Comic Strips: Adventures in Hetwah

224. Fin
223. But, it all works out in the end!
222. And burning cities and lame stories...
221. But there are dead people at least...
220. And never ends...
219. The narration begins...
218. Do dee, do dee do dee do dee...
217. The DM is foiled again!
216. I've never seen a faster bow!
215. Flying and decapitation for the win!
214. Sorry Sam, but she goes over with the cleric!
213. It's Fight-Back Time!
212. Flying fists of carpet!
211. Prepare to die you living stacks of flesh!
210. Zzzzap!
209. Those are big teeth...
208. Is that a ship on fire, or are you happy to see me?
207. Unfinished business finished
206. Fabricated back story unfolds...
205. Reunion!
204. Well, that was quick... Lazy comic writers!
203. Charge!!!!
202. Magic-magic magic... and 8 hours.
201. Sam makes his plans...
200. We will meet again in another life...
199. Of misfortune and great luck...
198. Uhm... My mistake, it wasn't supposed to happen that way...
197. Ladies & gentlemen, if I may...
196. Pop goes the weasel?
195. Sir. I think we have a problem!
194. Acid from a purple worm is yummy!
193. Aww... His blue pajamas are so cute!
192. Sam's a good bluffer...
191. Is he waving at us?
190. Who said the dwarf couldn't bluff?
189. Torg turns the knife!
188. If we make it out, what then?
187. Torg sticks the knife in...
186. Okay, what now?
185. Dead man's gold is as good as any!
184. The return of Langdon...
183. Another blue elf?
182. The merchant crew
181. Take me to your leader... Er... I mean prisoners!
180. Surrender of lose your head!
179. Coup-de-what?
178. Slice! Slice I was taking a bath!
177. Not so friendly, are they?
176. Cow-a-bunga!
175. Taklin's bright idea!
174. Sam's stuck...
173. The return of Sam!
172. Krack! Krack! Krack! From below!
171. Stop that ship!
170. Zziip! Zzaap!
169. We're a-takin' that ship!
168. It sucks to wear a red shirt!
167. The boon docks...
166. Back in the Prancing Camel
165. Of raids and stow-aways
164. Not again with the new characters!
163. Surely he is dead for good?
162. So then what happened?
161. If I could turn back time...
160. Chomp, chomp, run!
159. You're kidding right?
158. Knock, knock. Who's There? Brains...
157. Zombie line - do not cross
156. Always up for some action!
155. I'm going alone!
154. Sleep, touch, touch, touch, touch
153. Down the hatch!
152. Unbelievable
151. When turns fail, it's time to charge!
150. Trust me, just RUN!
149. Wok with who?
148. Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, what a wonderful life it is!
147. Pop goes the skeleton!
146. What secret door?
145. Caught daydreaming
144. Don't save the barista and the fletcher!
143. Out on probation!
142. It was the evil cleric!
141. Were there any whitnesses?
140. You did what to him?
139. Die, Die! Krack!
138. Some puzzled bewilderment...
137. Brains and Zees...
136. He's got the hots for her
135. +1 Magic Sword!
134. The docks is locked sucker!
133. My vigilante could beat up your adventurer!
132. Your favourite fletcher
131. Only 5 gold!
130. Get some sleep and save your gold!
129. The Wizard pays all!
128. They are living! A living city!
127. Are those living, friendly people on the wall?
126. Flight to freedom!
125. It even looks good on me too!
124. Share and don't share alike
123. They're always after me lucky sword!
122. At least bluehair is dead...
121. Never trust an elf
120. He's back, and he wants something
119. The last dock to safety
118. The edge of the world
117. Who's behind us anyway?
116. Whispers in the day.
115. Uneventful night, uneventful morning.
114. I'll take watch... and so will I. And I as well.
113. The useless meeting
112. Keep that axe to yourself!
111. And so we meet again young Bluehair!
110. Have Sword Will Travel
109. Thieving elf rogues
108. Dwarves are not perceptive
107. We'll follow the blue line... again.
106. Who's got the rope anyway?
105. There was some trouble...
104. Is it a seal? Or is it a seal?
103. What a great day to plan!
102. A quiet night
101. Hey DM! Nice Map!
100. Another one loses its head!
99. Did you just drag that elf?
98. Just don't look down...
97. You go up the stairs... I'll be outside.
96. The city isn't quite abandoned now is it?
95. Hello? Is anybody there?
94. Cha-Ching!
93. Target practice...
92. Lawful Good? Yeah right!
91. Is that magic in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
90. Meta-zombie-plague!
89. Did he just bite me?
88. Step out your door, and who knows where you will be carried off to?
87. Sweet farewells.
86. Red slice and green click...
85. Nice shot there...
84. I'm running away!
83. I'll stand my ground!
82. Meanwhile, back at the camp...
81. How does it work again?
80. Don't do it...
79. You do what to the guard?
78. The gate without any 20% rolls!
77. What is this note about?
76. Wake up sleepy head!
75. Once more unto the gate?
74. He's just a hack!
73. Cone of Evasion!
72. You missed... Or did you?
71. Cafe Morte
70. Zap! Biff! Thock! Whap!
69. Thunk, thunk, thunk... Run away!
68. Smokey hands
67. It's a deal!
66. That's what you get!
65. We come in peace!
64. The descent continues...
63. The descent...
62. The open skies
61. Freedom at last...
60. Deus Ex Machina
59. I can't believe they killed me...
58. I feel so enfeebled...
57. Apparently untouchable.
56. As the heads roll, so does the death toll...
54. Blame Ibnis.
53. Sloughterhouse four.
52. Just hanging around.
51. Sshhh... be careful not to be too noisy!
50. Sweet! Loot!
49. The ride home.
48. He passed a listen check!
47. A soaring idea!
46. So many clues, so little time!
45. Lean mean vargouille killing machine!
44. Smoochy smoochy!
43. Paralizing peterification.
42. Be careful what you ask for...
41. Will these monologues ever end?
40. I didn't see that coming!
39. No, I won't do it.
38. Scheme shattered and bells clattered
37. Back to work
36. ... and the suckers who die on it!
35. The Propulsion deck...
34. It's all your fault!
33. She's been sold.
32. Minced Meat
31. Meta-what-now?
30. The murdering pilgrim
29. Rats in the bread...
28. Don't cut the rope!
27. Interrogation time!
26. Hanging around
25. Such a smart ass...
24. ... and into the fire?
23. Back in the frying pan...
22. Interlude - Our story Begins...
21. Interlude - The Wars of Hetwah
20. Interlude - The Empires of Hetwah
19. Interlude - The World of Hetwah
18. In the Captain's Quarters
17. Dead on the floor?
16. Mutiny!
15. Rash Reactions
14. The Cleric's Vacation...
13. The Captain's Third Monologue
12. Fzzt Food!
11. Pick and Rattle
10. Romance Under the Star Filled Sky
9. Whipping
8. Extreme Marine Prejudice
7. Taklin's Fisticufs
6. Ibnis the Tripper
5. Work is hell...
4. Hunger Strikes
3. The Captain's First Monologue... Still...
2. The Captain's First Monologue
1. Down at the Docks...