mm Civilians gallery. Until next time!

Invasion of the little green men!  
July 29th, 2008

Another update already! I was going to hold out on this one until I had finished all of the figs I was going to do for the project, but I was so excited to post it that I couldn't wait. I finished my first green in over two years! This one is a 15mm monk that I am planning to use for a DBA camp terrain piece that I have cooking; I won't say anything more about it yet! The sculpt isn't perfect, but I am happy with it! Check it out in the greens gallery. Next update will still be 15mm Russians... I hope ;)

Odin sends forth the Swedes!  
July 28th, 2008

This week marks the start of a new project... Since I have recently decided that the only thing better than one Viking army is two Viking armies, I started a second Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) Viking army in 28mm, this one is a Swedish army. Why? Well, I have a boatload of unpainted Vikings in lead. I also have a 1500 point Norwegian viking army already, so the Swedes have an enemy! Finally, I read 'Sword Song' by Rosemary Sutcliff recently and had the urge to do some longship sea battles!

I also wanted to do a Swedish army for some time, but the WAB Shieldwall supplement doesn't include one! I got my hands on the WAB Byzamtium supplement though, and in there there are two options for Swedes: either the early Rus list (which includes rules for the swine array and shieldwall), or the Danes (they imply the Swedes fought like the Danes, the Danes have +1 toughness as well!). I can decide later which list I will use, but for now, I have dreams of 28mm vikings! For this project I will also need to build three more viking ships; I currently have two longships and a knorr boat. I want at least two more longships and maybe another knorr or longship on top of that to do justice to the viking sea battles! It's a big project, and I currently don't have anyone else interested in it, so we'll see how far it gets ;) So far I have 11 Swedish viking figs ready for it, that means I only have 79 more to go!

As a consequence of this, I have changed the name of the old 28mm viking gallery the the "Norwegian Vikings". The new Swedish vikings can be viewed in the Swedish Viking gallery! Next week it is back to those 15mm Russians, but I will be painting more vikings soon! I hope at least ;) Until next time, enjoy!

To the defense of Novgorod!  
July 21st, 2008

More work on my 15mm Early Russian army for DBA, this time the two elements of spears. I love painting figures with armour... They go together pretty quickly, as metallics I find easier to paint; they are much more forgiving, so highlighting them doesn't require the same level of meticulousness. Also, since the armour covers up the fabrics, I don't have to paint fabric patterns! With these done that puts me at eight out of twelve elements, and so I am over half way! Of course, all I have left are the four units of 3Cv elements, which is a lot of painting :) Anyway, check out the 15mm Early Russians Gallery for those two elements of spears!

Those who come with a sword...  
July 15th, 2008

... to us will die from that sword! A famous quote from the 1938 Alexander Nevski movie! It fits with this update, which is an army notes article for the III/78 Early Russian DBA army. Check it out in the DBA section of the articles section of the site and get ready to build an Early Russian army so you can fight with other Early Russian armies for the rights to kiss up to the Mongols! (thanks to the infamous Spanikopetes for that one!).

Frailty, thy name is woman?  
July 13th, 2008

With my latest D&D character, I think old Shakespeare had it wrong... Certainly this player of players, bard of bards isn't shy about bringing it all to blows! Just watch out for the instrument! Anyway, before I go on and on any more, check out the D&D gallery for my latest D&D fig. I needed these two this week, so now the bard and the orc are done! I still need an entire multi-racial (elf, human, dwarf.. etc) crew, but I don't even have the figs for it so I guess it will have to wait :) Anyway, until next time!

Yar! There be blue sailors here!  
July 11th, 2008

A couple of updated galleries today! The first is the D&D gallery again. My players happened to capture a ship and free a crew, lead by a half-orc barbarian. So, I painted up the barbarian. Now I just have to paint up the rest of the crew! Anyway, until then, check out the half-orc in the D&D gallery for pictures of that fig.

Some more elements for my 15mm Early Russian DBA army are done as well. A couple of Light Horse elements to be exact. These I had been looking forward to doing for some time just so that I could put the horses on the base at an angle. That is how light horse troops typically fought anyway, but running up and down the enemy lines, strafing all the way. Check out those two elements in the 15mm Early Russians Gallery.

Also, I finally decided to put in support for RSS! All of you who were tired of randomly checking to see if the site was updated can now simply subscribe to the RSS feed and have the feed automatically let you know when there is new content! Check out the RSS link in the menu bar! Until next time!

Hyrekia! Elf sorceress Goes to Auction!  
July 6th, 2008
I put Hyrekia up on eBay! Check out the Auctions section for a link to the action! Until next time!
Hyrekia! Elf sorceress!  
July 4th, 2008

I had some time recently to paint up Hyrekia. She is a Reaper figure sculpted by Werner Klocke that is very nice! I deliberated over colour schemes endlessly until finally I just decided to paint it. I am pretty happy with how it turned out! This one is going to auction tomorrow, so, stay tuned for that! In the mean time, check her out in the Dungeons & Dragons gallery!

I also managed to paint up three elements/bases of Early Russians for my Early Russian 15mm DBA army project! That army is really coming along now! 1/3 the way done! Of course, I just painted the 2 Psiloi and 3 Auxalia elements, which are the fastest to paint... So it should slow doen from here... Some people have mentioned that they look a little like Santa or Santa's elves, but I stick to my guns: Santa looks like them! They are fairly accurate, at least according to Osprey :) See for yourself in the picture to the right! Anyway, check out the figs in the 15mm Early Russians Gallery. Until next time!

They ride to stop the Tatar Hordes!  
July 2nd, 2008

Back to some 15mm action! This time I decided to get those Early Russians underway for some DBA action! Actually, I don't intend to play with them all that much as I don't know too many people with armies that match up against them... except the vikings of course :) I am painting them mostly because I want to paint DBA stuff and I have had these figs for almost two years... So, check out the new 15mm Early Russians Gallery in the armies sections.

I also took some time to count up the unpainted figs that i had! Why? I was inspired by Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog. The guy 'takes stock' of his figs once in a while and puts together projects and whatnot, so I figured I would do the same... Like most gamers I have more figs than I need. But my goal is to get to a point where I have no backlog, where I buy and paint the figs that I want before I buy more! A pipe dream? Likely! But hey, I might as well keep track of my inevitable failure! So, check out the Unpainted link in the menu to the left there and see exactly what I have left to paint! I might not update it perfectly, but I will update it from time to time :) Until then though, my total number of unpainted figs is at a mere 855! Until next time, enjoy!

And the raiders are ready for plunder!  
June 27th, 2008

I finally finished all of the raiders that I plan to do! Initially it was going to be a small raiding party, but now it has grown into an entire ship's crew! It is a skirmish army in its own right! I am sure that fleets of raiders will grace the shores of Middle-earth as well as England and Ireland in the next little while during game play! Check out the remaining raiders, as well as some shots of them raiding and English village in the Sea Raiders gallery. Until next time!

Strohm's green hand!  
June 20th, 2008

A few updates today! Firstly, I painted up a fig for myD&D and auction action! This one is Strohm the elemental sorcerer monk from Reaper. It was fun to paint and it is the first fig I ever painted that had a white base coat! I ended up mostly just painting black over the white, but hey, it was worth a try! Check out the fig in the D&D miniatures gallery! This one will be up for auction tomorrow! Along with this fig I put together a new section on my site called the Characters section and added a link to the menu on the left. There I will have little character blurbs about the miniatures that I fancy or sell! So, check out Strohm's character background there!


I also finished off a camp follower element/unit for my dark age DBA armies. I will use it for my current viking army, as well as my Early Russian army that is currently in production. I am sure I will put together more than a few more DBA armies from that period as well, so it will see a lot of use. For now, check it out in the 15mm Viking gallery.

Finally, I am almost done my raiders from the sea! I finally got my Viking Shield Maidens from Wargames Foundry. Unfortunately they were mostly half naked, so it took some work to get them into realistic clothes! I figured I would take some pics, but they didn't all turn out and the figs are already base coated! Thus the blurry image above! For the other two who had minor alterations, check out the greens gallery. That's it for now, until next time, enjoy!

Hey Joe, where you goin' with that bell in your hand?  
June 16th, 2008

A little bit more time has passed since my last update that I would have liked... Spring cleaning has taken a bit of my miniature painting time, but I assure you, it was worth it! Still, I managed to get back to some 15mm figs this time. Although the 15mm DBA Andalusian army itself is done, the complete army isn't done until the camp, or in this case 'camps' are finished as well; how can you field a DBA army without a camp?

Putting into motion my idea of having a home and away camps I painted up some arab civilians that I ordered from Essex while I was painting the army itself and built some little terrain scenes. This was my first 'home and away' camp design, and I am pretty happy with myself for these two pieces! Check them out in the DBA Terrain Gallery. I also put the pictures in the 15mm Andalusian gallery for ease and consistency.

So what's next... I guess I still have to put together an Andalusian BUA for those 15mm figs. I also have a 15mm Early Russian DBA army waiting for some attention. More sea raiders are also on the table, and I have some females coming as well (Wargames Foundry Shield Maidens). But who knows, I might just do something completely different... Anyway, until next time!

More raiders ravage the coast!  
June 6th, 2008

More sea raiders. This time a handful of archers, a ship's kid, and a few more fighters. I am enjoying the raiders project. It gives me an excuse to paint more vikings, and I may very well actually use them as vikings some day. Skattered among the others I have, they won't look out of place for their uniformity. Check out the latest batch in the Sea Raiders gallery.

I also sold that Shaedra figure that went up for auction a second time. I always waffle between setting a higher price for the auction, or simply setting it at $0.99. I mean, for the time I put into that fig, and the costs to buy it and list it, $30 isn't really all that much. That being said, I am happy that it sold and I hope the buyer enjoys it! It is well worth the money! In any case, I have a few more figs being painted to sell, which should be done shortly. Until then, enjoy!

The raiders came like ghosts from the fog...  
May 30th, 2008

I have been taking a little break from painting for a couple weeks... Well, painting miniatures anyway :) I painted my house though! Anyway, I finally have another content update! This time, some generic raiders. These raiders are meant to play a number of roles: Dark Age viking sailors, sailors for my D&D campaign, sailors for my Gondorian fleets, as well as simply generic raiders inspired by Robin Hobb's Assassin's trilogy. Check them out in the Sea Raiders gallery. Until next time!

Shaedra, back on the block!  
May 26th, 2008

Well, that fig didn't sell... I relisted it at 99 cents, so hopefully it will sell this time :) Check out the relisted auction in the Auctions section. Until next time!

Shaedra will turn your undead!  
May 19th, 2008

I left the 15mm scene for some more 28mm action... Needed to give my eyes a break for a bit. Also, even though those DBA armies are small armies, they are still entire armies! But yeah, decided to paint a one-off fig to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and paint a Reaper Paladin nameds Shaedra by Werner Klocke. A challenging but rewarding fig to paint for sure! This one is going straight to the auction block. Check out the fig in the D&D Gallery. Check out the auction in the Auctions section. Until next time, enjoy!

Almanzor's host marches on Iberia!  
May 8th, 2008

So, I just realized that five days ago marked the three year anniversary of the first post I made on this Website! The very first post was on May 3rd, 2005, and just introduced the site. At the time there were no army galleries up! It's been a good three years for the site though. It went from basically nothing to a host for over 20 articles, over 10 battle reports, 40 army galleries, and 20 terrain galleries... But that's not nearly enough for three years of work! I promise to try to get my but in gear over the next three years!

Anyway, I finally finished my Andalusian DBA (III/34) army! Finally! I blame the patterned clothing for the month and a half long process. It was great though. I liked it so much that I am scheming on building a Feudal Spanish army (III/35) just so that I can paint some more Andalusians as allies! So, check out the finished army in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Also, I wrapped the army up into a single page presentation for Fanaticus. Check that one out here. I also cleaned up the viking army single DBA army page and rolled it into the website. Previously it was just a random page... Nothing has really changed other than the added headers and links, but check out the old viking army wrap up page here. Until next time, enjoy! the next litt

Steinthor goes raiding!  
May 1st, 2008

A pretty big update today! First, I uploaded pictures of all of my DBA terrain to the DBA Terrain Gallery, check that out in the galleries section! Some good stuff in there! I also finished off an element of light horse for my Andalusians! Now I am ready to field that army! Check that unit out in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. I also put together a quick article on how to paint fabric patterns, check it out as well!

Last but not least I finally put up some more battle reports! After deciding to write them up I also decided to do another campaign report! This campaign report isn't exactly like the Lord of the Rings campaign that I ran, but more a following of all of the DBA battles I have had with my DBA viking army! I have named the army leader Steinthor, and so, the campaign follows him and his warriors! So, you guessed it, the two new battle reports are for my DBA viking army! So, check out the Raid! Pillage! loot! campaign in the Campaigns section of the site. It gives a general overview of all of the battles as well as links to the battle reports! The battles can be viewed in the Battles section of the site, the battles are: Steinthor vs. Fionnlagh and Steinthor goes to Wales. Until next time, enjoy!

Over hills and forts they fight!  
April 28th, 2008

No, not an Andalusian update yet! I put that project aside to finish off my DBA terrain. I still needed the linear terrain pieces! So, after doing a search of the Fanaticus forum I found Paul Hannah's brief description of how he put together his waterway and decided to morph that into a river, a waterway, and a road. So, I put together the terrain and some articles. Check out the Waterway and River building article, the Road building article, and the Viking Fort BUA articles!

I also threw together a DBA terrain gallery. Currently there is only the Viking camp and the recently completed BUA, but soon I will post my whole DBA terrain collections... I realized while doing this stuff that DBA is almost a board game... It certainly is on the cusp of board game and miniature game... Anyway, check out the terrain gallery here. Finally, I also updated the thatch roof article with the twine thatch method! Until next time, have fun!

The horde *almost* amassed!  
April 25nd, 2008

More Andalusians for my 15mm DBA project! This time I polished off the foot required to field the 'B' version of the army. Now, to field the entire 'B' version of the army all I need to paint is a single element of light horse (two figs!). To finish both the 'A' and 'B' list I still have to paint the previously mentioned light horse as well as a unit of cavalry (3 figs) and another two units of psiloi (4 figs). So, since I have painted 8 cavalry figs and 20 foots figs, I am way, way over half way!

So, I broke out the old soviet chess clock that I have for this one so that I could actually see how long it took to paint the figs. It was quite an enlightening endeavor, here's what I found:

  • 15 minutes: Prepping and gluing the figs down to the painting surface
  • 3 hours, 5 minutes: Basic painting - painting and highlighting all colours
  • 35 minutes: Painting four shields
  • 2 hours, 30 minutes: Painting cloth patterns!

So, looking at those numbers, here are the interesting averages to come out of it all:

  • 23 minutes, 7 seconds per basic fig
  • 18 minutes, 45 seconds to put cloth details on each fig
  • 8 minutes, 45 seconds per shield design

Pretty interesting for me :) Anyway, check out the three new elements: One unit of four spear and two units of two psiloi in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Until next time!

Show me your horse, and I will tell you what you are...  
April 22nd, 2008

Up until this morning I have been splitting my time between three different projects, and it has slowed productivity a bit... I started on some light horse figs for my Andalusians, as well as more foot troops for that army, and then I started on another fantasy adventurer type fig... This morning I finished off the light horse for my Andalusians, and so I finally have an update! I am liking the way these figs are turning out, but the mounted elements are starting to look pretty similar to each other. I will have to switch up the next one I think :) Anyway, check out the latest element in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Until next time!

Is that an arrow in your throat or are you just happy to see me?  
April 17th, 2008

More elements for my 15mm Andalusian DBA army! This time bow-armed skirmishers! They are great to put together because each element is made up of only two figs! I really put some effort into details into their clothing this time. It seems the more ideas I try, the more ideas I come up with! Anway, check out the new elements in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Until next time!

Drive the vikings to the sea!  
April 11th, 2008

I have finished my third stand of cavalry for my DBA Andalusian army! I am pretty happy with it to be sure. I figured I would take a bit more initiative and put some more 'stuff' on the base. Don't get me wrong, I love the simple bases, but I also like character! So, I sculpted a dead viking (vikings are my other DBA army) and skewered it with a little paperclip piece (same stuff I used for the javelins held by the Andalusians) and viola! Dead viking action! Anyway, check out the latest element for my Andalusians in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Until next time!

Andalusian armies - the background!  
April 8th, 2008

A little something I have been working on in my head for a while. I figured, after seeing the Army Notes section on the Fanaticus DBA Website, that I would put one together for the Andalusians. I figured I could use it myself in the future, and maybe others could use it as well. Check out the articles section for the Andalusian - DBA article and get your DBA Andalusian army underway! As for the miniatures, I am still putting them together. But, for your reference, my DBA andalusians can be found in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Until next time!

There, the horse and the rider...  
April 5th, 2008

I finished the 3 cavalry general's element for the 15mm DBA al-Andalus army that I started recently! I really wanted to do a good job on it and I happened across some very well painted 15mm Demonworld figures. That inspired me to paint these even better than the spears that I recently painted for this army. It also inspired me to go back to fix up those spears a bit as well ;) Check the 3Cv general's element in the 15mm Andalusian gallery.

I also put the female pirate, Vandora Waverunner, up for sale! Check out the Auctions section for the relevant link! Something is wrong with CMON's parsing of eBay auctions though now, so I am not sure if it will sell! Anyway, until next time!

Get to work you stinkin' bilge rats!  
April 2nd, 2008

A couple of projects finished this week. First, a camp follower stand for my Viking DBA army. It is also going to double for a Warmaster general base if I ever play that game, which I don't plan on playing :) Anyway, I did it primarily to practice painting horses before I start on those 15mm Andalusian light horse and cavalry units! Check it out in the Viking DBA Gallery.

I also finished a fig that I am putting up for auction. This one is Reaper Miniature's Vandora Waverunner. It is an excellently sculpted and cast fig that was a pleasure to paint. I also built a ship's fore deck under her as a scenic base! I did it for a couple of reasons... Primarily to try my hand at ship building again... I like the ship action, and so I might build another one after the success of Vandora's scenic base! Anyway, check it out in the D&D miniatures gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Raise your horse as a son, ride it as an enemy...  
March 27th, 2008

... or so they say in Andalusia. I finally decided to get around to those 15mm Andalusians that I had bought... oh, a year and a half ago for DBA. I greatly enjoyed putting together my 15mm Vikings for DBA back then, but the game itself sorta turned me off. The people that play it in my town are great, but I find the game itself difficult because of the rules. Written by someone who seems to me to be arrogant, and of the attitude that 'if you can't figure out the poor grammar and sentence complexity in the rules, you don't deserve to know them', I was turned off. To be honest, I was also turned off because I didn't want to have to live up to the work I did on those Vikings...

But, because the people that play in town are such great people to play with, and because it is so easy to amass armies quickly, I was drawn back in. I also wanted to pick up a project that would allow me to paint some pretty nice figs really well. After the Camelot project, I wanted to get back to a real set of historical figs! So, it was to be the Andalusians. One of my favourite dark age cultures, I decided to start with spears. This was simply because I had already done some Andalusians spears in 28mm and so I could just paint them without worrying about spending time researching. Anyway, the army is mostly cavalry and skirmishing archers (also known as psiloi in DBA terminology...), so it should be fun and fast to paint! Anyway, check out the first stand of 15mm Andalusians in the 15mm Andalusian gallery. Next up, I have some figs to paint and sell, but then I will be back to this DBA project! Stay tuned!

The armies of Camelot are on the move!  
March 24th, 2008

More Shadows over Camelot figures. The figures are driving me nuts! My favourite of the latest bunch were probably the catapults. The knights are tough to do because the sculpts are poor. As a consequence, I am going to have to walk away from these figs for a while. I will paint something a bit more interesting for me and (hopefully) come back to these figs later ;)

In the mean time, check out the pieces that I have done so far in the Shadows over Camelot Gallery. The latest are Gawain, Galahad, Lancelot's Armour, excalibur, the grail, and the siege engines! Only four more figs to go, but I can't bring myself to finish them! Anyway, until next time, enjoy!

Lady Guinevere and Sir Tristan at your service!  
March 20th, 2008

I am still struggling to find time to paint. With the paintball season starting, along with the daunting task of painting the Shadows over Camelot figs I have been hard pressed to sit down and paint as much as I had been in the past. The Shadows figs aren't terrible, but almost! They were made as game pieces, and not as quality miniatures unlike some other board games on the market. As such, it has been hard to find the initiative.

But I did get a couple painted, one of which was the figure I chose for Guinevere; she is a druidess from Fenryll miniatures. She was a pleasure to paint, and it made me wonder why Fenryll isn't more popular these days... But I digress. Check out Guinevere and Sir Tristan in the Shadows over Camelot Gallery. I am almost done the twelve tiny catapaults as well, and so will post pictures of them soon!

Also this week I relisted Bailey Silverbell, the dwarf scout fig. The price has been reduced, so hopefully someone will scoop up that beautiful sculpt with a great paintjob. Check out the Auctions section for a link to the latest auction! Until next time, enjoy!

The Picts loom over the realm!  
March 14th, 2008

I have been super busy this week. There were a couple days in there where I didn't even look at a brush or a fig... Much to my chagrin. That on top of a complex, first time type of project and I wasn't very productive. But I did paint up the next four figs from Shadows over Camelot. This time, a few Picts! The figs weren't terrible, and it was cool to paint some tattoos! Check out those figs in the Shadows over Camelot Gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

A Shadow falls over Camelot...  
March 3rd, 2008

After reading a great book by Alfie Kohn titled NO CONTEST: The Case Against Competition, I was impressed. It really showed me the issues with the competitive construct, and that it wasn't something that I wanted to spend much more time on... So I started look for cooperative games. I found there were more than a few, but I wanted something with miniatures...

Enter Shadows over Camelot. I thought it was the answer to all of my hopes. Sure, I don't really like the monarchist slant to the game, nor the rampant sexism... but hey it is a cooperative war game, how much could I expect? Anyway, it turned out to be pretty good, but I didn't appreciate the competitive back door built into the game with the whole traitor thing... Still, I enjoyed it even if my close-minded 'friends' didn't. Anyway, I decided to paint up the figs that were included in the game because, hey, why not? So, check the first four figs in the Shadows over Camelot Gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

The dwarves march to war!  
March 1st, 2008

The dwarves are done! I think this is truly the first 28mm army that I have completed... I don't have a sinlge unpainted dwarf in my collection now! It feels kinda strange, but in a good way... Now I can store those dwarves away and forget about them! Or maybe I will truck them down to the local GW store and get a game or two out of them...

So, the army itself is made up of 59 figs, adding up to just over 1000 points. That should give me a lot of options... Well, as many as there are with this army anyway. I am happy with it and I think I will try to stick with this 'one army at a time' methodology for painting and maybe I can start eating through that 1000+ miniature backlog! Anyway, check out the five dwarf army pictures, the new banner, and the two new sets of warriors in the Iron Hills Gallery. Until next time!

We've spotted a ship to stern captain!  
February 26th, 2008

The Airship is painted and detailed and mounted on a non-telescopic base. I thought about putting it on a telescopic base, but I figured it wasn't worth the time and energy, as, ultimately, I will be lucky to use this ship in any sort of gaming capacity more than once! Anyway, check out the finished airship in the Airships gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Drink up me harties! Yo ho!  
February 19th, 2008

As promised, I built a ship. Nope, not a ship of the waters, but a 1/285th scale airship for my Hetwah D&D campaign. To be honest I can't believe how easily and quickly this ship came together. I have the Prancing Pony project to thank ultimately. For that project I sculpted some insulation foam to make the windows dressings of the front right window. Previous to that I had only ever used an exacto knife on that foam. But for that project I sanded, cut, melted... and so on.

So, once I cut the hull shape and then sculpted it into the exact shape I needed it, I was past the hardest part. Everything else just fell together. It reminded me of a joke I read in a joke book when I was a kid. The joke went something like this: How do you carve an elephant from a giant stone? You chip away everything that doesn't look like an elephant. Anyway, I digress. Check out the unpainted ship in the Airships gallery. Until next time!

Dain comes with his dwarves!  
February 15th, 2008

Dain is painted! Along with Dain I finished five more plastic warriors. Those plastic warriors sure paint up fast, and they look good on the battlefield as well. I am quite happy with them. I am also quite happy with Dain. Check out Dain, two more two handed axe warriors, and three more archers in the Iron Hills Gallery!

I have the urge to build some ships now... The culmination of of me turing to pirates, my airship based D&D campaign, and the release of the corsairs from GW's Lord of the Rings line of figs has me itchin' for the salty spray. I might build some ships... Air ships, corsair ships... Or maybe I will start a whole new genre and just build a pirate ship of the barbary coast! Of course, it's all speculation at this point ;)

Bailey Silverbell goes to auction!  
February 12th, 2008

Another quick update. I have decided to sell my Bailey Silverbell female dwarf fig. This one is a Werner Klocke fig from Reaper Miniatures. A very nice fig, but just not right for the scale of my Lord of the Rings dwarf collection. Check that out in the Auctions section.

Also, don't forget that my latest Tiriel is already up for auction and it ends tomorrow! Thanks for looking everyone! Until next time!

Dain with mail and mattock... er, I mean axe.  
February 11th, 2008

Back to the dwarves... I really want to finish this army... The Dain conversion is done, the fig is half painted (or more than half?). Five more of the dwarf warrior plastics I have are half painted... That leaves only the standard bearer repaint and five more dwarf warriors! I am so close I can smell it! Unfortunately I am also losing steam for this project... This always seems to happen to me. I think I might need to play a game or two with them to spur me on a little... Who knows, maybe I will write a battle report! Check out the Dain conversion in the Greens Gallery. Until next time!

Another Tiriel goes to auction!  
February 6th, 2008

I recently painted up another (and possibly last) Tiriel figure. This one is of her kneeling on a rather fancy-schmancy rug in some wooden building. A little different from my usual style, but I am still happy with it. Check it out in the D&D Figs gallery. It is also up for auction currently. Check out the auction in the Auctions section. Until next time, enjoy!

Baruk Khazad! To the siege engines!  
February 5th, 2008

I finished and took some pictures of the dwarf ballista finally. I posted the new picture in the Iron Hills Gallery, so check it out in the Armies section. I also updated and completed the Converting a Dwarf Ballista Team article, so check that one out in the Articles section of the site! Until next time, enjoy!

Over the plains and roads of the realm...  
February 4th, 2008

A change in gears this week. I put together this modular terrain board a few weeks ago and have been waffling on putting it up because it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. It just goes to show me really that there is a lot of stuff I have yet to learn about terrain, and in this case, creating appealing ground cover! Anyway, check out the modular terrain in the new, reorganized terrain section! The gallery is in the Battlefields and Natural Terrain sub section of the terrain section in the Modular Terrain gallery.

I am losing steam on those dwarves... So I am starting to paint my last Tiriel from Hasslefree miniatures. I have painted more than a few of these and this will likely be my last one. Of course, I will never say never because who knows ;) After that I will go back to dwarves though, only ten more to paint and then I am done my entire dwarf army! Until next time...

With balsa and greenstuff they will lay siege!  
February 1st, 2008

I finally got around to painting those dwarves for my ballista project as well as three archers! I am pretty happy with the way things are going as I only have ten more of those plastic dwarves to paint! Woo! Anyway, check out the ballista engineer and captian as well as the three archers in the Iron Hills Gallery!

I also built that ballista from scratch. All that is left of it is to paint it! Then I am done the ballista conversion! I also updated the converting article as well. Check out the latest progress I have made on it in the Converting a Dwarf Ballista Team article in the articles section! Until next time, enjoy!

They come throwing metal balls!  
January 28th, 2008

After the success of my Converting Vault Warden Teams article I decided to do a dwarf ballista team. I like the siege equipment, and I always felt that the equipment itself was easy to build. The only problem I used ot have were the crew. I used to just use standard warriors (with my trebuchets and catapaults for example). But, this time around, I figured I would try to convert some figs, and so another article was born! Currently it is a WIP, but check out the Converting a Dwarf Ballista Team article in the articles section under Miniature Painting & Converting. I also took some close up pics of the figs and put them in the Greens Gallery. If everything goes well, the ballista and crew should be done this week! Until next time!

Dwarven pikes!  
January 25th, 2008

I have finished the vault wardens completely! As such, I also finished the article, now it is comeplete! Check out the Converting Vault Warden Teams article in the articles section! I am very happy with how they turned out, and I am looking forward to seeing how they perform on the battlefield!

I also updated my Iron Hills Gallery with the vault wardens and also a group of three dwarves with two handed axes. Those dwarves really paint up quickly, and they are excellent. I had my reservations initially about the plastics, but now I am liking them more than the matals... I mean, there are fewer unnecessary details on the plastics and they look great beside the metal figs... Anyway, next week I will likely post some pics of the modular terrain board that I finished a couple of weeks ago, along with a tutorial on how I did it. It was so simple... until then!

More dwarves with painted shields!  
January 22nd, 2008

I have finished the vault warden shield bearers! They turned out very well and I am quite happy with them. So, I updated the Converting Vault Warden Teams article with the latest details. All that is left is for the vault warden teams are the spear bearers. I will likely do some chain mail add-ons on those figs... I need to practice some chain mail sculpting for my Dain conversion...

I also updated my Iron Hills Gallery with some bigger pictures of the vault warden shield bearers as well as a couple of plastic dwarves that I painted. Initially I was really disappointed with the plastic figs... Compared to the metal figs there is a lot of detail missing around the sides where the moulds come together. Also, around the shield-bearing hands they are pretty poorly detailed to to restrictions with the plastic moulds. However, after I painted them, and put the shields on, it wasn't really an issue at all. The figs look great! And, since the metal dwarves are $5 each and the plastics are $1.25 each, I can't complain! Anyway, check those out in the Iron Hills Gallery. Until next time...

They come bearing axes... and giant shields!  
January 21st, 2008

Another article already? Well, yeah, that Prancing Pony article was on the back burner for a while, so after I finally put it together, I figured I would put the work-in-progress Vault Warden conversion article together was well. It isn't done, but why not get it up there as a WIP for now anyway? So, check it out in the Miniature Painting and converting section of the Articles section under the Converting Vault Warden Teams header. Until next time!

Building the pony! Step by step!  
January 19th, 2008

A lot of work has kept me from my hobby lately... but I managed to get this article written. I changed the format of the article from my usual overly-verbose essay to a simple, step by step, you-don't-even-need-to-read-it-just-look-at-the-pictures format! Hope you enjoy! The Building the Pony article can be found in the articles section. Until next time!

Aye Captain!  
January 11th, 2008

The terrain project is on hold... but I did finish that dwarf captain conversion! The picture of the green bits can now only be viewed in the Greens Gallery, while the fully painted dwarf captain can now be viewed in the Iron Hills Gallery. Check it out.

Next is the modular terrain... or maybe I will leave that on hold and build some vault wardens or balistas from the plastic dwarf warriors that I have 24 of now... We'll see, but until next time...

Another King from the mines...  
January 8nd, 2008

So my time is currently split between a pesty modular terrain board project and these dwarves. I am pretty happy with myself because I still have the desire to paint dwarves even though I have painted handfulls lately! Hopefully I will be able to keep it up... Now I just have to decide what kind of units I want to convert out of the plastic warriors I have... Should I make some ballistas? Or perhaps some vault warden teams?

In the meantime, I finished another dwarf king and all the sculpting required to convert that dwarf captain. I am pretty happy with it, especially since I haven't sculpted anything for a year and half (since the corsair captain green). Anyway, check out the dwarves in the Iron Hills gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Balin... Lord of where?  
January 2nd, 2008

It's been a couple of weeks since I last updated, and I hope everyone made it into 2008 in one piece! So, I finally finished the dwarves I was working on. I polished those metals that I had with the exception of two dwarf kings left! I was so looking forward to finally finishing and entire army off (that is, finishing painting all of the figs I had), then I broke down and bought some more. A whole box of plastic warriors which puts me 24 figures out of reach of finishing the army off :/ Oh well, the plastics are nice! Check out Balin, another three Khazad Guard and another three archers in the Iron Hills gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Kings of the Deep...  
December 22nd, 2007

I had a chance to finish off some figs that I had already painted... either poorly or had them ruined for some reason. First was the dwarf king holding his axe in a combat ready position. I had to bring that fig up to my current standard. Check that one out in the Iron Hills gallery.

The second figure I finally got around to was that goblin king that I converted ages ago (2003 - five years ago!). The paintjob was ruined by a poor can of GW top coat of some flavour... Anyway, I repainted it and left the old picture in for posterity. Check that out in the Moria gallery for that one! Until next time, enjoy!

The Iron Hills are on the move!  
December 20th, 2007

Working on a couple projects over the last week has slowed things down, but I finally finished both projects... Well, not entirely, but mostly. I have been painting some Khazad Guard in order to try to finish off my Iron Hills army. I have been having fun putting my dwarven army together and I am so close to finishing it off I can taste it! Check out the dwarves in the Iron Hills gallery. All I have left are three more archers, three more khazad guard, three dwarf Kings, and Balin. Woo!

I have also been working on a modular terrain set made up of 60x60cm (2x2') pieces. It has been pretty easy, except for the damn vinyl grass mat. I even have the specific vinyl mat adhesive, but it doesn't work. Nothing works. And since I am gluing it to foam, my glue choices are limited! Oh well. I will post pictures when they are nearer to completion along with a quick tutorial. Until next time, enjoy!

Dwarf scouts rock the spot!  
December 12th, 2007

I am going to try to burn through some figs. Hopefully I can paint a number of them before I feel compelled to buy more! Anyway, I just finished a dwarf scout from Reaper the other day. It is a Werner Klocke fig, and very nice, if somewhat strangely proportioned. Check it on in the Dungeons & Dragons gallery. Until next time...

Fjolmod Crestbreaker will chop you in two!  
December 10th, 2007

Nice to get back to painting again! I painted up the wonderful female dwarf from Hasslfree Miniatures that recently came out. Great fig, top notch. The fig has so much character that I based a D&D character entirely around it! A former slave who has anger management issues... She loses it and goes into a berzerker rage, and then, when it's all over and the dust has settled she laments her actions (well... sometimes) and adjusts her helmet! It's great! Check her out in the Dungeons & Dragons gallery. She also fits pretty well with my Lord of the Rings dwarves, so hopefully she will see some action against the goblins of Moria as well! Until next time, enjoy!

Meet me at the Inn of the Prancing Pony!  
December 5th, 2007

It is finally done! It's done! I am extremely happy that the project has come to completion, and not a moment too soon. Five weeks is pretty much the maximum amount of time I like to spend on any one project... But it was worth it. Anyway, enough talk, go check out the finished pictures in the Prancing Pony galley. Until next time, enjoy!

As they peer through the window...  
December 4th, 2007

Another content update! I am so close to finishing the Prancing Pony that it hangs like a scent under my nose... just out of the reach of my hands... Enough poetry though. In my mad dash to finish the project I managed to take a single picture of the first window I put it. Adding windows is really cool and it really enhances the look of the place. The big windows are the most important of course... I will post a picture of those when I get the chance. Hopefully, if the universe wills it, this will be done tomorrow! Check out the latest picture in the Prancing Pony galley. Until next time, enjoy!

Welcome through the swinging door!  
November 30th, 2007

Finally, a content update! I have finished painting the Pony (finally!). It was a long road but thankfully it is done! Now I am detailing. The tables are painted, the doors are under assembly, and then it is on to the windows. I still have some beds to paint, but this project is on the brink of completion! Woo! Anyway, only a single picture this time of a swinging door prototype. Check it out in the Prancing Pony galley. Until next time, enjoy!

The tramp steamer goes to sea! Er.. I mean auction!  
November 29th, 2007

I built that steamship as part of a group effort on a miniature forum. I claimed that a scratch built steamship would be better than any resin one available! So, myself and a few others built our own, and this steamship up for auction was what I came up with. I never intended to sail her myself, and to give her a better home than my dusty shelf I have desided to sell her! I am proud of this piece, so I hope she fares well on many a miniature battlefield! Check out the Auctions section of the site for the link to the auction! Good luck!

An hour of thumbnails...  
November 26th, 2007

It's been a while since there has been a functionality update on the site! I finally got around to properly implementing my image gallery... I had been meaning to do real thumb galleries for some time, but just didn't want to be bothered to take time away from painting miniatures to do it. But now, since I am trying to work through the crazy Prancing Pony project, I find myself wanting to be away from miniatures more and more! Just kidding! But still, now there are real thumb galleries in the Armies and Terrain gallery sections. Hope you enjoy!.

A nice clean bed to sleep in...  
November 21st, 2007

Another quick update. I finished shingling and tiling the Prancing Pony! Woo! And now I am on to more interesting detail work. Currently, I just want to put everything in that will be glued down so that I can paint it all nicely. Once painted I will add all of the extra details like tables and chairs and such :) Check out one of the fine rooms available in the Prancing Pony galley. Until next time, enjoy!

The 40,000 century ends, at least for me!  
November 20th, 2007

Another update already! I decided to trade away almost all of my Warhammer 40,000 armies today. I kept the Sisters of Battle, but I am getting rid of the Tyranids that I have as well as the Eldar! Yay! To be free of that stuff is nice actually, one less thing to worry about. Of course, since I am trading, I will end up with a few different figs to worry about, but oh well :) Anyway, I took some pics of the painted Tyranids that I wanted to have record of at least. Check them out in the Tyranids gallery.

I also uploaded another picture from the Prancing Pony work in progress action. The roof shingling has come a long way. It takes almost as much effort and time to shingle the roof than to build the entire structure including the roof! It is unbelievable! Anyway, check that out in the Prancing Pony galley. Until next time, enjoy!

Back to the tree! To the tree!  
November 19th, 2007

I am still struggling with that Prancing Pony project, and so have no new material to show yet. Shingling... Tiling... Can there ever be too much of it? Anyway, I didn have the chance while away from my hobby desk to write up another article in the Lothlorien series of articles derived from my work on the Caras Galadhon project. The latest article outlines detailing the tree and describes how I attached stairs, flets, and bridges. It also talks briefly about detailing the base. Check out the Detailing your Lothlorien Mallorn Tree article in the Articles section of the site. Until next time, enjoy!

Roof raising shennanegans at the Prancing Pony!  
November 16th, 2007

As promised, some work in progress shots of the Prancing Pony. Things have come a long way in the last few days and the project is really starting to take shape. Although the end may not be in sight, it is certainly conceivable now :) Check out the new pictures in the Prancing Pony gallery. Until next time, enjoy :)

Whither shall I follow, follow thee?  
November 14th, 2007

Not much of an update today... I have been working on the Prancing Pony lately and it has been taking more time than I thought it would! I mean, the thing was estimated to take a couple of weeks! Two weeks later I still haven't made the roof yet! Oh well, I will post some new progress pictures tomorrow. I am also working on a battle report as well as another article in the Lothlorien thread of articles, this one detailing. Stay tuned!

I did update the links page though. Having neglected it for long enough, I decided to put some stuff in there that has inspired me. First, I added some links to the Tengwar Beacon and the Ports of Pelargir. Those are both Lord of the Rings community sites put together by Grimhelm of Snowbourn as well as others. Great stuff for Lord of the Rings fans. Also, I put up a link to Jeff Clapham's Terrain Galleries. This guy does some wonderfully detailed stuff! Go to the Links Page and check those out!

At the Inn of the Prancing Pony  
November 7th, 2007

A quick update this week. I managed to get quite a ways on my Prancing Pony project... I wanted a generic pub and inn for D&D, and I also wanted to get back into the Lord of the Rings. So naturally, the Inn of the Prancing Pony it had to be! Check out the bottom floor work in progress shots in the Prancing Pony gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

With striped pants and round shields they came...  
October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween! No, no Halloween themed figs unfortunately... maybe next year... I finally got around to the last two stands for my Viking DBA army in 15mm. I had been looking at these unpainted figs for over a year... The last two stands to provide all of the options for the army are finally done! I haven't played for a year either, so I am not even sure what they are, but they look nice, so who cares! Anyway, check them out in the 15mm Viking gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

But there's just squares, that's so 1970s!  
October 24th, 2007

I took some time over the last few days to build some quick terrain for D&D. A couple of years ago I used to be happy with vinyl mats for D&D. My miniature hobby and my D&D hobby were completely seperate in my mind... But lately I was thinking that, since I don't really play a lot of miniature games, and I do a lot of miniature-related stuff, I should start doing D&D stuff! So I put together a stone tile board for D&D as well as some removable pieces. Good for usability, and also likely good for some miniature game action as well! Check out all the pieces in the D&D Modular Terrain gallery! Until next time, enjoy!

Gnomes are small!  
October 22nd, 2007

Put together another figure for my D&D campaign. A new player joined the group so that meant a new miniature! This one is a chaotic neutral gnome cleric. A very interesting combination that should produce interesting results during the game! Check out the gnome cleric in the D&D gallery.

I also listed the Reaper elf warrior on eBay. Check out the Auctions section of the site for the link! Next up? Not sure actually... Definitely some D&D terrain, but we will have to wait and see :) Until next time, enjoy!

Ibnis the elf with the dragon shield!  
October 20th, 2007

This fig took a lot longer than I had planned. Some serious freehand on this one, and then a late decision to try my hand at sky-earth non-metallic metal made it run a bit long. Although, I must say it was a pleasure to paint. There was almost too much detail on this fig, but it is very well executed. Anyway, enough jabbering, check it out in the D&D gallery. This fig will be on the eBay auction block next week, so stay tuned until then!

Next week I should have another D&D fig as well as some D&D specific terrain... Yeah, I know, I am focusing a lot on the RPG action, but it is the one game that I can find dedicated players for :) Anyway, until next time, enjoy!

Zombies man... they creep me out.  
October 12th, 2007

Looking forward to some modern zombie action, I decided to paint up the Alyx. I decided to go with the hard core zombie survivor looks for the fig, and I am pretty happy with it! She is so good that she isn't even splattered! Check her out in the Adventurers gallery! Until next time, enjoy!

They have a giant skeleton!  
October 8th, 2007

Finished that giant skeleton! I am very happy with it. It wasn't as hard or as much work as I thought it was going to be... I mean, ever since I painted that Cave Troll I have been keeping clear of large figs as they take so much time. But now it seems it isn't as much work as I had thought... Maybe I will paint that Balrog next afterall! But I digress. Check out the giant skeleton in the D&D gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Where are their mattocks?  
October 2th, 2007

Dwarves are fun to paint, and it was nice to get back to the Lord of the Rings world. These figs were a pleasure to paint, and they turned out really well. It has been a while since I painted more than a couple of figs at once, and it was tough going back to it. I felt like I would never finish! But, now that they are done I am pretty happy about it! Only about 18 more to go! Check them out in the Iron Hills gallery.

I also started a giant skeleton for my dungeons and dragons group. It should be a lot of fun putting that thing down onto the table :) Being a DM can be so hard... Absolute power is somewhat corrupting, but at least I give my players a chance >:) Anyway, check the WIP of the giant skeleton out in the D&D gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Shock! Andalusia!  
September 28th, 2007

Finally got back to those Andalusians I started working on about two years ago! Two more down and four more to go! This was a ten pack from Gripping Beast that was going to be the beginning of my 1500 point Warhammer Ancient Battles army. I swore at the time that I would buy one pack at a time, paint, base and get it ready before buying another pack. Shortly after that my WAB group fell apart and I haven't played since! Good thing I didn't buy the entire army all in one go! In any case, check the Andalus gallery for the latest two figs! Until next time, enjoy!

By the power of a dog's skull?  
September 24th, 2007

I had a chance to paint a one-off cleric fig for myself this past weekend. I took a break from non-metallic metals, and I must say it was strange. Metals are a lot more forgiving in terms of highlighting because they practically highlight themselves! Still, I managed to put two highlights on each. Even so, I was happy that it took so little time because blending simply isn't an issue For them! Anyway, check out the fig in the D&D gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Your kung-fu is better than whose king-fu?  
September 21st, 2007

I just finished a figure that I agreed to paint for a buddy in my D&D group! This one is a dashing Hasslefree martial artist. It was a joy to paint, as all Hasslefree miniatures tend to be. Good cast, good sculpt, easy to paint. I am pretty happy with it. Check it out in the Adventurers gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Tiriel again, this time in chrome!  
September 18th, 2007

Had some time to paint up another Tiriel! I love this fig, so simple, yet so much can be done with it! I think this is my best one to date. Check the fig out in my D&D gallery in the armies section. I am also selling this fig on eBay. Check out the Auctions section for all the info! Next I have another single Hasslfree fig to do and then on to some dwarves or something... Until next time, enjoy!

Steamer construction is complete!!!  
September 14th, 2007

Finally I have finished construction on the tramp steamer! All that is left is to paint the beast, which might be fun... But not likely to happen until I start collecting the period a bit more... The CoC genre is calling me, so it could be sooner than I had planned :) In any case, check out the finished ship in the Tramp Steamer gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

More tramp steamer WIP!  
September 6th, 2007

Work and progress on the tramp steamer continues. At this point, it is basically done. Of course, that doesn't mean that there is no more work to do, as I will continue to add details until the 15th of September, when the deadline for this project arrives. The structure as well as many of the details (such as doors and portholes) are done. All that is left is actually putting the little details in place like the crane, the engines, and so on... Check out some WIP shots in the Tramp Steamer gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Tramp steamer WIP!  
September 4th, 2007

I have been working on the tramp steamer this week primarily. Taking a little break from painting miniatures at the moment. The steamer is coming along very well at the moment. After a few hours it is already recognizable as something boat-like at least! Check it out in it's very own new Tramp Steamer gallery! I imagine it will take me at least another week to finish this off, so stay tuned for more updates later. Until next time, enjoy!

Is that a stake in your hand or are you just happy to see me?  
August 28th, 2007

Already another update! I picked up the Sadie vampire hunter fig from Hasslefree and before I knew it, it was done! So, check it out in the Adventurers Gallery in the armies section. It was pretty fun to paint for sure, and I decided to go with the simple graveyard for the scenic base. This one is also up for auction on eBay. Check out the Auctions section of the site for all the info and a link to the auction itself!

Next I think I will finally sit down and build the tramp steamer that I have been talking about doing. Over on the Lead Adventure Forum there is a friendly contest surrounding the building of a trampt steamer! I like building ships for some reason, so I am going to try my hand :) Until next time, enjoy!

More bugs! BUGS!  
August 27th, 2007

I finally got back to my starship troopers project; I am planning to play some SST this week so I needed to round out my Arachnid Warriors unit. Only six more, but since these figs are so big, six more is a lot of arachnid warrior action! Check those out in the Arachnids gallery. That's it for this week, but soon I plan to build a tramp steamer, and then perhaps paint a few more adventurers :) Until next time, enjoy!

Back to Lothlorien!  
August 18th, 2007

Put some time into Lord of the Rings this week. I liked getting back to Lord of the Rings I must say... Especially back to Lothlorien! In any case, I painted Celeborn using non-metallic metals. I am pretty happy with it. I am not sure I like non-metallic metals though. I don't think I will do my elves in that style anymore, but who knows. In any case, I am going to sell this figure. The auction will be up on Sunday or Monday, so check back for that! Until then, check out the Lothlorien Army Gallery for a couple of pictures of the fig and its accompanying terrain! Until next time, enjoy!

I also just realized that I didn't properly link the Underworld Selene auction! I hope you all found it anyway if you were interested. The problem has been fixed now and I promise to try not to do it again!

Underworld hits An Hour of Wolves  
August 11th, 2007

Took some time to rebuild my workbench, which is partly why I have been slow to update over the past little while. Still, I have also been quite busy with other stuff, which has kept me away from the hobby... But I am back now :) Anyway, check out my new paint bottle shelves! They are all done and basically barren! Seriously, that is all the paint I have!

I also finished up my rendition of Selene from Underworld. It is based on Dionne from Hasslfree miniatures, a great fig in itself. But I figured I would put it into the Underworld, and tried to match the movie scene where Selene shoots through the floor. It works perfectly as an excuse to allow the miniature to be removed from the terrain. Check her out in the new Sci-fi Adventurers galery. It will be up for auction tomorrow. Until next time, enjoy!

Undead Lady goes to auction  
July 26th, 2007

A quick update to let everyone know that I have listed the Undead Lady on eBay. I built some terrain to go with it, which can be viewed in its entirety both on the eBay auction and in the D&D gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Undead Lady  
July 25th, 2007

As promised, I have finished the undead lady! What a fig, very well produced: amazing design, excellent sculpt, fantastic cast. The detail that Freebooter can put onto these things is almost unbelievable! In any case, check out the fig in the D&D gallery. I will put a scenic base together for this fig, and then it is off to the auction block. I did buy a second for myself, as I like this fig a lot. Until next time, enjoy!

See a bug hole, nuke it, again!  
July 19th, 2007

I finished a second bug hole for my Startship Troopers project. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be the last one I need, as I explained in mylast update (below). But I wish I had an excuse to make more because I have so many extra bug legs and feet to use up! Oh well, I guess that is a great excuse to buy more bugs! Check out the latest bug hole in the Starship Troopers Terrain gallery.

I also put together a quick little article on how I made the bug holes. It was fun and there were a few people asking how I did it, so I figured it would be useful! Check out the See a bug hole? Nuke it! - Building bug holes article here. What's next for me? Likely the Undead Lady from Freebooter that just arrived in the mail! Until next time, enjoy!

See a bug hole, nuke it!  
July 17th, 2007

Finished a quick bug hole for my Starship Troopers project. Check out the new Starship Troopers Terrain gallery in the terrain section to check out the pics. According to the rules, you can use at most two in a game between 1-999 points. I doub't I will ever have more than 999 points, so it may be a small terrain gallery :) Until next time, enjoy!

Monkey sucking sack of maggot puke!  
July 15th, 2007

Finished the last character fig for my Hetwah D&D campaign! This one is Langdon the Paladin. The fig that I used wasn't the best cast (OMG GW Strikes again!), but it turned out okay anyway :) Check it out in the D&D gallery.

I also finished a couple of MI figs for my SST project! I was going to wait to paint these until I was done all of my bugs, but I got tired of using GW Imperial Guard for bug food in the pics. So check out the new Mobile Infantry gallery. I did a female and an officer so far. I took special care to match the colours and do some badges, so enjoy! What's next? Well, there is nothing on my table right now at all... No half finished projects... So, likely more bugs, but who knows :)

To walk in the footsteps of a monk...  
July 10th, 2007

Since a D&D session looms on the horizon for me (I am the DM, so it requires some work from me still) I decided to get those last couple D&D figs painted up. The first is an elven monk. I decided to go with the Dark Ages feel, and so I used an Old Glory Viking bondi with spear as the base. I shaved off the shield peg and put in a staff instead of a spear and blamo! Check it out in the D&D Gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

July 6th, 2007

Another update! Well, I finished the tanker bug I had been working on for some time... The painting was quick, but the converting was crazy extensive! Anyway, check out the images in the Arachnids gallery in the Armies section. What's next? Maybe some bug hole terrain pieces, or some D&D miniatures... Not sure yet :) Until then, enjoy!

Back to the boats!  
July 4th, 2007

Thanks to overwhelming support for my dry brushing of arachnid warriors over at The Lead Adventure Forum, I managed to finish off a couple more. At this point, I think it is possible that I may actually finish 20 of the beasts in my lifetime! Check out the new ones in the the Arachnids gallery!

I am currently working on a tanker bug. So far it is going well... but I realized that it is entirely black! Easy to paint, but not all that exciting, and I already finished the only part of the bug with colour: the eyes. Still, it is a pretty impressive piece and I think the effort I put in to put it in a somewhat natural bug-like pose was totally worth it! I am itching for some terrain though, so stay tuned for something or other soon around here :) Until next time, enjoy!

Bugs! I've got bugs!!  
June 29th, 2007

Man those arachnid warriors are huge! And they are only worth 15 points, which means that you have to paint at least 20! But seriously, I totally want to paint 500+ so that I can recreate the battle at the outpost on planet P! Fortunately for me, Mongoose built in a rule that allows your arachnids to respawn! So maybe I can get away with only 20! Anyway, check out my two warrior bugs in the Arachnids gallery!

I also took a picture of an old vindicare assassin from my Sisters of Battle days... It was quite terrifying actually... I mean Lovecraft terror here! When I opened that ancient Cyclopean metal case, my hands being able to manipulate it only through some arcane dream-like memory, my heart was filled with utter terror as I looked at these ancient figures, painted in my style.... but with no highlighting at all!!!! AAAAAAHHHH! The terror! I scrambled back out of the ancient abyss and told my family that I had passed out and had a terrible dream... But I decided to write this down, lest it wasn't actually a dream....

More elves for the cause!  
June 20th, 2007

I have had five elves half painted on my painting table for about four months... I finally put the effort in to finish them. After dreading having to do them (and their 30+ counterparts still in a box somewhere) for so long, I was pleasantly surprised that they went together so quickly! I did reduce the number of highlights from four to two in order to make finishing the army plausible. But honestly, you can't really tell all that much! Check the new elves out in the Lothlorien Army gallery.

I am currently working on some arachnids, so they will likely be my next update... Although, to be honest, when I am sorta at the end of a major project my fancy is typically quite dynamic... And since the Lothlorien terrain is likely the biggest project that I have done to date, you can imagine that all of the terrain projects that I had thought of but couldn't act on while building it have come flooding to the forefront... In any case, until the next update, enjoy!

Caras Galadhon is done!!!!  
June 13th, 2007

So the Lothlorien project is finally done. Yes, I cut some corners here and there, but ultimately it is one of the finest pieces of terrain I have built to date. I started in late December and so the project ran for just over six months! Check out all of the images that you could possibly want to look at in the Lothlorien - Caras Galadhon gallery in the terrain section.

I also wrote another article on this project: Building Lothlorien Elven Structures. This article outlines the basics behind building a structure for the tree. I plan to write two more articles on this project. One that outlines how to make more complex structures such as Galadriel's house as well as some of the other more complicated ones. The final article will be about bringing the project together: detailing the base, attaching the stairs and flet floors and so on. Stay tuned for those! Until then enjoy!

Spring cleaning sales!  
June 4th, 2007

I recently painted another Aradia figure. This one though was purely painted for sale on eBay and so will not be making an appearance in my D&D Campaign. It was fun to paint and this time I completely left the metallic paints closed. It wasn't too tough to paint the sword/sheath and tiny bit of chain with non-metallic silver, and it was kinda fun. This one is up for sale as well, check out the Auctions section for info.

I also posted some picture of some of the figs that I recently won. There were a couple of Lord of the Rings best army competitions at the two GW Hobby Centres in my city recently. In a rush of dissorganization I managed to enter both. I also won both :) So I walked away with 2000 points of painted GW figs from their display cases. I took a number of Khand figs, but I think that they will never be repainted and will sit in a box for 20+ years if I keep them, so I am selling them. Hopefully someone will buy them and put them to good use! Check out all the pics in the Khand gallery and check out the Auctions section for links to the auctions! Until next time, enjoy!

Welcome to the.... Man I hate that song!!!  
May 31st, 2007

I finshed another 11 jungle bases this week! I love these things, and they go together so damn fast I just couldn't stop myself! Now I already have a pretty dense and large jungle and I haven't even thrown in my existing deciduous trees to fill it out! Check out the jungle action in the Jungle gallery.

I also finally got around to picking up one of the wonderful McFarlane's dragons for miniature gaming. I was prompted to actually get off my butt and do it with the release of the Lord of the Rings miniature dragon. I wasn't too happy with the design, the sculpt, or the price, so I decided to finally buy one of these McFarlane's dragons. Glad I waited though because the series five and six both out do all of the previous series in my opinion. Anyway, check out some shots of the pre-painted, $20CAN beauty in the D&D Gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Gundam figs and more!  
May 25th, 2007

Another update! That samurai woman fig sold on eBay! Gives me some cash to fund my new miniature project: Starship Troopers: Arachnids. I know, I know, I have a thing for dead miniature games based on movies ;) In any case, check out the three bugs I built in the Starship Troopers: Arachnids gallery in the armies section. And no, I have no intention of buying a single prepainted miniature! Hey, since I don't play, what would I have left to do if I didn't have to paint?

I also finished a couple of Guncannons for the Gundam action. They turned out pretty well, except for the grey parts. I used Privateer's new P3 line of paints for it and I hate the glossyness of those paints... It makes it hard to highlight properly when the paint shines! Anyway, check out the Guncannons in the Gundam gallery in the armies section. I also built a quick jungle base in less than five minutes! I am still thinking about that Vietnam conflict action :) Check that out in the Jungle gallery in the terrain section. Until next time, enjoy!

Hasslefree Female Samurai Complete!  
May 16th, 2007

Finally finished the female samurai from Hassle Free Miniatures! It was a lot of fun to paint for sure. This one is going up for auction as well, so if you like it, feel free to bid :) Check out the images in the D&D Gallery. Also, check out the auction info in the Auctions section. Until next time, enjoy!

Nothing new :(  
May 11th, 2007

Been a slow while for painting over the last few weeks. Still working on the tree of Lorien, as well as some other figs. I have one WIP to show for now though. This is one of the finest figs from hassle free miniatures. Trying to figure out if I should put a pattern on the dress or just leave it plain red... To be honest, I have yet to find a Japanese dress that appeals to me. The colour combinations seem to be a bit unorthodox for my tastes :) Anyway, until next time, enjoy!

Galadriel's House in Pictures!  
April 23rd, 2007

Some more work on the elven tree project! I am almost done this, but the closer I get to finishing, the harder it is to motivate myself... I think that is the key to projects such as this; it isn't the work that is all that hard, it is keeping ones self interested long enough to actually finish it! Anyway, check out the Lothlorien Terrain Gallery for the new images!

Next I will have to paint a few more D&D figs (two more characters to paint up!). After that though, I am going to finish that damn tree if it is the last thing I do! Until next time, enjoy!

Enid the Witch goes to Hetwah!  
April 16th, 2007

Another figurine finished for D&D. This time it's Enid the Witch or Aradia. I like clerics, what can I say. I also like witches! So it is indeed the perfect fit. Check out Enid in the D&D gallery.

I am going to paint another figure or two for D&D and then I promise I will work on the tree. I just bought a whole bunch of paint for the project, and so after I finish off the little final bits of detail on the structures I will be ready to go! Stay tuned! Until next time, enjoy!

Gundam strikes back!  
April 13th, 2007

Some more figs for my Gundam project! I love the Gundam genre, it is like the original giant robot genre and it is just so cool :) Something about giant robots that gets me all hot and bothered! Anyway, enough about me. Check out the new GM Command Space type and the two new GM ground suits in the Gundam army gallery.

Next I am going to try to polish that tree off once and for all, so stay tuned for that. Also, I have been wasting time doing a Web comic for my D&D campaign. Check out the comic and the world info page in the Hetwah D&D Page. Until next time, enjoy!

More D&D figs!  
April 3rd, 2007

Some more D&D figs roll off the line! Fun to make and paint, there is another of the flying red heads. I love those things! And who would have realized that they like to swarm! Woo!

I also painted up Aradia, cleric of... check the gallery :) You can see both Aradia and the new flying red head in the D&D Gallery in the armies section of the site. I am also selling Aradia, check out the auctions section of the site for the details and the link to the auction itself. Until next time, enjoy!

To the tree again...  
March 27th, 2007

Back to the tree again. Man, that tree... What a tree... Oh that tree... Damn that tree! I wonder about that tree? It is driving me crazy :) A little more work on Galadriel's house there, as well as the finishing touches on one more little structure, and the tree from the bottom up will be done. All I will have to do is paint the structures and detail the base! Check out the latest shot here.

Also, finished building and painting a fig for my D&D action. It is one of the many flying monsters that I have to build for this mostly air-ship type campaign! Oh well, isn't that what we're all in this hobby for anyway? Check it out here. Until next time, enjoy!

On to some figs for a bit...  
March 12th, 2007

I had to take a break from the tree again... Actually, not a complete break, I have been adding foiliage, but since that isn't all that interesting, I decided to paint some figs to keep myself interested in the hobby. Two figs that are outside of the Lord of the Rings universe. The first is a US army/marine soldier from the Vietnam era. Check out that fig in the all-new Imperialists Vietnam galery.

I also painted a fig for my latest D&D campaign... It should be a summer of fun, D&D, paintball, and miniature gaming! 300% more activities than last summer! In any case, this D&D fig is actually a Lord of the Rings dwarf king painted as a dwarfen navigator! Check it out in the D&D Figs gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Still with the damn tree! Will it ever end?  
March 4th, 2007

The action continues on the tree of Lothlorien. It seems that I have reached the middle line an passed it as the project seems to look a lot more complete. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done yet (like at least two sculpts, wiring the lights, and painting the structures!), but still, I think the worst is behind me... The platforms are all fixed in place and now the project seems to have begun to come to life as a realm of Middle-earth, which is very important for providing the required inspiration to see the project to the finish... Anyway, check out the single picture update in the Tree of Lorien gallery in the terrain section. Until next time, enjoy!

Onto some old figs...  
February 27th, 2007

After a couple of weeks, I decided to update with some of my old stuff. Unfortunately the tree is not really at a stage where it is ready to be photographed again... It is just such a volume of work that I haven't really done all that much even though I have been working non-stop for two months! Anyway, I digress

First, my very first fig for D&D. She was a very impatient dwarf rogue. Check her out in the D&D Gallery. Also, I put up a pic of my rats from GW's rat swarm and a better picture of the spiders from GW's spider swarm. They are in the Horror gallery. Why these figs? Well I am starting a horror-based D&D campaign shortly, so out come all the old figs for some of that action! Until next time, enjoy!

Still with the tree!  
February 15th, 2007

So far it looks like most of the work on the Tree of Lorien is going to be the structures. I have been working on them for what seems like ages, and apparently getting nowhere! I mean, I finish one, and there are three more waiting in line to be done up! Anyway, before I go crazy I am going to move on to something else and come back to the structures (only two small ones and Galadriel and Celeborn's structures left!) later when I can look at them with fresh eyes. In the mean time, check out my latest completed structure in the Lorien Terrain Gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Back to the tree!  
February 7th, 2007

Work on the tree continues... After taking some time to paint I have gone back to the tree with a new vigour! I finished shingleing the majority of structures, including Galadriel's house. Now there are only a couple of small ones to finish off! The end of my shingleing days are in sight! And I promise not to shingle again for an age! Anyway, check out my latest gallery picture in the Lothlorien terrain gallery.

I also finished the first of a hand full of hobby articles outlining how I went about creating this project. The first is a look at building the tree structure itself! Everything you need to make your very own gigantic tree is in the Building a Mallorn Tree article. Now everyone can get started on their very own Lothlorien project! Until next time, enjoy!

The captains of Lorien have arrived!  
January 30th, 2007

I have finished those four elves that I had been working on. Two captains and two regular Lorien elves with swords. Check them out in the Lothlorien Army gallery! Since I only need one Lorien elf captain, the other is going to eBay! Check out the Auctions section for details. Now it is time to return to the tree... To the tree! To the tree!

UPDATE: Feb 1, 2006. I added a picture to the Lorien gallery as I just finished another structure; it went faster than I thought it would! Check out the Lothlorien terrain gallery for the image!

Will this tree project never cease?  
January 24th, 2007

Not quite Ready

Work keeps getting in the way with my miniatures action... Still, the Lothlorien project progresses. I have finished one house completely and figured out an easy way to get the stairs up the tree together... despite a false start already. I had time to take one pic and put it up, check that out in the Caras Galadhon gallery.

I needed a break from the Caras Galadhon action though. It has been a month and still not completed... So I needed to change gears and do some painting as I promised I would weeks ago. Working on two wood elves in armour and two wood elf captains. Going well so far, check back next week for more progress! Until then, enjoy!

Still with the tree?  
January 16th, 2007

Busy busy busy... Story of my life. The work on the tree in Lothlorien continues! Holey Schamoley. This project is at least as big as the Umbar project. It is actually more work though because building those simple structures in Umbar was a lot easier than building the tree houses. Furthermore, there is a lot more detail to add to the houses in Caras Galadhon that to Umbar... Wow, hopefully this project will be done soon though! Check out the updated images in the Caras Galadhon gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

And now look where those dogs are going! To the tree! To the tree!  
January 11nd, 2007

What a couple of weeks it has been. I have been too busy to do to much unfortunately. I did however get a chance to finish plastering and painting up that mallorn tree. It is now ready to have its base detailed. Now if only I could finish building the buildings that I need to put in the tree I would be pretty much done ;) Check out the images here.

So yes, I realize that I promised a few painted elves as well, but that project was side tracked. I was prompted to drive forward with Caras Galadhon and so I have four half-painted elves leering at me from my painting table... But there is one of them on top of the tree in the Caras Galadhon gallery, so at least they are getting some picture time :) Anyway, hopefully I will have more to show next week, until then, enjoy.

January 2nd, 2007

And so a new year begins! Still chugging away on that Caras Galadhon project. It started out going very quickly, but when it came time for the detail to be added things got a bit crazy; the amout of work to finish one small structure for the tree was incredible. Considering that I will be doing about nine more, I am going to have to come up with a different method I think... But perhaps not, there were more than a couple of times where I backtracked and started over on certain parts so the next few will go faster...Check out some sneek peeks of the project in the Lothlorien - Caras Galadhon gallery. UPDATE: I added another pic to the Lothlorien gallery!

I think though that I am going to take a short break from this piece and paint a couple of Lothlorien elves. I have a number of them calling to me from my painting table so I think I will oblige them! First up, a couple of captains, one of which will likely find its way onto eBay! Until next time, enjoy!

December 27th, 2006

I hope everyone had a great break! Mine was quite exciting with lots of things to do, places to go, and people to see... Still, Soltice is over and the days are growing in length again, so that is wonderful! This week my first eBay auction featuring a Lord of the Rings fig ended in success as well! Haldir is making his way to his new home as I type!

This week unfortunately I haven't finished any projects, but it isn't for lack of effort. I have been working on my Lothlorien - Caras Galadhon terrain project exclusively. Although I am a long way off, I have come a long way. Stay tuned over the next few weeks, as I hope to continue posting sneek peek pictures! Check out what I have so far in the gallery here. When the piece is done I will also be providing an article for all those interested! That being said, I am sure I will paint some miniatures while I am working on the Caras Galadhon stuff, so stay tuned for that as well. Until next time, enjoy!

Armoured Haldir arrives at Helms Deep!  
December 19th, 2006

A small update this week! I managed to get my armoured Haldir painted! This one can be seen in the Lothlorien gallery. This fig I am selling on eBay as well. Check out the Auctions section for all the details on that! Until next week, enjoy!

More Viet Cong!  
December 15th, 2006

After a busy week I finally had the chance to polish off my VC! Check out the Viet Cong gallery for all of the pics! Hopefully I will have tonnes of time to work on my next project, which will be based on elvendom in Middle-earth! I will be posting updates, so stay tuned! Until then, enjoy!

More PanzerKampfSoldat!  
December 4th, 2006

This week I polished off a couple of figs that were loitering on my desk for more than a few weeks. I think these two PanzerKampfSoldat should polish off my section (didn't you know that a section of PanzerKampfSoldat is made up of only four?). Still not done my Weird Wehrmacht though... Anyway, check out the latest PanzerKampfSoldat here.

In the coming weeks I will be posting a few more Viet Cong, perhaps some imperialist Americans from that era, and plans for some Lord of the Rings Elven terrain for them to fight over... What? Until next time, enjoy!

Eorl the Young rides to battle!  
November 28th, 2006

Finally done... The Eorl the Young fig has been taunting me from a primed black face for about six months... I had planned to have it done in June, but there just wasn't enough time. Done now though, and up in the Rohan gallery in the Armies section. Check it out here.

No time to paint and indeed no time to tidy, thus the state of my painting table. What can I say, I have always liked to be tidy but had a hard time translating that into practice :/ Still, it seems to work okay anyway, as I still get stuff done in spite of the mess :) Anyway, until next time, enjoy!

The Umbar Construction Article arrives!  
November 20th, 2006

This week I am releasing my article on how I built Umbar. The construction of the walled city was actually quite simple, and this just outlines in detail the stuff that I actually either came up with myself or used for the first time. Check out the article in the Articles section here.

I have also listed the last of my early World War II German figures on eBay. I was thinking about just keeping it, but I really have no use for it! Check out the auction details in the Auctions section. My current project has me painting up Eorl the Young, but it is a ways off until completion; I am doing both the mounted and foot version concurrently. I will update when it is done! Until then, enjoy!

The Harad Camp Article arrives!  
November 14th, 2006

This week I am releasing my article on the Harad Themed Terrain that I built back in March! This article follows the development of the project and sheds light on how it was constructed, from the very beginning research and design phase right down to painting. Check it out in the Articles section here. Until next time, enjoy!

The Vietcong arrive to drive out the imperialist aggressors!  
November 5th, 2006

I finally had the chance to get to a project that I have been pining to do for at least a year: The Vietnam Conflict. I really wanted to paint up some Vietcong to help push the imperialist aggressors from the US out of Vietnam, and so I finally have! Check out the Vietcong in their very own gallery in the modern historical section of the Armies page!

To accompany that I have added FNG to the games section. FNG is built from the CR 2.0 set of rules that were used in NUTS!, and it works perfectly for the Vietnm conflict. Although the characterization of the conflict isn't perfect, the rules make perfection possible. Still, check out the game description here. Next week will likely have no updates, so don't worry if you arrive here to nothing new, but not too long after that I will be at it again, so don't fret! Until next time, enjoy!

Death Cult Assassin Auction!  
October 27th, 2006

Just finished a Death Cult Assassin! I like the fig, but I think that it doesn't fit in with my collection, so it is up for auction! Check out some pics of the fig in the CS Sisters gallery. Or, check out the auction information and link in the Auctions section! Until next time, enjoy!

More Mobile Suits!  
October 25th, 2006

Just finished a couple more mobile suits for the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System action! This time two more GMs, but these are the GM Kai version of the lovely and often expendable mobile suit. In any case, check out the finished product here. Until next time, enjoy!

Another Early War German Obergefreiter for sale!  
October 21st, 2006

I have listed my second WWII early war German Obergefreiter on eBay! This one is starting at a mere $0.99 USD! Check out all of the details in the Auctions section! Happy bidding!

Horror Scarecrow Action!  
October 17th, 2006

Finished up a miniature that has long been staring at me undercoated on the corner of my desk... An old Reaper Scarecrow, but definitely an amazing sculpt. I put it into the old 'creepy crawly' gallery that I have changed into the Horror gallery. Check it out here. Just finishing some DBA stuff up, along with some more mobile suits! Until next time, enjoy!

Weird War rules and some Gundam action!  
October 10th, 2006

A couple of updates today. First is a finish (for now anyway) of my Weird World War II project! I have released the Weird War expansion for the NUTS! WWII skirmish rules! The expansion covers everything from Vampires to Rocket Troopers, Werewolves to Walkers, Armoured Troopers to Monsters, and of course, Zombies! Some nifty art work and miniatures are in there also, so check it out here.

For my latest project I finished a GM Command Space Type mobile suit from the Gundam franchise. It was a lot of fun to paint, and it really got me up to speed on my white painting skills! The picture isn't all that great but it gives you the general idea! Check out that fig in the Gundam army gallery. Until next week, enjoy!

Wierd War and WWII Soviet Gallery updates  
October 2nd, 2006

This week was the first week that paintball cut into my painting time! Oh my, what am I going to do? How can I keep to obsessions on the go with equal attention? Oh well :) Anyway, I finished those Soviet wolfmen. check them out in the Weird Soviets gallery. Next up some giant robots! Until then, enjoy!

So, my Bolt Action Obergefreiter didn't sell on eBay. Over 200 views and a number of watchers but nobody interested. I relisted it as of today for much less. I guess we will see how that goes :) I guess I will try to sell it one more time, if that doesn't work I think maybe I will just have to start an early war force ;) Check the auctions section for the fresh link. See you next week!

Wierd War and WWII Wehrmacht Gallery updates  
September 26th, 2006

Feels like it has been a while since I have updated, although I guess it has only been a week :) So much paintball I have lost track of time. I picked up a BT-4 and indeed took it out for some action. My cheap goggles were so fogged the night was kinda touch and go, but I still managed to score a kill on my first shot in the first game I played! But I digress, back to some miniature action!

I have updated the Weird Wehrmacht gallery with some vampires, or should I say wampires? I decided to go with something a little different on their skin and do an all grey sorta thing. I think it turned out a little too zombie-looking. Still, I am pretty happy with it. I also updated my WWII Wehrmacht gallery to include an early war German Obergefreiter. It was fun to paint, but since I don't plan on doing any early war projects I am selling it on eBay, as well as another one a little later.

That brings me to my final update for today. The new Auctions link in the menu bar will list all of my auctions as I put them up. So please take a look! So far only the Obergefreiter is up, but soon there will be some more! Until next time, enjoy!

***UPDATE: I added one more early war German Obergefreiter to the WWII Wehrmacht gallery!***

Wierd War and Soviet WWII Gallery update  
September 19th, 2006

Damn that Ebob and his wonderful miniatures! After seeing his soon-to-be-released paintball miniatures I was reminded of my paintball days from years ago! Naturally I have already decided to purchase a paintball marker, field kit, goggles, and some paint and head out with a buddy to shoot each other up! Oh well, I will still have time for miniatures :)

Two updates today in the Weird War and WWII galleries. The first of the new updates are in the WWII Soviet Gallery. I put a sniper, one more DPM light machine gun team, and the last three of my TAG rifles. Also I finished off the last two ghouls for my Weird Soviets. Check out that gallery for all the pics! Next up is learning to field strip my BT4 combat paintball marker... But after that I have some She Wolves from Bob Murch's Pulp Miniatures (beautiful figs!) and some more Soviet monsters, these ones from Brigade games! Until next time, enjoy!

Wierd War Battle Reports!  
September 13th, 2006

Two new battle reports today! They are playtest games of a few scenarios from the Weird World War II supplement expansion that I am putting together for the NUTS! game system. In any case the supplement just needs some final playtesting and then layout and then it's ready, but I decided to do a couple of battle reports in anticipation of its release.

Check out Act 1 - The Undead Hordes of the Sinister Science of the German Warmachine which sees some farm women and children battle their way accross a road and through their undead husbands, brothers, and fathers to get to safety. Once you get through that check out Act 2 - The Rescue that sees the Red Army soldiers attemtp to rescue the women and children from Act 1. I have painted some figs as well over the past week and will post pictures soon! Until then, enjoy!

Wierd Wehmacht arrive!  
September 4th, 2006

A new gallery graces the pages of An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields today. The Wierd Wehrmacht arrive on the scene to do battle with their Wierd Soviet counterparts. A PanzerKampfLaufer and a couple of PanzerKampfSoldat are ready to make war. This along with some old GW zombies means that I am actually ready to start play testing my NUTS! WWII rules :) In any case, check out the Wierd Wehrmacht gallery for the new stuff. Hopefully a wierd WII battle report will be coming soon! Until next time, enjoy!

Thatch, and more Thatch!  
September 1st, 2006

A couple of new updates today! After all that painting I was doing I decided to do some terrain! I like to get a lot out of my terrain as well, so I went for a couple of WWII era Russian farm houses. With a few tweeks they could easily be used for Middle Earth and Dark Age Europe also! Anyway, check out the pics in the Thatch Roof gallery of the terrain section.

I also put together an article on making thatch roofs. It also outlines all of the ways I have made thatch, along with a couple other methods. Hopefully it will help all of you thatch builders out there to build up your thatch towns! Check that article out in the Thatch Roofs article in the articles section. Until nest time, enjoy!

Khamul to lead the Easterlings!  
August 25th, 2006

Finished the easterling commission! It is somewhat a relief really, but it has motivated me to want to work on my Soviets again :) I am pretty happy with the way Khamul turned out, so check him (her?) out in the Rhun gallery.

Next up, I still have six Soviets including a converted sniper ready to paint. But, in between painting those Easterlings and Khamul I scratched together a Wierd WWII German light walker (sorta like the Loki from the Gear Krieg universe). I may have to paint that first :) Until next time, enjoy!

More kataphrakts take to the field of battle!  
August 21st, 2006

Took some special effort to finish off some Easterling Kataphrakts for a commission... A lot of work it was, but the finished product is very nice I think! Likely my best work to date, and heads and bounds over my Suladan model! Check out the Easterling action in the Easterling gallery in the Armies section.

For my next project I will finish the commission with Khamul. I will stick with the GW scheme for that, so it shouldn't take too long (fingers crossed). So far I am unhappy with the requirement to greenstuff the legs! Talk about gaps! Until next time, enjoy!

Half of a soviet squad leaps from the bench!  
August 15th, 2006

Small update today... It seems that I have had less time to paint this week than last! In any case, I poslished off half a squad of Soviet rifles with fixed bayonets from The Assault Group Miniatures. Nice figs, but some have no thumbs! Also a West Wind/Old Glory DP light machine gun team. Check them out in the Soviet gallery in the armies section.

I am planning to finish off the WWII skirmish project in the next couple of weeks. Only half a soviet squad left to paint of figs that I have. One command squad on the way and I am done my Soviets. Some German LMG teams and a couple of one offs and I am done the Germans! Man, it has been some time since I played a game where I was nearly finished painting all of the figs for it! Of course, aside from those, I plan to do a single German walker as well... Anyway, until next time, enjoy!

Where they walk, men will die!  
August 8th, 2006

Another update! I actually had very little time to paint over the last week, so it is lucky that i managed to paint anything. Luckily, the Soviet walker was pretty easy and I managed to finish it. This project is one that has been on my desk for months (since about November) waiting for its turn in the queue... In any case, it is done! Check it out in the old Gear Krieg section, which has now been renamed Wierd WWII. The renaming was simply because I will never actually play GK, and I plan to use the universe in the NUTS! system with some walker rules I dreamed up.

That Gear Krieg game from DreamPod9 was really ahead of its time... Now with all the pulp interest it is actually having a limited comeback. Too bad for the DP9 people that they couldn't hold out just a little longer. Mind you, the figs were all in 15mm, which isn't the popular pulp scale, and the game itself wasn't the pulp skirmish that is now en vogue. But still, a cool concept and hats of to those DP9 types for coming up with it! Until next time, enjoy!

The German Greatcoat section is ready for battle!  
July 31st, 2006

Finished off the section of Germans in greatcoats from Westwind. These figs were really a joy to paint, and now all I need is a sniper, some anti-tank weapons and a couple machine guns and those Germans will be ready to go! Still, I got in a small skirmish with the first five facing off against a squad of Soviets... It was bloody. Three Soviets killed to nine Germans killed. Although I didn't have the rules perfect, but it was still fun. I will post some reports sometime in August.

I also picked up some Vietcong, also from Westwind/Old Glory, although I will likely finish my WWII project first! Still, look forward to seeing some VC coming down the line. But still to come are a few Soviet MGs, another Soviet squad, and perhaps even a Soviet walker for some wierd WWII action! Anyway, until next time, enjoy!

Easterling Kataphrakts Arive!  
July 28th, 2006

Just a small update for today. I finished the first of a set of five Easterling Kataphrakts I am doing as a commission. My first commission and I am a litte nervous that it will live up to expectations :/ That being said, I am pretty happy with it! It turned out swell! Check it out in the Rhun Gallery in the Armies section.

I also added a link to the Witchhunter's Website in the Links section. Very much inspirational material there for sure. Also, be sure to check out the Lead Adventure forum and blog for the site! Until next time, enjoy!

The modern ruin is done!  
July 25th, 2006

Already another update! I finished that modern ruin and thought I should get some pics up sooner rather than later, so here they are! Check out all of the action in the Modern Ruins gallery in the terrain section. As for next time, I am in between projects, so who knows what it will be. Likely though it will be some Easterling Kataphracts along with Khamul their leader! Until next time, enjoy!

The Germans are coming, the Germans are coming!  
July 24st, 2006

I finished the first five of my ten man squad of WWII Wehrmacht Germans! Some of my best figs to date to be sure and a great fun to paint! Those West Wind figs are very characterful! I would say that upon having a closer look, I like them better than the Artizan Designs figs! In any case check them out in the WWII Wehrmacht gallery in the armies section.

The modern ruin that I built for WWII is almost done, so there should be some pics coming later this week! I have only to drybrush some wood and paint some metal and it is pretty much done... Mind you, that will forever be a WIP because there is so much that could be put in as far as details go... Anyway, to see the old pics, check out the Modern Ruins gallery in the terrain section. But actually, there is a sneek preview of it now that I think of it, in the last picture in the WWII Wehrmacht gallery! Until next time, enjoy!

My tiny vikings get some action!  
July 21st, 2006

A battle report hits the site today! Actually two battle reports. Both played with my latest Viking army using the DBA ruleset. It was a great day, a lot of fun and a nice little set of rules... Of course, I am not really all that knowledgeable of the rules still, but it was fun none-the-less! Check out all the action here.

I also added battle reports to all of the games in the Games section for ease of finding all of my battle reports for each game system that I play... Finally, I am oh so close to finishing that modern ruined building in the terrain galleries. So far there is only the first floor in the gallery. The three more floors are nearly done, so hopefully I will have some pics next week! Until then, enjoy!

More tiny vikings!  
July 14th, 2006

A big update today. I am breathing a sigh of relief as I finally finished my Viking DBA army. Man, that was quite the job really, but I am pretty happy with the outcome. Note that I took all the old images and flushed them, the gallery is all new! Check it out!

I also wrote up a quick article on my adventure at Conflict 2006 this year. Sure it was the worst attended Conflict ever, but it wasn't a complete waste of time! Check out all the action in the articles section. Until next time, enjoy!

More and more figs and terrain again!  
July 7th, 2006

I am getting late and far between with these updates :/ I have been super busy in painting-frenzy mode so have had little time to take pics unfortunately... I have been finishing off the final touches of my Rohirrim and Haradrim for the GW Conflict that is quickly approaching. I have posted a couple of pics surrounding that project today, both of which are objective markers. The first is in the Harad gallery and is a painted dead haradrim warrior. The second is that scarecrow green that has been loitering on my desk for some time. It is in the terrain section in the Battlefield gallery.

I have also been painting up a storm on my 15mm DBA viking project. I have only three stands left to do. I will post pics of the whole army along with the camp when it is finally completed. The event for that army is the 15th, so it is a busy, busy time for me and miniatures... Why do I always get myself into these situations?

More and more figs and terrain!  
June 27th, 2006

A few new updates today! A couple in the army galleries and a new gallery in the terrain section. Mini trees, they took a lot of work but they look pretty snazzy. Although they were done for 15mm and the 1/400 Gundam, they will work to fill out those area terrain markers for 20s and 28s as well! Check out the trees in the Trees gallery of the Terrain section.

I also added some pics to some army galleries. The first is the Haradrim, which I am doing for my Conflict army this summer! I love the haradrim because for five points they are better than orcs (who are also five points)! The other army updates is the 15mm Vikings. That DBA army is coming along and starting to look better than my 28s! Until next time, enjoy!

Games, games, the musical fruit!  
June 19th, 2006

I had the chance to finish off a section of the site I have been working on for a while: Games. It basically gives some contacts and some info on each of the games that I actually play. Some of the figs on the site are for games that I haven't played in over a year, and those ones are not included in the Games section.

As with every long-term gamer, this section will certainly expand, so keep your eyes peeled here for all of the latest and greates fads in gaming! Okay, well not really... but the latest and greatest fads in my gaming anyway ;) Until next time, enjoy!

The Battle for Moira Station  
June 17th, 2006

I had a chance to fight a small battle using the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System this past week. The game was fun and the action was great! This game is definitely a winner! Check out all the action in the Battles section! Until next time, enjoy!

The Gray Gundam Arrives!  
June 14th, 2006

I finished the Gray Gundam. Not too bad a fig, but it was tough to go from painting 15mm vikings to 1/400th scale Gundam figs and it shows... Still, it was a good lesson for me as it made me realize that scales are meaningless! Everything is all about surfaces! Anyway, it also made me realize that the cheap copies of these Gundam 1/400th scale figs are fine for gaming, especially since they give me an excuse to paint them! Check out the fig in the Gundam gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

They are so small and cute!  
June 11th, 2006

Recently I got into 15mm DBA... I swore never to go smaller than 28s, then 20s and now I am at 15s... I am sure 10s are just around the corner, but I will never do 6s or 2s! Anyway, check out those cute little vikings in my 15mm Vikings gallery in the armies section.

I also axed the pics of the 1/144th scale Gundam figs in my Gundam gallery. They weren't really miniatures, they weren't painted, and I am not even going to game with them anymore! I decided to go with the 1/400th scale figs for that game as they are cheaper and easier to get! I replaced the 1/144th pics with a work in progress of the Gray Gundam, so check that out in the Gundam gallery of the armies section. Until next time, enjoy!

Get out there and die like the infantry man you are!  
June 5th, 2006

I had the chance to paint up some more 20mm Commonwealth this past week. I Like these 20mm figs as they paint up so fast and easily... I put a little extra effort into these ones. After deciding I wasn't all too happy with the level of detail on my previous ones I decided to paint these like 28mm figs and it worked out well. Still, only two highlights instead of the usual three... The eyes weren't even all that hard, although they didn't turn out as well either. Anyway, check them out in the Commonwealth gallery in the armies section. Until next time, enjoy!

Fall of the Necromancer supplement.. Literally.  
June 1st, 2006

So, rather than dig up some old stuff to put up here, I decided to finish off my review of the Fall of the Necromancer supplement and put it up. I should have gotten it out earlier, but hey. Unfortunately it was not my favourite supplement (actually, it was my least favourite), but it is still worth a read. Check out the review here.

I also recently began watching the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series, which lit the fire in my heart for some Gundam tabletop action... This sparked my memory about a Gundam ruleset that was a plug-in for Warhammer 40k that I saw a while back. Over at Nick Davis' Alt World is where I originally saw it when I went there to have a look at his All at Sea rules for Lord of the Rings ship combat (which is a fantastic rule set by the way!). Anyway, when I went back there to have another look I was extremely happy to see that version 2.0 had just been released, and the plug-in was changed from 40k to Lord of the Rings! Woo hoo!

So, I began to start building some old Gundam LG kits that I had lying around and another gallery was born. Check out my Gundams in the Gundam gallery of the Armies section here. Currently I am planning to use the 1/144th scale Gundam models to fight battles because that is what I have. In the future I may switch to the 1/400th scale collectable figs to allow for more suits. Stay tuned for more developments with this, and until next time, enjoy!

Not much new!  
May 31th, 2006

It has been a slow period for projects this week for me. I haven't really been painting or building, only casting... Casting really saps the will to do miniatures stuff for me because my casts always turn out poorly... Every cast I pull out takes about a half an hour worth of greenstuff fixes to be usable... Oh well, I guess it is still better than sculpting a single fig over and over from scratch!

Anyway, I did add a single link to the links section. Steve Dean is a great painter! Check out his WWII 20mm figs, superb! I will also upload some pics of my older stuff too... Stay tuned!

In other news... The dead walk the earth!!  
May 25th, 2006

Celebrating my one year online, I decided to go back to the old days and dig out some figs that haven't seen light in years. My first large miniatures army was a Warhammer Undead 9000 point skeleton fest! It was painted somewhere between 1996 and 1997, somewhere around the time the first Vampire Counts book came out.

The army was lead by Ramona the Revenge Seeker, who saught out vampirism so that she could awaken all the women who died at the hands of violent and sexist men. Her goal was to create a world that had no sexism! A land where the dead walked the earth in harmony with the non-sexist people that lived there (after Ramona's Revenge seekers dispatched all the sexist types anyway!). Peace and equality through undeath! It was loads of fun and contained only a couple of GW figs among the hundreds of skeletens that swelled its ranks. Check out a few pics in the Undead gallery in the Sci-Fi & Alternative History stuff in the armies section! Until next time, enjoy!

The Elves of Lothlorien arrive!  
May 16th, 2006

So May marks the one year anniversary of this site! Happy birthday to An Hour of Wolves! Anyway, I added a Lothlorien gallery to the Armies section. So far there are only a handful of elven captains in there. Expect that one to grow for sure ;) Also, I added another picture of mounted Suladan in the Haradrim gallery. Why? Well, I am experimenting with my camera now to get better images out of it. Not sure I am there yet, but definitely in the right direction... Until next time, enjoy!

The Campaign is over!  
May 12th, 2006

This is a little late, but late is always better than never :) As promised, the Closing Battles of the War of the Ring campaign has been updated, and indeed this will be the last update. Yes, the outcome has been decided! But don't sit here an ponder who could have won, follow the link and find out for yourself!

I also added some pictures of my older stuff to some of the galleries. The Iron Hills gallery sees a few more pics of my dwarves. I was never happy with the pictures that were in there, so I thought I would take some more... But I am currently experimenting with taking pictures, so I am still not sure if I am happy with the new ones... Oh well, check out the Iron Hills gallery for those pics.

I also put some good pictures of my scratch-built warmachines up. Two trebuchets were put up in the Gondor gallery, two catapaults were put up in the Mordor gallery, and a pic of my three balistas was put up in my Isengard gallery. Until next week, enjoy!

Ha-Go hits the trails!  
May 5th, 2006

I finished a little Japan WWII project that I was doing for the guys over at Sentry Box. It is a tiny little 1/56th scale Type 95 Ha-Go tank. I am not sure if I am sold on the 1/56th scale, but it is a nice little tank none-the-less. Anyway, check out the action in the WWII Japan gallery in the Armies section.

Next week should see the next couple of Lord of the Rings campaign turns as well, so remember to drop by then and check it out. That crazy campaign could still go either way at this point I think! Until next time, enjoy!

Suladan mounted for war!  
May 1st, 2006

I just finished painting the converted Mounted Suladan. It was kinda up and down as far as being happy with it went, but it turned out pretty well in the end and I am happy with it :) Check out the fig in the Harad army gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

The captain is finally done!  
April 26th, 2006

The Corsair Captain is finally done. Check out all the action here. Until next time, enjoy

And so the green tide continues to flow... and flow...  
April 25th, 2006

More pictures of the Corsair Captain work in progress. I may finish this project by April 30th afterall ;) Anyway, it was up and down there for a bit today with this project, but I am not too unhappy with it now. It may well work out yet, but check it out for yourself here. Until next time, enjoy!

And so the green tide continues to flow...  
April 24th, 2006

Again, a little late, but it has been a busy few days for me :) Still, I managed to put in some time on the Corsair captain sculpt. It is looking pretty good I think, but check it out for yourself here and draw your own conclusions :)

There are also a couple more dead figs in the greens army gallery. This time Haradrim, one finished and one nearly. I find it is always great to work on a couple (at least) different sculpting projects at once to ensure that you don't burn through too much greenstuff ;) Until next time, enjoy!

Greens, Greens, the music fruit...?  
April 21th, 2006

A small update this evening :) I am in the process of putting together a Corsair sculpt to help fill up Umbar and my Corsair ship! Check out a work in progress picture of the green here. Until next time, enjoy!

More for Lord Guinness  
April 20th, 2006

Another army of Lord Guinness update today. This time I have two mounted nobles! That also wraps it up for this project! That is, of course, until I inherit a larger army by the Two Hour Wargames Montjoui (spelling?) rules... Well, hopefully I will not do well enough to get too many more figs to paint ;) Anyway, check out all of the figs here. Until next time, enjoy!

More for Lord Guinness  
April 17th, 2006

A little late, but better than never ;) A few pictures of my growing army of Lord Guinness. Three more men at arms as well as Lord Guinness himself. Check out those picture in the Armies section.

Also, new to the terrain section is Lord Guinness' Castle! When I found out I needed a castle I was considering leaving this project (well, not really ;), but then I realized how much extra bits I could use up by making one! Anyway, check out the castle in the Terrain section. Until next time, enjoy!

Campaign Play Phase Turn 4 updated!  
April 14th, 2006

The game ended less than an hour ago, and already I am updating. What a nail biter that siege battle was! Yes, the final battle in Play Phase turn 4 has been fought for the Closing Battles campaign and the outcome decided. Go to the Play Phase Turn 4 link in the campaign section for all the details! Also, look for the battle report, and the subsequent Event Phase details next week!

More 20mm figs roll off the line!  
April 12th, 2006

No campaign update yet. The game is scheduled to go Thursday night, and I promise to work hard to turn it around by some time on Friday, so stay tuned! But the update for now involves my 20mm projects. I painted up a knight for Lord Guinness, and completed another eight Commonwealth figs to finish off my Crossfire army. Should be interesting to play that game, as I haven't even seen the rules, but it is quite unorthodox. I may start on that General Grant that has been on my shelf for some time, give something to the Falschirmjager to open up with their Panzer-knackers :) Anyway, check out the Armies for all the pics. Until next time, enjoy!

More Andalusians  
April 10th, 2006

Well, unfortunately the campaign battle for Minas Tirith has yet to be completed. It is a big battle and it really holds the outcome of the campaign itself, so the players are reluctant to go into it without the proper mental preparation. It should be done by Friday at the latest, so watch for an update then.

As for other updates, it has been a slow week for me thanks to work, so I only have a couple of figs done. These are two more Andalusians, and they are probably my best painted figs to date. Unfortunately my photography doesn't quite live up to the painting, but oh well :) Check out those figs in the Andalus gallery in the Armies section. Until next time, enjoy!

Another campaign update!  
April 2nd, 2006

This week we have another campaign update! Unfortunately there were two battles and the players did not have the opportunity to play both battles yet, but they assure me they will be played by next week! Check out the Closing Battles campaign report for all the latest details on how the War of the Rings is going!

Some more 20mm figs rolled off the line as well. A couple more of Lord Guinness' men are ready for battle. This time a knight on foot and a banner bearer. Also, a single picture of the basing scheme for my 20mm Commonwealth figs. Check out Lord Guinness' men in the Sci Fi & Alternate Histories section of the Armies gallery, and the Commonwealth in their gallery here. Thats it for now, until the next update, enjoy!

WWII and Wierd Medieval History!!  
March 30th, 2006

Umbar is done and already I am off onto something else! A quick update with some more Commonwealth 20mm figs. These paint up really fast! Certainly they are fun to paint, and hopefully I will have a Crossfire force in no time! I also started a new game based on the skirmish rule set from Two Hour Wargames... The idea behind this project was to remove the need for historical pedantism. So, we decided to create some medieval forces and base them around European beers. I picked Guinness, as it is one of my favorites (although I don't really drink, but it looks nice!). Anyway, check it out in the Sci Fi & Alternate Histories section of the Armies gallery.

So, what happened to the Monday only updates you ask? Well, I decided to trash that idea. Forget it. I will update whenever from now on, but will gaurontee an upate at least once a week. I should also mention that you should check out my recently finished Umbar city terrain! I know I already mentioned it, but I am quite happy with it so I think it is worth mentioning again! Check it out here. Until next time, enjoy!

Umbar finally finished!  
March 29th, 2006

A bit early with this, but that is fine with me :) Umbar is done. Please go to the Umbar gallery and check out all of the action in the city... Fifty eight images of pure bliss! At least I hope.

My next update will be on Monday. I hope to have the next turn of the campaign done by then, so stay tuned for that! Until then, enjoy!

Umbar comes together!  
March 27th, 2006

First the bad news... no campaign update. I promise next week there will be another campaign update and it will totally be worth the wait! Some great and fearful things have happened, and it certainly won't disappoint!

I did add some more pictures of Umbar however that will hopefully fulfill all desires! Some pictures of the detail that I have added so far. Check out the terrain galleries for that stuff. Just as a note, I will be putting up a special update on Thursday with the completed Umbar. This is the date of the close of the terrain competition, and I will need all the time to pull the Umbar project together! So check back Thursday for the action!

I also added a single dead orc to the Mordor gallery. This is the first to come off the line. I will likely do a couple more different poses at least. Finally I completed my review of the A Shadow in the East supplement. It can be viewed in the Review section. Late, but late is better than never. Anyway, until Thursday, enjoy!

Campaign reports and image galleries!  
March 20th, 2006

A pretty big update today! Firstly the campaign play phase turn three is up in the Closing Battles Campaign that is currently being waged! It was another exciting turn... It really shows how important each game becomes when battles are fought for a campaign... Go to the Turn 3 report now and see for yourself what happened!

I also updated and added a number of galleries. The update is for my 20mm WWII Commonwealth army that is currently coming together. I added four figs to that gallery. At this rate I should have and army ready for some Rapid Fire action in about a year ;) I created a couple new galleries as well: the Irish Citizen Army in the historical Armies section and the Umbar gallery in the Terrain section. The ICA figs are casts of my sculpts; I had some trouble with the mould silicone, so they didn't really turn out as I had hoped... The Umbar stuff is only a sneak peek, it isn't done yet! Check out those galleries and see for yourself!

Just as a note, the Play Phase turn four has been played and there are two battles to be fought this time! I won't update the campaign until both battles are fought, which may be a couple of weeks. So, if there is no campaign update next week you will know why. Also, I need to steal the time away from that stuff to finish Umbar! Less that two weeks to go! Until next week, enjoy!

Battle reports and image galleries!  
March 13th, 2006

Today is the first day of the 'Monday Uptate' action! So, check back bevery Monday for updates :) I added the fighting retreat battle report to the battles section. This battle is the latest one fought for the Closing Battles campaign. Although it wasn't originally intended to be written up, because it was such a nail-biter I decided to throw something together... That fighting retreat scenario can really go either way...

I also threw up a couple of new galleries in the Armies section. I added a gallery containing the first of my 20mm WWII Commonwealth figs. This is yet another new miniature project that I am starting... After painting these I realized that it is harder (for me at least) to switch scales (from 28mm) than I had hoped... I also added a gallery to the Misc armies section. This is a gallery of some figs that I painted up for my Dungeons & Dragons group before it fell apart... Anyway, that is it for this week, until next Monday, enjoy!

Campaign turn 2 is revealed!  
March 10th, 2006

The second turn of the Closing Battles campaign has been revealed. Only a single battle was fought, and what a battle it was! The battle report will be coming out on Monday, March 14th (and there will be no updates before then) so come back and check it out. It was probably one of the most intense battles I have ever seen played!

I will also be posting my work in progress on the City of Umbar that I am currently building. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for that! Also, I have decided to faithfully update the site once (and only once) a week starting now. This update will come every Monday! So please check back on Mondays for the update! Until then, enjoy!

March 8th, 2006

A quick little update today for my Haradrim Army Gallery. I finished Suladan on foot and thought I would throw it up there. I will be bringing out the next campaign turn details likely this Friday, but until then, enjoy!

Some More Harad Terrain...!  
March 6th, 2006

I finally finished and entered my Haradrim-themed terrain for the terrain contest over at The Palantir (an old LotR forum that I no longer hang out on - N. Mar 2011). You can check it out in the Haradrim Terrain Gallery or on the official entry page (has been removed - N. Mar 2011), which includes some text explaining the terrain itself.

The second turn of the By the Will of Our People... campaign based around the Closing Battles of the War of the Ring has also been played and all battles fought. Check back later in the week for those details! Until then, enjoy!

Some Harad Terrain...!  
February 28th, 2006

Getting a bit ahead of myself, but here is a sneek peek of my Haradrim terrain for a terrain making contest! The stuff in there right now is just some of the details of Saladin's palatial tent. Stay tuned for more!

And of course, please check out the By the Will of Our People... campaign supplement. It is a great resource for gamers of all genres! Also check out the Campaigns section for a running play-by-play of a campaign in action! Until next time, enjoy!

The Campaign Supplement has arrived!  
February 26th, 2006

By the Will of Our People..., a campaign supplement desinged for use with the Lord of the Rings strategy battle game has finally released! It has been a long time coming, but I think it has been worth it. Rewritten a few times, being the cause of many a headache, it is finally here for all to enjoy! Download the PDF in the Articles section.

Along with the supplement itself, the Campaigns section has been added. This section details a campaign itself. The first one in there is the Closing Battles of the War of the Ring, which happens to be the example campaign outlined the the By the Will of Our People... campaign supplement. So far there are hobby articles there, the campaign set-up, the first campaign turn, and even a battle report around the Siege of Osgiliath, which was the first battle fought during the campaign! Stay tuned as well, as the campaign section will be updated as the campaign progresses! Until next time, Enjoy!

Stay tuned!  
February 24th, 2006

Er... I still have yet to finish my current projects. I guess that will teach me to work on too many things at once! That being said, each of them are so near to completion it is killing me! So, although I have no real update to offer you, I will give you a sneek peak! Here are a couple of models I recently too photos of. They are both on 25mm bases:

Until next week when I promise to have some real updates, enjoy!

The world of men will fall...  
February 15th, 2006

Well, I have been very busy with projects this past week... The modern ruin is currently on hold (although I do steal moments for painting here and there) thanks to the terrain contest going on over at The Palantir. I am putting something together for it, and I will also put together an article on how to build it, once the contest is over :)

I have also begun working on the Lord of the Rings campaign system again... It has been completely rewritten and I am in the process of playtesting currently... Lets just put it this way, so far things are going poorly for the free peoples. Anyway, as none of the projects I am currently working on are quite ready, I have taken some pics of my forces of Saruman and posted them in the new Isengard gallery. I also put a picture of Gandalf the White up in the Fellowship gallery. Until next week, enjoy!

I see dead people...  
February 7th, 2006

Still trying to finish that damn building... But in the meantime I have been working on my dead Gondorians, and they have turned out extremely well! Check them out in the Gondor gallery!

I have also put a few pics of my old Tyranids up in the sci-fi section... This was an army project that never was. After purchasing the figs over two years ago, they sat on my painting desk for a year until I finally put them away... Perhaps in the future :) Check them out in the Tyranids gallery.

The Andalusians arive!  
January 31st, 2006

During the monotony of working on that crazy building I decided to paint some Andalusians; The North African Muslims who invaded Spain in the 7th century. They could read, kept themselves clean, and even recorded history, unlike everyone else in Europe at the time! Their clothes were characterized by bright silks and they were quite civilized... Anyway, check out the couple that I painted up so far in the al-Andalus gallery.

I also got some pictures of those Gondorian Rangers that I had painted up not too long ago. Thankfully a good can of Testor's dull coat brought them back from the dead. See them in the Gondor gallery. Until next time, enjoy!

Vikings. They've come for you, your town, and everything in it!  
January 26th, 2006

Spurned by an opportunity to save some money on miniatures I decided to take pictures of some of the many (and I mean many... about 200) Old Glory vikings that terrorize my collection (those pretty elves just hate vikings, and the rohirrim are afraid of them ;). Anyway, check out the Vikings section for all the details. Until next time, enjoy.

More soldiers for the Motherland!  
January 23rd, 2006

I finished some The Assault Group miniatures for my Soviet WWII project. I am pretty happy with them, and they work well with my previous Battle Honours figs so that works perfectly. Check out a number of shots (and some new shots of the Battle honours figs) in the Soviets gallery. Until next week, enjoy :)

Luxury Condos for Sale!  
January 17th, 2006

Finally finished the first floor of the damn modern ruined building that I have been working on. It certainly has apartments with rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms... The most extensive terrain project I have worked on to date. I am not entirely unhappy with it, but it isn't as good as it could be (no bath tubs...). Anyway, you can check it out in the Modern Ruins section of the Terrain gallery. Enjoy!

Next I am going to do some painting... It has been too long what with all of the sculpting and terrain projects going on around here :) I am not decided whether to paint my TAG soviets, or some GB Andalusians... Anyway, until later :)

The Long Dark of Moria...  
January 12th, 2006

I have been frightfully busy and had to fight off a bout of the flu as well... I am feeling much better, but still have failed to gain much headway on my current projects... I am working on a building. No, not another ruin of Osgiliath, but an actual building with rooms, beds, bathrooms, and everything else that would be in a real building! Of course it is a lot of work, but we shall see how it goes anyway...

Still, here are a few new pics for your enjoyment. I uploaded a new army to the Lord of the Rings section: Goblins. These were painted a while ago, and so were not really one of my more displayable armies. Still, some nice stuff there anyway. Also I finished the headless ICA sculpt that I had up earlier, check that one out in the Greens gallery! Until next week, enjoy!

Greens and more!  
December 29th, 2005

I have been busy working on more sculpts for the Irish Citizen Army. I have now nearly completed three... I plan to do a couple more, but probably they will be women fighting with the Cumann na mBan (League of Women). I guess we will see though, as I am going to take a break from sculpting for a while :) Anyway, check out the Greens gallery for the new pics of my latest creations :)

I also decided to put up some pics of the figs I used for my old Sisters of Battle army. Although I haven't played in some time I dug these out to proxy some Gear Krieg soviet walkers, so I decided to take some pics. Check them out in the new CS Sisters gallery! Until next week, enjoy!

Battles and Greens!  
December 19th, 2005

It has been a busy week for me, and not all of that was due to miniature action! Still, I managed to steal some time to get down to my local hobby shop (Sentry Box) for a Lord of the Rings mega battle! It was a great time for everyone, and much death was dealt! Check out the action in the Battles section!

This week I also added a new gallery in the Armies section called Greens. This is an expose of all of the figs and such that I have sculpted to date (some of which have also been added to the Gondor gallery). I added this because I just finished (well almost finished) the first complete human fig! Check it out here! Until next update enjoy!

Battles Action!  
December 12th, 2005

Some Lord of the Rings action this week in the Battles section. A nailbiter of a battle pits a scouting force of warriors of the last alliance against a horde of ambushing orcs of Sauron. Enjoy!

Over the next few weeks things might slightly slow down... This time of year is pretty busy for me, but I will try to keep the updates coming :)

More Gallery Updates!  
December 7th, 2005

A few updates this week. The first is another T-34/76 tank addition to my WWII Soviet gallery. This one is from BanDai's 1970's 1/48th range. A very nice kit. Much better than the old Tamiya kit (also pictured in the gallery).

I also added a gallery to the 'Historical' army section called Civilians?. This currently showcases some women and children originally done for Rohan refugees, but who also work well for Viking era peasants. I also added a couple of images of my dwarves to the Iron Hills gallery.

Finally I added a section to the terrain gallery called Roads & Bridges. It currently has some roads which I have finished recently! I figured I should put some of my terrain projects in there even if they are just roads! That is it for this week, enjoy!

My first NUTS! battle!!  
December 2nd, 2005

Another update this week, as I wanted to see my recently finished Soviets and their T-34 get some action. I used the NUTS! WWII skirmish rules by Two Hour Wargames to pit the Red Army against some Germans (who were played by a 'stand-it' army). It is a pretty good system, but still a bit rough around the edges. Certainly one of the better skirmish games out there though, as the reactive nature keeps everyone in the game for the whole duration! (No IGOUGO bunk!) Anyway, check out the battle report in the Battles section. Enjoy!

My first Soviet T-34!  
November 29th, 2005

This week I have some pictures of a side project that I just completed! I wanted some tanks to go with my late WWII Soviet forces, and so put in some bids on eBay for some 1/48th scale T-34/76 kits. I decided to go with 1/48th because the scale is close enough (for me anyway) and these things are going for cheap on eBay (as opposed to the $30US 1/56th scale resin kits...). Anyway, thinking that I couldn't do Soviet forces without some winter action, I decided to go with a somewhat abused snow camo look, hope you enjoy! Check out the pics in the Soviet gallery in the armies section.

The Gondorian Knight conversion is nearly finished and I am quite happy with the results. Not only that, but since I had to use two plastics to make the fig, I had some left over bits which I am currently crafting into some dead Gondorians! There are never enough casualties in my opinion ;) Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for an article in the new year sometime. Until next week, enjoy!

Gondor and Numenor arive!  
November 21th, 2005

Some pics of my older Gondor and Numenor figs are finally available... I have been digging them up to play some games with them in the ruins of Osgiliath and Minas Ithil and so thought I would take a few shots. Check out the Gondor and Numenor galleries in the Armies section for all the pics! Also check out the Ruins gallery in the terrain section, as I put up some table shots of all my Osgiliath terrain.

On the horizon are the remainder of my Easterlings... Still gotta get them done before the plastics come out! My major project though will be an article on how I converted my Warriors of Minas Tirith, along with some Horses of Rohan into Knights of Minas Tirith. I figure since there are more and more mounted foes facing my (currently) cavalry-less Gondorians I better get a move on.. Of course, it is also a ploy to save some ca$h on the actual Gondorian Knight figs ;) Stay tuned, but until then, enjoy!

Battles and pictures galore!  
November 14th, 2005

A big update today! The first non-lord of the rings battle report has appeared! It has bee somewhat overdue, as it has almost been two years since I have been playing Warhammer Ancient Battles! This game is from the favorite Shieldwall Viking supplement and it pitched my Norwegian Vikings against the combined arms of the Saxons and the Vikings of the Isles. Check out the Battles section for the blow-by-blow!

I also updated the armies sections. I put a picture of Frodo, both with and without the ring (Thanks to Bill for that one!) in the Fellowship gallery. I also added a couple more pics of the remaining Soviet WWII squad that I recently finished. Enjoy!

More non-LOTR miniatures...  
November 8th, 2005

Well, after working on the stupid thing for about two and a half weeks I have finally completed a single leg and the hull of the Soviet G-27 walker for Dream Pod 9's alternative history World War Two game; I plan to cast these to save myself the trouble of having to build ten legs and five hulls... My walker is in 28mm scale, which isn't really supported by the game system, but I love a challenge (and why would I even consider a game where it was even remotely possible that someone near me would be playing it?)!. Anyway, there is another 28mm GK walker, it is a German Afrika Corps walker over at Agis' page; if I ever go to Germany I know I may have an opponent! Check out the pictures of this 'masterpiece' in my Gear Krieg army gallery

I also managed to get some of my vikings up in the army gallery. I have been painting vikings for about a year and a half (if you don't include painting the Rohirrim!) and these are my best. These pictures were taken just as I finished them, as a matter of fact, the glue holding the static grass to the base isn't even dry yet! Enjoy

Another Review  
November 3rd, 2005

Today I got around to getting my review of the Mines of Moria box set up; it is a good product in my opinion, but by all means, check out the review in its entirety here.

New Armies Section!  
November 1st, 2005

Another site functionality update. I realized that the armies section was getting a little unwieldy and so I updated it. I went with the same sort of style seen on other sites for ease of navigation. Also I thought it was unlikely that the text I had was read very often, and so check out the new armies section and see what you think. Dito goes for the terrain section.

You may also notice that it no longer carries the title 'Lord of the Rings Armies'. This is because it is no longer exclusively made up of Lord of the Rings armies... I guess I couldn't strictly support GW's franchise forwever, and because I have been collecting other stuff too, I decided to expand it. But not to worry, I am still into LOTR quite heavily and the site will focus on that system for sure. Enjoy.

Late War Soviet Action!  
October 28th, 2005

Another update already? Well, here are some pics of my late World War II Soviets. I have been into this lately, along with the Gear Krieg game from Dream Pod 9. It is an alternative history World War II game based around Pulp Fiction Superscience...

Anyway, it may well be very soon when the format of this site changes. I have been doing a lot more than Lord of the Rings lately, and so I will likely transform this site into a miniature gaming site, while still focusing on Lord of the Rings... We will see. Until later anyway, enjoy!

The Men of the East Arive!  
October 26th, 2005

I finally got around to painting the first seven of a total of fourteen of the Easterlings in my collection. Spurred on by my resolution not to buy anymore until all of the ones I have are painted, along with the forth coming release of the plastics, I finally got them done... well, the first seven anyway...

I am looking forward to the coming East supplement, but not the associated prices (of the metals anyway, but my guess is that the plastics will go up too... I plan to get only the plastic Easterlings and scratch build the cavalry, if decide I even want them. Those men of Khand look good though... I guess I will have to save my pennies until then ;)

Scary Scarecrow!  
October 15th, 2005

No updates in a while... To be honest I have been focusing on other, non-miniature related projects; Halloween has been the focus for me lately! So I figured I would give you all a little insight into why I haven't been keeping up the miniature work, and so I uploaded some images into the other figs section of the armies gallery.

It is actually a scarecrow to haunt my front lawn, closely based on my favorite scarecrow from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. I know it isn't miniature, or even Lord of the Rings related, but I hope you can enjoy anyway!

Review action!  
September 26th, 2005

An impartial product review of Games Workshop releases is really overdue. So here I will try my best to let you know what the supplements, rulebooks, and even miniatures are like before you buy them in my reviews section!

I have put together a unique rating system for it as well, something a bit more along the lines of the Lord of the Rings world itself, so I hope you like it! There is a way to translate it to an 'out of ten' system though, so don't worry: at the end of each review article I will give the number it rates out of ten. Enjoy!

Roster action!  
September 22nd, 2005

Thought this might help some, it is a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to facilitate quick Lord of the Rings roster creation. I like to use ArmyBuilder to be honest, but when I don't have access to a Windows box (which isn't often enough), I use this. Get the roster here.

The other, other figs I work on....  
September 18th, 2005

Some quick images added to the armies gallery, along with another army header. This one is the 'Other Figs' section. To get to it follow the armies link to the left and then scroll to the Other Figs link at the very bottom.

It is likely that I will put all types of things in there, from LOTR figs that don't really fit into a specific army, to figs that aren't even for LOTR at all... Enjoy

The dwarves battle for Moria!  
September 15th, 2005

Another battle report now graces the battles section. Here we see Balin and his dwarves attempting to re-take the gates of Moria. Will they have the will to best the goblins that protect it? Read to find out!

Mordor appears!  
September 1st, 2005

I finally added some images of my Mordor stuff! Mordor is easily one of my favorite armies... Although up until recently I have been in 'fast painting' mode with them, particularily the orcs, I have started to spend more time making them look good. Most of the ones that are currently up are pretty sloppy, but oh well, they work on the table. Check out the armies section the pics, enjoy :)

The SKoDa Article  
August 30th, 2005

The Alternative Swan Knights article is up! It is a finding, selecting and painting article designed to offer an alternative to the Swan Knights that GW offers. It was a lot of fun, and now my Gondorians have a little more punch, and access to another super character - Imrahil!

Check out the articles section to view it! Also, the campaign supplement is on the horizon, will it ever rise with the sun? who knows.... Until later, enjoy the Swan Knights article.

The SKoDa Done...  
August 29th, 2005

I finally finished those Swan Knights of Dol Amroth... Now I have six, including Prince Imrahil. That should probably do it for me for now I think. Perhpas if I do any more, I will do them on foot, as I have none currently, they will be faster to paint, and they are a bit cheaper to buy ;)

To have a look at Imrahil, go to the Gondor section in the Armies area. Keep your eyes peeled for an article too, which should be available sometime this week. It will be a 'Pick the best figs for the job' article, along with painting instructions. Until then...

The first SKoDa Done...  
August 15th, 2005

I am completely finished the first of the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth that I planned to do. This is only the test model, I have a handful left along with Imrahil himself, they will be shown in the article that I will put together over the next couple of weeks. Anyway, here it is (check out the armies section Gondor for a few more):

As for the campaign supplement, it is coming... It always seems that the summers are much more busy than they should be....

The Fellowship is finally done...  
August 12th, 2005

Another update after a long while. I finally finished the entire Fellowship, so please take a gander in the Armies section under The Fellowship for those new pictures. I have refined my painting style as I figured it was about time I got things going with quality painting.

What is the picture above? Well, like most, I didn't like the GW Knights of Dol Amroth and decided to do my own. I am putting together an article... The one above is not quite done, and I am not sure how much I like it so far... We will see how they turn out. Anyway, until next week...

Rohan and Harad army pics updated!  
July 27th, 2005

Finally some pictures of my Riders of Rohan. I think Rohan is one of my favorite armies to be honest. I am not sure why it isn't more popular (I guess no super heroes like Aragorn or Boromir). I enjoy the style of play, although I really lament the reduction in range of the spears, as in reality, they should be able to skirmish with throwing spears while avoiding a charge... Oh well. Check out the Rohan link in the armies section for the pics. In there is also my first sculpture. It is a scarecrow inspired by some dark age miniature gaming that I have been into lately... I think I might cast it and make a few so that I can hold onto the green.

I also uploaded some pictures of my Haradrim stuff. A single image of a couple of raiders, and a picture that was up on the Palantir site as well. And last but not least, in the Rohan terrain section I added some rocks... I have a good collection now and this is just a sample. My favorite method is to use bark chips, but I included some styrofoam ones for reference. Enjoy.

No new hobby content :(  
July 25th, 2005

Sorry for not updating last week. It has been extremely busy with work over the entire past month, so I am lucky that I had the chance to update as much as I have. Still, that is no excuse, and I promise to get on it sooner, rather than later ;)

I did get the chance to partake in the free Lord of the Rings doubles tournament at the Calgary Conflict this past weekend though. It was great. There were a lot of great people there and everyone had fun. There were a lot of great players there, so everyone had a fantastic time and it was a great success. I really like the doubles tournament format as well, as it is nice to have a buddy to talk to that isn't an opponent :)

I didn't bring my camera of course, so that sucks. Oh well, there is always next year... I will get some more hobby material up this week though, so don't fret. I was thinking that I might do some recreations of the battles I was involved in, but we will see...

As far as the anticipated campaign rules, they are almost completely done. The one hold up is the hobby section. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks this will be done. What a huge job this has been... holey schamoley... Anyway, thanks for hangin' in there, and stay tuned, there are good things to come :)

Osgiliath is ruined?  
July 13th, 2005

After many requests to create an article around the construction of Osgiliath ruins, I finally did. It can be viewed in the articles section.

It was quite a pleasure to build since I had taken about a break of about a year since I made the last one! Still, it never hurts to have more ruined buildings! I hope it will help everyone build their own ruinous cities!

My first battle report (on here anyway)  
July 8th, 2005

This week a new section is added: Battles. It is the section outlining all of the battles that I will be reporting on. Unfortunately, since I play much less than I would like, this section will grow slowly I am sure.

the first battle found there is a Helm's Deep scenario I recently played! I am still working on the camera skills, but the images will help you get the general feel of the battle regardless. Enjoy!

More Osgiliath Ruins  
June 30th, 2005

Another update in the form of new terrain images. These ones are in the Gondor section of the terrain area. This building was done to save time compared to the first building I did. Notice that the bricks are represented by a few pieces of masking tape cut to size as opposed to actually carving the outline of each brick. I think it looks nearly as good and the hours that I saved were certainly worth it.

In other news, I am almost completely finished the campaign supplement I had mentioned earlier. After some play testing and layout it is almost ready to go. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks :)

Minor Functionlity Updates  
June 23rd, 2005

Some functionality updates... I made image galleries after racking my brains over the code... Better than loading all of the images anyway.

Another Rohan Cart  
June 22nd, 2005

A very small update. I added another cart to the Rohan Army section of the site. This one has a highland cow pulling it, which actually is not at all accurate to the movie. In the movie it only showed people pulling the two-wheeled carts on their way to Helm's Deep. Oh well, I guess I will only use it when I am playing non-stringent experts ;)

In any case I think I will post some of my Rohan stuff next. Stay tuned, hopefully it will come together later this week :) I am actually thinking that I will set a single day during the week when the site will be updated. I haven't actually convinced myself that this kind of commitment is good for me yet, but when I do, I will let you know...

Osgiliath Arrives!  
June 18th, 2005

When it rains it poors I guess. The terrain section has been updated with some Osgiliath terrain ! I made this stuff over a year ago (over 2 years ago?), and I am finally getting it up... Still, check out the dwarf on the structure, I sculpted the pack and the bedroll!

I have a lot more of Osgiliath to put up, so keep your eyes peeled in the near future! Also check out the cart in the Rohan terrain section/Armies section... Wasn't sure where to put it so I put it in both ;)

More Fellowship.  
June 17th, 2005

Well, I guess it is true that fun stuff takes a back seat to important stuff. Oh well, at least I have an update here :) So instead of blabbering on about all my woes, check out my latest Fellowship pictures. I finished Gimli recently, and had the chance to take some shots of both Gandalf and Boromir. Check out the Fellowship in the Armies link for all the action!

The Fellowship Arrives.  
May 27th, 2005

I was originally planning to put up some osgiliath pictures this week, but the sands of fate had a different idea... The sands of fate? Sorry, I am a bit tired and overworked currently... I did manage to get some pictures of miniatures up though, they are in the army section under 'The Fellowship'. One picture is Bill (as previously seen on thePalantir) and the other is Aragorn. It isn't a very good picture, but enjoy none the less.

Still, don't fret about the terrain action, I did update the Rohan terrain section. That is pretty much every bit of terrain I have for my Rohirrim, except of course some rocks and my Helm's Deep model ;) Perhaps one day I will put up pictures of Helm's Deep, but only after my resentment at having put in all that work and ending up using it only once.... Where are all the LOTR gamers in my area anyway?!?

Also, be sure to go check out thePalantir when you get the chance, it is, afterall, one of the best Lord of the Rings gaming sites out there!

The templates finally arrive.  
May 18th, 2005

Ship Templates Are Available!!!! You can now download the ship templates. Find them at the beginning of each ship building article, or just get the Corsair Ship templates here, and the Longship Templates here. On another note, I plan to do one update per week. At this point I cannot really say which day, but I will keep you posted...

Terrain Section Up  
May 10th, 2005
The terrain section is up, though there isn't much there. Keep your eyes peeled though, new things to come soon.
Haradrim Updated  
May 9th, 2005

I uploaded a couple of pictures to the Haradrim army section. That Mumak took me about a month to complete... Why? Well it must have been one of the really late molds because I had to do heavy putty & sculpting work on that thing. Of course I repositioned the head, but that was less that half the work thanks to the huge gaps in the model... I ended up contacting GW to complain, and they sent me another one. Lets hope it was worth it :)

May 6th, 2005

New web pages always start off with a lot of updates don't they? Oh well, hopefully I will keep them up; I have so many miniatures that I want to post here.... Anyway, the Armies section is now available. Only two armies in there so far and they are not too complete. Stay tuned for more additions; I will post additions in the news section when they are available.

Looming campaign rules!  
May 4th, 2005

Just a heads up, I will be releasing rules for 3D map campaigns in the next month! Stay tuned for a rule book along with a number of hobby articles!.

And so it begins...  
May 3rd, 2005

So here is where I will be posting updates and various other info on this site. Stay tuned for frequent additions as I hope to provide them often. Of course I realize that those are often famous last words, but still, I did put the time into putting this page up in the first place didn't I?

Blog Stats!  
Not Subject to dates!

You made it all the way down to the bottom did you? Well, this little entry here just keeps track of some stats on the blog, and how many updates that have been posted! So, here they are:

  • Number of posts: 625
  • Date of First Post: May 3rd, 2005
  • Date of Latest Post: September 21st, 2023
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